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FHSAA 1A Regional 4 Championships HS

Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Westminster Academy West, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Mens Races

Westminster Academy West

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Westminster Academy West

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.11Scott Simpson17:14.08Kings Academy
2.11Dane Mauger17:25.09Benjamin
3.12Adam Tauzer17:38.79Coral Springs Christ...
4.11Adam Ramos17:39.89Dade Christian
5.12David Kestner17:58.55Jupiter Christian
6.12Nathaniel Markert18:06.87Pope John Paul II
7.9Devon Bradford18:08.28Jupiter Christian
8.12Josh Fitzgibbon18:16.92Westminster Academy
9.12Sebastia Delpeche18:19.85Archbishop Curley No...
10.11Andres' Witzke18:20.88Pope John Paul II
11.10Austin Matese18:30.69Benjamin
12.11David King18:36.87Westminster Academy
13.10Charles Otto18:40.11Boca Raton Christian
14.11Benjamin Nevils18:48.11South Florida HEAT
15.12David Fagot18:51.69South Florida HEAT
16.10Josiah McLaughlin18:51.97Doctors Charter
17.12Ryan Sharpe18:57.57Westminster Academy
18.8Ian McCulloch18:57.91South Florida HEAT
19.10Luke Albert19:01.71Kings Academy
20.8Chaney Hewlett19:02.63Calvary Christian (F...
21.12Joshua Nicholas19:06.92Community Christian ...
22.10Chase Allsworth19:07.32Westminster Academy
23.11Adrian Ricketts19:07.74Westminster Academy
24.11Nicholas Sexton19:10.15Kings Academy
25.9Julian Shultz19:13.08Miami Country Day
26.9Iverson Williams19:17.63Dade Christian
27.10Matthews Edwards19:18.20Pine School
28.8Jacob Strouse19:20.31Doctors Charter
29.10Daniel Diaz19:22.22Archbishop Curley No...
30.12Javier Pulido19:26.36South Florida HEAT
31.12Michae Raghunandan19:27.98Westminster Christian
32.11Lachlan McIntosh19:28.44Jupiter Christian
33.11Gabe Tchividjian19:28.94Calvary Christian (F...
34.11Caleb Walz19:38.90Kings Academy
35.11Christophe Rivera19:39.31Kings Academy
36.11Nicholas Salow19:41.89Archbishop Curley No...
37.10Carter Weiss19:42.21Miami Country Day
38.9Brandon Tourigny19:47.41Kings Academy
39.12James Callado19:50.65Miami Country Day
40.10Emil Martayan19:53.05Miami Country Day
41.11W Lawson Lindsey19:54.26Jupiter Christian
42.10Ryan Edwards19:59.25Pine School
43.11Lucas Mayer19:59.85Kings Academy
44.10Nikko Antido20:00.43Archbishop Curley No...
45.7Alexander Cohen20:02.03Miami Country Day
46.12Lazaro Chacon20:05.67Archbishop Curley No...
47.12James Shawver20:06.51Calvary Christian (F...
48.9Hunter Ager20:06.80Westminster Christian
49.7Patrick Sastre20:07.63Calvary Christian (F...
50.12Michael Rhys20:09.65Pine School
51.10Mason Ellard20:10.43Coral Springs Christ...
52.11Caleb Califano20:11.17Highlands Christian
53.9Anthony Vernon20:17.20Westminster Christian
54.11Joshua Guerra20:17.64Miami Country Day
55.8Benjamin Madden20:17.84Pine School
56.9Blake Williams20:18.31Calvary Christian (F...
57.10Eric Rosen20:27.47Benjamin
58.10Casey Spicer20:32.65Benjamin
59.10Michael Smith20:33.11Archbishop Curley No...
60.6Ryan Finvarb20:34.39Miami Country Day
61.10Jack DiCristifalo20:35.69Highlands Christian
62.9Sebastian Santa20:38.04Dade Christian
63.11Peyton Cole20:38.52Benjamin
64.10Ivram Williams20:38.95Dade Christian
65.9Trace Johnson20:39.60Highlands Christian
66.7Justin Ebenhack20:44.32Highlands Christian
67.12Christophe Eubank20:46.32Lake Worth Christian
68.9Jacob Ross20:47.77Pope John Paul II
69.11Mateus Lima20:48.19Highlands Christian
70.8Churchill Perry20:48.56Dade Christian
71.12Andres Correa20:49.70Dade Christian
72.11David Jean-Louis20:52.19Sheridan Hills Chris...
