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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity2:20 PM
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph3:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity3:50 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity2:00 PM
5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph2:40 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity3:20 PM

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Hosted by El Diamante High School


Where:             Mooney Grove Park


When:              Thursday, November 3, 2011  


Time:                First Race:                    2:00-J.V. Girls

                        Second Race:               2:20-J.V. Boys

                        Third Race:                   2:40-Frosh/Soph Girls

                        Fourth  Race:                3:00-Frosh/Soph Boys

                        Fifth Race:                    3:20-Varsity Girls

                        Sixth Race:                   3:50-Varsity Boys


Entry Fee:  $100 per school--Make checks payable to El Diamante High School.  Please bring payment to the event.


Both of your varsity teams must have at least seven runners, but no more than seven, before you can run a J.V. team. The J.V. races are limited to Juniors and Seniors who do not qualify to run on your varsity teams.


Pick up your packets at the meet. Course maps, name tags (you must write in athletes name, school and race), pen and paper clips will be in the packets.


Schools-El Diamante, Golden West, Hanford, Hanford West, Lemoore, Mt. Whitney, Redwood will be used for Athlete Registration.

All coaches must register their athletes at this site by Sunday, October 30 at Midnight.


Results will be determined on site and posted on


Ben Gimlin


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph

6.9Josh Guzman
18:39Hanford West
11.9Patrick Perez
19:18 SRHanford West
19.9Chris Mendoza
20:02 SRHanford West
23.9Tyler Loomis
20:32 SRHanford West
24.10Josh Escarcega
20:42Hanford West
37.10Carlos Mora
23:34Hanford West
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Santos Chavez
16:04 PRGolden West
2.10Eric Molina
16:05 SRRedwood (Visalia)
3.11Mario Vasquez
4.9Jacob Bilvado
16:24 SREl Diamante
5.12Dominic Crooker
16:26 PREl Diamante
6.11Uriel Dominguez
16:28 PRMt. Whitney
7.12Pedro Terrones
16:45 PRMt. Whitney
8.11Jonathan Rodriquez
16:49 PRGolden West
9.10Jesse Rodriguez
16:50 SRMt. Whitney
10.10Francisco Ruiz
16:51 PREl Diamante
11.12Miguel Pena
16:52 PRMt. Whitney
12.12Val Rodriguez
16:56 PREl Diamante
13.10Ruben Ramirez
17:02 SRRedwood (Visalia)
14.12Efrain Campos
17:04 PRMt. Whitney
15.11Alejandro Reyes
17:04 PRGolden West
16.12Kevin Muthima
17.11Wheaton Lozano
17:17 SRHanford West
18.11Rodrigo Salado
17:20 SRMt. Whitney
19.11Izaiah Perez
17:23 SRHanford
20.11Kameron Nelson
17:26 PRMt. Whitney
21.12Josh Bobadilla
17:31 PREl Diamante
22.11Jeremy Barnhart
17:36 PRHanford
23.11Ruben Herrera
17:38 PRGolden West
24.12Domingo Aguinaga
17:41 PRGolden West
25.12Ismael Zambrano
17:44 PREl Diamante
26.12Terry Duncil
17:57 SRLemoore
27.11David Guerrero
17:58 PRRedwood (Visalia)
28.12Eric Blankenship
18:02 PREl Diamante
29.9Jorge Garcia
18:03 SRRedwood (Visalia)
30.11Nick Gonzales
18:03Hanford West
31.9Adam Gonzalez
18:08 SRRedwood (Visalia)
32.12Ben Azevedo
33.10Ernesto Robles
18:13 SRGolden West
34.11Marcos Barajas
18:15Hanford West
35.11Juan Gamboa
18:33 PRHanford
36.10David Benzeevi
18:36 SRRedwood (Visalia)
37.12Ernesto Reyes
18:37 PRHanford West
38.12Giovanni Cardenas
18:39 PRLemoore
39.12Ulysses Rios
18:49 PRRedwood (Visalia)
40.11Jethro Banania
19:23 PRLemoore
41.12Daniel Larsen
19:38 PRGolden West
42.11Ricky Eredia
19:43 SRLemoore
43.12Dane Gonzales
20:24Hanford West
44.11Cameron Hernandez
22:01 PRLemoore
45.11Joshua Benavides
22:26 PRHanford
46.11Brian Lopez
22:26 PRLemoore
47.11Cameron Boneta
23:18 SRLemoore
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.10Monica Perez
18:34 PRLemoore
2.10Breann Croft
19:34 PREl Diamante
3.12Emerolina Cantu
19:51 PRRedwood (Visalia)
4.11Victoria Tovar
20:00 SRMt. Whitney
5.9Kadee Vannorsdall #2
20:01 PRMt. Whitney
6.10Addie Blair
20:02 PRGolden West
7.12Elizabeth Castaneda
20:03 PREl Diamante
8.9Letticia Quintana
20:04 PRRedwood (Visalia)
9.12Mariah Ramsey
20:58 PRHanford
10.9Jailene Arcila
21:03 SRRedwood (Visalia)
11.10Nicole Krebsbach
21:04 SREl Diamante
12.9Marlene Cruz
21:05 PREl Diamante
13.11Madisson Pullen
21:14 PRGolden West
14.11Audra Walker
21:18 PRGolden West
15.10Brooke Matik
21:25 PRRedwood (Visalia)
16.9Sarah Porter
21:32 PRHanford West
17.9Victoria Fortin
21:38 PREl Diamante
18.10Katie Shepard
21:39 SRMt. Whitney
19.11Kelsey Guerrero
21:40 PREl Diamante
20.10Sammy Rachal
21:41 SRGolden West
21.12Hannah Maluyao #4
21:45 PRMt. Whitney
22.12Mistyana Benavides
21:50 PRMt. Whitney
23.12Myra Gomez
22:04 PRGolden West
24.12Jennifer Viramontes
22:33 PRHanford West
25.10Marisa Garcia
22:41 SRRedwood (Visalia)
26.11Jerrica Vieira #6
22:42 PRMt. Whitney
27.12Selina Silva
28.10Lizbeth Rojas
22:55 SRHanford West
29.12Makenzie Wayanda
22:56 PRRedwood (Visalia)
30.12Maria Rodriguez
22:57 PRHanford West
31.10Margarita Yanez
23:00 PRGolden West
32.9Anahi Salado alt #1
23:05 PRMt. Whitney
33.12Angelica Garcia
23:25 PRHanford
34.10Hailee French
23:35 SRLemoore
35.9Ziah Cantu
23:59 PRRedwood (Visalia)
36.10Marisol Vargas
24:10 PRGolden West
37.9Sonia Guterriez
24:42 SRHanford West
38.11Amelia Carrera
24:52 PRHanford
39.10Adrianna Pedro
24:55 PRLemoore
40.12Natalie Torres
25:10 PRHanford
41.11Michelle Clausing
26:02 PRLemoore
42.9Claire Lopez
26:33 PRHanford
43.12Eva Medina
27:36 PRLemoore
44.11Alyssa Torres
27:45 PRLemoore
45.12Isel Gaspar
29:02 SRLemoore
46.9Azarea Rubalcava
29:59 PRHanford
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