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North Montgomery HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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North Montgomery HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Mitch Coffman17:42Danville
2.12Tanner Maksymicz17:55Lebanon
3.10Eddie Morales17:59 SRFrankfort
4.9Cody Bray18:10Frankfort
5.9Brandon Siller18:14Danville
6.12Tyler Johnson18:17Southmont
7.12Drew Olsen18:20Western Boone
8.10Kurst Lewis18:21 SRNorth Montgomery
9.10Sam Bratton18:23Danville
10.11James Thorpe18:28Danville
11.11Free Kashon18:44Crawfordsville
12.10Elijah Sims19:04Southmont
13.10Connor Smith19:10Western Boone
14.11Tyler Roberts19:15North Montgomery
15.11Jared McMurry19:17 PRNorth Montgomery
16.12Clayton Campbell19:20Lebanon
17.12C.J. Gerald19:23Frankfort
18.9Justin Wright19:24Tri-West Hendricks
19.12Collin Berg19:29Danville
20.10Zach Wade19:34Western Boone
21.9Angel Conde19:38 SRFrankfort
22.9Nick Hamilton19:38Danville
23.10JT Whitaker19:39Western Boone
24.10Jesse Ricker19:44 SRFrankfort
25.10Douglas Mathis19:45Western Boone
26.9Matt Lucas,19:55Crawfordsville
27.11Levi Dillon19:58 SRNorth Montgomery
28.11Joey Plunkett19:59Lebanon
29.11Abraham Weinberg20:03 SRFrankfort
30.12Austen Windle20:21Western Boone
31.11Ben Martin20:32 SRFrankfort
32.11Drake Burger20:40Lebanon
33.11Justin Foxworthy,20:43Western Boone
34.9Tanner Hutson20:46Crawfordsville
35.9Wyatt Lieske20:47Tri-West Hendricks
36.12Elliott Burnworth21:07Danville
37.10Steven Harris21:26Tri-West Hendricks
38.10Connor Smith21:27 SRCrawfordsville
39.12Spencer Lawson21:30Tri-West Hendricks
40.10Riley Maynor,21:49 PRCrawfordsville
41.9Keiland Coooper22:02Tri-West Hendricks
42.9Cory Hagemier22:08Tri-West Hendricks
43.10Jason Hatke22:10Lebanon
44.11Adam Boles22:25Tri-West Hendricks
45.11Kaleb Smith,23:43 SRCrawfordsville
46.9Brandon Samson24:57:00Lebanon
47.10John Newton25:15:00 SRSouthmont
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.11David Shaw19:54 SRDanville
2.10Tyler Douglass19:56Frankfort
3.10Victor Mora20:45 PRFrankfort
4.12Steven Parker20:47Western Boone
5.10Adrian Coleman20:48Danville
6.11Austin Robbins21:09 SRFrankfort
7.10Zach Chambers21:13Frankfort
8.9Robby Baumann21:25 PRTri-West Hendricks
9.10Alex Davis21:30Frankfort
10.10Kaleb Emery21:35Frankfort
11.9John Richardson21:36Danville
12.11Lyndon Keeling22:11Southmont
13.10Josh Ewigleben22:13Western Boone
14.10Tanner Mood22:45Danville
15.12Kyler Butler23:09Western Boone
16.9Justin Dickerson23:16Western Boone
17.9Grant Stauffer23:24Western Boone
18.12Luke Hayden25:05:00Western Boone
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