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VHSL Dominion District Championships HS

Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Pocahontas State Park, Chesterfield, VA
Weather Unavailable - Enter Map Info
Mens Races

Pocahontas State Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity2:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity3:30 PM
Womens Races

Pocahontas State Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity2:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity3:00 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.11Dillan Mason17:48.27Midlothian
2.12Ethan Reuse17:55.79Midlothian
3.12Chris Canty17:58.72Cosby
4.10Zaid Khan18:10.23Midlothian
5.10Tim Young18:19.33Cosby
6.9Ben Taminger18:22.24Manchester
7.9Morgan Potter18:24.19Midlothian
8.9Tre Harris18:26.24Manchester
9.10Zachary Ryan18:27.21Cosby
10.10Forrest Yeager18:27.91Clover Hill
11.10Josh Willard18:35.96Clover Hill
12.9Skyler Zunk18:36.72Cosby
13.11Trevor Reynolds18:39.55Cosby
14.11Jake Rodgers18:49.94Cosby
15.9Jp Gallagher18:53.13Cosby
16.9Jake Phillips18:57.02Manchester
17.11Ben Budinger19:00.11Midlothian
18.9Cody Duff19:02.21Manchester
19.10Azmar Middleton19:07.07Clover Hill
20.10Cory Fines19:07.82James River (Midloth...
21.9Ryan Wolfe19:12.53Manchester
22.12Manny Singh19:16.57Cosby
23.9Christian Colwell19:20.17Clover Hill
24.9Austin Willis19:22.22James River (Midloth...
25.11Ian Burke19:23.34James River (Midloth...
26.11Zack Taylor19:26.78Midlothian
27.12Connor Morgan19:35.30Midlothian
28.11Matt Lassiter19:42.55Cosby
29.10Nick Mauricio19:50.15Manchester
30.11Walker Jones19:54.36Clover Hill
31.9Cody Wilson19:55.71Midlothian
32.10Sam Robbins19:57.83Manchester
33.12Evin Johnson19:59.45Cosby
34.11Stuart Mapes20:07.13James River (Midloth...
35.10Peter Trieu20:08.61Midlothian
36.9Joshua Spence20:12.23Clover Hill
37.9Kris Zawada20:13.11Cosby
38.11Nick Fox20:15.29Cosby
39.9Evan Benjamin20:22.92Midlothian
40.11Michael Wertz20:25.27Clover Hill
41.9Gabe Thornton20:33.40Clover Hill
42.11Zach Taliaferro20:34.95James River (Midloth...
43.10Nolan Derr20:43.19Clover Hill
44.11David Groseclose20:51.61James River (Midloth...
45.10Matt Tatem20:52.29Manchester
46.9Patrick Tuite20:57.38Clover Hill
47.10Vincent Morris20:59.99Cosby
48.11Evan Gallagher21:03.02Cosby
49.11Alan Swanson21:16.20Midlothian
50.10Simon France21:20.30Cosby
51.11Zane Wingold21:21.34Cosby
52.11Will Houston21:24.44Cosby
53.9Patrick Holder21:25.03Cosby
54.12Jonathan Liss21:43.81Lloyd C Bird
55.11Caston Swedenborg22:00.67James River (Midloth...
56.9Mitchell Teefey22:06.97Cosby
57.9Bryce Badura22:20.67Clover Hill
58.9Thomas Garner22:40.70Cosby
59.10Lance Accashian22:50.68Cosby
60.9Joe Gunst23:04.14Midlothian
61.9Seth Petersen23:13.89Cosby
62.9Ethan Martin23:24.30Lloyd C Bird
63.11Osamah Khan23:31.76Midlothian
64.9Daniel Perkinson23:40.71Lloyd C Bird
65.11Grayson Lewis23:46.20Monacan
66.11Ted Stanton23:49.63James River (Midloth...
67.10Jake Ryan23:51.43Cosby
68.12Sean Trageser24:02.31Manchester
69.9Quinn Stevens24:13.57James River (Midloth...
