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8th Asia Pacific Cross Country Invitational 2011 HS

Friday, October 21, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Event Manager - Bruce Carrick - OS
Location - Okkodo Home, Dededo, OS - Map
Mens Races

Okkodo Home

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Okkodo Home

5,000 Meters Varsity
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HAFA ADAI  and WELCOME to Guam, USA. 2011 

2011 Attending Schools include:    

Previous years

API VI  2009 results
API  V  2008 results
API IV  2007 results
API III  2006 results
API  II  2005 results
API   I  2004 results

Note Course History button above.  This link is the Okkodo course, not the Asan Beach course. Go to 2010 API if you want to see the Asan Beach course history.
2011 Results, Teams

Boys API Team Scores 2011

1, American School In Japan, 24
2, Seoul Foreign,            77
3, St. Mary’s International  83
4, John F. Kennedy, Guam,    92
5, Okkodo, Guam,            110.

Girls API Team Scores 2011

 1, Seisen International, Japan,    29 
2, American School In Japan,        32
3, George Washington, Guam,         72
4, International School - Sacred Heart 90
5, Seoul Foreign,                   95.

Day One  Friday, 6 a.m. 
5000 meters Okkodo HIgh School
Team = 4 runners plus one "pusher"

Day Two  Sat., 6 a.m. 
boy-girl pair Ypao beach relay;




Trivia:  ( for athletes who have competed 3 times and " finished in the medals", here is the ranking for lowest score (adding their 3 best finishes - listed most recent  to  earlier ):

First-time runners, take note:

               total   most recent+prior+prior

Jennifer Stolle                6    1+2+3
Samuel Krauth               7    1+5+1
Krysta Carrick                 9     4+1+4
Kelley Langley             11    1+1+9
Christopher Magtoto     13    2+3+8
Theresa Kern               13    3+6+4
Fumi Kurihara               15    2+2+11
Luke Seaborn               16   3+6+7
Michael Gaiten             18    4+2+12
Kana Maeji                   20    5+4+11
Hikari Morimoto            22      5+8+9
Jared Johnson             24     3+6+15
Taro Sawada               26     7+8+11
Matthew Pangelinan    27     6+4+17
Sekichi Kuma               28     5+9+14
Jeremy Proctor             32     6+13+11
Takuya Matsumoto      31    10+5+16
Erwin Lewis                  32    20+2+10
Ian Fukuzawa              33      4+7+22
Monie Bishop              35      8+13+14
Marisa Foxwell             38      2+4+32
Masanori Yoshida        39    12+10+17
Tsubasa Kanedo         58    13+27+18
Kai Leyden                  63     7+17+39
Aki Bowers                   80     5+57+18

List of Champions

  # of Boys Girls Combined Overall
Year athletes Individual Champ
Boys Team
Individual Champ
Girls Team
Relay B+G+Relay
2011 264
Brandon Fell   St. John's ASIJ Hannah Madden Seoul Foreign Seisen  ASIJ  ASIJ
2010 264
 Kelly Langley St.Mary's  St. Mary's
 Madeline Strandemo Hong Kong International Seisen  StM/Seisen  StM/Seisen
2009 226 Samuel Krauth ASIJ  ASIJ Madeline  Strandemo Hong Kong Intern'l  ASIJ  ASIJ  ASIJ
2008 233 Kelly Langley St. Marys  ASIJ Jennifer Stolle ASIJ  ASIJ  ASIJ  ASIJ
2007 227 Samuel Krauth ASIJ George 
Krysta Carrick CAJ  ASIJ  ASIJ  ASIJ
2006 175 Kazuki Guzman Seoul Foreign CAJ

Nako Nakatsuka ISSH Sacred Heart

2005 138 J.M. Kwak St. Marys  ? Leana Peters G.Washington  ?    
2004 100 J.M. Kwak St. Marys St. Mary`s Alanna Bennett Seoul Foreign George Washington    
Team Registration. Contact Jay Antonio at George Washington High School or website above
Prepared by Bruce Carrick; updated Oct 24, 2011.

