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1.5 Mile Middle School
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1.5 Mile Middle School

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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School  

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1.8Peyton Van Pevenage7:23Davenport
3.8Nathan Hopkins8:06Davenport
6.7Chase Van Pevenage8:17Davenport
7.7Palmer Guhlke8:22Davenport
8.8Luke Erickson8:25Davenport
9.8Vinnie Adolph8:36Wellpinit
12.7Kyle Abrahamson8:51Wellpinit
16.8Jacob Brown9:31Wellpinit
19.7Matthew Harden9:58Davenport
19.6Hunter Adolph10:05Wellpinit
21.7Connor Perry10:19Davenport
22.6Nathan Sebastian10:49Wellpinit
24.8Austin Stauffer10:55Davenport
24.6Xavier Brown10:58Wellpinit
25.8Raymond Matt10:59Wellpinit
33.6Ethan Adolph11:00Wellpinit
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School  

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1.8Emma Piper8:52Davenport
4.6Jada Rasmussen9:46Wellpinit
4.8Kyra Arland9:54Davenport
5.7Madison Abbott9:55Davenport
7.8Gabrielle McCullough10:49Wellpinit
9.6Veronica Wynecoop13:36Wellpinit
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