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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Stony Creek - Bay Point Beach

5,000 Meters Varsity10:00 AM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Stony Creek - Bay Point Beach

5,000 Meters Varsity10:45 AM
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Date:                      Saturday, October 13th, 2012


Time                      Boy's Varsity        10:00                     Boy's JV                11:30                     Awards  1:00

Schedule:              Girl's Varsity         10:45                     Girl's JV  12:15


Site:                        Stony Creek - Baypoint Beach


Entry Fee:            $75.00 per teams, or $150.00 for both a boys and girls team or $10.00 per individual.

Make checks out to the: Macomb County Cross County Track Coaches Association

                                The entry fees must be turned in by Monday October 8th at:


Hanson’s Running Shop, 8409 Hall Road, Utica, MI 48317

Attn: Bob Busquaert,            





Individual Awards: Individuals in the boys and girls race will receive awards as follows:

·         1 - 7, Gold Medal - First Team All County

·         8 - 14, Silver Medal - Second Team All County

·         15 - 21, Bronze Medal - Third Team All County

·         Ribbons will be awarded to the top 15 finishers in the Boys and Girls JV Races. The JV race will be for High School runners only. In order to compete in the JV race you must have 5 runners start the Varsity Race.


Team Awards: Teams in the boys and girls race in division "1" and "2-3-4" will receive awards as follows:

·         A Trophy & Team Medals to the 1st Place Team in each division.

·         If 5 or more teams complete the race in a division a 2nd  Place Trophy & Team Medals will be awarded.

·         If 10 or more teams complete the race in a division a 3rd Place Trophy & Team Medals will be awarded.

·         A Trophy to the First Place Team JV Race.


Academic All County Cross Country Athlete Awards: Academic Awards will be presented to the top 21 boys and girls from the varsity races based on their G.P.A. from the end of the last school year. In order to be considered for the Academic Award, an athlete's G.P.A. must be recorded on your entry sheet, and must be based on a 4.0 G.P.A. scale. To be eligible an athlete must meet the following requirements:

·         Athletes must finish in the top 50% of their varsity race.

·         Athletes must have at least a 3.5 G.P.A. through the end of the last school year.

·         Ninth graders are not eligible for the Academic Award.

·         Any athlete that meets the other criteria and has a 3.8 or higher G.P.A. will automatically earn the Award.

·         A JV runner with a time that would place them in the top 50% of the varsity race and meet the other criteria are also eligible to receive the Academic Award.

2012 Macomb County Cross Country Championship Entries


This year we will be using Athletic.Net ( )to submit your rosters. This is the same website that you will be using to submit your rosters for the Regional Championship.


When you go to the website you will need to add the “Macomb County Meet” to your schedule.


Once you have added the meet to your schedule you can then register your athletes.


Please enter ALL of your athletes in the “5,000 Meter Varsity” race regardless of where they are ranked on your team.


We will be using the same entry for both the Varsity and JV Races at the County Meet. You will not need to determine who will be varsity and who will be JV.


In addition, please send me the following information in a separate e-mail. 


School Info, Girls or Boys, School Name, School Mascot, School Phone Number, Division (Either 1 or 2-3-4)

Coach Info, Girls or Boys, School Name, Coaches Name, Coaches Phone Number, Coaches E-mail Address


This information will help to with the distribution of meet information, results, and other MCCCTCA information.


E-mail this memo to "".  In the Subject of you E-mail include your school name and boy’s or girl’s team, you will be notified when your entry has been received.


All entries must be received by Friday October 5th.


The entry fees need to be turned in to Mark A Urquhart by Friday October 5th at:


Hanson’s Running Shop, 8409 Hall Road, Utica, MI 48317

Attn: Bob Busquaert,            


                                Make checks out to the:

                Macomb County Cross County Track Coaches Association





If you have any questions, please contact me as soon as possible, 586-532-8699.