73.8Santiago Fajardo20:53.94Calvary Christian (F...
74.9Adrian Matthias20:57.63Highlands Christian
75.8Geoffrey Still20:59.02Coral Springs Christ...
76.9Sean Smith20:59.23Archbishop Curley No...
77.12John Killian21:03.77Pope John Paul II
78.10Jason Ross21:08.23Boca Raton Christian
79.10Tyler Deslippe21:17.12Westminster Academy
80.8David Delgado21:19.70Westminster Christian
81.11Scott Lucas21:24.58Lake Worth Christian
82.8Nick Mena21:31.23Coral Springs Christ...
83.6Nicolas Basile21:52.31Benjamin
84.9Robert Goodin21:54.57Westminster Christian
85.10Joshua Fentanes21:56.90Highlands Christian
86.9Peyton Osborne21:58.72Pope John Paul II
87.8Michael Sages21:59.68Pine School
88.12Nicholas Casanova22:05.79Boca Raton Christian
89.11Huy Nguyen22:18.12Jupiter Christian
90.6Jacob Kuyper22:19.52Coral Springs Christ...
91.10Andrew Crampton22:24.68Sheridan Hills Chris...
92.12Royce Sages22:25.92Pine School
93.9Nicholas Slupecki22:26.83Coral Springs Christ...
94.8Brandon Williams22:30.79Sheridan Hills Chris...
95.6Mark Bryan22:35.15Dade Christian
96.9Casey McCracken22:40.28Westminster Academy
97.9Max Wulff22:42.83Benjamin
98.7Brandon Burt22:56.19Coral Springs Christ...
99.10Joseph Danahy23:06.97Jupiter Christian
100.9David Rivera23:33.11South Florida HEAT
101.6John Gio Belloise23:50.93Calvary Christian (F...
102.11Cameron Horsley23:52.85Boca Raton Christian
103.11Kevin Porter23:55.88Westminster Christian
104.12Gerald Williston24:12.37Pope John Paul II
105.9David Patch24:22.42Sheridan Hills Chris...
106.10Justin Keefe24:29.54Sheridan Hills Chris...
107.9Collin Payne24:32.81Boca Raton Christian
108.8Tucker Hindle25:03.42Boca Raton Christian
109.9Jason Ketcherside27:26.04Sheridan Hills Chris...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.8Adair Lyden19:21.25Westminster Academy
2.12Caroline Pauls20:01.77Calvary Christian (F...
3.9Victoria Camargo20:21.39Florida Christian
4.12Meredith Anderson20:31.69Benjamin
5.10Jenna Evans20:37.30South Florida HEAT
6.7Kristen Selbach20:59.47Westminster Academy
7.9Victoria Hoppe21:10.45Westminster Christian
8.12Brittany Carey21:11.27Westminster Academy
9.9Cali Gumpel21:16.11Wellington Christian
10.12Claire Brinkman21:17.58Pope John Paul II
11.11Christine Sullivan21:19.37Pope John Paul II
12.12Meghan Gildea21:27.11Pope John Paul II
13.9Ashley Reback21:28.04Benjamin
14.10Avery Camp21:35.55Pine School
15.9Claire Cipolla21:40.46Pope John Paul II
16.11Rachel Harris21:48.22Benjamin
17.9Rhian Romanik21:49.89Archbishop Curley No...
18.11Celeste Romero22:01.72Dade Christian
19.10Nicole Romanach22:07.95Westminster Christian
20.9Amanda Baker22:08.75Westminster Academy
21.9Caitlyn Hamilton22:09.51Westminster Academy
22.12Clara Parker22:09.90Benjamin
23.8Noel Picinich22:20.65Calvary Christian (F...
24.10Carolina Casariego22:31.81Palmer Trinity
25.11Kailey Costello22:32.85Boca Raton Christian
26.11Abbie Slupecki22:36.50Coral Springs Christ...
