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Sandy Spring Friends School

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Sandy Spring Friends School

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Andy Hughes18:46 PRSandy Spring Friends
2.12Daniel Ferry18:52Covenant Life
3.11Daniel Montgomery18:59Covenant Life
4.11Charles Hutchison19:30Sandy Spring Friends
5.11Andrew Payne19:40Covenant Life
6.11Stephen Calderone19:46Covenant Life
7.12Samuel Hui20:02Covenant Life
8.12Dylan Nunn20:23Edmund Burke
9.12Alex Schneider20:25Edmund Burke
10.9Cole Miller20:32 SREdmund Burke
11.9Manny Rodriguez20:58Sandy Spring Friends
12.9Jonathan Smisson21:06 SRCovenant Life
13.11David Woodward21:08Covenant Life
14.12Joseph Yu21:13Covenant Life
15.10Matthew Warnick21:44Sandy Spring Friends
16.9Jake Gearon22:01Sandy Spring Friends
17.12Taylor Friedman22:31Sandy Spring Friends
18.10Liam Allen22:42Covenant Life
19.12Everitt Tyrie22:47Sandy Spring Friends
20.11Saikrishna Vemulap...22:52Sandy Spring Friends
21.11Brenton Polk22:55 PRCovenant Life
22.10Anthony Huff22:55Covenant Life
23.12Hershel Alterman22:56Sandy Spring Friends
24.12Daniel Garay23:04Covenant Life
25.10Matt Combs23:26Covenant Life
26.12Jake Ross23:51Edmund Burke
27.9Yuxiang Luo23:59Sandy Spring Friends
28.11Andrew Flynn24:04Sandy Spring Friends
30.11Sam Felsenthal24:26Sandy Spring Friends
31.9Sammy Zabronsky24:26Sandy Spring Friends
32.10Vorakit Chudatemiya24:30Sandy Spring Friends
33.11Duncan Bylan24:36Washington Waldorf
34.10Rick Pfleeger24:43Sandy Spring Friends
35.12Guntis Rutins25:16 SRWashington Waldorf
36.11Tommy Wiltshire25:31Edmund Burke
37.10Zack Werb25:33Edmund Burke
38.-R. Wright 26:12 PRMontrose Christian
39.11John Hill26:15Covenant Life
40.12Eli Richardson26:20Sandy Spring Friends
41.12Stone Harrod26:22Sandy Spring Friends
42.-J. Monroe26:27 PRMontrose Christian
43.-R. Cruz26:33 PRMontrose Christian
44.9Stephen Payne26:35Covenant Life
45.11Bryan Huang26:43Sandy Spring Friends
46.9Chris Nakamura27:05Edmund Burke
47.9Stephen Hill27:23Covenant Life
48.12Sam Girdzis27:37Washington Waldorf
50.-J. Lee27:55 PRMontrose Christian
51.11Tyler Junkin-Mills28:37Sandy Spring Friends
52.9Sam Li28:43Edmund Burke
53.9Christian O'Brien29:26Sandy Spring Friends
54.9Michael Josell30:54Sandy Spring Friends
55.12Evan Lassman30:59Sandy Spring Friends
56.-M. Gabo33:00 PRMontrose Christian
57.9Emil Kunkin35:27Sandy Spring Friends
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