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Central Bucks East Invitational HS

Saturday, September 10, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Central Bucks East , Doylestown, PA - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Dan Davis16.55North Penn (Lansdale)
2.11Jack Macauley16.55North Penn (Lansdale)
3.12Alex Hiznay16.59Central Bucks East
4.12Alec Brand17.01Central Bucks East
5.12Chris Trimble17.02North Penn (Lansdale)
6.11Chris Berry17.05Central Bucks West
7.12Jason Gallagher17.08Pennridge
8.12Nico Metzler17.29Central Bucks West
9.11William McDermott17.30Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
10.10Joe Logue17.33Pennridge
11.11Luke Ryan17.33Central Bucks East
12.10Ryan Grace17.36North Penn (Lansdale)
13.12Craig Benton17.36Pennridge
14.9Eric Chapman17.36Neshaminy
15.12Jake Nemeroff17.39Central Bucks East
16.10Matt Mollay17.40North Penn (Lansdale)
17.12Ryan DeBarberie17.45Lansdale Catholic
18.11Luke Stauring17.47North Penn (Lansdale)
19.10Jeffrey Wiseman17.50Council Rock South
20.10Tyler Johnston17.51North Penn (Lansdale)
21.11Peter Danielson17.51Lansdale Catholic
22.11Kevin Montgomery17.53Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
23.10Matt Schulberger18.00Pennridge
24.10Joe Sullivan18.06Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
25.12Mike Bryson18.15Pope John Paul II
26.-Anthony Pendley18.16Pennridge
27.12Ben Smith18.26Central Bucks West
28.10Jamaal Booker18.26Archbishop Ryan
29.11Joe Sulon18.28Neshaminy
30.12Austin Kohler18.30Pennridge
31.11Anthony Dilucido18.32Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
32.11Dylan James18.34Central Bucks East
33.12Andrew Parrish18.36Pennridge
34.12Christian Ernst18.38Central Bucks East
35.10Ben Aunins18.40Central Bucks West
36.11Will Bone18.41Central Bucks West
37.9Connor Sands18.42Central Bucks East
38.11Seth Mazzeo18.47Neshaminy
39.10Tom Boyle18.53Lansdale Catholic
40.10Sean Hastings18.56Neshaminy
41.11Gerard Tessier18.58Neshaminy
42.10Ryan Dreeman19.02Council Rock South
43.10Dylan Selbst19.06New Hope - Solebury
44.12Chris Starke19.08Council Rock South
45.12Randy Goldfarb19.12Council Rock South
46.9Nash Seiberlich19.13Upper Moreland
47.12Matt Hoagland19.23Upper Moreland
48.10Steven Hanna19.27Council Rock South
49.11Matt Harner19.28Upper Merion Area
50.11Jimmie Kilgannon19.28Central Bucks West
51.10Thomas Hanna19.34Council Rock South
52.11Chris Cummings19.38Pope John Paul II
53.12Sam Brennan19.41Pope John Paul II
54.10Colin Mcclusick19.44New Hope - Solebury
55.11Petro Sokirney19.51Upper Moreland
56.10Kyle Irwin20.16Upper Moreland
57.11Ken Locke20.17New Hope - Solebury
58.10Danny Schlussel20.25New Hope - Solebury
59.11John Cole20.26Archbishop Ryan
60.12James Mycek20.27New Hope - Solebury
61.10Andrew Kalinovich20.28New Hope - Solebury
62.12Marc Leto20.35Neshaminy
63.12Kyle Laskowski20.36Upper Merion Area
64.11Mitchell Derby20.52Upper Merion Area
65.-Matt Grajewski20.55Pope John Paul II
67.9Tyler Way21.04Pope John Paul II
68.9Quinn Danielson21.07Lansdale Catholic
69.11Josiah Eustace21.17Upper Merion Area
70.11Nick Santangelo21.21Pope John Paul II
71.11Zach Wenz21.21New Hope - Solebury
72.-Justin Anglo21.37Lansdale Catholic
73.10Kayra Fisher21.37Neshaminy
74.10Nick Cioppi21.40Lansdale Catholic
75.-Tom McKeon21.51Pope John Paul II
76.11Alec Trusdell21.53Archbishop Ryan
77.12Quinn Gilligan21.56Upper Merion Area
78.10Kevin Steinke22.28Lansdale Catholic
79.11Andrew Mervine23.02Archbishop Ryan
80.12Nick Pascali23.03Archbishop Ryan
81.10Barry Benner23.08Archbishop Ryan
82.12Alex Predhome24.33Central Bucks West
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.9Nick Tornambe18.23Upper Merion Area
2.-Mark Biedlingmaier18.36North Penn (Lansdale)
3.12Ben Kloss18.37North Penn (Lansdale)