27.12Lauren Starace22:38.80Kings Academy
28.8Makayla Richardson22:41.90Kings Academy
29.11Nicole Feustel22:47.21Westminster Academy
30.8Grace Goebel22:59.71Kings Academy
31.6Kelly Ahkee23:01.91Kings Academy
32.11DalyKay Reback23:05.29South Florida HEAT
33.7Natasha Strump23:05.69Westminster Christian
34.12Haley Botner23:07.32South Florida HEAT
35.12Taylor Cogsil23:12.50Benjamin
36.9Allison Pond23:13.07South Florida HEAT
37.8Rachel Gage23:13.60Master's Academy
38.12Rachel Dumas23:18.58Pine School
39.11Alexa Mora23:20.29Westminster Christian
40.11Julia Sumkin23:22.51David Posnack Hebrew...
41.11Tatiana Seikaly23:23.31Miami Country Day
42.11Nataly Lambert23:29.54Benjamin
43.11Ana Garcia23:30.55Benjamin
44.11Allison Ridenour23:37.34Calvary Christian (F...
45.9Payton Campbell23:52.02Kings Academy
46.10Rachel Sieradzan23:52.44Calvary Christian (F...
47.12Rachel Gilbert23:54.97Pine School
48.8Taylor Sennet23:57.03Miami Country Day
49.8Angela Gonzalez23:59.02Westwood Christian
50.11Alyssa Bilotta24:00.57Pope John Paul II
51.12Dominique Kelly24:04.23Calvary Christian (F...
52.10Ana Casariego24:12.00Palmer Trinity
53.8Kalyn Buteyn24:15.90Lake Worth Christian
54.6Presley Giresi24:17.18Lake Worth Christian
55.6Anna Tauzer24:21.47Coral Springs Christ...
56.9Ebony Brown24:26.10Calvary Christian (F...
57.9Marcy Cuellar-Garcia24:28.36South Florida HEAT
58.10Camila Masson24:31.71Palmer Trinity
59.10Haley Felder24:42.26Florida Christian
60.11Bethani Wells24:44.88Kings Academy
61.7Giulia Bronzi24:53.87Miami Country Day
62.6Oksana Rubis25:01.01Kings Academy
63.9Brooke Oman25:01.46Westminster Academy
64.8Nicole Sherwood25:05.43Miami Country Day
65.9Holly Kuyper25:24.62Coral Springs Christ...
66.11Hannah Sodergren25:39.80South Florida HEAT
67.11Natli Clark25:41.84Florida Christian
68.7Linda Dill25:52.13Wellington Christian
69.12Rachel Miller25:53.43Florida Christian
70.10Jessica Halle26:05.85Boca Raton Christian
71.8Patricia Martinez26:06.72Palmer Trinity
72.9Cameron Byman26:08.06Pope John Paul II
73.12Katherine Pond26:08.29South Florida HEAT
74.11Stephanie Wilson26:11.02Wellington Christian
75.11Lena Pettingell26:12.37Calvary Christian (F...
76.8Gabriela Fernandez...26:32.02Palmer Trinity
77.7Rayn Ramclam26:43.78Coral Springs Christ...
78.12Victoria Thuss26:46.86Wellington Christian
79.11Ashley Puente26:56.90Miami Country Day
80.6Carly Garazi26:59.72Miami Country Day
81.9Annemiek Doedens27:17.24Pine School
82.12Margaret Franklin27:21.72Palmer Trinity
83.12Elizabeth Upton27:46.27Pine School
84.10Vanessa Alvarez28:22.18Florida Christian
85.7Britany Rubio28:55.66Florida Christian
86.12Christine Hwang28:55.88Westminster Christian
87.10Christine Ramsey29:33.69Florida Christian
88.8Lauren Gayoso30:07.15Wellington Christian
89.12Alissa Sanchez30:21.27Wellington Christian
90.10Meredith Black30:35.09Pope John Paul II
91.12Rachael Satalino30:39.06Wellington Christian
92.11Sabri Gadala-maria31:18.89Westminster Christian
93.8Taylor Edmonds31:53.23Coral Springs Christ...
94.12Catherine Cain32:17.28Pine School
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