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jack Monforton18:00Warren DeLaSalle
2.11Chris Frazer18:01Romeo
3.11Jon Cogiel18:03Utica
4.10Ian Demrose18:10Macomb Dakota
5.11Nathan Essenmacher18:15Utica
6.11Collin Newton18:20Utica
7.11Aaron Greb18:27Romeo
8.11Spencer Havern18:37Romeo
9.12Julian Szatkowski18:37Utica
11.11Travis Artman18:44Macomb Dakota
12.10Anthony Aul18:49Utica
13.10Justin Winters18:49Sterling Heights Ste...
14.10Noah Domagalski18:54Romeo
15.10Ty Laarman18:54Utica
19.12Aaron Austin19:13New Baltimore Anchor...
20.10James Schradle19:14Romeo
21.12Garrett Noechel19:15Romeo
22.12Jacob Donaldson19:17Macomb Dakota
24.11Jacob Bonacorsi19:19Macomb Dakota
25.12William Sheahan19:25Macomb Dakota
26.9Adam Frost19:25Macomb Dakota
27.10Trevor Owens19:25Sterling Heights Ste...
28.10Austin Willey19:26 SRRomeo
30.9Donovan Pipitone19:28Utica
31.9Paul Arnold19:29Romeo
33.10Steven Szatkowski19:32Utica
34.11Trevor Garland19:33Sterling Heights Ste...
35.10Jacob Edwards19:34 PRNew Baltimore Anchor...
36.9Nick Paris19:35Romeo
40.10Kyle Ristow19:39Romeo
42.9James Hoefler19:48Macomb Dakota
43.10Jason Sharnas19:50Romeo
45.12Addison Sawyer19:57Utica
46.11David Tanner19:58Utica
47.9Cole Rapp19:59Romeo
48.11Alex Corey20:00Romeo
51.10Michael VanValkenb...20:02Romeo
52.9Philip Harrell20:02Romeo
53.10Ethan Haddon20:10New Baltimore Anchor...
55.10Tyler Cassisi20:13Utica
57.10Timothy Vohs20:20Utica
58.9Bradley Ross20:24Utica
59.9Nick Frankenstein20:24New Baltimore Anchor...
60.9Chris Prohaszka20:28Romeo
62.10Rami Tamimi20:35 PRMacomb Dakota
66.11Brad Worman20:43Romeo
68.11John Benacquisto20:46 PRMacomb Dakota
70.10Andrzej Wasilewski20:46Utica
71.9Anthony Devroy20:48Macomb Lutheran North
72.12Anthony Trandell20:50Sterling Heights Ste...
75.10Griffin Ballard20:58New Baltimore Anchor...
77.11Zach Stuef21:00Macomb Lutheran North
80.12Jason Schilinkski21:14 PRNew Baltimore Anchor...
84.12Donald Boyd21:25Macomb Dakota
87.9Tristan Lupinski21:32Utica
88.10Kyle Allor21:36Macomb Dakota
91.10Jonathan Sadocha21:40 PRMacomb Lutheran North
97.12Jacob Cundy21:47Macomb Lutheran North
98.9Viktor Ciroski21:48New Baltimore Anchor...
99.10Tyler Kressbach21:50 SRMacomb Lutheran North
11Zach Mork22:01Romeo
102.10Anthony Kempisty22:02New Baltimore Anchor...
108.9Anthony Barbera22:06Macomb Dakota
109.12Mark Heiser22:07Macomb Lutheran North
110.11Antonio Martino22:08Macomb Dakota
112.10Matt Hansen22:40Romeo
12Brandon Borawski22:43Macomb Lutheran North
113.10Riley Murdock22:44Romeo
116.11Ryan Hamann22:50Macomb Lutheran North
117.10Scott Pavlik22:51 SRMacomb Lutheran North
118.10Christian Dondonan22:51Sterling Heights Ste...
119.9Robert Gracin22:51Macomb Dakota
120.11Tommy Anderson22:55Romeo
123.9Jon Michael Grabow...23:00Sterling Heights Ste...
132.10Hank Kennedy-Cobb23:57Sterling Heights Ste...
134.9Tyler Chaffin23:58Macomb Dakota
135.11Trevor Raczak24:10Romeo
137.9Cameron Gray24:14Macomb Dakota
141.10Joshua Chores24:35Sterling Heights Ste...
142.9Mykola Bilyk24:43Sterling Heights Ste...
143.9Zachary Barton25:04New Baltimore Anchor...
148.12Chris Scicluna26:13Macomb Lutheran North
10.12Matt IgnatowskiWarren DeLaSalle
16.11Nolan KavanaghWarren DeLaSalle
17.11Lucas NelsonUtica Eisenhower
18.11Jimmy StehlinWarren DeLaSalle
23.10Matt VermeulenUtica Ford
29.10Moshen MokhtariWarren DeLaSalle
32.11Victor MondineUtica Eisenhower
37.9Chris RollinsWarren DeLaSalle
38.11Nick DeneauWarren DeLaSalle
39.11RJ MichieluttiWarren DeLaSalle
41.12Dan SchoenherrWarren DeLaSalle
