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Mens Races

Kuna City Park

1.5 Mile Middle School4:15 PM
Womens Races

Kuna City Park

1.5 Mile Middle School4:15 PM

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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School  

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1.8Brandon Culley10:21Kuna
2.Josh Y10:32EMS
4.IsaacM 10:51EMS
5.Riley B11:01LSMS
3.Kenn B11:06EMS
6.Marshall R11:06EMS
7.8Kylan Kikuyama11:08Kuna
8.Corbin C11:09EMS
9.6Wyatt Mills11:15Kuna
10.8Kevin Wilcox11:16Kuna
11.7Drake Mocaby11:19Kuna
13.10Joshua Sanchez11:45Kuna
14.8Sam Jewell11:49Kuna
15.Alex W12:06EMS
16.Garrad G12:21EMS
17.Justin R12:26LSMS
19.Trevor A12:30LSMS
20.Eric W12:33LSMS
21.John S.12:34EMS
22.7Garrett Way12:45Kuna
23.8Ethyn Williams13:14Kuna
24.Mark S13:18SMS
25.Christopher T13:20SMS
26.7Mathew Cardenas13:22Kuna
27.Zach M13:24SMS
28.6Kyle Hansen13:39Kuna
29.Andrew H13:45SMS
33.Jess J14:34EMS
30.7Tyrell Mecham15:20Kuna
31.Hayden T15:24LSMS
32.Justin H15:26LSMS
34.Tyler C15:59SMS
35.8Quinn Oster16:06Kuna
36.8Calvin Blitman16:10Kuna
37.Justice B16:18LSMS
38.Kace H16:20LSMS
39.Bryon B16:25SMS
40.Dyson S16:27SMS
41.Sebstian E16:39SMS
42.Riley A17:15EMS
43.Bayon B17:16SMS
44.Jeffrey L17:17SMS
45.8Tyler Day17:54Kuna
13.7Josh SanchezKuna
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School  

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1.Kennedy G11:33SMS
2.Isabelle S11:34EMS
3.Maria M12:10EMS
4.8Kenzie Wasden12:14Kuna
5.Lauren G12:16EMS
6.Hailey W12:17EMS
7.Kennedy G12:29EMS
8.7Ivy Hommel12:36Kuna
9.Mckinley J12:54LSMS
10.Sydney D12:56LSMS
11.Lean M13:00SMS
12.Hannah W13:02SMS
13.Suzette M13:04SMS
14.8Abby Dotson13:21Kuna
15.Kylie W13:24LSMS
16.7Emily Corson13:32Kuna
17.Kalyse W13:36EMS
18.6Addie Richards13:41Kuna
19.6Keaton Kikuyama13:42Kuna
20.Kathryn F13:44SMS
21.Breanna P14:13LSMS
22.6Kylee Hughes14:14Kuna
23.Staci S14:40EMS
24.Alyssa N14:41LSMS
25.7JoAn Arnold14:46Kuna
26.6Mackenzie Mills14:49Kuna
27.6Emma Richardson14:59Kuna
28.Sofia L15:09SMS
29.Mikayla D15:10SMS
30.Laurel K15:11EMS
31.Jordan D15:18SMS
32.Audroy D15:23LSMS
33.Riley K15:53LSMS
34.Cielo E15:54SMS
35.6Savannah Dotson18:18Kuna
36.7Bria Bell18:19Kuna
37.7Brianna Dougan18:58Kuna
38.Faith H.19:20EMS
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