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Liberty @ Skyridge MS

Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Meet Host - Skyridge MS
Location - Skyridge, Vancouver, WA - Map
Womens Races


1.5 Mile 7th Grade
1.5 Mile 8th Grade
1.5 Mile 6th grade3:45 PM
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile 7th Grade  
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1.7Marley LeFore10:03.02Skyridge
2.7Ellie Echeverio10:20.52Liberty
3.7Caragan Thiel10:46.17Liberty
4.7Stephanie Knight11:13.62Liberty
5.7Rachel Shellman11:20.21Liberty
6.7Riley Truitt11:29.56Skyridge
7.7Hannah Taie11:30.76Skyridge
8.7Julia Coombs11:32.33Liberty
9.7Cambryn Gulzow11:32.93Liberty
10.7McCall Danis11:52.08Skyridge
11.7Morgan Winston12:00.52Skyridge
12.7Kendra Horvath12:02.21Skyridge
13.7Sydney Randolph12:20.94Skyridge
14.7Sarah Lyons12:41.29Skyridge
15.7Margaret MacPherson12:45.80Liberty
15.7Maggie MacPherson12:45.8Liberty
16.7Nkemdilim Day12:46.79Liberty
17.7Paige Maloney12:51.57Skyridge
18.7Mary Rice13:03.98Skyridge
19.7Madison Young13:07.02Skyridge
20.7Annabelle Vail13:08.87Liberty
21.7Samantha Guthrie13:14.26Skyridge
22.7Emily Wasson13:42.48Skyridge
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1.5 Mile 8th Grade  
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1.8Madison Woodson10:02.92Liberty
2.8Cadi Kirby10:23.92Skyridge
3.8Alexa Jones10:47.02Liberty
4.8Sara Yang11:10.87Skyridge
5.8Madison Smith11:16.96Liberty
6.8Paige McCray11:59.29Skyridge
7.8Phoebe Gadbaw12:17.37Skyridge
8.8Sariah Shellman12:44.05Liberty
9.8Cat Harper12:48.80Liberty
10.8Kylee Dally12:49.33Liberty
11.8Hayley Glover12:49.33Liberty
12.8Marissa Clark13:20.5Liberty
13.8Makayla Morrisey13:33.32Liberty
14.8Kate Fritz13:47.78Skyridge
15.8Eva Peterson13:57.4Liberty
16.8Haleigh Sudbeck14:16.55Liberty
17.8Jessica Rouske15:18.47Skyridge
18.8Emilee Bonazelli15:43.81Skyridge
19.8Sarah White16:41.71Skyridge
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1.5 Mile 6th grade  
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1.6Emily Wilson10:30.78Skyridge
2.6Emma Jenkins10:37.36Liberty
3.6Ellie Postma10:46.6Liberty
4.6Hailey Oster10:53.38Skyridge
5.6Perri Belzer11:02.62Skyridge
6.6Maddy Gowing11:52.71Skyridge
7.6Ashlin O'Niel11:58.91Skyridge
8.6Cami Kirby12:08.52Skyridge
9.6Avery Salvato12:08.99Skyridge
10.6Lauren Bjornsguard12:12.04Skyridge
11.6Katelynn Melia12:13Skyridge
12.6Abby Ketring12:17.43Liberty
13.6Brooke Roy12:19.2Liberty
14.6Tiara Naidu12:47.75Skyridge
15.6Jami Joyce12:50.25Skyridge
16.6Holly Mathews12:54.47Skyridge
17.6Paige Neff12:56.83Skyridge
18.6Alyssa Henry12:59.25Liberty
19.6Samantha Dawson13:41.37Skyridge
20.6Aubrey Pugmire13:42.55Skyridge
21.6Julia Neff13:58.41Skyridge
22.6Greta Gummar14:03.90Skyridge
22.6Amelia Green14:06.34Skyridge
24.6Valentina Garrett14:24.52Skyridge
25.6Madison Peffers15:09.4Liberty
26.6Harmony Howard15:22.26Liberty
27.6Zoey Ralston15:22.98Liberty
28.6Marissa Tehrani15:26.34Liberty
29.6Caylee Harmon16:04.50Skyridge
30.6Erica Ramos16:22.80Skyridge
31.6Claire Bauer17:27.92Skyridge
32.6Katleyn Clarke18:07.24Skyridge
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