44.12Drake SluchakRoseville
49.9Graham BartonRichmond
50.12Andrew GietzenUtica Eisenhower
54.12Jason LanhamHarrison Twp. L'Anse...
56.10Thomas BiaforeRichmond
63.9Tyler PtaszekArmada
64.9Mitchell JuettUtica Ford
65.11Michael CroftHarrison Twp. L'Anse...
67.10Spencer ScottUtica Ford
69.10Alex BrunkUtica Eisenhower
73.10Dylan TuroskiWarren Mott
74.9Jacob BrockertUtica Ford
76.11Dezmond WeatherlyHarrison Twp. L'Anse...
78.10Lee MugliaArmada
79.10Connor MasiniUtica Eisenhower
81.10Nick JozefczykWarren DeLaSalle
82.11Mike SamalikWarren DeLaSalle
83.10Anthony MossRoseville
85.11Dan GoubertArmada
86.11Brian TrejoUtica Ford
89.11Noah BednarUtica Eisenhower
90.10Calvin HawkinsUtica Ford
92.9Tristan SparksRoseville
93.12Matt TrathenWarren DeLaSalle
94.11Alex NiksicUtica Ford
95.11Zac PinskyRichmond
100.12Zachary KingArmada
101.9Johnny RichardsRoseville
103.9Brendan BerrymanUtica Eisenhower
104.12Mario RossiFraser
105.11Nick HysickWarren DeLaSalle
106.9Tim BeryUtica Eisenhower
107.12John SerraUtica Ford
108.10Connor StevensonUtica Eisenhower
111.9Robert RiderUtica Eisenhower
114.11Dominic SaurineUtica Ford
115.9Gavin ChristoffArmada
121.12Mitch RileyWarren Mott
122.11George FleishansUtica Ford
124.12Alexander ReamerHarrison Twp. L'Anse...
125.11John IversonUtica Ford
126.9Patrick Golabiewski SRUtica Ford
127.9Brendan SluchakRoseville
128.9Robert ZaleskiUtica Eisenhower
129.10Kyle FiehnHarrison Twp. L'Anse...
130.9Nathaniel PellerSt. Clair Shores Sou...
131.10Brian GarnettHarrison Twp. L'Anse...
133.9Christian BallRoseville
136.10Victor WszedybylUtica Ford
138.9Bryce AdamsArmada
139.11Daiki MiharaHarrison Twp. L'Anse...
140.11Connor BondyUtica Ford
144.9Larry WoffordRichmond
145.9David PattersonSt. Clair Shores Sou...
146.9Sean MitchellSt. Clair Shores Lak...
147.12Nathan HoldsworthArmada
149.9Joseph ManfredaRoseville
150.11Andrew HattUtica Ford
151.11Ryan SchmidtArmada
152.9Jeff McMillinSt. Clair Shores Lak...
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Mickey Davey15:57Warren DeLaSalle
2.11Alec Toreki16:06Romeo
3.12Jason Saliga16:11Romeo
4.12Kevin Salter16:12Utica Eisenhower
5.12Trevor Sharnas16:16Romeo
6.12Trevor Creagh16:21Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
7.12Andrew Nelson16:32Romeo
8.10Jacob Domagalski16:36Romeo
9.12Joey Przybylko16:37Warren Mott
10.10Tyler Phillips16:37 SRArmada
11.12Alex Fauer16:41Macomb Dakota
12.11Devon Butler16:49 PRNew Baltimore Anchor...
13.10David Saporito16:54Warren Mott
14.11Frank Lauchlan16:56Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
15.11Bradley Bates16:59Macomb Dakota
16.11Matt Molinaro16:59Warren DeLaSalle
17.11Nick Burg17:00Richmond
18.12David Walter17:01Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
19.12Zachary Thomas17:03Macomb Dakota
20.11Andrei Rotar17:11Utica
21.11Chris Burley17:13Sterling Heights
22.9William Saiz17:21Macomb Dakota
23.12Colin Driscoll17:28Macomb Dakota
24.10Everett Ottoy17:30St. Clair Shores Lak...
25.11Alec Wiater17:34New Baltimore Anchor...
26.10Paul Garbarino17:40Utica
27.10Brendan Witt17:40Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
28.12Andrew Spencer17:43Clinton Township Chi...
29.12Dennis Nguyen17:45Sterling Heights Ste...
30.10Aaron Robert17:45Warren DeLaSalle
31.11Kevin Lafriniere17:46Warren Woods Tower
32.12Zach Weglarz17:47Macomb Lutheran North
33.11Rudy Thiel17:48Clinton Township Chi...
34.11Nathaniel Miller17:50 PRClinton Township Chi...
35.11Gary Snyder17:51Sterling Heights Ste...
36.11Mitch O'hair17:51Romeo
