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Mens Races
3,200 Meters Middle School4:30 PM

Greenfield Golf & CC

5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:30 PM
Womens Races
3,200 Meters Middle School4:30 PM
4,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:00 PM

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Nodaway Valley
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Mens Results

3,200 Meters Middle School

1.8Timothy Settlemoir
12:51.07 PRNodaway Valley
2.7Brayten Funke
13:57.59 PRNodaway Valley
3.7Shane Breheny
13:57.90 PRNodaway Valley
4.7Max Bertrand
14:15.26 PRInterstate 35
5.7Nick Bertrand
14:15.96 PRInterstate 35
6.8Garrett McFarland
14:17.63 PRInterstate 35
7.8Zach VanHorn
15:15.10 PRNodaway Valley
8.7Matthew Dickensen
16:09.72 PRNodaway Valley
9.8Noah Cooper
16:32.47 SRNodaway Valley
10.7Derringer Long
16:42.05 PRBedford
11.7Mason Ohnemus
16:45.06 PRSoutheast Warren
12.8Keaton Lawlor
16:51.97 PRSoutheast Warren
13.8Justin Moreno
17:32.25 PRWayne
14.8Dillan Jacobe
17:36.66 PRInterstate 35
15.7Dexter See
18:58.86 PRInterstate 35
16.7Matt Sayler
19:24.90 PRBedford
17.8Trevor Holbrook
21:02.76 PRSouthwest Valley
18.-Logan Kelley
25:45.93 PRMt Ayr
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10T. J. Bower
18:49.56Nodaway Valley
2.11Colton Graham
19:30.13Nodaway Valley
3.12Dustin Ford
19:58.14Nodaway Valley
4.11Mick Wilson
5.10Lorenzo Baker-Mart...
6.10Garrett Newton
20:26.65 SRSouthwest Valley
7.12Bryce Carpenter
8.9Brock Rodgers
20:48.54 PRSoutheast Warren
9.9Lane Peterson
20:51.64Southwest Valley
11.11c Foltz
21:12.14Central Decatur
12.11Taylor Richie
21:15.91Mt Ayr Community
13.10Matthew Marvin
21:20.81Central Decatur
14.12Jacob Hayworth
21:27.09 PRCentral Decatur
15.11Ryan Hart
21:27.74Interstate 35
16.11Dean Frank
21:48.09Nodaway Valley
17.12Matthew Harm
22:04.35Nodaway Valley
18.11Alex Welsch
22:13.11Nodaway Valley
19.-Tyler Jamieson
21.11Evan Mahoney
22:24.22Nodaway Valley
22.10Vinnie Wilcox
22:52.75 PRSoutheast Warren
23.12Ben Merrick
22:57.35 SRInterstate 35
24.10Quintin Wilcoxin
22:59.25Southwest Valley
25.11Jaime Bricker
23:04.96Nodaway Valley
26.9Trevor Sorensen
23:05.47Southwest Valley
27.11Nate Blaine
23:33.38Nodaway Valley
28.11James Rhodes
29.10Waylon Balk
24:29.90 PRSoutheast Warren
30.11Aaron Palmer
31.11Justin Marn
24:37.78Southwest Valley
32.12Austin Cox
24:47.72Mt Ayr Community
34.9Sam Cook
25:00.34Interstate 35
35.10Clint Bounds
25:00.97Mt Ayr Community
36.12Christian Nook
37.12Jordan Miner
26:03.26 PRCentral Decatur
38.10Isaac Palmer
39.11Nolan Dodson
27:18.20Nodaway Valley
40.10Ryan Shivvers
27:40.16 SRWayne
41.12Dane Welch
27:48.60 PRBedford
42.9William Hutchinson
27:58.84Central Decatur
43.12Cole Schafer
28:59.41 PRSouthwest Valley
44.9Wyatt (Justin) Duerr
29:42.14 PRCentral Decatur
45.9Josh Hughes
30:08.65 SRInterstate 35
46.9David Huppert
32:29.57Central Decatur
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters Middle School

