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Commonwealth Athletic Conference Championships HS

Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Greater Lowell Tech HS, Tyngsboro, MA
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Mens Races

Greater Lowell Tech HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Greater Lowell Tech HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Nick Byron18:49Greater Lowell Tech
2.11Hansel Santo-Lara18:50Greater Lawrence Tech
3.12Joseph Arroyo19:09Chelsea
4.12Brendan Faulkner19:12Minuteman Regional
5.11Matt Mann19:20Shawsheen Valley Reg...
6.12Dan Boudreau19:22Shawsheen Valley Reg...
7.11Anthony Federico19:28Shawsheen Valley Reg...
8.12Brad Dumais19:29Greater Lowell Tech
9.12Ryan Tirbassi19:37Shawsheen Valley Reg...
10.10Bryant Va19:43Greater Lowell Tech
11.12Richard Silk19:43Shawsheen Valley Reg...
12.12Francisco Colindres19:46Chelsea
13.12Edgar Ocana19:49Chelsea
14.12Marte Felix19:57Greater Lawrence Tech
15.12Trevor Jutras20:02Greater Lowell Tech
16.12Zach Kelso20:16Mystic Valley
17.11Butch Fitzpatrick20:21Greater Lowell Tech
18.11Cam Murphy20:27Shawsheen Valley Reg...
19.9Brad Andrews20:28Greater Lawrence Tech
20.11Hunter Bradanese20:31Shawsheen Valley Reg...
21.11Nathan Taylor20:31Greater Lowell Tech
22.10Doug Wilson20:51Essex Agricultural &...
23.11Alex Christman20:52Greater Lowell Tech
24.12Jake Dushame20:59Whittier Regional Vo...
25.9Mike Tilton21:09Essex Agricultural &...
26.9FAISAL NASIMI 21:13Chelsea
27.11Chester Rath21:16Chelsea
28.12Ricky Baez21:21Greater Lawrence Tech
29.9Pat McPherson21:22Mystic Valley
30.12Anthony Santiago21:25Chelsea
31.-Peter Bouraphael21:25Fellowship Christian...
32.11Hector Payano21:47Greater Lawrence Tech
33.9Jay Pedrero 21:48Chelsea
34.10Tim Pacini21:58Essex Agricultural &...
35.11Ken Mei22:05Whittier Regional Vo...
36.11Jimenez Rolando22:07Greater Lawrence Tech
37.9Brady Miles22:11Essex Agricultural &...
38.10Dan Jacobsen22:12Minuteman Regional
39.10Brandon Kelso22:18Mystic Valley
40.12Jonathon Paul22:25Mystic Valley
41.9Alex Cordiero22:33Whittier Regional Vo...
42.11Kyle Hanson22:39Mystic Valley
43.10Jonathan Powers22:41Mystic Valley
44.-Zach Wanberg22:45Essex Agricultural &...
45.10Freudi Gonzalez22:52Greater Lawrence Tech
46.-Ryan Escobedo22:59Fellowship Christian...
47.12Joe DiBassio23:00Minuteman Regional
48.10Rian Dalton23:07Essex Agricultural &...
49.9Joseph Cane23:19Minuteman Regional
50.9Kyle Madden23:20Whittier Regional Vo...
51.10Cameron Folar23:56Minuteman Regional
52.9Ken Sheppard23:58Essex Agricultural &...
53.11Pat Moran24:05Mystic Valley
54.11Carlos Barranco24:18Whittier Regional Vo...
55.12Henry Maynard24:28Minuteman Regional
56.10Brandon Maisonet25:04Whittier Regional Vo...
57.12Tyler Daniels25:06Whittier Regional Vo...
58.11Carlos Acosta25:30Northeast Metro Tech
59.12Nick Lee25:52Minuteman Regional
60.-Luke Kirmelewicz28:06Fellowship Christian...
61.-Inderpal Das28:38Northeast Metro Tech
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Fallon Bushee23:25Mystic Valley
2.10Maria Splaine23:38Presentation Of Mary
3.12Julia Splaine23:50Presentation Of Mary
4.9Kathleen Silk23:57Shawsheen Valley Reg...
5.10Medina Danisa23:58Greater Lawrence Tech
6.12Abiah Floyd24:20Presentation Of Mary
7.11Tatyana Almedia24:27Chelsea
8.9Taylor Lynch24:30Shawsheen Valley Reg...
9.10Duska Cvjetan24:35Chelsea
10.11Arandeni Ramos24:36Chelsea
11.11Allyson Delano24:53Shawsheen Valley Reg...
12.11Amanda Leonard24:59Shawsheen Valley Reg...
13.11Andrea Kenna25:02Essex Agricultural &...
14.11Morrisa Estrada25:05Minuteman Regional
15.10Elise Sheehan25:07Mystic Valley
16.12Angela Turco25:12Shawsheen Valley Reg...
17.9Brittany Lin25:19Mystic Valley
18.-Pam Andreazza25:21Greater Lowell Tech
19.12Brianna Lynch25:22Shawsheen Valley Reg...