37.11Timothy Martin17:52St. Clair Shores Lak...
38.12Austin Putrich17:52Utica
39.11Jay Benoit17:53St. Clair Shores Lak...
40.10Jacob Miller17:54Macomb Lutheran North
41.11Maleek Thomas17:55Roseville
42.12Chris Jackson17:56St. Clair Shores Sou...
43.12Gino Campis17:57Armada
44.9Adam Fraeyman17:58Romeo
45.12Ethan Ottoy18:01St. Clair Shores Lak...
46.11Justin Ursaki18:01Utica
47.10Zechariah Jean18:02Sterling Heights Ste...
48.12Travis Lawler18:04St. Clair Shores Lak...
49.9Kevin Lalik18:04Warren Mott
50.10Chris Vancoillie18:06Utica Eisenhower
51.10Nicholas Brooks18:07Macomb Dakota
52.9Jared Felts18:09Utica
53.9Nick Scott18:11Warren DeLaSalle
54.12Jeremy Bowers18:12Macomb Dakota
55.12Matt Stetter18:13St. Clair Shores Lak...
56.12Jordan Vandenbussche18:15Richmond
57.11Mitch Vermeulen18:16Utica Ford
58.12Alex Gieleghem18:17Warren Cousino
59.10Kollin Poindexter18:18Utica
60.12Aaron Eisenhardt18:19Macomb Lutheran North
61.10Nathan Holland18:19St. Clair Shores Lak...
62.10Beau Brockett18:20Richmond
63.10Jordan Walters18:20St. Clair Shores Lak...
64.11Eric Esper18:21Utica Eisenhower
65.12Alec Butler18:21New Baltimore Anchor...
66.11Nathan Schneider18:22Sterling Heights Ste...
67.12Jason Weaver18:23Utica Eisenhower
68.11Corey Dutkiewicz18:26Clinton Township Chi...
69.12Vincenzo Cracciolo18:28Roseville
70.10Devin Treat18:29New Baltimore Anchor...
71.10Tyler Walters18:30St. Clair Shores Lak...
72.9Luke Walters18:31Utica
73.11Zach Chodnicki18:31Armada
74.10Jeremiah Jean18:32 SRSterling Heights Ste...
75.10Blake Iskra18:32Richmond
76.11John Evans18:33Warren DeLaSalle
77.11John Rapp18:33Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
78.10Eric Kehrig18:34Sterling Heights Ste...
79.12Jacob Paciorek18:35Utica Ford
80.11Chris Navetta18:37New Baltimore Anchor...
81.12Mario Rossi18:37Fraser
82.10Jacob McWherter18:38 PRNew Baltimore Anchor...
83.12Alex Buckle18:42Warren Mott
84.9Jeffrey Schimelfen...18:43Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
85.11Noah Hicks18:44Warren DeLaSalle
86.10Alec Kownacki18:45Armada
87.12Brett Rodzos18:46Warren Mott
88.10Eoin Barry18:47Clinton Township Chi...
89.10Dominic Aluia18:49Utica Eisenhower
90.12Ben Bourdeau18:51 PRWarren DeLaSalle
91.11Mason Rozgowski18:51Armada
92.12Randy Greet18:52Roseville
93.10Ryan Hoekstra18:54Clinton Township Chi...
94.11Martin-Andres Querio18:57Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
95.12Zach New18:58St. Clair Shores Sou...
96.9Dylan Gaines19:00Sterling Heights Ste...
97.11Jake Kler19:01St. Clair Shores Lak...
98.12Lawrence Jhons19:11Warren Woods Tower
99.9Zach Stadnika19:12Macomb Lutheran North
100.10Shane Luksch19:12Utica Ford
101.12Joe Stackpoole19:14 PRWarren Cousino
102.10Mark Garza19:14 SRUtica Eisenhower
103.11Alex Muzlajkovich19:17Richmond
104.10Andrew Mezin19:18Fraser
105.10Danny Weglarz19:24Macomb Lutheran North
106.12Blake Kubiny19:26Roseville
107.12Colin Rutkowski19:29Utica Ford
108.10Stephen Stout19:33St. Clair Shores Sou...
109.12Nick Brown19:36Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
110.10Sahil Misra19:37Warren Cousino
111.10Xaiver Nuckles19:38Richmond
112.10Matt Grawburg19:40Warren Cousino
113.9Nick Riley19:42Warren Mott
114.9Eric Passeno19:42Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
115.12Pao Vang19:45Roseville
116.12Matt Watts19:47New Baltimore Anchor...
117.12Lewis Jacques19:47Warren Woods Tower
118.10Brett Hudson19:48Macomb Lutheran North
119.9Michael Zonca19:52Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
120.11Blake Muglia19:52Armada
