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5,000 Meters Varsity
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Bell MIlls Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Deep Creek

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1.12Seth Taylor16:22Grassfield
2.-Max Midkiff16:42Grassfield
3.9Tyson Robinson16:52Western Branch
4.11Nick Richardson16:53Western Branch
5.12Michael Sanders16:56Hickory
6.12Andrew Werner16:57Western Branch
7.12James Kling16:57Hickory
8.10Andrew Eason16:59Hickory
9.11Gabe Wolstenholme17:00Hickory
10.10Micah Ellington17:01Hickory
11.12Alex Reel17:04 PRWestern Branch
12.-Patrick Shaunghessy17:11Indian River
13.11Darnell Ringo17:11 PROscar Smith
14.10Duncan Leathrum17:26Oscar Smith
15.10Michael Wynn17:33Western Branch
16.12Nate Mickelson17:37Western Branch
17.10James Broom17:48Grassfield
18.11Paul McElroy17:54Hickory
19.11Brian Odenwald18:00Oscar Smith
20.10Joel Harrison18:11Deep Creek
21.12Tyler Marcous18:12Great Bridge
22.11Robert Long18:17Grassfield
23.11Miguel Ramos18:17King's Fork
24.11Justin Sikes18:18Western Branch
25.12Jacob Tate18:24Grassfield
26.10Mason Rabidoux18:30Great Bridge
27.10DeAngelo Clarke18:37 SRDeep Creek
28.10Luis Parrales18:40Oscar Smith
29.10Cameron Shaw18:47Grassfield
30.12Dominique Patterson18:51Oscar Smith
31.12Mitchell Haugen18:53Oscar Smith
32.-Daniel Sausen18:54King's Fork
33.11Josh Halsted18:56Hickory
34.11Jim Long18:56 SRGreat Bridge
35.11Matt Schroeder19:06Grassfield
36.10Daniel Houle19:07Oscar Smith
37.11Nathaniel Chandler19:21Nansemond River
38.10John Hoey19:34Great Bridge
39.-Ilan Dickerson19:41Nansemond River
40.-Benjamin Basilio19:44 SRNansemond River
41.10Harris Albritton19:54Indian River
42.12Nicholas Kniffin19:59Deep Creek
43.11Kenta Yoshimura19:59Great Bridge
44.10Courtland Wash20:00 PRLakeland
45.-Anthony Torres20:17Nansemond River
46.12Tre Spratley20:18 PRLakeland
47.10Antoine Smith20:23Nansemond River
48.-Nicolas Neilsen20:37King's Fork
49.11Malik Below20:42Deep Creek
50.-Daniel Shaughnessy20:57Indian River
51.9Muhammad Sareini21:19Deep Creek
52.11Tim Chastanet21:25Great Bridge
53.-Alexander Locklear21:52Nansemond River
54.11Dylan Ayers21:55Lakeland
55.9John Shevis21:58Great Bridge
56.10Tristan Buckner22:06Lakeland
57.9Jacob Crowell22:13Lakeland
58.11Kyle Williamson22:37Lakeland
59.-St. Jon Anthony23:29King's Fork
60.12Manuel Dwyer23:52King's Fork
61.-Conner Lawson24:27King's Fork
62.-Hunter Lowe27:03 PRKing's Fork
63.-Austin Rice27:10Indian River
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Deep Creek

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1.9Rachel Kling19:17Hickory
2.11Carolyn Cunniffe19:26Grassfield
3.12Hannah Gray19:42Grassfield
4.12Katie Bishop19:51Western Branch
5.12Rachel Kissel20:10Hickory
6.10Sarah Wade20:21 SRGreat Bridge
7.12Alexandra Justice20:31Western Branch
8.10Hannah Balesi20:31Indian River
9.11Rene Vanhooijdonk20:36Hickory
10.12Peyton Holm20:48Grassfield
11.11Amanda Cullen21:02Grassfield
12.10Jessica Freedman21:32Hickory
13.11Sarah Semp21:39Western Branch
14.11Katherine Matais21:50Western Branch
15.9Christine Odenwald21:51 PROscar Smith
16.10Addy Hawkins21:59 SRGreat Bridge
17.11Catherine George22:10Hickory
18.10Ayla Permito22:22Great Bridge
19.10Alexis Dudek22:37Western Branch
20.10Haley Hopkins22:40Grassfield
21.10Lauren Mcnally22:43Grassfield
22.11Morgan Murphy23:12Hickory
23.11Lauren Essenmacher23:17Hickory
24.-Amber Chesney23:28Oscar Smith
25.11Sloane Stoufer23:38Oscar Smith
26.11Juliette Zadrazil24:14Western Branch
27.-Jackie Knight24:25 PRKing's Fork
28.-Julie Knight24:48King's Fork
29.11Kieaira Middleton24:56Nansemond River
30.12Jaquelin Justice24:57Western Branch
31.11Rebecca Strune25:09Oscar Smith
32.10Monica Schroeder25:32Grassfield
33.-Rachel Lee25:33Oscar Smith
34.11Hunter Noffsinger26:05Oscar Smith
35.11Allie Clement26:07Great Bridge
36.-Brittany Evans26:16Lakeland
37.11Kana Hashigami26:18King's Fork
38.-Victoria Nguygen26:24 PRGreat Bridge
39.11Alina Anderson27:40Deep Creek
40.-Julia Moretz27:41King's Fork
41.-Stella Henn27:58 PRIndian River
42.11Lishelle Wesley28:00Deep Creek
43.12Jackie Metzgar28:36King's Fork
44.-Allison Lundy29:20Great Bridge
45.-Caroline King29:38Indian River
46.11Autumn Rivers30:05Deep Creek
47.-Feliz Stafford31:57King's Fork
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