20.12Christen Aliperta25:30Shawsheen Valley Reg...
21.11Neris Yanes25:34Chelsea
22.11Andrea Umana25:56Chelsea
23.-Heather Lacourse26:08Presentation Of Mary
24.9Megan Lynch26:09Shawsheen Valley Reg...
25.10Kaitlin Wright26:14Whittier Regional Vo...
26.11Kellie Fone26:20Essex Agricultural &...
27.-Ashley Clegg26:32Greater Lowell Tech
28.12Sam Richardson26:37Shawsheen Valley Reg...
29.12Kienna Durant26:43Greater Lowell Tech
30.12Monica Hernandez26:43Chelsea
31.9Courtney Mitchell26:50Whittier Regional Vo...
32.11Christine Hamilton26:52Minuteman Regional
33.11Shadayle Perez26:57Greater Lowell Tech
34.11Kelsey Wakelin27:24Minuteman Regional
35.11Shannon Belski27:27Shawsheen Valley Reg...
36.9Yareli Sanchez27:28Chelsea
37.10Sarah Slocum27:35Whittier Regional Vo...
38.9Jessica Stefanelli27:42Essex Agricultural &...
39.-Catherine Ertsos27:45Fellowship Christian...
40.11Elizabeth Crowther27:45Greater Lowell Tech
41.12Danielle Morin27:46Greater Lowell Tech
42.10Cassie Monroy27:49Greater Lawrence Tech
43.10Rann Ro27:50Presentation Of Mary
44.10Sarah Farley27:50Minuteman Regional
45.11Diana Estrada28:00Whittier Regional Vo...
46.11Kayla Mei28:05Mystic Valley
47.-Alejandra Sanchez28:06Chelsea
48.11Gabby Elmoussaui28:09Mystic Valley
49.11Patricia Guardado28:15Chelsea
50.9Miles Wentzell28:16Mystic Valley
51.-Katherine Villagran28:18Chelsea
52.10Helen Pinard28:22Presentation Of Mary
53.9Ava Asai-Sarris28:45Mystic Valley
54.-Amanda Lewis28:52Shawsheen Valley Reg...
55.12Hailey Lynch28:53Shawsheen Valley Reg...
56.12Aleah Mahmoud28:58Essex Agricultural &...
57.-Pheldelia Boakye29:04Greater Lowell Tech
58.11Caitlin Kelley29:06Shawsheen Valley Reg...
59.9Carolyn Ryan29:06Essex Agricultural &...
60.10Josefany Lopez29:10Greater Lawrence Tech
61.10Olivia Pappalardo29:16Whittier Regional Vo...
62.-Christina Fernandez29:23Chelsea
63.9Kailee Silva29:27Essex Agricultural &...
64.-Lakeisha Denis29:33Mystic Valley
65.-Daisy Mejia29:39Chelsea
66.-Grace Camillieri29:50Fellowship Christian...
67.9Vanessa Crivello29:51Whittier Regional Vo...
68.-Maaya Alagappan30:00Mystic Valley
69.10Grace Perrotti30:09Whittier Regional Vo...
70.9Crislawris Cruz30:12Greater Lawrence Tech
71.10Sam Arel30:16Whittier Regional Vo...
72.10Rebecca Norton30:28Essex Agricultural &...
73.10Tuyet Nguyen30:31Shawsheen Valley Reg...
74.11Erin Kinnon30:57Mystic Valley
75.-Allie Krasco31:09Mystic Valley
76.10Aida Domenech31:10Shawsheen Valley Reg...
77.-Karla Villatoro31:21Lynn Technical
78.-Maggie Tucker31:21Presentation Of Mary
79.-Lekendra Ososio31:23Greater Lowell Tech
80.10Caitlyn Malcolm32:33Shawsheen Valley Reg...
81.10Sarah McSheehy32:34Shawsheen Valley Reg...
82.9Juliana Paulette32:36Essex Agricultural &...
83.-Alexa Hernandez32:40Northeast Metro Tech
84.-Madeleine Camillieri32:50Fellowship Christian...
85.-Michaela Kaslowski33:31Greater Lowell Tech
86.-Michelle Torres33:49Greater Lowell Tech
87.-Devon Hong33:55Presentation Of Mary
88.9Leah Ndungu34:17Greater Lowell Tech
89.-Vilma Alvarez34:36Lynn Technical
90.-Veronica Mukundi35:08Greater Lowell Tech
91.-Andrew Avila35:19Chelsea
92.-Marianny Jimenez37:08Lynn Technical
93.10Leissy Matos39:36Greater Lawrence Tech
94.10Idaliz Yambo39:39Greater Lawrence Tech
95.9Lakeisha Ramos40:14Greater Lawrence Tech
96.-Tiana Richards41:24Whittier Regional Vo...
97.-Shannon Maguire42:14Shawsheen Valley Reg...
98.10Olivia Morency42:20Greater Lowell Tech
99.-Danielle Parsons43:15Whittier Regional Vo...
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