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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Stefan Harry16:51.8Wapahani
2.12Logan Rayl17:06.7Delta
3.12Fabian House17:17.3Muncie Central
4.12Joel Keller17:21.6Delta
5.11Jace Hirst17:26.9Muncie Central
6.11Allen Bridgman17:27.3Muncie Burris
7.12Austin Green17:39.5Muncie Central
8.12Daniel House17:43.1Muncie Central
9.11Dylan Cope17:46.3Jay County
10.12Jason Helms17:51.3Muncie Central
11.10Chase Bly17:56.2Monroe Central
12.11Tanner Thompson17:59.0Monroe Central
13.10Brandon Blackmer18:00.0Wes-Del
14.12Zach Haller18:03.8Muncie Central
15.10Macon Shroyer18:06.3Wapahani
16.12Jeremy Pierce18:10.4Delta
17.10Evan Bishop18:15.0Wes-Del
18.11Jacob Hiatt18:30.1Union (Modoc)
19.12Zack Moore18:36.6Delta
20.12Kyle Walters18:40.0Union City
21.12Stephen Scott18:42.5Jay County
22.11Sam Zimmerman18:43.5Delta
23.10E. Dean Prybylla18:56.0Muncie Central
24.10Drew Brant18:57.2Wapahani
25.11Gary Hosbrook19:01.5Randolph Southern
26.11Kyle Parkison19:04.0Monroe Central
27.11Jason Bowling19:08.0Union (Modoc)
28.11Angel Rascon19:09.2Winchester Community
29.10Brandon Edwards19:10.5Winchester Community
30.9Jordan Grant19:11.0Monroe Central
31.9Ryan Wills19:11.4Delta
32.11Zach Criswell19:11.6Muncie Southside
33.11Daniel Wills19:12.1Delta
34.12Ben Grubbs19:27.3Union (Modoc)
35.9Blake Brooks19:28.9Cowan
36.10Matt Flynn19:29.1 SRUnion (Modoc)
37.9Jeremiah Clouse19:32.8 SRMonroe Central
38.11Lamont Jackson19:49.4Muncie Southside
39.11Trevor Wise19:51.7Randolph Southern
40.11Michael May19:56.8Wes-Del
41.12Reilly Delk19:58.0Muncie Burris
42.10Chandler Mick20:00.2Winchester Community
43.12Jacob Drummer20:03.3Muncie Southside
44.12Jacob Ullom20:05.4Winchester Community
45.10Chaz Carroll20:16.7Jay County
46.12Faelion Lipscomb20:22.5 PRMuncie Burris
47.11Conner Wyatt20:29.1Union City
48.12Derick Phenis20:34.5Winchester Community
49.12Austin Pearson20:39.6 SRRandolph Southern
50.12Andy Wegg20:45.7Winchester Community
51.9Jared Coats20:49.5Wapahani
52.10Matthew Prymek21:00.5Muncie Burris
53.9Jordan Yaryan21:01.6Winchester Community
54.12Aurelio Terriquez21:01.9Union City
55.11Mitchel Gill21:06.8Wes-Del
56.10Evan Roberts21:08.1Monroe Central
57.9Jacob Nichols21:15.1Jay County
58.11Matt Thornburg21:17.0Monroe Central
59.9Austin Jones21:21.9Cowan
60.10Zach Rooker21:24.4Wes-Del
61.10Evan Sowinski21:33.5Union City
62.12Chris Booher21:37.1Muncie Burris
63.10Cole Owens21:39.2Union (Modoc)
64.11Luke Hill21:40.8Cowan
65.9Ryan Ayers22:05.8Cowan
66.9Noah Underhill22:06.3Muncie Burris
67.10Seth Pickett22:35.1Muncie Southside
68.11Logan Coffman22:44.5Cowan
69.9Hunter Martin22:52.1Wes-Del
70.9Leon Lin23:07.4Muncie Burris
71.11Blake Sullenbarger23:21.6 SRUnion City
72.11Ronald Butler23:24.1Muncie Southside
73.9Jonathan Neal23:39.7Cowan
74.12Daniel Trent23:58.3Randolph Southern
75.12Wiley Young24:17.4Jay County
76.12Bryce Davis24:28.2Cowan
77.10Daniel Cassel25:22.8Wes-Del
78.11Austin Addington27:13.1Union City
79.10Michael Paige35:07.0Union (Modoc)
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