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Mens Races
1.5 Mile Middle School/Club Boys8:20 AM
2 Mile Freshmen Boys8:40 AM
2 Mile Frosh/Soph9:10 AM
3 Mile Varsity - Small School9:40 AM
3 Mile Varsity - Large School10:15 AM
2 Mile Junior Varsity11:05 AM
2 Mile Open / Coaches Race11:30 AM
Womens Races
1.5 Mile Middle School/Club Girls8:00 AM
2 Mile Frosh/Soph 8:55 AM
3 Mile Varsity - Large School9:41 AM
3 Mile Varsity - Small School10:16 AM
2 Mile Junior Varsity10:50 AM
2 Mile Open / Coaches Race11:30 AM
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Dear Coach-

Welcome to the 2012 Lagoon Valley Classic Cross Country Invitational!  New Balance and Fleet Feet of Vacaville have graciously partnered with Vacaville High Cross Country in sponsoring this meet.  Without a doubt, LVC has the reputation of being one of the most exciting and challenging courses in Northern California. New to this year's meet is the addition of chip timing by Red Cap Timing to help expedite results and reduce finish line congestion.   

Please visit at your earliest convenience to reserve your spot for this year's event.  All meet information is posted on as well as on our website  We truly appreciate your interest and support of Vacaville High School and the Lagoon Valley Classic, and we look forward to seeing you on September 1st.


Kay Nekota                              Vivian Stanley                           Brennan and Kerri Mahoney

Head Coach                              Registration Director                Meet Directors

(707) 365-1365 cell                     (707) 479-1257 cell                       (707) 761-2306 cell



                    MEET INFORMATION

            LOCATION         Lagoon Valley Park - Vacaville, CA


                        DATE         Saturday, September 1, 2012


      TIMING/RESULTS          Red Cap Timing, Chip Timing


         REGISTRATION          All entries will be submitted via  The deadline for

                                                    entries is Monday, August 27 at 11:59 pm PST.


  ENTRY FEES          There is an entry fee of $10 per runner.  A maximum of $150 per High School team and $75 per Middle School/Club team will be charged.  Checks should be payable to Vacaville High School.  Entry fees must be paid prior to competition on the day of the meet by bringing the fees to the check-in table at the meet or mailing fees to:


                                                                        Lagoon Valley Classic

                                                                        Attn: Vivian Stanley

                                                                        Vacaville High School

                                                                        100 W. Monte Vista Ave.

                                                                        Vacaville, CA  95688


CHECK-IN           The coach's check-in table will be located near the finish line.  Race packets will distributed on race day.  Packets will be complete with course maps, bibs, race schedule and chips.


    CONCESSIONS           There will be a fully equipped concession stand selling hamburgers, hot dogs, soda, water, sports drinks and other snacks throughout the day.


VENDORS            Race sponsors Fleet Feet and New Balance will have booths for your runners with the latest training shoes and racing flats.  Fleet Feet and New Balance will email participating schools a special flyer with race day discounts prior to the meet.


                 T-SHIRTS            Commemorative t-shirts will be on sale for $15 near the concession stand.


   FIRST AID            Qualified personnel will be available at the finish line to provide any first aid needs for your runners.  Coaches are responsible for general first aid supplies (band aids, tape, etc.).  In the past, temperatures in Vacaville in September have reached upwards of 100 degrees.  We advise you to remind your athletes about the importance of hydration prior to the meet.


          RACE COURSE             All race courses feature wide groomed dirt trails with approximately 200 meters of blacktop. Two aggressive hills, Big Momma and Little Sister, are located in the first and second mile for the 2-mile course and first and third mile for the-3 mile course.  All courses will be marked with white chalk and arrows. The course will have experienced helpers to guide the runners in the right direction.  Lead and trail bikers will also be provided to ensure that all athletes race the appropriate course.


                                                            1.5 MILES     Middle School/Club Boys and Girls


                                                            2 MILES        Freshmen Boys

                                                                                    Frosh/Soph Boys and Girls

                                                                                    Junior Varsity Boys and Girls

                                                                                    Open/Coaches Race


                                                            3 MILES        Varsity Boys and Girls



All courses are extremely spectator friendly. You can see about 80% of the course from the start/finish area. There are several areas for cheering runners on throughout the race. Maps are located on the back of the program.


 SCORING              Traditional invitational scoring will be used. The first 5 runners from a team score with the 6th and 7th runners displacing other teams' athletes. In the event of a tie, the 6th runner will be used as a tiebreaker.  Runners not on a team with 5 athletes will not be factored into the team scoring and will be removed from that portion of the team results.


 RESULTS              Results will be posted on the large white truck in the parking lot.  Results of each race will be posted as soon as scoring is completed.  Full results will be available on and Please allow 24 to 48 hours for publication.


AWARDS              This year, race medals will be given out at the awards table located near the finish line.  Coaches may pick up their medal packet at the end of the meet.


                                                            Middle School: Top 30 runners receive individual medals.

                                                            Freshmen: Top 40 runners receive individual medals.

                                                            Frosh/Soph: Top 40 runners receive individual medals.

                                                            Junior Varsity: Top 40 runners receive individual medals.

                                                            Varsity: Top 25 runners receive individual medals.


TEAM AWARDS               Varsity teams will be divided into large and small schools for team awards. The top 3 teams from each will receive medals for their 7 runners. Divisions 1 and 2 schools will compete for the large school team medals. Divisions 3, 4 & 5 will compete for the small school team medals. In addition, the top 3 varsity girls and boys team times overall will receive tech t-shirts from New Balance/Fleet Feet.


COACHES RACE              Though running the race alone should be reward enough, all participants will receive a small award at the finish line.  Sign up for the race the old-fashioned way at the coach's check-in table.


PARKING             The city of Vacaville charges $5 per car to enter the park.  Please make sure to communicate with your parents about this parking fee.  There will be bus parking in the park at no charge.


DIRECTIONS             From Sacramento:   Westbound I-80 to Lagoon Valley Rd exit.

     Turn left at the top of the off ramp. Proceed

     approximately ½ mile to the service

     entrance. Turn left and follow signs to the

     parking area.

From Bay Area:        Eastbound I-80 to Lagoon Valley Rd exit.

     Turn right at top of ramp.  Proceed

     approximately ½ mile to the service entrance.

     Turn left and follow signs to the parking area.



                          RACE SCHEDULE**


RACE TIME                               RACE                               RACE DISTANCE                     ENTRY LIMIT


  8:00 am                    Middle School/Club Girls                     1.5 Miles                                    Unlimited


  8:20 am                    Middle School Boys                              1.5 Miles                                     Unlimited


  8:40 am                    Freshmen Boys                                       2 Miles                                        Unlimited


  8:55 am                    Frosh/Soph Girls                                    2 Miles                                        Unlimited


  9:10 am                    Frosh/Soph Boys                                    2 Miles                                        Unlimited


  9:40 am*                   Varsity Boys – Small School                3 Miles                                        7 Runners


  9:41 am*                   Varsity Girls - Large School                3 Miles                                        7 Runners


10:15 am*                   Varsity Boys - Large School                 3 Miles                                        7 Runners


10:16 am*                   Varsity Girls - Small School                3 Miles                                        7 Runners


10:50 am                    Junior Varsity Girls                               2 Miles                                        Unlimited


11:05 am                    Junior Varsity Boys                                           2 Miles                                        Unlimited


11:30 am                    Open/Coaches Race                               2 Miles                                        Unlimited

*Races may be combined pending number of entries on race day

**Race schedule may be modified





This page will instruct you on how to sign-up for the Lagoon Valley Classic using All entries will be downloaded by event from this web site.


The following is information on how to:

A.   Sign Up for team page access

B.    Edit your team calendar/schedule

C.    Edit/maintain your roster, including entering athletes into each meet

D.   Edit school info


If you have already Signed Up, skip to Step B, otherwise start from Step A.

A.   Sign Up for team page access

1.     Go to

2.     Scroll to bottom to click on your section

3.     Scroll to bottom to click on your school (by Division and League)

4.     Click “Sign Up Here” for coach access (right hand side of page)

5.     Enter mail & phone #. Click “continue”

6.     Enter your name, password, & position. Click “continue”

7.     Check agreement box and click “continue”

8.     A confirmation e-mail will be sent. After you receive it, click the link in the message to activate. Complete the activation process.