5000 meters:   Ranking of all Boys Teams in Pacific,  Ranking of all Girls Teams in Pacific   Oct 23 summary of the rankings:
Direct links to:
IIAAG Guam All Island Oct 13Kanto Plain ASPP Oct 15,  IASAS Oct 21 , API Oct 21, APAC Oct 22, Okinawa AC Oct 26, Oct 29, FAR EAST Nov 7.

 READ:    Kanto Finals/Invitational review:        Pacific Overview Pre API:       API Day One review:        API Day Two review:
If Japanese high schoolers ran cross country, how fast would they be?
Individuals:            Boys 5000m,              girls 3000m girls rarely run 5000 meters).             Teams:,

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Brandon Fell16:16.12St Johns
2.12Trevor Maggart16:56.53American School in J...
3.12Luke Seaborn17:07.71Faith Academy
4.12Jay DeVries17:09.96International Christ...
5.11Koh Terai17:12.91St Mary's Internatio...
6.12Jeremy Proctor17:16.45American School in J...
7.11Kai Hagiwara Layden17:20.79American School in J...
8.12Gerald Asuncion17:23.80John F. Kennedy
9.9James Brooks Cannell17:30.85American School in J...
10.10George Dornbach17:32.16American School in J...
11.12Roland Umoru17:33.11Yongsan Internationa...
12.11Masanari Yoshida17:40.40St Mary's Internatio...
13.11Tsubasa Kaneko17:44.92Christian Academy in...
14.10Henry Valentine-Ra...17:47.04Seoul Foreign
15.12Julian Aramburi17:53.28Seoul Foreign
16.12Mickey Kumar17:56.59International Christ...
17.10Kye Arbuckle18:07.45Christian Academy in...
18.12Timothy Camacho18:08.60Okkodo
19.9Aaron Russ18:09.24Guam
20.11Eric Nakamura Rogan18:13.31American School in J...
21.9Willem Thorbecke18:15.75American School in J...
22.10Charity Sechabe18:21.46Yongsan Internationa...
23.10John Aquino18:21.53John F. Kennedy
24.12Jeremy Cruz18:21.81George Washington
25.12Midas Rhoda18:27.77Seoul Foreign
26.12John Odtohan18:28.30Okkodo
27.12Owen Underwood18:30.24Seoul Foreign
28.10ReyJohn Flores18:30.71John F. Kennedy
29.12Jay Sapungan18:39.21Okkodo
30.10Shayne Aricayos18:40.88George Washington
31.11Alex Kim18:42.02Korea International
32.11Daniel Kim18:42.69Seoul Foreign
33.11Ryan Hollands18:43.11Christian Academy in...
34.12Kwi Soo Shin18:43.62St Mary's Internatio...
35.10Sunha Park18:44.87Korea International
36.9Taiki Mochizuki18:45.40St Mary's Internatio...
37.10Sydney Talledo18:46.17Southern
38.9Ethan Russ18:54.31Guam
39.12Ismael Magro18:55.40John F. Kennedy
40.11Shogo Mori18:58.85St Mary's Internatio...
41.11Kevin Cho19:01.10Harvest Christian Ac...
42.12John Kim19:02.41Harvest Christian Ac...
43.12Kelvin Navarette19:03.39Okkodo
45.12Jordan Tingson19:09.50John F. Kennedy
46.11Jay Park19:12.73Yongsan Internationa...
47.10Kevin Chun19:17.26Seoul International
48.10Kevin White19:18.27Faith Academy
49.11Kyle Sutherland19:19.25Harvest Christian Ac...
50.9Brian Crowe19:20.06John F. Kennedy
51.12Ghi Chong Lew19:24.34St Mary's Internatio...
