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Mill Springs Cross Country Meet 10/5 2010 HS

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Event Manager - Bruce Carrick - CA
Location - Mill Springs Academy, Alpharetta, GA
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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Mill Springs Academy

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Mill Springs Academy

5,000 Meters Varsity
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 High School JV Boys
                    JV Boys 3000 Meter Run Team Scores                    
    Team                        Pts     1    2    3    4    5  
  1 North Georgia Christian S   22      1    2    4    7    8  
      Total Time: 1:01:59      Average: 12:23.73      1-5 Split: 1:31
  2 Loganville Christian Acad   43      3    5    9   12   14  
      Total Time: 1:12:04      Average: 14:24.90      1-5 Split: 5:05
  3 Mill Springs Academy        55      6   10   11   13   15  
      Total Time: 1:16:49      Average: 15:21.79      1-5 Split: 5:12

 High School JV Girls
 High School Varsity Boys 
                 Varsity Boys 5000 Meter Run Team Scores                  
    Team                        Pts     1    2    3    4    5  
  1 Holy Spirit Preparatory     44      1    5    7   15   16  
      Total Time: 1:42:47      Average: 20:33.42      1-5 Split: 4:01
  2 The Weber School            47      2    3    6   11   25  
      Total Time: 1:47:14      Average: 21:26.82      1-5 Split: 4:23
  3 The Cottage School          85      4    9   18   22   32  
      Total Time: 1:54:24      Average: 22:52.81      1-5 Split: 5:31
  4 Brandon Hall School         98     13   17   19   21   28  
      Total Time: 1:56:29      Average: 23:17.80      1-5 Split: 3:16
  5 North Georgia Christian S   111    12   14   20   31   34  
      Total Time: 1:58:54      Average: 23:46.73      1-5 Split: 4:26
  6 Griffin Christian High Sc   119    10   24   26   29   30  
      Total Time: 2:01:36      Average: 24:19.29      1-5 Split: 4:03
  7 Mill Springs Academy        126     8   23   27   33   35  
      Total Time: 2:05:58      Average: 25:11.66      1-5 Split: 9:34
 High School Varsity Girls 
                Varsity Girls 5000 Meter Run Team Scores                 
    Team                        Pts     1    2    3    4    5  
  1 Holy Spirit Preparatory     19      1    2    3    6    7  
      Total Time: 1:58:58      Average: 23:47.51      1-5 Split: 4:29
  2 Mt. Vernon Presbyterian S   55      5   10   11   12   17  
      Total Time: 2:21:31      Average: 28:18.15      1-5 Split: 6:09
  3 Atlanta Girls School        55      4    8   13   14   16  
      Total Time: 2:18:54      Average: 27:46.83      1-5 Split: 5:38
  4 The Cottage School          81      9   15   18   19   20  
      Total Time: 2:47:29      Average: 33:29.90      1-5 Split: 17:54