9.     Login e-mail and password


B.    Edit your team calendar/schedule – You may do this for:

1.     Only events that require it (Lagoon Valley Classic, SJS Subs & Sections etc.)


2.     Your season schedule


C.    Edit/maintain your roster

1.     Add/delete athletes to maintain roster

2.     For each meet you can select/de-select runners to compete by race


D. Edit school info – General school and coaching info










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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School/Club Boys  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Jose Cruz8:12Sacramento City Medal
3.11-12Joe Gocke8:47BB
9.8Charles Van Felden9:25Joseph Kerr
10.8Xavier Weaver9:26Sacramento City Medal
12.7Jarred Paguio9:43Joseph Kerr
19.7Jean-Jacques James9:58Joseph Kerr
20.7Marco Cruz10:06McCaffrey
21.6Westley Keefer10:07Sacramento Waldorf
22.8Ethan Bagley10:08Sacramento Waldorf
26.8Nate Montoya10:27Joseph Kerr
27.8Haz Sanker10:34Sacramento City Medal
28.8Jesus Ramirez10:35McCaffrey
30.7Larry Satter10:37Joseph Kerr
31.8Andrew DeVoogd10:41McCaffrey
32.7Brayden Kingston10:42Joseph Kerr
34.7Emmett McMahon10:48Sacramento City
37.8Henry Powell11:00Sacramento City
40.7Jacob Shafer11:03McCaffrey
45.8Derek Miller11:14McCaffrey
48.6Charlie Bingaman11:23Sacramento Waldorf
48.8Matthew Irwin11:26Foresthill Divide
50.8Javier Cortez11:40McCaffrey
51.8Nick Sweet11:54McCaffrey
52.8Seth Archuleta11:55McCaffrey
53.8Joseph Cortez11:58McCaffrey
54.6Dylan McDonald12:00McCaffrey
55.8Adan Hensley12:07Sacramento City
56.7Adrian DeVoogd12:12McCaffrey
57.8Spencer Gumm12:16McCaffrey
58.7Dante Gonzalez Cor...12:17Joseph Kerr
59.7Bryant Lee12:22Joseph Kerr
60.7Brandon Thomas12:23Foresthill Divide
63.7Oscar Serrano12:37McCaffrey
64.7Chris Ignoffo12:38Joseph Kerr
66.8Max Davis13:01McCaffrey
69.8Luis Luna13:31McCaffrey
74.7Ryan Lagana14:16McCaffrey
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2 Mile Freshmen Boys  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Trevor Crippen12:06Manteca
2.9Austin Sommers12:15Elk Grove
3.9Kellen Browning12:21Davis
4.9Trevor Stratton12:21Vacaville
5.9Eduardo Calderon12:36Piner
6.9Jonathan Frouws12:39Sacramento Waldorf
7.9Alec Hastings12:42Tokay
8.9Ethan Brewer12:47Sheldon
9.9Anthony Vogliano12:48Rodriguez
10.9Scott Seno13:01Elk Grove
11.9Elgin Lovell13:05Vacaville
12.9Justin Alvarez13:06Vanden
13.9Liam Mayr13:07Davis
14.9Harris Nguyen13:07Piner
15.9Joel Giordano13:08Sheldon
16.9Austin Smith13:15Sheldon
17.9Jack Macdowell13:18Benicia
18.9Kyle Kwong13:22Elk Grove
19.9Colin Campbell13:26Christian Brothers
20.9Caleb Stiles13:26Vanden
21.9Sean Stratton13:28Vacaville
22.9Garrett Seno13:32Elk Grove
23.9Brett Kovacs13:33Manteca
24.9Eric Pytel13:35Christian Brothers
25.9Garet Stone13:35Sierra
26.9Miles Todzo13:35Junipero Serra
27.9Austin Snyder13:37Sheldon
28.9John Kuta13:37Benicia
29.9Mike Sparks13:49Christian Brothers
30.9Adam Wong13:51Christian Brothers
31.9Caleb Marshall13:51Elk Grove
32.9Ebon Turner13:56Armijo
33.9Evan West13:58Davis
34.9Marc Blais14:00Junipero Serra
35.9Randy Pietersen14:01Elk Grove
36.9Cody Myers14:01Vacaville Christian
37.9Gabriel Norvell14:03Laguna Creek
38.9Aidan Cox14:03Davis
39.9Nick Behrens14:04Vacaville
40.9Kyle Lewis14:05Liberty Ranch
41.9Ryan Nishikawa14:08Davis
42.9Marco Rosales14:09Piner
43.9Luis Perez14:13Dixon
44.9Jacob Hayes14:15Piner
45.9Zachary McCauley14:20Sheldon
46.9Michael Arms14:23Junipero Serra
47.9Aidan Carpenter14:26Piner
48.9Tanner Johnston14:32Davis
49.9David Kelley14:39Vacaville
50.9Jacob Comingore14:39Davis
51.9Jasmine Singh14:45Armijo
52.9Sukhjiwan Singh14:45Sheldon
53.9Gurinder Gill14:50Sheldon
54.9Nick McPherson14:51Liberty Ranch
55.9Daniel Basso14:51Christian Brothers
56.9Alex Scherry14:52Sierra
57.9Alex Poroli15:00Christian Brothers
58.9Daniel Whelan15:00Junipero Serra
59.9Armando Madriz15:00Piner
60.9Matthew Jewik15:01Benicia
61.9Taylor Monk15:03Vacaville
62.9Austin Lim15:05Benicia
63.9David Wilson15:07Davis
64.9Alex Stone15:11Junipero Serra
65.9Eric Smith15:14Davis
66.9John Barton15:20Dixon
67.9Efren Sanchez15:24Christian Brothers
68.9Zach Thweatt15:25Ripon
69.9Lucas Furrer15:29Junipero Serra
70.9Andrew Klotz15:32Liberty Ranch
71.9Luis Reyes15:33Piner
72.9Angad Singh15:37Sheldon
73.9Michael Ibrahim15:38Davis
74.9Andy Chiasson15:40Junipero Serra
75.9Piercen Gaborko15:41Vacaville Christian
76.9Christopher Bob15:44Vacaville
77.9Anthony Bernardez15:44Laguna Creek
78.9Skyler Ataide15:52Armijo
79.9Jake Meyer15:54Christian Brothers
80.9Steven Schneider15:54Christian Brothers
81.9John Andrakin16:01St Patrick/St Vincent
82.9Thomas Annuzzi16:01Vacaville
83.9Matthew Arceo16:10Tokay
84.9Carl Reyes16:31St Patrick/St Vincent
85.9EJ Aban16:33Sheldon
86.9Zachary Millard16:33Vanden
87.9Karmveer Atwal16:33Laguna Creek
88.9Josh Inouye16:38Davis
89.9Bryce Coutrakis16:38Ripon
90.9Avjit Singh16:44Sierra
91.9Beau Bauman16:47Liberty
92.9Nick Bartlett16:54Ripon
93.9Xavier Quintana16:57St Patrick/St Vincent
94.9Shaughn Osborne16:58Ripon
95.9Markus Kasbergen17:03Christian Brothers
96.9Brock Upchurch17:04Junipero Serra
97.9Jacob Montrose17:11Christian Brothers
98.9Dakota Piatt17:24Liberty Ranch
99.9Julian Buccat17:46Armijo
100.9Alejo Patten17:47Liberty Ranch
101.9Curtis Carter19:02Liberty
102.9Jakob Dominguez19:36Tokay
103.9Aiden Cronin19:38Junipero Serra
104.9Moises Pimental19:47Junipero Serra
105.9Andrew Cooper20:19Liberty Ranch
106.9Emilio Gonzalez20:22Manteca
107.9Carlos Madrigal22:26St Patrick/St Vincent
108.9Alessandro Schiavone22:32Vacaville
109.9Jessie Jones22:39Vacaville
110.9Sebastiano Schiavone25:05Vacaville
111.9Jason Cangco28:18St Patrick/St Vincent
10Grant ChesinElk Grove Did Not Run
10Jerry StrongElk Grove Did Not Run
10Kurtis BaerElk Grove Did Not Run
9Danny AveryElk Grove Did Not Run
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2 Mile Frosh/Soph  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Brian Song11:51Davis