1.8Jordan Yawn
14:11.58 PRInterstate 35
2.8Destiny Scar
15:05.20 PRNodaway Valley
3.7Charissa Mogler
15:20.11 PRBedford
4.8Karna Hampton
15:58.39 PRWayne
5.7Kirsten Schirm
16:23.84 PRInterstate 35
6.8Andi Daul
16:26.29 SRNodaway Valley
7.7Cheyenne Hiatt
16:46.40 PRInterstate 35
8.7Keagan Bethards
16:48.43 PRCentral Decatur
9.-Ruth Ann Palmer
17:38.33 PRWayne
10.7Elissa O'Dell
17:43.02 PRBedford
11.8Morgan Newlin
17:56.71 PRBedford
12.7Reagan Booth
18:18.13 PRCentral Decatur
13.7Mary Lindsay
18:20.27 PRCentral Decatur
14.8Cassidy Strickland
18:26.81 SRBedford
15.8Madelynn Burn
18:38.90 PRBedford
16.8Kaitlyn Noftsger
19:05.44 PRInterstate 35
17.7Sam Ellis
19:09.09 PRInterstate 35
18.7Haley Shipley
19:38.27 PRInterstate 35
19.8Brittany Young
19:48.82 PRNodaway Valley
20.8Chelsey Wehrkamp
19:59.98 PRBedford
21.7Sadie Schnieders
20:01.55 PRInterstate 35
22.7Addie Franks
20:38.59 PRCentral Decatur
23.7Jentri Hullinger
20:47.38 PRCentral Decatur
24.7Kim Cunningham
20:51.64 PRBedford
25.7Megan Reasonar
21:17.07 PRMt Ayr
26.7Cassie Brand
21:34.78 PRMt Ayr
27.8Trina Restauro
21:38.48 PRMt Ayr
28.7Brittney Westlake
23:23.12 PRSouthwest Valley
29.7Jenna King
25:00.39 PRBedford
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4,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Tiffany Shepherd
16:21.39Southwest Valley
2.10Holly McKinney
17:30.35Interstate 35
3.10Kaylee Miller
17:30.63Southeast Warren
4.12Maddie Beeler
18:03.35Interstate 35
5.10Stephanie Shuler
18:18.72Southwest Valley
6.12Bailey Boswell
18:28.41Central Decatur
7.9Adrian Richards
18:30.25Mt Ayr Community
8.11Kelley Drake
18:33.36Southeast Warren
9.11Julie Bricker
18:40.88Nodaway Valley
10.10Taylor Gaule
18:57.48Southwest Valley
11.10Olivia Byrns
19:08.56 SRWayne
12.9Darien Keefe
19:12.25Southwest Valley
13.12Rachel Brownlee
19:15.11Interstate 35
14.12Madaline Smith
19:31.82 SRSoutheast Warren
15.11Melissa Winkler
19:36.60Southwest Valley
16.12Tracy Robinson
17.10Emily Bellon
19.12Paige Jones
20:26.49Nodaway Valley
20.12Robyn Kincaide
20:46.81Nodaway Valley
21.12Chaundra Ridgway
20:51.40Central Decatur
22.9Cailin Brommel
21:07.41 PRInterstate 35
23.9Trista Waddell
21:08.31Central Decatur
24.10Michaela Mogler
25.9Aunica Harvey
21:24.95 SRSouthwest Valley
27.11Peyton Russell
28.12Lauren Tilley
30.11Megan Ellis
22:01.32Interstate 35
31.9Tia Snyder
22:03.24 SRInterstate 35
33.10Megan Cleveland
22:10.01Southeast Warren
34.12Jordan Hullinger
22:26.92 PRCentral Decatur
35.12Sara Sites
22:31.52Southeast Warren
36.11Shelby Spoerl
22:43.82Interstate 35
37.11Samantha Murphy
38.9Kendra Hoekman
23:07.46 PRCentral Decatur
39.9Monica Irving
23:07.71Central Decatur
40.11Madison Shuey
23:15.00Southwest Valley
41.11Jessen Paige
23:37.29 SRSouthwest Valley
42.11Hannah Cross
24:53.47Southwest Valley
43.9Johnnie Weeks
24:54.67 PRSouthwest Valley
44.10Taylor Henkenius
25:23.82Southwest Valley
45.11Andrea Boswell
25:32.40 SRSouthwest Valley
46.-Mary Ann Jamieson
25:32.62 PRWayne
47.10Christine Shipley
25:43.21 SRSouthwest Valley
48.9Neesie Brand
25:43.76Mt Ayr Community
49.9Christiana Overhol...
25:53.77Mt Ayr Community
50.9Sarah Rankin
51.-Ashton Vanersluis
26:50.82 PRWayne
52.10Shelby Nupp
27:07.29Nodaway Valley
53.11Andrea Rodriquez
27:07.52 PRSouthwest Valley
54.9Jessen Reagan
27:43.05Southwest Valley
55.9Kylie Jackson
56.12Ashton Thomas
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