121.10Ryan Caliguri19:53Warren Mott
122.12Alex Mardlin19:57St. Clair Shores Lak...
123.11Tim McCarthy19:58Utica Eisenhower
124.10Ryan Peck19:58 SRMacomb Lutheran North
125.10Andrew Herppich19:59Utica Ford
126.12Brandon Moulding20:00Fraser
127.11Justin Michalski20:02Utica Ford
128.9Jeremy Winkel20:05Armada
129.11Danny Geromette20:06 SRWarren Woods Tower
130.11Cody Schulz20:08Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
131.10Nick West20:09St. Clair Shores Lak...
132.11Adam Day20:14Utica Ford
133.12Nick Fitzsimmons20:19Richmond
134.9Nick Vance20:22 SRMacomb L'Anse Creuse...
135.11Brandon Binkowski20:26Fraser
136.11Talmadge Williams20:33Roseville
137.11lee Ziomek20:34 PRCenter Line
138.12Sean Heacox20:40Roseville
139.10Brendan Tomayko20:46Sterling Heights
140.9Griffin Sherry20:47Sterling Heights Par...
141.10Trevor Polisuk-Bal...21:08Warren Cousino
142.11Cordero MacNear21:19 PRMacomb L'Anse Creuse...
143.12Josh Hallock21:20Warren Cousino
144.11Andrew Hoffer21:28Warren Woods Tower
145.9Jack Banick21:29Warren Cousino
146.9William Niedbala21:30Sterling Heights
147.9Robert Feld21:31Sterling Heights
148.9Ben Turner21:37Sterling Heights Par...
149.11Chris Santowski21:40 SRWarren Woods Tower
150.11Joshua Anonick21:41Warren Woods Tower
151.9Kyle Disney21:42Fraser
152.11Brandon Mullins21:54Center Line
153.12Ron Dest22:09St. Clair Shores Lak...
154.9Garret Spach22:13 SRSterling Heights Par...
155.10Dylan Schornack22:25Fraser
156.9Alex Put22:31Sterling Heights
157.10Gino Bryja22:31Sterling Heights Par...
158.9Brandon Wilk22:43St. Clair Shores Sou...
159.11Alex Wielbinski22:57St. Clair Shores Lak...
160.10Gregg Peterson23:48 PRCenter Line
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Miranda Wolanin19:38Sterling Heights Ste...
2.9McKenna Gray21:19Sterling Heights Ste...
3.11Michalla Veach21:20Utica Eisenhower
4.11Sarah Waldrip21:38Sterling Heights Ste...
5.10Emily Oakes21:40Utica Eisenhower
6.10Kenne Lewis21:53Sterling Heights Ste...
7.12Samantha West21:55Warren Regina
8.10Ashleigh Czewski21:59Warren Regina
9.10Alex Davis22:00Utica Eisenhower
10.11Bridgette Louwers22:02 SRWarren Regina
11.9Marisa Weller22:04Macomb Dakota
12.9Olivia Metty22:19Utica Eisenhower
13.9Allison Thomas22:26Utica Eisenhower
14.10Alexa Panourgias22:30Utica Eisenhower
15.9Kelsey Capoferri22:30Warren Regina
16.11Haylee Murray22:33Romeo
17.10Elizabeth Lozon22:39Sterling Heights Ste...
18.12Katie Vanhevel22:47Utica Eisenhower
19.11Maria Corona22:49 SRWarren Regina
20.10Sara Bey22:50Warren Mott
21.10Emily Esper22:57Utica Eisenhower
23.10Amanda Gardner23:09Romeo
24.12Marisa Klomp23:12Macomb Lutheran North
25.12Allison Kulka23:13Utica Eisenhower
26.9Kaitria LaFleure23:14Macomb Dakota
27.11Megan Rejc23:26Warren Woods Tower
28.12Elizabeth Sullwold23:28Warren Woods Tower
29.9Hannah Chores23:32Sterling Heights Ste...
30.11Shelby Payok23:33Warren Mott
31.10Jessica Cline23:36Sterling Heights Ste...
32.9Monica Micale23:41Macomb Dakota
35.10Marissa Camilleri23:53Clinton Township Chi...
36.12Emily Langford23:55Utica Eisenhower
37.10Collette Overton23:57Utica
38.11Sabrina Carr23:57Utica
39.12Emily Patterson23:58Warren Regina
40.12Vanessa Thomas23:59 SRWarren Mott
41.12Jordan Burtka24:04Warren Regina
42.9Claire Hoffman24:14Sterling Heights Ste...
43.10Emily Oakes24:15Utica Eisenhower
44.11Rachel Tokarczyk24:16Warren Regina
45.11Heather Radoicic24:16Sterling Heights Ste...
46.9Addison Pavlica24:16Macomb Dakota
47.10Brianna Jutila24:21Richmond
48.10Caroline Oska24:22Macomb Lutheran North