4.12Franco Gigliotti18.43North Penn (Lansdale)
5.10Eric Mcgarry18.53Pennridge
6.10Troy Flagler18.58Central Bucks East
7.10Frank Brophy19.04Central Bucks East
8.9Baylor Griffin19.04Central Bucks West
9.10Niall Casey19.05North Penn (Lansdale)
10.10Billy Rollo19.05Central Bucks East
11.10Reese Maurer19.11North Penn (Lansdale)
12.10Tom Hinds19.12Central Bucks East
13.9Shaun Collins19.16North Penn (Lansdale)
14.10Austin Cooper19.18Upper Merion Area
15.9Tim Markiewicz19.20Central Bucks East
16.-Graham Thomas19.23Central Bucks West
17.10Anthony Camasso19.24North Penn (Lansdale)
18.9Tommy Kelly19.25Pennridge
19.11Steve Famularo19.34Lansdale Catholic
20.12Brandon Ciliberto19.34Central Bucks West
21.9Tim Silverthorn19.36Council Rock South
22.9Ian Davies19.42Central Bucks West
23.11Anthoneshaminy Soa...19.46Central Bucks West
24.10Steve Burke19.48Council Rock South
25.10David Rothstein19.50Council Rock South
26.10Devin Wilkinson19.54North Penn (Lansdale)
27.9Matt Krumenacker20.03Central Bucks East
28.10Eric Rothenberg20.04North Penn (Lansdale)
29.-Ryan Ralko20.04Central Bucks East
30.11Austin Kline20.05Central Bucks West
31.10Matt Shive20.05North Penn (Lansdale)
32.12Ryan Moran20.08North Penn (Lansdale)
33.9Will O'Shea20.09Pennridge
34.10Edward Chiang20.17Council Rock South
35.9Michael Cooney20.21North Penn (Lansdale)
36.9Sean Bristow20.24Central Bucks West
37.12Eric Grznesnikowski20.24Central Bucks West
38.9Phil Gunderson20.30Pennridge
39.10Justin Hess20.32Pennridge
40.12Mitch Buttala20.34Central Bucks East
41.-Mike Elmo20.37Pope John Paul II
42.10Tom Leffler20.39North Penn (Lansdale)
43.11Brian Sidelinker20.40Central Bucks West
44.12Brett Holiday20.41North Penn (Lansdale)
45.10Tyler Fischer20.42Central Bucks East
46.9Patrick Kelly20.45Central Bucks West
47.-Ryan Huffman20.45Upper Merion Area
48.-Brendan Miller20.46Upper Merion Area
49.11Steve Bohnel20.46Central Bucks West
50.12Tom Boone20.53Council Rock South
51.11John Pyne20.53Pope John Paul II
53.12Brett Caine20.57Central Bucks East
54.10Eric Pressler20.58Council Rock South
55.10Colin Lloyd21.01Council Rock South
56.10Ned Moore21.01Central Bucks East
57.10Chris Parisse21.02Council Rock South
58.12Daniel Mote21.04Council Rock South
59.12Alex Ingrassia21.04Central Bucks West
60.10Mike Boggs21.07Council Rock South
61.9Richard Dang21.07Upper Merion Area
62.11Shawn Young21.08Central Bucks West
63.9Taylor Cervellino21.10Central Bucks East
64.10Noah Trueblood21.12Pennridge
65.9Greg House21.23New Hope - Solebury
66.11Will Kascur21.38Central Bucks East
67.-AJ Unsihuay21.38Central Bucks East
68.10Bobby Reinecker21.39Pope John Paul II
69.10Dean Woodrow21.40Central Bucks West
70.-Alex Damore21.43Council Rock South
71.11Jason Herritt21.44Council Rock South
72.11Jordon Halteman21.45Pennridge
73.10Stephen Braun21.46Pennridge
74.-Roshan Padadara21.54Central Bucks West
75.-Kinstantines Argirig21.55Upper Merion Area
76.10Jordan Foster21.59Neshaminy
77.9Ben Severn22.04Central Bucks West
78.12Anthony Rivellini22.06North Penn (Lansdale)
79.12Dan Liss22.09Neshaminy
80.10Alex Lewis22.14Upper Merion Area
81.-Evan Hayes22.40North Penn (Lansdale)
82.-Rick Shaplin22.41Pennridge
83.-Steven Hasaka22.41Central Bucks East
84.9Jake Doherty22.47Central Bucks West
85.9Oliver Boucher22.48Central Bucks East
86.9Jack Haines22.48Neshaminy
87.10Kieran Hastings22.54Neshaminy
88.11Kiley Gannon22.57Upper Moreland
89.12Seth Silverman22.57Central Bucks East
90.11Jared Dooley23.00Neshaminy
91.9Michael Gadaleta23.01Lansdale Catholic
92.11Dan Eddowes23.04Council Rock South
93.10Sam Pyne23.06Pope John Paul II
94.10Brian Parrish23.08Pennridge
95.-Eli Donahue23.18Council Rock South
96.10Corey Totten23.19Pennridge
97.10Michael Hranek23.20Upper Merion Area
98.11Dylan Lloyd23.20New Hope - Solebury
99.-Tom Mccloone23.21Columbia County Chri...