2.10Blake Croft11:58Davis
3.10Jeffrey Rutledge12:02McClatchy
4.10Aaron Lane12:04Vacaville
5.10Andrew Caudle12:14Sheldon
6.10Ethan Anadon12:15McClatchy
7.10Charlie Harris12:15Davis
8.10Zachary Caudle12:16Sheldon
9.10Andres Rivera12:28Armijo
10.10Matt Oakland12:38Laguna Creek
11.10Miguel Garcia12:44Piner
12.10Brayan Alvarado12:47Piner
13.10Shaan Michael French12:48Sonora #1 VOL runner
14.10Nick Thorton12:49Benicia
15.10Trevor Santa Cruz12:50Piner
16.10Jose Mejia12:51Manteca
17.10Garrett Schmidt12:51Bella Vista
18.10Travis York12:51Bella Vista
19.10Torin Halsted12:51Davis
20.10Jonathan Gow12:52Bella Vista
21.10Zachary Moffatt12:52Davis
22.10Mitchell Lee13:03McClatchy
23.10Brice Perales13:04Tokay
24.10Mathew Ramsdell13:04Laguna Creek
25.10Dillon Sveum13:04Vacaville
26.10Justin Tat13:06Vacaville
27.10Desmond Bryant13:09Laguna Creek
28.10Gustavo Ortiz13:10Monterey Trail
29.9Tyler McCown13:10Bella Vista
30.10Dylan Aptekar-Cass...13:11Davis
31.10Kobe Andrade13:12Dixon
32.10Carlos Campos13:13Sierra
33.10Sukh Singh13:15Sheldon
34.10Thomas Clavelli13:16Woodland
35.10Phillip Gwin13:16Bella Vista
36.10Ryan Cook13:19Armijo
37.10Donovan Kimenker13:19Benicia
38.10Jose Parreno13:22Vacaville
39.9Hunter Sellers13:25Stagg
40.10Lucas Montalvo13:27Junipero Serra
41.9Daniel Gin13:27McClatchy
42.10Karl Wong13:30Tokay
43.10Adam Muth13:32Vintage
44.10Eric Chapman13:33Monterey Trail
45.10Kyle Sunzeri13:33Bella Vista
46.10Chris Ronco13:34Vacaville
47.10Joey Cane13:37Stagg
48.10Liang Chin Su13:37Vacaville
49.10Sean Aiken13:39McClatchy
50.10Gus Burlington13:42St Mary’s
51.9Drew Gross13:42Bella Vista
52.9Justin Bruce13:43Vintage
53.10Kyle Siden13:47McClatchy
54.10Kenai Varian-Gonza...13:48American Canyon
55.10Joshua Sebilla13:49Bella Vista
56.9Michael Stanley13:51Ripon
57.10Nolan Bourassa13:51Bella Vista
58.10Samuel Bundenthal13:54Armijo
59.10Ryan Tschetter13:55Manteca
60.10Austin Gwiazdowski13:59Vacaville
61.10Nathan Leyva14:01Davis
62.10Herbert Wang14:01Christian Brothers
63.10Deyton Wilson14:05Vintage
64.10Skyler Cendana14:07Ripon
65.10Brandon Scott14:07Ripon
66.10Zachary Hancock14:09Vacaville
67.10Jack Steindorf14:11Christian Brothers
68.10Daniel Bristow14:12Woodland
69.10Mark Go14:13Armijo
70.10Matthew Lemire14:14Christian Brothers
71.10Taylor Quain14:14Vanden
72.10Glenn McDonell14:15Junipero Serra
73.10Rio Fernandez14:16Christian Brothers
74.10Cameron Remington14:17Armijo
75.10Emilio Martinez14:18Woodland
76.10Tyler Chiffoleay14:21Deer Valley
77.10Mikhail Mabourakh14:22Christian Brothers
78.10Jan DeCastro14:31American Canyon
79.10Joel Flores14:33Junipero Serra
80.10Will Theobald14:40Benicia
81.10Sean Fang14:43Junipero Serra
82.10Amancio Rosas14:44Manteca
83.10Christian Jemera14:45St Mary’s
84.10Ben McCauley14:46Sheldon
85.10Shaun James14:46Deer Valley
86.10Juan Huerta14:47Pioneer
87.10Braden Remington14:47Armijo
88.10Jerett Kirrene14:48Christian Brothers
89.10Chet Bhatti14:50Sheldon
90.10Justin McGrew14:51Davis
91.10Aaron Hipolito14:55St Mary’s
92.10Jack McHale14:56Christian Brothers
93.10Simranjot Singh15:00Tokay
94.10Kieran Deal15:03St Mary’s
95.10Kian Tanner15:03Davis
96.9Angel Perez15:05Florin
97.10Alec Lieu15:05Florin
98.10Brian Phong15:09Monterey Trail
99.10David Avery15:09Dixon
100.10Eugene Long15:09Davis
101.9Anthony Chavez15:10Freedom
102.9Ivan Cortes-Marquez15:10American Canyon
103.9Mahdyoon Nima15:13St Mary’s
104.9CJ Soy15:15Piner
105.10Jesus Gomez15:17Sierra
106.10Robert Rodriguez15:18St Mary’s
107.10Adam Searle15:18Sierra
108.10Erick Ornelas-Reyes15:19Sierra
109.10Nathan Smith15:21McClatchy
110.10Alec Haas15:21Pioneer
111.10Jose Sandoval15:27Manteca
112.10Joshua Abulencia15:27Christian Brothers
113.10Alexander Pearson15:29Deer Valley
114.10Cory Kasbergen15:29Christian Brothers
115.10Jose Ramos15:30Pioneer
116.10Ryan Bruch15:30Davis
117.10Omar Rodriguez15:31Armijo
118.10Zachary Lorico Hertz15:31Davis
119.9Jimmy Hoang15:32American Canyon
120.9William Caskey15:32Woodland
121.10Jake Guida15:32Davis
122.10Austin Misner15:35Piner
123.10Leland Hesterman15:37Vacaville
124.10Joseph Reyes15:38St Mary’s
125.10Michael Lavu15:40Benicia
126.10Alec Swingle15:42Vacaville
127.10Ferrnando Candelas15:46Manteca
128.10Noah Cruz15:50Christian Brothers
129.10Dom Johnson15:54Ripon
130.10Connor Gorry15:57Christian Brothers
131.9Deyvan Maldonado16:00Freedom
132.10Robert Irao16:07St Patrick/St Vincent
133.10Tommy Donovan16:08Christian Brothers
134.9Spencer Evey16:11Woodland
135.9Arren Jake De Manuel16:18Freedom
136.9Sean Luong16:18Piner
137.9Danny Alonso16:18Piner
138.9Robert Pierce16:23Freedom
139.10Josh Edwards16:26Vintage
140.9Kyle Catapusan16:28Armijo
141.10Brent Hosoume16:33Christian Brothers
142.10Ethan Chan16:33McClatchy
143.10Anthony Nogaliza16:43St Patrick/St Vincent
144.10Jerrick Malliri16:49St Patrick/St Vincent
145.10Alonzo Olmedo16:58Pioneer
146.10Clayton Warren16:58Deer Valley
147.10Nathan Scott17:01Vintage
148.10Jonathan Rodriguez17:11Christian Brothers
149.9Quentin Kobylka17:18Vintage
150.10CJ Dewees17:19Freedom
151.10Joaquin Naranjo17:24Woodland
152.9Andrew Kiesel17:33Piner
153.10Donovan Buccat17:33Armijo
154.10Torin McCabe17:42Pioneer
155.9Ebenezer Ayoko17:43Deer Valley
156.10Rohan Saini17:47Armijo
157.9Lucas McCormick17:55Piner
158.10Alan Li18:00Junipero Serra
159.10Dominic Nicolas18:11St Patrick/St Vincent
160.10Justin Shebert18:16Elk Grove
161.9Chase Larson18:16American Canyon
162.9Alejandro Robles18:18Woodland
163.9Matthew Beland18:22Deer Valley
164.10Austin Rickli18:28Deer Valley
165.10Jaeziel Clark18:59St Patrick/St Vincent
166.9Austin Mann19:56Piner
167.10Darius Hunter20:08St Patrick/St Vincent
168.10Nathaniel Ciceron22:44St Patrick/St Vincent
169.11Edgar Herrera29:26Manteca
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3 Mile Varsity - Small School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