49.12Julia Ramaci24:23Romeo
51.10Amy Salter24:25Utica Eisenhower
52.10Genna LaRocca24:26Utica Eisenhower
53.11Kaitlin Niebauer24:27Richmond
54.11Sarah Szymanski24:27Macomb Dakota
55.11Julianna Weir24:36Macomb Lutheran North
56.11Kristyn Bawol24:36Warren Mott
57.12Christina Oska24:38Macomb Lutheran North
58.10Rachel Pepe24:38Macomb Dakota
59.12Bailey Pearce24:40Romeo
60.11Andrea Prenkocevic24:41Warren Mott
61.10Marlie Pratt24:43Macomb Lutheran North
62.10Andrea Bukowski24:45Warren Regina
63.10Anna Mahalak24:51 SRWarren Regina
64.10Samantha Beck24:55Macomb Lutheran North
65.12Hayley Penn24:57 SRUtica Eisenhower
66.11Erica Kaschalk24:57Warren Mott
67.12Mikaila Bisson24:58Macomb Lutheran North
68.12Moira Dahm24:59Utica Eisenhower
69.9Ailish Berlin25:01 SRWarren Regina
70.11Alyssa Proia25:03Romeo
71.11Kerry Colonnello25:04 SRWarren Regina
72.12Becky Thompson25:06 SRMacomb Lutheran North
73.10Mackenzie Davis25:07Macomb Lutheran North
74.10Amber Crumm25:08Clinton Township Chi...
75.9Lauren Valente25:08Macomb Dakota
76.9Shelbie Eastman25:11Macomb Dakota
78.12Dana Deradoorian25:15Macomb Lutheran North
79.10Alex Sehling25:19Armada
80.11Monika Michalik25:20 SRWarren Regina
81.10Laurel Payne25:22Armada
82.9Devon Hembree25:24 PRWarren Mott
83.9Lindsay Stuef25:25 SRMacomb Lutheran North
84.10Anjana Biswas25:26Sterling Heights Ste...
85.12Lauren Isopi25:27 PRWarren Mott
86.11Jillian Flint25:27 SRMacomb Dakota
87.10Kayla Kulon25:30 PRWarren Regina
88.11Jazmine Gonzalez25:35 SRWarren Woods Tower
89.11Katie Kauffman25:36Utica Eisenhower
90.12Elsa Pitcel25:36 SRRichmond
91.10Libby Mathias25:37Warren Regina
92.10Ashley Witteboes25:38Warren Mott
93.11Danielle Chidiac25:39Warren Regina
94.10Kianna Thomas25:40 SRWarren Regina
95.11Sierra Leonard25:44Utica Eisenhower
96.12Erin Schultz25:48Warren Regina
97.10Carly Mckeown25:52 SRMacomb Lutheran North
98.11Madalyne Ridella25:52Macomb Dakota
99.9Amanda Boschman25:58Utica Ford
11Brienna Ledbetter25:59Utica
100.11Miranda Debellis25:59Utica Eisenhower
101.10Caitlyn Maniaci26:02Utica Eisenhower
102.10Amanda Fulghum26:07 PRArmada
103.11Sasha Strait26:08Utica Ford
104.12Ava Ferretti26:09 SRMacomb Lutheran North
105.11Ireland Portalski26:10Warren Woods Tower
107.9Stacey Mork26:16Macomb Dakota
108.12Kayla Lalik26:21Warren Mott
109.9Natalie Gamalski26:29 SRWarren Regina
110.12Kirsten Domsic26:39Utica
111.10McKeely Kerr26:41Macomb Lutheran North
112.11Savannah Kenward26:41Macomb Dakota
113.9Madison Lindaman26:44Utica Ford
114.9Tara Metcalfe26:44Macomb Dakota
115.9Lillian Schmidt26:54Utica Eisenhower
116.9Nina Mann26:55Sterling Heights Ste...
117.12Monica Chores27:05Sterling Heights Ste...
118.11Kendall Kemp27:07Warren Regina
119.12Sarah Voorhees27:16Warren Woods Tower
120.9Catherine Gardey27:29Warren Regina
121.10Jessica Carabell27:29Macomb Lutheran North
122.12Kara Dumar27:33Macomb Lutheran North
123.10Amy Dubois27:35Macomb Lutheran North
124.11Samantha Davis27:40Utica Ford
125.11Katelyn Daly27:40Macomb Dakota
126.12Rebecca Bertrand27:44 PRArmada
127.11Lydia Essenmacher27:45Utica
128.11Mary Margaret Murphy27:48Utica
129.9Maria Viviano27:49Macomb Lutheran North
130.11Toni Lewis27:49Romeo
131.10Jordan Patterson27:50Warren Regina
132.10Marisa Riley27:52Macomb Lutheran North
133.12Aviana Vasko27:57Utica Ford
134.12Abby Gilliam28:07Macomb Lutheran North
135.12Alex Sheppard28:07 PRArmada
136.9Emily Stoesz28:12Utica Ford
137.10Carlee Birukow28:13Sterling Heights Ste...
138.11Victoria Angeles28:13Utica Eisenhower