100.10Ryan Kalaigian23.21Central Bucks East
101.-Gage Welllington23.32North Penn (Lansdale)
102.-Ryan Falcione23.48Lansdale Catholic
103.10Kyle McKnight23.53Council Rock South
104.-Mark Kressler23.58Pope John Paul II
105.10Scott Romich24.02Pope John Paul II
106.9Joshua Wood24.03Central Bucks East
107.9Jack Darling24.08New Hope - Solebury
108.9Jeff Ballew24.12Central Bucks East
109.10Naron Datts24.18Upper Moreland
110.-Ryan Zarzation24.20Archbishop Ryan
111.-Mike Rokosny24.22Pope John Paul II
112.9Dan Godzieba24.25Lansdale Catholic
113.12Karl Vagle24.29Pennridge
114.10Aanand Patel24.29Upper Merion Area
115.10Ryan Byrne24.30Council Rock South
116.-Chad Foster24.35Central Bucks East
117.9Tim Czupich24.48New Hope - Solebury
118.10Ryan Mitchell24.53Central Bucks East
119.10Luke Colarossi25.16Pope John Paul II
120.-Eric 25.23Pope John Paul II
121.11Ryan Smith25.37Lansdale Catholic
122.10John Gross25.37Upper Merion Area
123.10Marcus Dade25.52Pope John Paul II
124.-Quinton Donaruma25.56Central Bucks West
125.10Ian Bucchanan25.58Archbishop Ryan
127.11Sean Cleary26.26Lansdale Catholic
128.12Martin Dwyer26.54Archbishop Ryan
129.9Max Kraynak27.13Lansdale Catholic
130.11Tyler Jennings27.21Upper Moreland
131.-Eric Palmer27.28Upper Merion Area
132.9Christian Carr29.33Council Rock South
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Meghan McGovern18.59North Penn (Lansdale)
2.12Amber McAteer20.16Upper Merion Area
3.12Rachel Brown20.26North Penn (Lansdale)
4.10Louise Huuki21.03Central Bucks East
5.10Sarah Romanus21.17Central Bucks East
6.11Sarah Latch21.19Central Bucks East
7.10Meaghan Willcoxen21.20Central Bucks East
8.12Kara Shen21.26Central Bucks East
9.12Jazmin Booker21.36West Philadelphia Ca...
10.Lauren Lamourexu21.41Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
11.12Jackie Paterson21.43Central Bucks East
12.11Janki Patel21.58North Penn (Lansdale)
13.10Colleen McGovern22.03North Penn (Lansdale)
14.11Kendall Savage22.06Central Bucks East
15.10Coleen Butler22.19Upper Merion Area
16.12Kyra Hanlon22.21Plymouth-Whitemarsh
17.10Brianna Mengini22.25North Penn (Lansdale)
18.10Melanie Vlasic22.25North Penn (Lansdale)
19.Veronica Parkinson22.33Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
20.12Jackie Mazer22.59Plymouth-Whitemarsh
21.9Natalie Martin23.21Plymouth-Whitemarsh
22.12Jessica Tran-Dinh23.23Plymouth-Whitemarsh
23.11Erin Brady23.33Archbishop Ryan
24.11Priya Kikani23.34North Penn (Lansdale)
25.Julianne Groshon23.35Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
26.9Caroline DiJiosia24.09Plymouth-Whitemarsh
27.11Gina Daulerio24.10Archbishop Ryan
28.12Karlee Goldberg24.22Plymouth-Whitemarsh
29.Evan Dangerfield24.25Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
30.11Jackie Bamberski24.27Archbishop Ryan
31.-Rachel Paciclto24.33Plymouth-Whitemarsh
32.Carolyn Oxner24.48Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
33.12Emily Prybella25.26Archbishop Ryan
34.11Sara Dever25.42Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
35.11Leah Kearsley25.51Archbishop Ryan
36.10Kelly Hammond26.27Archbishop Ryan
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.9Caitlin Shewbrooks21.51Central Bucks East
2.11Anna Gibson21.54Central Bucks East
3.9Ali Valenti21.58North Penn (Lansdale)
4.10Abbey Jordon22.08Central Bucks East
5.9Jackie Kinkead22.20Central Bucks East
6.9Jenna Reimer22.23North Penn (Lansdale)
7.11Marisa Hawley23.13Central Bucks East
8.11Dara Lindsey23.20Central Bucks East
9.12Shannon Fox23.21Central Bucks East
10.11Dana McPeak23.25North Penn (Lansdale)
11.-Diane Casciole23.26Central Bucks East