52.12Ryota Nault19:28.05St Johns
53.-David KIM19:29.96International Christ...
54.12Eddia Burroughs19:35.38Seoul Foreign
55.-Samuel Hsiao19:35.87International Christ...
56.11Andrew Penaranda19:36.66Simon Sanchez
57.12Lester Choi19:38.58Yongsan Internationa...
58.11Joseph Godden19:42.17Seoul Foreign
59.10Jaden Pangelinan19:42.47Father Duenas
60.12David Sablan19:46.88George Washington
61.12Aaron Bower19:50.98Harvest Christian Ac...
62.12Calvin Leonen19:52.75Guam
63.12Christian Delfin19:55.04Simon Sanchez
64.9Albert james Linder19:55.99Southern
65.12Leonard Rose19:58.63International Christ...
66.11Sam Setik20:02.75Harvest Christian Ac...
67.12Richard Wood20:05.94Guam
68.-David Nam20:14.54Seoul International
69.9Tristan Paulino20:15.44George Washington
70.11Zebediah Martin20:22.62Father Duenas
71.11Eric Jho20:28.13Korea International
72.11Eric Chung20:29.70Yongsan Internationa...
73.11Paul Dimalanta20:30.65John F. Kennedy
74.-Matthew Bamba20:34.91John F. Kennedy
75.12Justin Pangelinan20:37.67George Washington
76.10Bleu Perez20:40.14Father Duenas
77.-Nobu Haraguchi20:41.04International Christ...
78.10Joshua Ballon20:44.73Okkodo
79.12Jorgene Abalos20:47.88George Washington
80.10Austin Mendiola20:50.53George Washington
81.9Sam Woo20:50.93International Christ...
82.10Sean D. Kim20:54.40Korea International
83.9Ginga Ikeda20:56.24Father Duenas
84.11Thomas Borgonia20:57.72John F. Kennedy
85.12Robert Lee20:59.25St Johns
86.12Evan Dailey21:01.01Faith Academy
87.12Zayne Zamora21:02.64John F. Kennedy
88.11Eito Okino21:04.18Christian Academy in...
89.11Jonah Buensucesco21:04.83Okkodo
90.10Ken Nanri21:06.72Christian Academy in...
91.9Christian Gico21:06.97Southern
92.11Aaron Tydingco21:09.78George Washington
93.11Brandon Unpingco21:11.43George Washington
94.11Mark Macatuno21:11.93John F. Kennedy
95.9Jeffrey Ochavillo21:13.57Father Duenas
96.12Travis Martin21:15.40Guam
97.10Jacob Bustamante21:18.45Harvest Christian Ac...
98.-ALEX LEE21:21.45Seoul International
99.-Gabriel Abdullah21:21.99George Washington
100.10Joaquin Salas21:23.35John F. Kennedy
101.9Perry Benitez21:24.55John F. Kennedy
102.10Benjamin Middlebro...21:25.47Harvest Christian Ac...
103.11Jae Min Baek21:27.52Seoul International
104.11Albert Park21:34.33Korea International
105.-Mhark Estabillo21:36.63John F. Kennedy
106.9John Park21:37.02Korea International
107.12Edmond Cristales21:40.71Okkodo
108.12Justin Alcaide21:41.31Okkodo
109.9Ryan Teologo21:43.12Southern
110.11Samuel Jeong21:45.13Faith Academy
111.11Colin Obrien21:46.22Faith Academy
112.11Christine Anis21:51.43John F. Kennedy
113.12Francisco Camacho21:56.27Simon Sanchez
114.12Jake Llarenas21:58.69John F. Kennedy
115.12Mitchell Wong22:08.81International Christ...
116.9Andrew Baldwin22:12.90Harvest Christian Ac...
117.12Mikael Temerowski22:14.40Harvest Christian Ac...
118.10Daniel Hong22:15.08Seoul International