70.9Adam DeGala24:17.13Lloyd C Bird
71.10Tyler Fulkerson24:59.75Cosby
72.12Greg Rott25:37.80Lloyd C Bird
73.10Jonathan Moore26:33.87Cosby
74.11Venu Katta27:07.96Clover Hill
75.9Noah Strickler27:25.90Cosby
76.10John Castillo28:13.29Manchester
77.9Mitchel Doyle29:30.71James River (Midloth...
78.10Jacob Stech29:31.37Lloyd C Bird
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.11Sean Willard16:11.97Midlothian
2.12Ryan Peterson16:29.09Midlothian
3.12Cody Stancil16:40.82James River (Midloth...
4.10Cody Wellons16:46.33Manchester
5.10Tommy Mulroy16:49.74Midlothian
6.12Riley Brady17:04.51Cosby
7.11Thomas Negron17:04.91Cosby
8.12Kyle Dow17:09.95Midlothian
9.12Sam Reid17:22.82James River (Midloth...
10.11Elijah Shaw17:23.85Midlothian
11.11Christian Davison17:25.49Clover Hill
12.12Joe Eck17:26.13Clover Hill
13.12Jake Jones17:30.06Manchester
14.9Freddie Shashaty17:30.79James River (Midloth...
15.11Taylor Garnowski17:32.68Cosby
16.12Aaron Thompson17:33.26Manchester
17.9Jeffrey Edwards17:34.22Midlothian
18.12Jon Wilkes17:37.35Monacan
19.12Mike Todd17:37.96Cosby
20.9Josh Fournier17:38.97Monacan
21.10Cobie Arnold17:40.08Clover Hill
22.10Jacob Novak17:50.67Clover Hill
23.10Sam Murch17:53.68Cosby
24.11Eric Bianchi17:55.27Clover Hill
25.12Noah Fatsi17:56.98Midlothian
26.11Andrew Pheneger17:58.72Cosby
27.11Clay Word18:03.30James River (Midloth...
28.11Austin Rogers18:04.61Manchester
29.10David May18:08.75Lloyd C Bird
30.12Will Kirchhoff18:09.15Clover Hill
31.11Andrew Cihak18:11.04Cosby
32.9Jayce Young18:17.71Lloyd C Bird
33.11Jonathan Lee18:19.71Clover Hill
34.11Matthew Margopoulos18:22.73James River (Midloth...
35.10Mike Hammell18:22.95Manchester
36.12Philip Froelich18:33.97James River (Midloth...
37.10Whit Enochs18:35.47James River (Midloth...
38.10Sawyer Brown18:37.72Manchester
39.11Aaron Lineberger18:49.18Manchester
40.9Joshua Shaw18:53.94Lloyd C Bird
41.10Evan Morrison19:01.85Monacan
42.10Greg Schott19:23.70Lloyd C Bird
43.11Kevin Trapp19:30.71Monacan
44.12Zach Brown19:42.80Monacan
45.12Stewart Beaumont20:27.26Monacan
46.9Anthony Marant21:53.56Lloyd C Bird
47.9Benjamin Beddoes21:59.76Lloyd C Bird
48.10Brett Nicol22:16.47Monacan
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.10Kelly Ward20:52.00Cosby
2.11Jenna Hopkins21:17.75Midlothian
3.10Meredith Jackson21:34.73James River (Midloth...
4.9Christina Dominguez21:45.58James River (Midloth...
5.11Amanda Steinman22:05.31Cosby
6.11De'Nisha Smith22:22.56Cosby
7.10Mary Claire Eck22:33.85James River (Midloth...
8.10Taylor Feary22:34.57James River (Midloth...
9.10Emily Dutton22:37.10Midlothian
10.11Adrienne Erbesti22:52.46James River (Midloth...
11.10Abbie Taylor22:52.71Manchester
12.10Danielle Montemurro22:54.68James River (Midloth...
13.9Megan Curbelo22:57.24Midlothian
14.10Yontee Montgomery23:20.27Manchester
15.9Jocelyn Lemus23:21.88James River (Midloth...
16.12Courtney Diamond23:26.54Manchester
17.10Laura Holleman23:32.19James River (Midloth...