6.Christian Brothers132
9.St Mary’s227
11.Liberty Ranch279
13.American Canyon336
14.St Patrick/St Vinc...400

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jaime Silva16:02Piner
2.11Efren Reyes16:10Piner
3.12Nate Lowery16:42Laguna Creek
4.12Matt Mulligan16:47Piner
5.12Kyle Somerville16:52Vanden
6.12Ryan Torres16:58Ripon
7.11Aric Strohmeyer17:01Woodland
8.10Jose Aranda17:02Pioneer medal
9.12Scott Yip17:07Benicia
10.12Aidan Schraer17:12Vanden
11.10Coy Chance17:14Dixon
12.12Thomas Trzcinski17:14Sierra
13.11Josh Spooner17:16Sierra
14.12Alec Steinberg17:25Ripon
15.12Joe Ruiz17:27Piner
16.11David Monge17:34American Canyon
17.12Kalan Miurelle17:34Christian Brothers
18.10Gonzalo Morales Lo...17:35Dixon
19.11Max Pedrotti17:39Christian Brothers
20.11Nicholas Strohl17:44Benicia
21.10Justin Kemper17:45Dixon
22.12Chris Luney17:46Dixon
23.11Brandon Galan17:48Manteca
24.11Matthew Clavelli17:52Woodland
25.12Martin Ponce17:54Manteca
26.11Marcus Avila18:00Manteca
27.11Parker Kaye18:00Christian Brothers
28.12Jonathan Velazquez18:03Sierra
29.12Justin Giardino18:03Dixon
30.12Greg Snelson18:04Center
31.12Manuel Ortega18:07St Mary’s
32.11Kyle Bailey18:10Ripon
33.12Matthew Quiroga18:11Manteca
34.12Derek Benson18:11Manteca
35.12Korbi Thalhammer18:13Christian Brothers
36.10Jacque Henderson18:15Vanden
37.12Alan Sanders18:16Dixon
38.11Brandon Rogers18:16Sierra
39.11Andrew Gonzalez18:16Liberty Ranch
40.10Alex Norling18:19Ripon
41.12T.J. Kennedy18:26Dixon
42.11Antonio Pelaez18:28Ripon
43.12Bryan Lococo18:28Piner
44.12Will Tran18:31Piner
45.11Darius Stansil18:34St Mary’s
46.12Adrian Coleman18:35Benicia
47.12Jordan Shimozaki18:36Liberty Ranch
48.11Aaron Sackschewsky18:40St Mary’s
49.12Jackson McNutt18:41Benicia
50.11Victor Alvarez18:44Woodland
51.12Jacob Burttram18:51Manteca
52.12Reigan Alcaria18:56Sierra
53.11Aaron Mackey18:57Sierra
54.11Christian Farris18:58Liberty Ranch
55.11Eric Domek18:58Christian Brothers
56.11Jose Cervantes19:03Woodland
57.12Ian Carpenter19:13Piner
58.11Chris Vitale19:17Ripon
59.11Jacob Irwin19:18Foresthill
60.11Sam Love19:20Benicia
61.12Cedric Mapa19:23Center
62.12Lane Andrews19:33Center
63.12David Pina19:34St Mary’s
64.12Lucas Halligan19:35St Mary’s
65.11Mike Chipak19:44Center
66.10Josh Angel19:44Ripon
67.11Durham Gareth19:50Christian Brothers
68.12Jon Kuzmich20:03Foresthill
69.10Kayden Zoller20:06Foresthill
70.12Steven Traversi20:10Laguna Creek
71.12Mark Bartolome20:20St Patrick/St Vincent
72.11Jordan Frederiksen20:21Pioneer
73.9Benjamin Benham20:22Foresthill
74.11Andrew Jacobs20:28Benicia
75.12Tyler Heberle20:32Woodland
76.11Ricardo Robles20:32Woodland
77.12Sean McMaster20:40Foresthill
78.10William Tracy20:41Christian Brothers
79.12Anthony Leyva20:45Laguna Creek
80.11Matt Fernandes20:46American Canyon
81.11Brian Balcita20:50Manteca
82.11Tyler Ence20:52Laguna Creek
83.11Eric Deck20:54Benicia
84.11Darwin Tindan20:55American Canyon
85.12Jordan Osejo21:00Liberty Ranch
86.12James Lawrence21:02Center
87.12Chris McCoy21:03Liberty Ranch
88.12Stephen Gimpel21:11Liberty Ranch
89.11Anthony Alcantar21:18Sierra
90.10John Cuevas21:29St Patrick/St Vincent
91.11Joe DeJesus21:42St Mary’s
92.11Brandon Edoria21:43St Patrick/St Vincent
93.12Ken Sagun21:45American Canyon
94.11Chad Sambajon21:45St Patrick/St Vincent
95.11Patrick Sarmiento21:47St Patrick/St Vincent
96.12Osilio Nevigato22:01St Patrick/St Vincent
97.11Chance Konkaem22:02Pioneer
98.12Mac Damoulos22:21Center
99.11Carl MacLean22:25Vacaville Christian
100.12Connor Perry22:38St Mary’s
101.11Aaron Cadiz22:59St Patrick/St Vincent
102.12Nate Naval23:18Center
103.12Everett Findlay23:20Victory Christian
104.12Adam Bendell23:36Liberty Ranch
105.12Chet Gorski24:43Victory Christian
106.11Solomon Hood26:08Vacaville Christian
107.12Tyler Varian-Gonza...27:57American Canyon
108.12Raul Ramos32:29American Canyon
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3 Mile Varsity - Large School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Bella Vista46
2.Will C. Wood85
5.Elk Grove145
7.Junipero Serra217
8.Monterey Trail227
14.Deer Valley375