119.10Rodney Tadifa22:19.04John F. Kennedy
120.-Augustine Ignacio22:22.07John F. Kennedy
121.11Casey Lee22:24.80International Christ...
122.10Eddeloy Garcia22:26.83John F. Kennedy
123.9Daniel Nollan22:35.83International Christ...
124.9Ty Loveridge22:45.69St Johns
125.11Cameron Dudkiewicz22:47.90George Washington
126.12Carlvin Macaraeg22:54.24George Washington
127.-Younghwan Sim23:00.10Seoul International
128.9Nathaniel Villa Fl...23:02.57Okkodo
129.9Theodore Porter23:03.64St Johns
130.-Zackary Mackeller23:16.67Guam
131.-Ben Park23:23.64Seoul International
132.12Michael Salas23:47.48Okkodo
133.12Jay Jang Jr23:47.62Faith Academy
134.9Michael Mendiola23:47.73George Washington
135.11Ray Dionisio23:49.84George Washington
136.10Ezekiel Lozada23:58.99George Washington
137.9William James24:07.31Southern
138.11Richard Baluyut24:21.77Simon Sanchez
139.9Skylor Toves24:26.12Southern
140.-Roman Chao25:09.32International Christ...
141.12Jonathan Wong25:14.50International Christ...
142.9Joshua Cantara25:53.76Simon Sanchez
143.9Gordon Baker27:06.65Southern
144.10Sheldin Venus27:07.91Simon Sanchez
145.11Lucand Camacho27:10.06Simon Sanchez
146.11Rizzalyn Ubaldo27:10.89Simon Sanchez
147.9Albert Juaneza27:12.87Southern
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.11Hannah Madden20:15.00Seoul Foreign
2.12Fumi Kurihara20:50.00Seisen
3.11Theresa Kern21:04.00Seisen
4.10Lisa Kwak21:11.00Seisen
5.12Aki Bowers21:28.00American School in J...
6.11Naomi Blaz21:31.00John F. Kennedy
7.12Michelle Stolle21:33.00American School in J...
8.10Aria Perez-Theisen21:40.00Academy of Our Lady ...
9.10Mina McClure21:41.00American School in J...
10.10Runa Suzuki21:46.20Christian Academy in...
11.11Hannah Rosenfeld21:46.60American School in J...
12.11Sierra Daughtry22:13.00George Washington
13.12Charlotte Uden22:14.00ISSH
14.10Jeashalyn Fejeran22:15.00George Washington
15.9Raquel Walker22:15.80George Washington
16.10Misaki Nakagawa22:19.00Christian Academy in...
17.12Rei Morikawa22:22.00American School in J...
18.12Arisa Ishikawa22:25.00American School in J...
19.12Rickey Fukazawa22:29.00ISSH
20.-Julie Byun22:31.00International Christ...
21.12Megan Keohane22:34.00Seisen
22.9Hikari Suzuki22:38.00ISSH
23.11Sheena Subido22:48.00Simon Sanchez
24.9Marie Kloeck22:49.00Seisen
25.12Kimmie Casto22:54.00Yongsan Internationa...
26.9Skye Chung23:05.00Seoul Foreign
27.-GLORIA KIM23:07.00International Christ...
28.9Sophia Yu23:16.00Korea International
29.10Emma Martin23:19.00Guam
30.10Madeline Craig23:21.00Seoul Foreign
31.12Helene Rojas23:22.00Guam
32.11Emily Kneller23:22.40Seisen
33.11Alexandria Daughtry23:23.00George Washington
34.11Ria Kitaura-Rachmin23:24.00Christian Academy in...
35.10Jennifer Kim23:32.00Yongsan Internationa...
36.9Raven-Dion Aguon23:38.00George Washington
37.12Isabella Oviedo23:43.00Guam
38.11Sharon Park23:45.00John F. Kennedy