139.12Autumn Killop28:38 PRArmada
140.12Aimee Tomlinson28:39Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
141.10Becky Beller28:48 SRUtica Ford
142.12Miyaka Polin28:53Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
143.11Sadie Trichler28:57Utica Eisenhower
144.11Alissa Gianferrara29:00 SRArmada
145.11Katelyn Schade29:19Utica Eisenhower
146.10Jennifer Donovan29:32Warren Mott
147.11Samantha Abroo29:33Warren Mott
148.10Emily Poirier29:41Utica Eisenhower
149.11Stephanie Close29:44Sterling Heights
150.9Mikaelyn Walker29:51 SRArmada
151.10Darby LaHaie29:58Armada
152.11Kaitlin Mozdrzech29:58Macomb Dakota
11Juliane Elsner30:30Utica
153.11Shay Hart30:54New Baltimore Anchor...
155.12Evelyn Modla31:42 SRArmada
156.10Alex Wieczorek31:48Sterling Heights
157.11Keonna Belyue31:48Macomb Dakota
158.9Erica Rohall32:29Utica Eisenhower
159.10Victoria Calderon33:07Utica Ford
160.10Nicole Papas33:07Utica Eisenhower
161.10Paige Anonick34:16Warren Woods Tower
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Gina Patterson18:22Macomb Lutheran North
2.11Rachel Walny18:50Clinton Township Chi...
3.12Jessica Gaines18:50Sterling Heights Ste...
4.12Rachel Durbin18:55Armada
5.9Macy Gustavus19:00New Baltimore Anchor...
6.9Allison Shannon19:05Sterling Heights Ste...
7.9Samantha Hanson19:06Sterling Heights Ste...
8.9Brianna Mozariwskyj19:21Utica Eisenhower
9.12Christina Micale19:29Macomb Dakota
10.11Allie Knoll19:32Warren Mott
11.11Alicia Arnold19:35Romeo
12.12Lauren Burnett19:42Macomb Dakota
13.12Brooke Owens19:45Sterling Heights Ste...
14.10Ashlie Baumann19:46Sterling Heights Ste...
15.10Colleen McCarthy19:51 SRUtica Eisenhower
16.12Megan Macciomei19:56Utica Eisenhower
17.9Briana Weglarz19:56 PRMacomb Lutheran North
18.10Jenna Briney19:59Macomb Lutheran North
19.10Samantha Allmacher20:00Utica Eisenhower
20.11Jenny Ponkowski20:01Warren Regina
21.11Casey Malburg20:02Richmond
22.11Gabriella Oveson20:09Sterling Heights Ste...
23.11Christina Ridella20:19Warren Regina
24.11Cassie Bloch20:19Warren Regina
25.10Stephanie Latos20:26Warren Regina
26.11Tara Frampton20:28Clinton Township Chi...
27.12Amanda Simon20:30New Baltimore Anchor...
28.10Jenna Anderson20:33Sterling Heights Ste...
29.9Julia Verkest20:33Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
30.12Vanessa Kwiatkowski20:38Utica
31.9Emma Wilson20:42Romeo
32.10Jenna Cundy20:44Macomb Lutheran North
33.11Natalie Cizmas20:51Clinton Township Chi...
34.9KaylaRose Robison20:52Clinton Township Chi...
35.9Kayla Dobies20:52Macomb Dakota
36.10Meredith Sorensen20:53Utica
37.12Krystal York20:56Warren Woods Tower
38.10Kayla Keyes20:56Sterling Heights
39.9Ashley Harger20:57 PRWarren Woods Tower
40.11Elizabeth Bloch20:58Warren Regina
41.10Anna Burley20:58Sterling Heights
42.9Shelby Knoll20:59Warren Mott
43.12Jessica Sauber21:00Utica Eisenhower
44.12Brooke Trombley21:02Warren Mott
45.12Shannon Boyce21:07Romeo
46.9Megan Greb21:09Romeo
47.12Katherine Gross21:09Macomb Dakota
48.9Teresa Diehl21:13Warren Regina
49.10Madeline Wesley21:14Clinton Township Chi...
50.10Emily Ferrera21:19 PRSt. Clair Shores Sou...
51.11Lindy Pastrick21:19Warren Woods Tower
52.11Haley Boccomino21:24Center Line
53.10Hailey Lynch21:28St. Clair Shores Lak...
54.10Silvia Gasperoni21:28Fraser
55.11Katie Szczesniak21:29Richmond
56.10Catie Gierula21:30Utica Eisenhower
57.12Paris Angelo21:31Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
58.10Autumn Klein21:31Romeo
59.10Samantha Costanzo21:33St. Clair Shores Lak...
60.12Emily Gibbings21:39Macomb Dakota