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Tyler Sickler15:48Will C. Wood
2.12Jordan Kurtz16:17Vacaville
3.11Brandon Larson16:20Vacaville
4.11Cody Mayer16:22Liberty
5.12Kyle Roux16:24Bella Vista
6.12Andrew Petersen16:25Bella Vista
7.11Abdul Hamid16:27Sheldon
8.10Drew Childs16:29Bella Vista
9.10Jack Ploeg16:30Elk Grove
10.11Xavier Gaulman16:33Sheldon
11.12Joey Berriatua16:34Junipero Serra
12.12Paul Mohr16:36Davis
13.11Matt Coss16:40Bella Vista
14.12Daniel Gow16:46Bella Vista
15.12Brynn Sargent16:52Bella Vista
16.12Joey Fajardo16:52Freedom
17.12Jacob Garcia17:01Will C. Wood
18.10Ajaypal Singh17:10Will C. Wood
19.12Tim O'Shea III17:16Bella Vista
20.12Ricky Henderson17:20Will C. Wood
21.11Jasper Laca17:23Davis
22.12Arvin Chand17:32Florin
23.11Jack Kobylka17:37Vintage
24.11Carlos Cruz17:38McClatchy
25.11Alex Arnheiter17:42Davis
26.12John Testerman17:43Davis
27.11Taylor McCauley17:46Sheldon
28.11Trevor Ryder17:49Vacaville
29.12Maurice Gordon17:52Monterey Trail
30.10Shaun Krum17:52Will C. Wood
31.11Jeret Faure17:59Elk Grove
32.11Ricardo Escobar18:02Vacaville
33.11Sami Alsamman18:04Junipero Serra
34.12Matthew Seno18:05Elk Grove
35.12Thomas Kirbyson18:06Will C. Wood
36.12Tucker Huffman18:06Elk Grove
37.12Tho Dinh18:06Monterey Trail
38.12Jhordy Saucedo18:06Sheldon
39.12Davis Hallberg18:08Elk Grove
40.11Grant Schulte18:08Junipero Serra
41.11Marcus Nunley18:12Ponderosa
42.12Ben Martineau18:13Vacaville
43.11Gavin Monges18:15Davis
44.11Bryan Stamos18:15Tokay
45.11Dylan Schatz18:18Tokay
46.12Michael Borge18:24Vacaville
47.11David Horne18:25Liberty
48.11Brian Ligh18:25Elk Grove
49.12Leo Antolin18:27Monterey Trail
50.12Brandon Yee18:34McClatchy
51.10Clark (Lee) Skinner18:35Ponderosa
52.12Aaron Lenci18:35Liberty
53.11Pablo Ortiz18:36McClatchy
54.12Mac Brown18:37Will C. Wood
55.12Ezra Zamora18:41Freedom
56.12Alexander Chen18:43Monterey Trail
57.9Robert Hodgson18:46Liberty
58.11David Duncan18:47Ponderosa
59.12Matthew Planesi18:49Elk Grove
60.10Mateo Maldonado18:49Freedom
61.12Andrew Do18:49Monterey Trail
62.10Jacob Evans18:52Deer Valley
63.11Charles Hedin18:52Ponderosa
64.12Andrew Scott18:58Vintage
65.12Austin Hinds19:00Freedom
66.11Roberto Noguera19:01Monterey Trail
67.12Anthony Gutierrez19:01Sheldon
68.12Nicholas Prete19:03Ponderosa
69.12Alex Gudino19:03Junipero Serra
70.10Andrew Barton19:04Junipero Serra
71.12Paul Sison19:07Stagg
72.12Joe Mendenhall19:13Vacaville
73.11Gabriel Flynn19:17Junipero Serra
74.12Caleb Rounsaval19:25Armijo
75.10Jonah Schneider19:25Sunnyside
76.11Nick Wedl19:27Deer Valley
77.12Marcus Salvador19:27Deer Valley
78.11Pedro Gomez19:29Sunnyside
79.11Nick Hunt19:29Ponderosa
80.10Aram Gasparian19:34Junipero Serra
81.12Matthew Saeteurn19:34Monterey Trail
82.11Alex Vlavianos19:35Tokay
83.12Anthony Sorbera19:36Tokay
84.12Matthew Caudle19:38Sheldon
85.11Marcello Salas19:44Deer Valley
86.11Cole McLean19:44Tokay
87.11TJ Holloway19:54Ponderosa
88.11Manuel Gomez19:54Deer Valley
89.10Omar Cortes19:55Sunnyside
90.11Noah Moore19:55Vintage
91.11Marcos Saldana20:07Tokay
92.9Aiden Tilcock20:11Freedom
93.11Curtis Yee20:23McClatchy
94.11Enrique Cazares20:24Sunnyside
95.11Marcos Moreno20:30Rodriguez
96.11Stephen Emerick20:40Vintage
97.11Greg Hoggan20:40Deer Valley
98.12Jeremy Lam20:55McClatchy
99.11Ryan McLaughlin20:56Stagg
100.11Blake Schimke20:58Tokay
101.12Lucas Brandt20:58Stagg
102.11Danny Kem20:59Sunnyside
103.11Sahil Prasad21:03Florin
104.11Josh Omoletski21:15Freedom
105.12Chueshoua Vang21:24Sunnyside
106.12Justin Kwong21:25McClatchy
107.11Alex Xu21:35Florin
108.12John Bruni21:36Rodriguez
109.11Tyler Schrepel21:39Deer Valley
110.11Jesse Jones21:45Rodriguez
111.12Cody Addington21:47Rodriguez
112.11Paul Carranco22:03Stagg
113.11Brandon Yu22:09Stagg
114.11Jacob Paniccia 22:12Rodriguez
115.9Cory Ackerman22:13Liberty
116.9Hunter Bentancourt22:38Liberty
117.12Brayan Medina23:01Florin
118.11Blake Bradburn23:13Rodriguez
119.12Alex Chiem23:37Florin
120.11Ernesto Cruz23:57Florin
121.12Albert Garcia23:59Stagg
122.11Sami Nand24:33Stagg
123.12Jacob Telquist25:18Liberty
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

5.Will C. Wood167
7.Bella Vista190
8.Junipero Serra191
10.St Mary’s281
11.Monterey Trail298
15.Christian Brothers407
16.St Patrick/St Vinc...424