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.7Justin Law11:41.90North Georgia Christ...
2.7Peyton Dempsey11:43.23North Georgia Christ...
3.7Dylan Futral12:06.03Loganville Christian...
4.12Derek Crooks12:12.26North Georgia Christ...
5.6Colin Reece12:42.14Loganville Christian...
6.7Colin Nelson12:59.03Mill Springs Academy
7.9Tj Murphey13:08.15North Georgia Christ...
8.7Austin Farmer13:13.08North Georgia Christ...
9.-Griffin Hanlon13:20.65Griffin Christian
10.8Conner Grady13:56.39North Georgia Christ...
11.-Randall Scott14:09.23Griffin Christian
12.6Nathan Barge14:12.62Loganville Christian...
13.7Andrew DesRoches14:42.12Cottage
14.7Kenneth Carmon14:50.87Mill Springs Academy
15.8Quint Foster14:53.23Mill Springs Academy
16.-Chase Ellison15:02.08Griffin Christian
17.7Joseph Thompson15:50.01Cottage
18.6Max Gasstrom15:52.42Loganville Christian...
19.6Bud Berger15:55.23Mill Springs Academy
20.6Justin Hetzler17:11.26Loganville Christian...
21.5Jackson Singleton18:10.59Mill Springs Academy
22.7Joe Murphy24:16.08Cottage
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.11Ryan Doyle17:50.28Holy Spirit Prep
2.10Ben Stolovitz20:10.34Weber
3.10Michael Whitesides20:16.93Weber
4.11Alex Terry20:19.55Cottage
5.11Stephen Dale20:28.58Holy Spirit Prep
6.-Simon Itliandeer20:35.08Weber
7.11Alex Rodriguez20:45.41Holy Spirit Prep
8.10Ryan Mims20:46.59Unity Christian
9.12Aaron Bradsher20:47.37Mill Springs Academy
10.10Matthew Wegenast21:08.94Loganville Christian...
11.9Artie Leach21:20.79Cottage
12.11Matthew Hammond21:33.58Griffin Christian
13.12Ben Young21:38.12Weber
14.Andi Weber21:41.90unknown
15.12Nathan Wright21:43.39North Georgia Christ...
16.11Paul Head21:45.54Brandon Hall
17.12Blake Stribbling21:48.73North Georgia Christ...
18.9Matt Markham21:51.26Holy Spirit Prep
19.10Alex Perez21:51.57Holy Spirit Prep
20.10Carlos Ocana22:31.60Holy Spirit Prep
21.9Jack Repasky22:47.48Holy Spirit Prep
22.12Simon Chromec22:49.90Brandon Hall
23.11John Peaden23:02.89Cottage
24.9Will Garlen23:06.59Holy Spirit Prep
25.9Zac Boltax23:14.78Brandon Hall
26.9David Thome23:26.90North Georgia Christ...
27.10Jimmy Wood23:37.32Brandon Hall
28.10Tomas Rodriguez23:44.40Holy Spirit Prep
29.12Cass Thurston23:50.74Cottage
30.8Porter Foltz24:13.35Mill Springs Academy
31.9Jared Mattox24:13.85Griffin Christian
32.9Josh Cohen24:33.60Weber
33.10Jp Smith24:39.35Holy Spirit Prep
34.11Elias Seise24:44.23Griffin Christian
35.8Ryan Ardagna24:46.29Mill Springs Academy
36.11Deonte Luster25:01.44Brandon Hall
37.11Jonathan Silva25:22.02Holy Spirit Prep
38.10Andrew Skinner25:27.43Holy Spirit Prep
39.-Jonathan Hammond25:28.52Griffin Christian
40.10Micha Kerbel25:35.99Weber
41.9Amir Hightower25:36.24Griffin Christian
42.12Sean Myer25:45.60North Georgia Christ...
43.12Matt Reid25:46.21Mt Vernon Presbyterian
44.12Logan Gammage25:50.05Cottage
45.12Michael Palmer25:50.22Mill Springs Academy
46.10Aaron Ross26:06.15Loganville Christian...
47.12Cox Clay26:09.02North Georgia Christ...
48.unknown 26:16.08unknown
49.10Andrew Tyner26:16.27Holy Spirit Prep
50.10Joseph Seta26:23.46Holy Spirit Prep
51.9Jacob Light26:29.43Unity Christian
52.9Joshua Bryant26:35.94Unity Christian
53.12Blake Dunlap27:10.18North Georgia Christ...
54.12Sam Farmer27:31.18North Georgia Christ...
55.10Andrew Shutzberg28:04.45Weber
56.12Derek Crooks28:36.11North Georgia Christ...
57.12Taylor Smith29:44.94Brandon Hall
58.11Griffin Boven30:19.36Cottage
59.8Jay Karner30:21.03Mill Springs Academy
60.11Lotanna Nwogbo31:19.75Mt Vernon Presbyterian
61.11Dane Berger31:32.55Holy Spirit Prep
62.12Shane Roberts31:40.74Brandon Hall
63.9Samuel Tuttle31:58.24Loganville Christian...
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.7Morgan Carson14:44.01Loganville Christian...
2.7Caroline Briggs15:00.92Loganville Christian...
3.-Lily Hammond15:46.47Griffin Christian
4.-Rachel Gregory16:39.56Griffin Christian
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Hannah Meadows21:09.78Holy Spirit Prep
2.9Angela Dale22:18.23Holy Spirit Prep
3.9Sydney Goldstein23:29.95Weber
4.12Carolyn Perez24:22.53Holy Spirit Prep
5.12Lena White24:41.87Atlanta Girls'
6.10Emmy Bowman25:03.53Mt Vernon Presbyterian
7.10Clara Diodati25:27.96Holy Spirit Prep
8.10Karla Arteaga25:39.04Holy Spirit Prep
9.9Madison Ponder25:47.39Unity Christian
10.12Lee Rogers25:51.40Atlanta Girls'
11.9Lauren Rein25:55.39Weber
12.9Elizabeth Baker26:04.32Holy Spirit Prep
13.12Anne Meadows26:32.46Holy Spirit Prep
14.10Anna Maria Hanna26:49.92Holy Spirit Prep
15.9Mary McKenna27:09.40Unity Christian
16.10Janet Keller27:19.11Cottage
17.10Ellie Gutermuth27:49.62Holy Spirit Prep
18.10Claire Parnell28:05.90Mt Vernon Presbyterian
19.9Emily Thomas28:26.75Mt Vernon Presbyterian
20.9Nia Roberts28:41.62Mt Vernon Presbyterian
21.12Laura Rogers28:57.96Atlanta Girls'
22.10Emma Goldman29:02.65Atlanta Girls'
23.9Beth Galaid29:27.25Weber
24.12Irina Rundlett29:31.98Cottage
25.11Micki Sornek29:54.61Holy Spirit Prep
26.12Bernadette Diodati30:11.07Holy Spirit Prep
27.10Laura Bell30:20.25Atlanta Girls'
28.8Katherine Ward31:12.93Mt Vernon Presbyterian
29.9Taylor Cleveland31:41.75North Georgia Christ...
30.10Kessia Leonhard31:48.40Loganville Christian...
31.12Julia Thompson31:52.37Holy Spirit Prep
32.10Megan Winkler32:17.18Holy Spirit Prep
33.9Morgan Carrig32:25.09Cottage
34.10Lynn Berbach33:00.11Cottage
35.9Simone Lassere33:00.39Holy Spirit Prep
36.12Megan McWilliams36:18.96Atlanta Girls'
37.9Emma McCarthy38:12.70Mt Vernon Presbyterian
38.9Caroline Phillips38:25.79Holy Spirit Prep
39.11Khristina Schiller45:13.17Cottage
40.9Caitlin Garner46:31.07Cottage
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