61.10Sadie Huggler21:47Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
62.12Rizpah Gray21:47Utica Eisenhower
63.9Alexis Kearney21:49Romeo
64.10Taylor Siegle21:54Sterling Heights Par...
65.11Tiara Jhons21:54Warren Woods Tower
66.12Lori Schwark21:56Macomb Lutheran North
12Rachal Pugh21:57Macomb Dakota
67.11Nicole Jozefiak21:57Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
68.9Jordan Bianchi21:58Utica
69.10Hannah Holliday22:01Romeo
71.12Micah Turner22:03Warren Woods Tower
72.11Megan Manczyk22:04Warren Regina
73.10Lauren Dandurand22:06St. Clair Shores Sou...
74.11Alyssa Wood22:06Macomb Lutheran North
75.9Cortney York22:19Warren Woods Tower
76.11Olivia Wyche22:20Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
77.11Kelly Vermandere22:21Utica
78.12Lacey Wojt22:22Warren Cousino
79.11Blaine Cullen22:22Utica Ford
80.12Jordan Riley22:25Warren Mott
81.11Mikayla LeRoy22:38Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
82.12Lexi Fraley22:40Richmond
83.10Maria Nehan22:44Sterling Heights
84.12Linnea Hadden22:46New Baltimore Anchor...
85.12Jeana Gondek22:47Fraser
86.10Alyssa Olszewski22:51Clinton Township Chi...
87.10Jacqueline Berg22:55Utica
88.11Elena Ferman23:00Warren Woods Tower
89.11Nicole Kozlowski23:04Utica Ford
90.9Danielle Uppleger23:05St. Clair Shores Lak...
91.11Susan Zadorski23:13Warren Mott
92.10Madison Zarkowski23:15Richmond
93.11Emma Simon23:16 PRNew Baltimore Anchor...
94.12Alecia Ratiu-King23:17Macomb Dakota
95.11Anna Latorre23:20Richmond
96.11Kristen Lintz23:24Fraser
97.11Mariam Kamel23:25Warren Mott
98.12Taylor Watson23:26Armada
99.10Kathleen Hawkey23:27Warren Mott
100.9Erika Schemmel23:32Utica
101.11Liz Milanov23:50Macomb Lutheran North
102.9Julia Sirr23:54St. Clair Shores Lak...
103.10Eleni Haralampopou...23:57Roseville
104.11Sonja Berger24:04Fraser
105.12Samantha Barra24:05Utica Ford
106.11Paula Fleishans24:12Utica Ford
107.11Emily Swantek24:12Richmond
108.10Alyssa Washeleski24:18Utica Ford
109.10Kayla Campis24:22Armada
110.12Katie Carter24:26New Baltimore Anchor...
111.10Kelly DeBiase24:29New Baltimore Anchor...
112.11Deanna Flaim24:34Armada
113.10Alexandra Costanzo24:44St. Clair Shores Lak...
114.11Brittany Groen24:46Armada
115.10Kathryn Finn24:47St. Clair Shores Lak...
116.11Ashley Dixon24:50Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
117.11Alexa Daughtery24:51Utica Ford
118.10Ellen Emmendorfer24:51 SRUtica Ford
119.10Madison Job24:57 SRArmada
120.10Karalee Jerse25:03Armada
121.12Courtney Warren25:03Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
122.9Maggie Strayer25:04 PRRoseville
123.11Casey Zoppa25:04Sterling Heights Par...
124.10Carina Grain25:27Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
125.11Kali Eliason25:29St. Clair Shores Lak...
126.12Amanda Burgess25:31Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
127.11Jessica Rozanski25:39New Baltimore Anchor...
128.11Sarah Ross25:45Sterling Heights
129.12Sarah Trevena25:47 PRWarren Cousino
130.9Leigha Filips25:55Harrison Twp. L'Anse...
131.12Marla Nazee25:55Sterling Heights
132.9Jenn Vandro 26:26Roseville
133.11Valerie Kachnij26:37Sterling Heights
134.11Jennie Feldpausch27:14St. Clair Shores Lak...
135.11Lea Lasak27:20 PRSterling Heights
136.10Lindsey Somoski27:48Roseville
137.12Morgan Modaffare29:43 PRMacomb L'Anse Creuse...
138.10Meaghan Allen 30:47Roseville
139.10Ndeye Gueye32:30 SRWarren Cousino
140.11Emily Morlan34:11 PRSterling Heights Par...
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