18.9Alice Babashak23:41.13Midlothian
19.11Holly Keyser23:46.60Manchester
20.11Savannah Johnson23:49.38James River (Midloth...
21.9Gabrielle Denuel23:50.65Cosby
22.11Savannah Murin23:55.63Cosby
23.11Erin Ligon24:10.44Cosby
24.9Danielle Robertson24:19.68Monacan
25.9Anna Bauduc24:29.34James River (Midloth...
26.10Samantha Bywaters24:32.53Cosby
27.12McKenzie Berge24:33.94Cosby
28.9Maki Urso24:36.44James River (Midloth...
29.11Caroline Davis24:46.98Clover Hill
30.9Kelsie Davidson25:01.14James River (Midloth...
31.10Delaney Thornton25:28.69Manchester
32.10Julia Moore25:31.59Midlothian
33.11Kelly Cooper25:47.80Midlothian
34.10Jennifer Sacco25:53.51Cosby
35.10Natalie Evans25:55.52Manchester
36.11Esther Paek26:23.26Clover Hill
37.10Lindsey Fink26:25.96James River (Midloth...
38.10Haley Jacobs26:27.32Cosby
39.11Pooja Nanjannavar26:42.42Clover Hill
40.10Alysa Rodriguez26:52.62Cosby
41.12Whitney Morelli27:02.62Cosby
42.9Jami Orrell27:05.88Midlothian
43.12Janae Jones27:08.02Clover Hill
44.9Caroline Batalias29:03.12Monacan
45.10Bethany Anderson29:12.33Midlothian
46.9Olivia Tuminelli30:30.14Midlothian
47.9Ashlynn Taylor31:20.32Midlothian
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Megan Moye17:34.81Cosby
2.12Kaila Blackburn18:10.93Monacan
3.11Elaine Dowell19:08.27James River (Midloth...
4.10Kari Johnston19:17.36Midlothian
5.11Marie Johnston19:24.48Midlothian
6.12Meghan Mulroy19:28.25Midlothian
7.12Skylar Evans19:36.69Midlothian
8.10Nichelle Scott19:42.90Lloyd C Bird
9.10Kate Birnbaum19:52.10Cosby
10.12Alaina Redd19:59.51Cosby
11.9Elizabeth Hutton20:12.25Manchester
12.11Lindsey Blum20:18.01Cosby
13.10Taylor Saygeh20:22.19Midlothian
14.9Alex McAllister20:28.07Cosby
15.12Adrian Walker20:30.18Manchester
16.10Carybeth Reynolds20:37.69Cosby
17.11Abby Dowell20:39.74James River (Midloth...
18.9Kathryn Miller20:45.17Midlothian
19.9Brianna Akright21:08.70Manchester
20.11Nancy Sloan21:13.68Clover Hill
21.10Amy Pokrifka21:26.43Cosby
22.10Kayleigh Watson21:29.35James River (Midloth...
23.9Kristen Walker21:36.39Monacan
24.12Andrea Bellamy21:37.16Monacan
25.10Sarah Ray21:37.66Manchester
26.11Emma Powers21:54.15Clover Hill
27.9Holly Marlin21:55.07Manchester
28.10Bimbola Orikogbo22:06.38Clover Hill
29.11Meghann Raskind22:10.53James River (Midloth...
30.11Jasmine Yu22:17.21Clover Hill
31.10Taylor Mansini22:29.31Manchester
32.11Rachel Davey22:37.72James River (Midloth...
33.12Katie Brendli22:41.18Midlothian
34.11Marina Batalias22:45.48Monacan
35.9Maddie McElfresh22:46.50Clover Hill
36.11Ragen Davey22:52.80James River (Midloth...
37.9Natalia Settle22:58.19Manchester
38.9Julia Springer22:59.48Monacan
39.10Samantha Stith23:20.24Monacan
40.9Gabby Legas24:09.23Clover Hill
41.9Megan Barrows25:50.55Lloyd C Bird
42.12Faith Sykes27:25.46Lloyd C Bird
43.12Mary Beth Ramey29:27.68Lloyd C Bird
44.11Sarah Ramey35:06.35Lloyd C Bird
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