39.11Rizzalyn Ubaldo23:47.00Simon Sanchez
40.9Julia Peters23:47.80ISSH
41.10Anne-Ting Chen23:51.00ISSH
42.11Samantha Kim23:53.00Seoul Foreign
43.11Quincy Tougher23:56.00Guam
44.10Kaila Garrido23:57.00George Washington
45.12Yukari Buccat24:07.00Okkodo
46.-Emily Devries24:19.00International Christ...
47.9Lillian Sheng24:22.00Seoul Foreign
48.9Aisha Tangi24:24.00Harvest Christian Ac...
49.12Sophie Krauth24:25.00American School in J...
50.12Jasmine Saein Park24:26.00Seoul International
51.11Summer Oh24:27.00ISSH
52.9Dawn Park24:35.00Yongsan Internationa...
53.12Claire Park24:36.00Seoul Foreign
54.10Rykiel Glory24:38.00Okkodo
55.9Domini Prudente24:44.00Harvest Christian Ac...
56.12Brianna Wordell24:53.00Christian Academy in...
57.9Ianthe Porras24:53.70Southern
58.11Kreeshia Aquino24:58.20John F. Kennedy
59.9Kristin Bower24:59.00Harvest Christian Ac...
60.10Rhea'da Unpingco25:00.00George Washington
61.11Subin Yang25:02.00Yongsan Internationa...
62.9Hannah Kim25:04.00Korea International
63.9Kana Day25:07.00Harvest Christian Ac...
64.9Gloria Lee25:12.00Korea International
65.11Jasmine Funk25:17.00Guam
66.-Eunice Lee25:26.00Seoul International
67.10Dayanara Calma25:29.00John F. Kennedy
68.11Khamille Dimalanta25:29.60John F. Kennedy
69.12Elizabeth Platz25:32.00ISSH
70.11Katsura Shino25:42.00St Johns
71.12Darlynn Manlangit25:48.00Simon Sanchez
72.11Kayla Baldwin25:49.00Harvest Christian Ac...
73.12Chantay Benitez25:51.00John F. Kennedy
74.12Ariana Andres25:53.00Harvest Christian Ac...
75.12Clarissa Ong26:17.00St Johns
76.9Rachel Park26:19.00Yongsan Internationa...
77.11Shaylah Isechal26:20.00John F. Kennedy
78.9Ariane Chabanne26:22.00Harvest Christian Ac...
79.9Jessica Um26:26.00Korea International
80.11Mary Grace Miguel26:38.00John F. Kennedy
81.12Loana Kaj26:55.00Christian Academy in...
82.11Tershia Jodi26:58.00Simon Sanchez
83.10Julie Moon27:00.00St Johns
84.10Christine Nahyun Lee27:14.00Seoul International
85.11Ashley Quichocho27:15.00John F. Kennedy
86.-Estila Estay27:31.00John F. Kennedy
87.9Bonita Dydasco27:34.00Southern
88.9Samantha Ramirez27:35.00Okkodo
89.10Agatha Carpo27:46.00Okkodo
90.-LISA YU28:06.00International Christ...
91.9Sally Lee28:14.00Korea International
92.9Samantha Jardeleza28:14.70Southern
93.10Chyna Ramirez28:20.00Okkodo
94.9Erika German29:23.00Faith Academy
95.10Maurissa Sayama29:46.00Academy of Our Lady ...
96.11Mathea Lim30:02.00Faith Academy
97.9Hyerim Lee30:04.00Korea International
98.11Alyssa Greenwood30:14.00Guam
99.10Meghan Chico30:22.00Academy of Our Lady ...
100.12Audrey Olchondra30:23.00Academy of Our Lady ...
101.10Amy Besagar30:24.00Simon Sanchez
102.11Angeline Gabriel30:25.00Academy of Our Lady ...
103.9Aisha Tabano32:39.00Southern
104.9Marjorie Dachavez32:43.00Simon Sanchez
105.9Christina Flores32:55.00Simon Sanchez
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