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Philip Herrera11:45Manteca
2.11Seayer Zadran12:07Manteca
3.11Matthew Mayr12:17Davis
4.12Hunter Jones12:34Vacaville
5.11Spencer Todd12:37Vacaville
6.12Shane Pesis12:38Davis
7.11Andrew Leung12:40Davis
8.11Alejandro Santos12:40Dixon
9.11Cody Franceschi12:40Dixon
10.11Joe Sanfilippo12:41Vacaville
11.12Sean Lee12:46Davis
12.12Josh Vargas12:49Sierra
13.11Riley Smith12:51Will C. Wood
14.11Will Kelley12:52Vacaville
15.11Spencer Doty12:53Bella Vista
16.11Luis Ayala12:57Manteca
17.11John Conant12:58Davis
18.10Mikkel Wilson12:59Davis
19.12Salvador Montes13:01Sierra
20.10Scott Dye13:01Will C. Wood
21.12Jeremy Coronado13:03Sierra
22.12Louis Hjerpe13:08Bella Vista
23.11Tristan Nortier-Ti...13:10Vacaville
24.11Quinn Todzo13:10Junipero Serra
25.9Alek Podkin13:13Will C. Wood
26.12Eric Burton13:13Dixon
27.11Brady Deavers13:14Elk Grove
28.11Christopher Yancy13:17Junipero Serra
29.11Sam Nelson13:18Sheldon
30.11Pedro Lopez13:20Ponderosa
31.12Will McPherson13:20Davis
32.11Avery Krovetz13:21Davis
33.12Jose Arzaluz13:22Davis
34.11Jose Sienes13:23Elk Grove
35.11Jonel Ednalino13:29St Mary’s
36.11Logan Dolim13:33Vacaville
37.12Zach Johnston13:33Sierra
38.11Cameron McCarty13:34Davis
39.12Grant Tran13:35Monterey Trail
40.12Augustus Realyvasq...13:42Davis
41.11Edrei Lopez13:45Piner
42.11Justin Mann13:47Piner
43.11Jeffrey McMillen13:47Dixon
44.12Paul Eberhart-Phil...13:49Davis
45.10Alex Johnson13:52Ponderosa
46.12Tangier Barrett13:55Elk Grove
47.11Antione Paquet13:56Davis
48.11Gordon Barrows13:56Junipero Serra
49.12Nick Juanitas14:01Davis
50.11Christian Candelaria14:03St Mary’s
51.11Michael Regalo14:06Ripon
52.11Andrew Leady14:08Davis
53.11Marcos Torres14:09Dixon
54.10Raymond Castillo14:09Deer Valley
55.11Gavin Tan14:10Ponderosa
56.11Bobby Ehman14:12Vacaville
57.11Josh Purdue14:13Bella Vista
58.11Will Pye14:14Woodland
59.9Taylor McCole14:16Freedom
60.11Dominic Garcia14:16Vacaville
61.11Daniel Tsang14:17Davis
62.12Joseph Schiele14:17Monterey Trail
63.12Torin Kingshill14:18Junipero Serra
64.12Andrew Pietersen14:20Elk Grove
66.11Garrett Kloth14:21Bella Vista
67.11Josh Jolly14:22Center
68.11Jordan Cureton14:22Dixon
69.11Cris Delgado14:23Ripon
70.12Makana Ward14:24Sierra
71.10Angel Lopez14:26Will C. Wood
72.9Robert Sabino14:26Ponderosa
73.10Zack Allen14:27Freedom
74.12Sean Hingorani14:28Junipero Serra
75.11Jared Stevens14:28McClatchy
76.11Phillip Maynard14:28Vacaville
77.12Wyatt Mince14:30Dixon
78.12Brendon Sauer14:30Ponderosa
79.9Bodhi Drinkard14:30Will C. Wood
80.11Alex Huynh14:31Sheldon
81.11Matthew Linvill14:31Davis
82.12Grant Koch14:31Ripon
83.11Thomas Cho14:31Bella Vista
84.11Satwinder Singh14:32Sheldon
85.12Vince Lim14:33Benicia
86.11Nathan de Ropp14:34Davis
87.12Elijah Taylor14:35Manteca
88.11Seth Boyd14:36Woodland
89.11Brandon Archbold14:39Junipero Serra
90.11Shane Singh14:42Monterey Trail
91.12Nilesh Haile14:42Davis
92.11Danilo Gayagoy14:43St Mary’s
93.11Ben Stolte14:43Piner
94.10Blake Tinney14:43Ponderosa
95.11Jordan Costello14:44Ponderosa
96.11Matthew Fernando14:44Junipero Serra
97.11Zach Dupuis14:46Deer Valley
98.12Matthew Bombard14:46Dixon
99.12Jack Foy14:47Bella Vista
100.12Nicolas Woo14:47Davis
101.12Kaalen Kirrene14:48Christian Brothers
102.11Nick Leibowitz14:48Junipero Serra
103.11Jarred Aghily14:49Deer Valley
104.12Spencer Askland14:49St Mary’s
105.11Aidan Delplanque14:52Davis
106.11Joey Novara14:52St Mary’s
107.12Wicky Woo14:54McClatchy
108.12Tony Chen14:58McClatchy
109.12Peter Mackensen14:58Christian Brothers
110.12Andrew Conor Ostling15:00Davis
111.11Matthew Aredo15:01Junipero Serra
112.12Aron Phong15:04Monterey Trail
113.11Jason Eakin15:09St Patrick/St Vincent
114.12Ricky Dhalle15:09Sheldon
115.11Michael Wilde15:10Ponderosa
116.11Jonathan Lopez15:11Piner
117.11Kieran Cross15:13Benicia
118.12Cristopher Rivera15:15Monterey Trail
119.12Andy Thoong15:17Monterey Trail
120.12Ray Whelan15:19Junipero Serra
121.12Antonio Alvarado15:23Christian Brothers
122.12Jacob Yeroshek15:23Davis
123.11Patrick Nelson15:25Ripon
124.12Alex Bourgoin15:25Liberty Ranch
125.12James Allan15:28Liberty Ranch
126.11Neil D'Silva15:32St Patrick/St Vincent
127.11Zachary Perez15:32St Patrick/St Vincent
128.11Bryan Vincent15:38Ripon
129.12Arthur Leck15:41Davis
130.12Bryan Muro15:45Monterey Trail
131.11Mario Aguilar15:48Piner
132.9Tyler Phau15:48Freedom
133.11David Le15:49Monterey Trail
133.9Patrick Jordan15:49Monterey Trail
134.12Duy Huynh15:50Monterey Trail
135.12Zachariah Amen15:51Manteca
136.11Jonathan Major15:51St Patrick/St Vincent
137.12Stephen Vidmar15:52Dixon
138.12Arthur Mestas15:55Armijo
139.9Sam Moses15:58Ponderosa
140.12Mark Lagunas15:58Christian Brothers
141.12Steven Mike15:59Junipero Serra
142.11Taylor Turner16:00Christian Brothers
143.11Alex Louie16:01Deer Valley
144.11Seth Bernado16:03St Patrick/St Vincent
145.12Eoin Carolan16:04Junipero Serra
146.11Anthony Matthews16:05Ripon
147.11Joseph Krieg16:06Christian Brothers
148.11Zach Chatas16:06Ripon
149.11Elomari Adam16:12Rodriguez
150.11Dylan Shannon16:13Junipero Serra
151.11David Roman16:15Tokay
152.11Luke Morrell16:18Center
153.11Nathan Amarandos16:19Junipero Serra
154.12Matthew Haynie16:20Christian Brothers
155.12Jordan Lyons16:23Manteca
156.12Andy Parks16:25Sheldon
157.11Marc Ramos16:25Manteca
158.12Justin Block16:26St Patrick/St Vincent
159.12Andrew Shrock16:28Vacaville
160.12Travis Zane16:29Davis
161.11Tristan Anderson16:33Ripon
162.12John Stern16:43Vacaville
163.11Charlie Whitehouse16:48Vacaville
164.12Joseph Raboy17:05Liberty Ranch
165.12Jomari Gabriel17:07Monterey Trail
166.12Jeffrey Lam17:09Monterey Trail
167.12Gabriel Narciso17:16St Patrick/St Vincent
168.11William Rhodes17:16St Patrick/St Vincent
169.11Marcus Huston17:17Center
170.9Edward Chavez17:21Liberty
171.12Vincent Schauff17:28Benicia
172.10Joshua Salazar17:28Will C. Wood
173.12Louis DeMello18:13Piner
174.12Nick Williams18:20Vacaville
175.11Justin DeBow18:20Ripon
176.12Nick Juchau18:30Davis
177.11Will Coughlin18:41Junipero Serra
178.12Axel Shjeflo19:06Junipero Serra
179.11Grant DelaCampa19:34Rodriguez
180.11Joe Martin20:09Pioneer
181.12Nate Petersen20:47Davis
182.10Nick Lamb20:54Benicia
183.12Sean McVey21:38Ponderosa
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School/Club Girls  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Isabella Dobson8:42Joseph Kerr
5.11-12Emily Thompson9:37BB
6.7Megan Boyle9:49Joseph Kerr
8.11-12Sierra Carmelich9:51BB
10.11-12Tori French10:06BB 1st Babes race
12.8Hunter Petracek10:14Joseph Kerr
8.7Sera Kaplow10:25Sacramento Waldorf 14th overall
16.11-12Erica Cradeur10:32BB
15.8Sarah Iverson11:30Sacramento Waldorf 24th overall
16.8Chloe Regan11:30Sacramento Waldorf 25th overall
17.6Arwen Williams11:34Sacramento Waldorf 26th overall
28.7Kaylah Ball11:41Joseph Kerr
31.8Brittney Thompson11:50McCaffrey
32.8Hannah McDonald11:54McCaffrey
33.7Madison Devictoria12:07Joseph Kerr
34.8Taylor Lowery12:15Foresthill Divide
24.8Annabella Pfeifer12:24Sacramento Waldorf 35th overall
25.7Matea Pfeifer12:27Sacramento Waldorf 36th overall
39.8Kylea Wong12:37Sacramento City
40.7Antonia Arriaga12:44McCaffrey
41.8Yamilex Vasquez12:45McCaffrey
42.7Hailey Norton12:56McCaffrey
36.7Lily Castillo14:00Sacramento Waldorf 50th overall
51.7Litzy Vargas14:32McCaffrey
53.7Isahbelle Dionisio14:58Joseph Kerr
54.7Victoria Slaven15:12McCaffrey
55.7Emma Keisler15:12McCaffrey
56.7Alison Gonzalez15:17McCaffrey
57.8Melanie Gustafson15:24Joseph Kerr
58.7Isabel Selling15:58Joseph Kerr
59.7Yenezareth Flores17:51McCaffrey
60.8Sierra Welcher19:38McCaffrey
61.7Simone Charles20:05McCaffrey
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2 Mile Frosh/Soph  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.Bella Vista92
4.Christian Brothers112
7.Elk Grove156
10.St Mary’s266
15.Laguna Creek356

