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N. Clackamas League Championship MS

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Meet Host - Happy Valley MS
Location - Happy Valley Middle School, Happy Valley, OR - Map
Mens Races

Happy Valley Middle School

3,000 Meters Middle School5:25 PM
Womens Races

Happy Valley Middle School

3,000 Meters Middle School4:55 PM
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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.7Christian Beatty11:31.78Happy Valley
7.7Cody Knepper12:42.72Happy Valley
8.7Ryley McDowell12:43.37Happy Valley
11.6Jacob Shell13:09.75Happy Valley
12.6Preston Yeh13:13.47Happy Valley
13.8Nick Paulson13:14.75Rowe
15.8Tanner Wah13:22.50Rowe
16.8Brandon Emra13:23.72Alder Creek
17.6Oliver Dewhitt13:24.18Happy Valley
18.7Josiah Gallegos13:30.15Happy Valley
19.8Anthony Flynn13:36.50Alder Creek
20.8Mason Green13:40.69Happy Valley
21.7Alex Cronk13:44.22Rowe
23.7Aaron Scheible14:13.22Alder Creek
24.6Carter Leighton14:21.72Alder Creek
25.7Jorge Terriquez14:22.09Rowe
26.7Gabriel Marcial14:22.36Happy Valley
27.7Kade Prentice14:24.52Happy Valley
28.7Ethan Kang14:24.87Happy Valley
29.7Adam Louie14:33.44Happy Valley
30.8Jeff Johnson14:38.03Alder Creek
31.8Jessie Biggers14:43.03Happy Valley
32.6Jared Fogoros14:49.62Rowe
34.7Christian Wai14:55.00Happy Valley
35.8Vadim Gayduchik14:58.06Rowe
37.8Levi Clark14:59.68Happy Valley
38.8Trevor Whisman15:08.72Rowe
39.6Patrick Van Dyke15:11.75Rowe
40.7Dakota Delgado15:16.25Happy Valley
41.6Jake Bourquein15:23.78Rowe
42.8Tyler Brahmstadt15:29.18Happy Valley
43.8Beto Carrasco15:30.02Rowe
44.6Mason Vancil15:30.57Alder Creek
45.7Jonathan Chang15:33.44Happy Valley
46.8Bryan Beals15:38.22Rowe
47.6Jonah Kellems15:51.53Alder Creek
48.6Casey Gardner15:53.53Rowe
49.6Maxwell Schmidt15:54.02Rowe
51.8Steven Tran16:02.25Happy Valley
52.7Ian McMahon16:12.06Happy Valley
53.6Gabriel Carpenter16:15.72Happy Valley
54.6Rex Hansen16:22.57Alder Creek
55.8Calvin Monson16:26Happy Valley
56.7Riley Waian16:28Happy Valley
57.6Casey Litchfield16:28.59Rowe
59.8Austin Sparks16:39.25Rowe
60.8Gunnar Anderson16:49.00Rowe
61.8Caleb Kaufman16:53.28Rowe
62.6Jake Stein16:54.75Rowe
64.6Otis Lundgren16:57.12Alder Creek
67.6Keith Dryden17:07.01Alder Creek
68.6Isaac Lee17:07.81Happy Valley
69.6Bryce Duncan17:10.72Rowe
70.7Darius Johnson17:18.25Rowe
71.6Kaleb Norton17:18.93Happy Valley
72.7Alex Andrusko17:30.22Happy Valley
70.7Nick Van Dyke17:40.66Rowe
75.8Sam Ruibal22:19.84Happy Valley
76.6Kohl Rose22:26.62Alder Creek
77.6Given Wilson25:00.38Rowe
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

2.7Isabel Caplazi11:54.94Happy Valley
3.6Noelani McGowan11:58.44Rowe
4.6Olivia Marsac12:13.44Happy Valley
5.7Abigail Herbert12:13.90Alder Creek
6.8Emily Whitehead12:15.68Happy Valley
7.7Chelsea Brooks12:22.66Rowe
9.7Karla Hererra12:37.91Alder Creek
11.6Samantha Dunbar12:49.12Happy Valley
12.8Krista Sanford12:53.62Rowe
12.6Megan Knepper12:58.09Happy Valley
14.7Ally Miller13:24.5Happy Valley
15.6Katelyn Howard13:26.62Rowe
16.7Isabela Sanchez13:32.00Rowe
19.6Sofia Gallamore13:43.03Rowe
20.7Caitlyn Grogan13:44.78Rowe
22.6Blair Butz13:48.06Happy Valley
23.7Darby Simpson13:51.25Rowe
27.6Sofia Imparraguire14:24.69Happy Valley
28.6Grace Nuss14:35.75Alder Creek
29.6Olivia Hill14:41.97Alder Creek
30.7Hope Frost-Mitchell14:44.75Rowe
31.6Katie Gage14:48.44Happy Valley
33.7Annah Dennis15:10.09Rowe
34.6Hailey Bartling15:14.91Happy Valley
36.6Lauren Kenney15:17.88Happy Valley
36.6Emma Bach15:22Happy Valley
37.8Camisha Deleon15:27.81Rowe
38.7Morgan Grahm15:31.12Alder Creek
40.8Valerie Eshelman15:45.69Happy Valley
42.6Caitlin Gill15:47.28Happy Valley
44.6Becca Luedemann15:54.44Happy Valley
45.6Peyton Llewellyn15:57.12Happy Valley
46.6Alexis Lisle16:22.75Rowe
47.6Victoria Higuera16:57.69Happy Valley
48.6Emily Smith17:02.12Happy Valley
49.8Yunuo Liu17:02.25Rowe
50.7Aimee Copenhaver17:04.69Rowe
51.7Angela Lu17:33.41Happy Valley
52.6Morgan Yon17:34.37Happy Valley
53.7Jessica Emra17:39.44Alder Creek
54.6Nathalie Eshelman17:41.03Happy Valley
55.7Vanessa White17:46.62Rowe
56.6Annabelle Petherbr...17:51.78Happy Valley
57.6Hannah Shields17:52.21Happy Valley
58.8Ellie Feague17:56.81Happy Valley
59.6Alev Ersan17:58.09Rowe
60.6Megan Livingstone18:08.97Happy Valley
61.8Sierra Livengood18:28.31Rowe
62.7Hayley Primerano18:33.47Happy Valley
63.7Sierra Apling18:34.09Rowe
64.6Alisen Vrabel18:38.44Happy Valley
65.7Meranda Blanton18:39.00Rowe
66.8Kaylee Kneebone19:04.18Rowe
67.6Tessa Reiter19:04.72Rowe
68.8Maddi Noon19:05.06Rowe
69.8Madeline Norris19:15.25Happy Valley
70.7Silvia Mason19:33.41Rowe
71.7Britney Rodriguez19:35.31Rowe
72.6Joel Karam19:37.84Happy Valley
81.8Rachel Bolt19:57.81Happy Valley
76.8Hanna Sigler20:27.56Rowe
77.6Savannah Goddard20:34.66Rowe
78.7Arianna Stark20:46.75Rowe
79.6Vienna Yeh21:37.00Happy Valley
80.6Ylianna Shinnen21:37.31Happy Valley
81.6Natasha Sanders21:38.28Alder Creek
82.7Leah O'Leary23:02.72Rowe
83.6Marijane Leeper23:03.18Rowe
84.7Lily Jim23:26Happy Valley
85.7Sarah Ruibal23:31.72Happy Valley
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