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Oatlands Plantation

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Haben Zemichael16:35Battlefield
2.12Thorpe Lichtenberg16:42Freedom (LC)
3.11Luke Mazzu16:57Battlefield
4.11Joe Sibilak17:07 PRFreedom (LC)
5.11Connor Lee17:12Battlefield
6.10Aaron Hill17:23Battlefield
7.12Gurgeet Chinayna17:30Broad Run
8.11Brandon Lee17:33Battlefield
9.10Ryan Miller17:35Battlefield
10.11Cameron Henken17:38Battlefield
11.12Andrew Hayden17:43Broad Run
12.10Nick Bussian17:43Patriot
13.12Christian Reusche18:03Freedom (LC)
14.9Tyler Lichtenberg18:05Freedom (LC)
15.9Josh Small18:06Patriot
16.10David Lieberman18:14Freedom (LC)
17.10Ryan Kunzer18:29Osbourn Senior
18.11Nick Anderson18:31Freedom (LC)
19.11Kevin Amaya18:43Patriot
20.11Mitch Clements18:46Broad Run
21.11John Vigil18:50Broad Run
22.12Trevor Schmidt18:51Broad Run
23.12Michael Squires18:52Stonewall Jackson (M...
24.11Chris Lafayelle18:59Patriot
25.10Colm Gallagher19:05Broad Run
26.12Nathan Fitzen19:06 PROsbourn Senior
27.11Matthew Graham19:16Stonewall Jackson (M...
28.10Trevor Pippins19:27Freedom (LC)
29.9Ryan Small19:30Patriot
30.10Logan Ray19:38Patriot
31.12Emilio Dash19:56Stonewall Jackson (M...
32.-Cobi Horlick19:58 PROsbourn Senior
33.11Austin Cooke20:13Stonewall Jackson (M...
34.11Daniel Bethancourt20:23Osbourn Senior
35.12Peter Erichson20:29 PRStonewall Jackson (M...
36.10Sam Jones20:39Patriot
37.10Jeorge Gonzales21:01Stonewall Jackson (M...
38.-Aaron Brit21:21Osbourn Senior
39.12Michael Graham22:02Stonewall Jackson (M...
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