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Maggie McManis13:33Davis
2.10Giulia McIsaac13:39Davis
3.9Sedona McNerney13:50Bella Vista
4.10Jeanne-Marie McPhe...13:54Davis
5.9Hannah Wohlenberg14:24Bella Vista
6.9Chase Worthen14:26Natomas Charter
7.9Claire Hoffman14:31Ponderosa
8.9Elise Chu14:32Davis
9.10Elisa McIsaac14:36Davis
10.9Brooke Lemke14:37McClatchy
11.10Jasmine Loyola14:38Tokay
12.10Claire Dicker14:40Davis
13.10Allie Yip14:45Benicia
14.10Zoe Juanitas14:47Davis
15.10Suleikha Sutter14:53Davis
16.10Renee Schuman14:54Davis
17.10Katherine Dimond14:55Davis
18.9Elizabeth Uribe14:55St Mary’s
19.9Brook Eberle14:55Bella Vista
20.10Mady Hahn-Smith14:59Benicia
21.10Haley Silva14:59Sierra
22.9Katarina Stashyn15:01Vacaville Christian
23.9Alyson Boyle15:02Elk Grove
24.10Tabbi Lai15:02Sheldon
25.10Sadie Davenport15:08Elk Grove
26.10Harjit Singh15:14Sheldon
27.10Mary De Aquino15:16Sacramento Waldorf
28.10Elizabeth Ma15:18Sierra
29.10Hannah Hill15:19Sheldon
30.10Blake Lamoreaux15:20Manteca
31.9Britney Edwards15:20Elk Grove
32.10Kaleigh Wright15:23Benicia
33.10Marcelina Hill15:25Tokay
34.9Halle Sullivan15:27Rodriguez
35.9Adria Lammers15:31Davis
36.10Makenzie Alspaw15:33Rodriguez
37.10Sydney Means15:43Tokay
38.9Isabella Ruffalo-B...15:43Davis
39.10Kasey Carlson15:43Davis
40.10Maria Munoz15:44Tokay
41.10Emma Vogliano15:47Rodriguez
42.10Hannah Hobbs15:49Vacaville
43.10Zoe Bumgarner15:49Benicia
44.9Maria Ramirez15:51Tokay
45.10Barbara Ramirez15:56McClatchy
46.9Sarah Sherwin16:01Davis
47.10Rebecca Coman16:01Woodland
48.10Carolina Sturla16:03Davis
49.9Kalea Alimorong16:03Laguna Creek
50.10Nicki Schedler16:04Bella Vista
51.9Julia Zabala16:06Davis
52.10Ellen Armour16:07Benicia
53.10Lindsay Floyd16:12Bella Vista
54.10Ariana Avina16:13Manteca
55.9Kirah Overman16:17Armijo
56.10Amanda Gong16:19Davis
57.9Destiny Desamito16:20St Patrick/St Vincent
58.9Breana Rubalcava16:20Sheldon
59.10Cristina Flavin16:23Vintage
60.9Nancy Enriquez16:24Sierra
61.10Erin Donovan16:24Christian Brothers
62.9Taylor Rewick16:25Vacaville
63.9Yesenia Jimenez16:25Tokay
64.9Katie Enos16:25Christian Brothers
65.9Hannah Holden16:28Pioneer
66.9Casey Halkett16:29Ponderosa
67.9Kelly Meusborn16:29Elk Grove
68.10Victoria Moore16:30Christian Brothers
69.9Lydia Edwards16:30Vacaville
70.9Hailey Farrell16:30Sheldon
71.10Katie Gavitte16:32Vintage
72.9Charlyn Agbayani16:33Vacaville
73.10Audrey Garces16:34Victory Christian
74.10Emily Lufburrow16:35Davis
75.9Miranda Esquivel16:37Christian Brothers
76.10Haley Wilcox16:37Tokay
77.10Elizabeth Rivera16:38Christian Brothers
78.10Isabel Castro16:39Tokay
79.9Isabella Babich16:45Davis
80.9Emma Holbrook16:46Manteca
81.9McKenna Decker16:47Christian Brothers
82.9Londa Torres16:47Christian Brothers
83.9Tessa Newell16:48Armijo
84.9Hannah Stine16:48Vacaville Christian
85.10Melissa Trujillo16:49Tokay
86.10Hope Coulter16:49Bella Vista
87.10Hannah Rosato16:52St Mary’s
88.9Savannah Jackson16:54St Mary’s
89.10Kiya Rutherford16:54Benicia
90.9Megan Johnson16:57St Mary’s
91.9Laurissa Lee17:02Elk Grove
92.9Anna Sorenson17:06Christian Brothers
93.10Cassandra Cheek17:07Sheldon
94.9Annabelle Rankin17:09Tokay
95.9Yasmina Padilla17:09Victory Christian
96.9Cecilia Valdez17:10Vacaville Christian
97.9Nina Shields17:13Davis
98.9Jessie Green17:15Davis
99.9Jamie Mills17:15Vintage
100.10Lydia Sterling17:16Christian Brothers
101.9Sonia Hayes17:18Vintage
102.9Sadie Brown17:19Davis
103.10Rayna Damacion17:21Rodriguez
104.10Jasmine Stansil17:22St Mary’s
105.9Monteverde Bella17:23Christian Brothers
106.10Mikayla Finver17:25Davis
107.9Alia Christian17:31Vacaville
108.9Mariana Ramirez17:33Sheldon
109.9Sienna Scott17:34Vintage
110.10Dajanae Williams17:36Armijo
111.10Mackenzie Shrock17:38Vacaville
112.10Carina Gutierrez17:40Rodriguez
113.9Emily Medigovich17:43Elk Grove
114.9Emily Smith17:44Bella Vista
115.10Iris Fan17:45Christian Brothers
116.10Jessica Valenzuela17:47Laguna Creek
117.10Sarah Elliott17:47Vanden
118.10Robin Rahil17:47Sheldon
119.9Celeste Hernandez17:51Tokay
120.10Sophia Munch17:52Laguna Creek
121.9Madeline Barros17:53Christian Brothers
122.9Soso Amatoru17:58Armijo
123.10Yrenly Yuan17:58Davis
124.9Karina Santillan18:03Armijo
125.9Camille Bean18:04Laguna Creek
126.9Ashlea Planesi18:05Elk Grove
127.10Marianne Meyersohn18:05Laguna Creek
128.10Breanna Gabriel18:06Vanden
129.10Fallon McMahon18:06Christian Brothers
130.9Delaney Bertain18:10Davis
131.9Amy Teter18:11Ponderosa
132.9Annie Ramich18:19Armijo
133.9Ally Snyder18:22Christian Brothers
134.9Emily Herrera18:25Manteca
135.9Keisha Edwards18:25Elk Grove
136.10Abby Shade18:29Davis
137.9Macy Cordero18:35Ripon
138.9Abigail Cundall18:41Ponderosa
139.10Madeline Bishop18:42Davis
140.10Jade Gomez18:43Benicia
141.10Ellen Finn18:44Davis
142.10Jordan Thompson18:45Vacaville
143.9Samantha Dawson18:47Vacaville Christian
144.9Berenice Uraga18:47Piner
145.9Diana Escobar18:47Vacaville
146.10Hannah Lorico Hertz18:59Davis
147.10Hannah Arios-Wallace19:05Piner
148.10Emily Bourgoin19:10Liberty Ranch
149.10Catherine Mullenme...19:12Vanden
150.10Sydney Maguire19:12Davis
151.10Jennie Niu19:13Davis
152.9Riley Harte19:17Dixon
153.10Gina Chu19:18Sheldon
154.9Sienna Martinez19:24Davis
155.9Daisy Corona19:26Vintage
156.10Kaelea Lucus19:27Manteca
157.9Elise Commander19:28Vintage
158.9Maisie Ferrer19:29American Canyon
159.9Siera Giron19:30Benicia
160.9Tatiana Sisneros19:32Vacaville
161.10Julissa Riberal19:38Tokay
162.9Daisy Hernandez19:39Tokay
163.10Sarah Carrell19:41Benicia
164.10Lorena Hernandez19:42Manteca
165.10Kellie Cutsinger19:45Vanden
166.10Elizabeth Dewey19:47Christian Brothers
167.10Juliana Zatz-Watkins19:49Davis
168.9Jennifer Tybull19:49Benicia
169.10Crystal Franco19:52Rodriguez
170.9Deztiny Torres19:55Ponderosa
171.9Jessenya Rivas19:56Piner
172.9Marissa Regalo20:02Ripon
173.10Brittany Monk20:03Armijo
174.9Danielle Rodriguez20:16Christian Brothers
175.9Emily Taylor20:17Christian Brothers
176.10Rebecca Collins20:19Manteca
177.10Valeria Jaramillo20:20Ripon
178.9Christa Cardoza20:20Ripon
179.9Maggie Pelayo20:25American Canyon
180.10Nermetta Dhillon20:30Manteca
181.10Gabriela Paschal20:32Vacaville
182.9Michaela DeMartini20:45American Canyon
183.9Freshta Abedi20:45Manteca
184.10Julia Ruiz20:47Christian Brothers
185.9Natalie Parks20:55Sheldon
186.10Madeline Keasling20:56Manteca
187.10Naomi McCoy20:56Manteca
188.9Erin Ott21:08Tokay
189.9Cassie Austin21:35Vacaville
190.9Liselle Palacios21:35Rodriguez
191.9Suzanne Turner21:39Ripon
192.10Elisa Guerrant21:44Benicia
193.10Jessabelle Reynoso21:46American Canyon
194.9Kelsey Hurst22:05Liberty Ranch
195.9Isabel Realyvasquez22:07Davis
196.9Jessica McLarty22:12Liberty Ranch
197.9Kira Shimozaki23:11Liberty Ranch
198.10Stefanie Sanchez23:23Vacaville
199.10Brittney Ciraulo24:20Vacaville
200.10Madalyn Kent24:26Vacaville
201.9Alexis Gutierrez24:41Sheldon
10Zaidee ShawElk Grove Did Not Run
10Keegan Sorrels-Swi...Elk Grove Did Not Run
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3 Mile Varsity - Large School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Bella Vista40
5.Will C. Wood141
11.Deer Valley299

