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Mens Races

Hillwood Middle School

3,200 Meters 8th Boys "A"
3,200 Meters 8th Boys "B"
2,400 Meters 7th Boys "A"
2,400 Meters 7th Boys "B"
Womens Races
2,400 Meters 8th Girls "A"
2,400 Meters 8th Girls "B"
1,600 Meters 7th Girls "A"
1,600 Meters 7th Girls "B"

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Mens Results

3,200 Meters 8th Boys "A"  

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8Brendan Woodcock11:57Medlin
8Alexander Cebulske12:05Medlin
8Dominic Nguyen12:06Medlin
8Christian Garcia12:07Medlin
7Dalton Howard12:11Medlin
19.8Oscar Garcia12:27.59Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
8Shane Fenton12:29Medlin
23.8Joseph Camilleri12:33.37Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
28.8Cole Watts13:01.88Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
29.8Brody Stewart13:02.88Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
30.8Jacob Gile13:08.22Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
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3,200 Meters 8th Boys "B"  

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8Dylan Wilbanks11:47Medlin
8Caleb Largen12:00Medlin
8Carter Chapman12:40Medlin
8Connor Prado12:48Medlin
8Harrison Bass12:54Medlin
8Chris Feed13:01Medlin
8Preston Haire13:16Medlin
8Seth Balduc13:25Medlin
8Mitchell Reed13:34Medlin
40.8Luis Rivera13:45.28Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
8Ethan Gindt13:47Medlin
7Kyle Barnes13:52Medlin
8Matthew Wolfe14:11Medlin
8Sean Calley14:12Medlin
7Gage Price14:21Medlin
56.8Anthony Camilleri14:28.22Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
8Bryce Drake14:29Medlin
61.8Trey Mixon14:53.73Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
64.8Martin Hernandez15:00.14Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
79.8Joseph Dowdy15:02.90Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
8Brady Bell15:18Medlin
8Patrick Taylor15:32Medlin
8Matthew Shellshear15:34Medlin
82.8Abel Banda16:25.77Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
86.8Nathan Palacio16:54.83Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
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2,400 Meters 7th Boys "A"  

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7Hayden Eichenseer9:10Medlin
7Avery Smith9:17Medlin
7Noah Lishman9:44Medlin
19.7Colton Kelly9:51.88Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
20.7Tyler Allen9:52.28Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
7Jason Chambers10:02Medlin
7Chase Bierberich10:17Medlin
7Joshua Wiening10:20Medlin
7Charlie Moseley10:53Medlin
60.7Jacob Boen11:01.28Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
73.7Brayden Conner11:01.28Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
76.7Wyatt Radke11:02.93Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
32.7Austin Ketchum11:18.52Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
33.7Trey Eberhart12:30.22Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
34.7Bradley White13:08.82Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
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2,400 Meters 7th Boys "B"  

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7Noel Burns-DeShazo9:57Medlin
7Hayden Garner10:11Medlin
7Spencer Natelli10:16Medlin
7Declan McRitchie10:31Medlin
7Blake Bengston10:35Medlin
7Ryan Taylor10:39Medlin
7Drew Fazarkerley10:42Medlin
7Thomas Fuller10:55Medlin
7Curtis Hoyal10:58Medlin
7Elliot Franzke11:20Medlin
7Clayton Palla11:48Medlin
7Brian Pechal18:48Medlin
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Womens Results

2,400 Meters 8th Girls "A"  

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7Delaney Duis9:17Medlin
7Cami Conrad9:53Medlin
7Leah Jeffcoat10:26Medlin
13.8Lauren Boggs10:37.86Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
8Janai Dube11:02Medlin
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1,600 Meters 7th Girls "A"  

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7Heather Macfarlane6:18Medlin
7Eliseq Davis6:20Medlin
16.7Katelin Pratt6:40.27Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
17.7Sarah Baugh6:41.24Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
7Grace Baker7:00Medlin
7Alexandra Davis7:01Medlin
7Megan Rodgers7:04Medlin
23.7Lauren Talley7:15.84Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
7Gaby Pulido7:25Medlin
7Judahq Williams7:31Medlin
28.7Bailey Cryts7:44.05Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
56.7Taylor Gilbreath7:58.05Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
32.7Natalie Cokley8:05.42Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
89.7Madison Sargeant9:43.91Chisholm Trail (Rhome)
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1,600 Meters 7th Girls "B"  

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7Daniela Salonen7:45Medlin
7Sara Llyod7:58Medlin
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