12.9Amanda Conley23.28Central Bucks East
13.12Liz Daniels23.55Central Bucks East
14.11Cinday Garza24.03Central Bucks East
15.10Emily Mesaris24.04North Penn (Lansdale)
16.-Steph Metzger24.04Central Bucks East
17.10Kaelyn Vitale24.09Central Bucks East
18.9Melanie Caine24.15Central Bucks East
19.12Antoinette Garcia24.25North Penn (Lansdale)
20.10Sarah Kincaid24.30Pope John Paul II
21.9Sommer Swasey24.32Central Bucks East
22.12Tessa Gery24.48North Penn (Lansdale)
23.12Saundria Moed24.53North Penn (Lansdale)
24.12Shannon Antrim24.57Pope John Paul II
25.11Michelle Stranix25.07Central Bucks East
26.11Natalie Tanke25.07Central Bucks East
27.10Kerri McGee25.12Pope John Paul II
28.9Irene Argiris25.13Upper Merion Area
29.Alyssa Steele25.14Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
30.10Julia Leventhal25.15Central Bucks East
31.10Danielle Reinecker25.17Pope John Paul II
32.11Casey Quinn25.20Plymouth-Whitemarsh
33.10Ashley Anderson25.26Upper Merion Area
34.9Kaitlyn Jennings25.26Central Bucks East
35.10Monisha Ravi25.26North Penn (Lansdale)
36.Kelly Hanlon25.36Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
37.10Mary Smith25.37North Penn (Lansdale)
38.9Kirsten Hatton25.45North Penn (Lansdale)
39.10Zeinab Bakillah25.57Upper Merion Area
40.12Alexa Segal26.16Central Bucks East
41.9Cara Pearson26.23North Penn (Lansdale)
42.12Erin Fisher26.26North Penn (Lansdale)
43.10Annalise Jethon26.27Central Bucks East
44.Brihon O'Dea26.30Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
45.9Maggie Czupich26.33New Hope - Solebury
46.12Sarah Markiewicz26.34Central Bucks East
47.-Marissa Peters26.48Plymouth-Whitemarsh
48.10Alexis Knipe26.52Central Bucks East
49.10Victoria Hood27.13Upper Moreland
50.11Eleanor Buczala27.18Central Bucks East
51.10Sara Scanlin27.19Archbishop Ryan
52.11Julia Wu27.21Central Bucks East
53.-Brooke Simons27.31Plymouth-Whitemarsh
54.11Esther Grambs27.34Upper Merion Area
55.-Brenna Kane27.40Central Bucks East
56.10Breanne Coppolo27.51Central Bucks East
57.Kathleen Ryan27.52Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
58.10Emily Hunsberger27.58North Penn (Lansdale)
59.12Ali Moore28.03Central Bucks East
60.9Luciana Stock28.04North Penn (Lansdale)
61.11Karen Gallagher28.13Central Bucks East
62.-Shelby Heary28.26Plymouth-Whitemarsh
63.9Jessica Miehle28.26Central Bucks East
64.9Grace Becker28.37Central Bucks East
65.9Gillian Mencken28.38Plymouth-Whitemarsh
66.-Laura Guidera28.47Central Bucks East
67.-Jordon Snodgrass28.47Central Bucks East
68.9Gabrielle Hnatin28.53Upper Merion Area
69.11Tori Frisbie28.56North Penn (Lansdale)
70.-Taylor Meidahl28.56Central Bucks East
71.11Jill Janowski29.01Archbishop Ryan
72.10Brynn Lally29.10New Hope - Solebury
73.12Meghan Kincaid29.18Pope John Paul II
74.Carolyn Ward29.20Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
75.-Madeline Rushlan29.36Upper Merion Area
76.11Hailey Clarkson29.51Plymouth-Whitemarsh
77.-Emily Stricklin29.52Plymouth-Whitemarsh
78.-Carolyn Pontari29.56Plymouth-Whitemarsh
79.-Danielle Konowal30.24Plymouth-Whitemarsh
80.-Ayushi Poloa30.25North Penn (Lansdale)
81.11Kelly Brewster30.28Archbishop Ryan
82.-Charu Arora30.47Upper Merion Area
83.11Meghan Gittings30.53Pope John Paul II
84.Marge Robinson-pan...31.01Monsignor Bonner/Arc...
85.9Grace Hanlon31.03Central Bucks East
86.-Issabella Falcone31.10Central Bucks East
87.12Paige Haviland32.01Archbishop Ryan
88.10Libby Miller33.47North Penn (Lansdale)
89.11Ariel Chui34.16Upper Merion Area
90.12Casey Leech34.27North Penn (Lansdale)
91.10Kate Sherron34.42Central Bucks East
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