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Fiona O'Keeffe18:19Davis
2.12Christine Redor19:04Ponderosa
3.11Sophie Meads19:05Davis
4.9Kendall Derry19:07Bella Vista
5.12Laney Teaford19:17Davis
6.12Lisa Tilcock19:21Freedom
7.12Samantha Smith19:31Sonora
8.10Renny Castanon19:41Bella Vista
9.9Kaitlin Derry19:42Bella Vista
10.11Breanna Sewell19:48Vacaville
11.12Sara Lack20:02Bella Vista
12.12Jillian Brown20:06McClatchy
13.12Laura Daggett20:06Davis
14.12Fionna Lehmann20:17Freedom
15.11Skylar Jauregui20:19Vacaville
16.11Laura Cox20:24Sheldon
17.12Ashley Feldkamp20:26Bella Vista
18.10Amanda Barthelmes20:45Will C. Wood
19.11Victoria Everett20:48Will C. Wood
20.11Olivia Herrera20:55Freedom
21.12Jessica Terry20:59Bella Vista
22.11Brittany Anselmo21:07Ponderosa
23.12Jocelyn Schmidt21:14Bella Vista
24.11Raylene Nunez21:16Sunnyside
25.11Emily Sousa21:17Tokay
26.11Danielle Gantar21:19Davis
27.10Regina Nyareso21:19Monterey Trail
28.11Alondra Vazquez21:30Sheldon
29.12Brooke Ruppenthal21:31Ponderosa
30.10Jessica Cummins21:35Vacaville
31.10Esmeralda Ortiz21:36Sunnyside
32.12Elisha Machado21:41Armijo
33.10Hannah O'Donnell21:55Ponderosa
34.11Jessica Jauregui21:57Vacaville
35.11Rebecca Cox22:05Sheldon
36.12Chelsea Phillips22:12Sunnyside
37.12Sekani Kobelt22:21Elk Grove
38.12Ruby Ortiz22:23Sunnyside
39.11Paige Peck22:30Will C. Wood
40.12JasMin Khoe22:38McClatchy
41.11Briana Hendricks22:46Sheldon
42.10Kayla Rush22:57Ponderosa
43.10Emily Ballerini23:00Vacaville
44.10Katie Tinder23:09Will C. Wood
45.12BreAnna Overman23:23Armijo
46.11Capriana Christian23:27Vacaville
47.11Lucy Maloney23:27McClatchy
48.12Nina Nguyen23:29Will C. Wood
49.12Mytran Dang23:31Florin
50.10Diana Garcia23:33Freedom
51.11Natalie Antolin23:33Monterey Trail
52.11Allie Krohn23:35Vacaville
53.11Tyra Holt23:47Armijo
54.11Lizzie Robinson24:09McClatchy
55.11Janelle Mora24:19McClatchy
56.10Danielle Rodriguez24:20Sunnyside
10Leslie Ramos24:23Sunnyside
57.11Sierra Vasquez24:23Sunnyside
12Amanda Rea24:30Sunnyside
58.9Victoria Lopez24:38Will C. Wood
59.12Mary Assaad24:50Sheldon
60.11Sasha Newman24:52Deer Valley
61.11Elise Meyer24:56Sunnyside
62.11Julia Nguyen25:00Florin
63.12Colleen Salmon25:16Vintage
64.12Brenda Vue25:18Florin
65.11Lauren Smith25:23Ponderosa
66.12Arrieyana Cartier25:50Armijo
67.11Heather Bennion25:55Rodriguez
68.11Wendy Her26:11Florin
69.12Sydney Klotzer26:17Rodriguez
70.11Elizabeth Ramirez26:19Armijo
71.12Jessica Rilloraza26:25Monterey Trail
72.12Amy Saetern27:02Florin
73.11Kelly Banh27:19Monterey Trail
74.12LaShall Hamlin27:33Deer Valley
75.11Sarah Ogden27:47Deer Valley
76.11Dani Bocca29:05Rodriguez
77.12Meenal Prasad29:32Florin
78.11Janessa Britto30:05Deer Valley
79.10Jaylyn Reynolds30:06Deer Valley
80.12Andrea Roblez30:25Rodriguez
81.11Lizeth Munoz31:21Tokay
82.12Mariah Agular34:00Stagg
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3 Mile Varsity - Small School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Paloma Romero20:02Piner
2.11Harleen Pabla20:22Manteca
3.9Nikki Torres20:36Dixon
4.11Mary Mast20:38Woodland
5.11Mayra Villa20:46Piner
6.11Alexandra Jenks21:00Vanden
7.11Silena Palozzola21:21Woodland
8.12Doan Bien21:24Manteca
9.9Kiki Burns21:29Christian Brothers
10.10Mirelle Augst21:30St Patrick/St Vincent
11.11Alexa Torres21:30St Patrick/St Vincent
12.12Alexis Keylon21:34Ripon
13.12Faith Lewis21:45Liberty Ranch
14.9Sophia O'Neal21:52Dixon
15.12Marissa Reyes21:52St Mary’s
16.9Reagan Tweedy21:56Christian Brothers
17.12Patricia Angel21:57Sierra
18.12Karissa Scheuermann21:58Pioneer medal
19.9Emily Simi22:04Christian Brothers
20.11Kyndall Riley22:11Sierra
21.12Katie Hunsucker22:12Center
22.11Simi Cailin22:19Christian Brothers
23.9Claudia Robinson22:28Dixon
24.11Claudia Aguilar22:49Manteca
25.11Jessica Carmona22:59Ripon
26.11Audrey Tekerlek23:07St Mary’s
27.11Kyrstin Riley23:07Sierra
28.11Ana Hermosillo23:21Ripon
29.11Adriana Perez23:22American Canyon
30.10Michayla Mabourakh23:25Christian Brothers
31.9Ellie Waters23:34Ripon
32.11Kayleen Carter23:36Laguna Creek
33.12Tatiana Jimenez23:38Manteca
34.11Sophia Barragan23:40Manteca
35.12Jacquelyn Kasbergen23:43Christian Brothers
36.12Lauren Noonan23:46Laguna Creek
37.12Brandy Fernandez23:47Manteca
38.9Analisa Rangel23:53Ripon
39.10Natalie Wiseman23:57Christian Brothers
40.12Koly Kadel24:00St Patrick/St Vincent
41.11Rachel McLaughlin24:05Liberty Ranch
42.10Nicole Williams24:07Center
43.11Samantha Heynen24:11Dixon
44.11Christina Uribe24:14St Mary’s
45.10Sheena Blackwell24:19Piner
46.11Victoria Pollintan24:22St Patrick/St Vincent
47.11Jesenia Avina24:29St Mary’s
48.11Mary Novak24:43Victory Christian
49.11Jasmine Shah24:51Liberty Ranch
50.10Mary Garrett24:55Liberty Ranch
51.11Sarah Armstrong25:00St Mary’s
52.12Laura Yoshisato25:09St Patrick/St Vincent
53.11Koleen Arribas25:14St Patrick/St Vincent
54.12Caitlin Fulbright25:21Foresthill
54.12Caitlin Dodds25:21Foresthill
55.12Andrea Hernandez25:25Manteca
56.12Amanda Campbell25:28Ripon
57.11Isabel Aguayo25:34American Canyon
58.11Ceci Gutierrez25:36Dixon
59.9Diana Villagomez25:47Piner
60.12Lauren Kikumoto25:55Laguna Creek
61.12Tamiko Motooka26:35Woodland
62.12Allison Barcelon26:51Laguna Creek
63.11Emma Welborn26:53Victory Christian
64.10Bekah Thompson26:57Ripon
65.11Jasmine Chisley27:11American Canyon
66.12Sydney Garrett27:34Laguna Creek
67.12Karin Zehm27:39Vanden
68.12Vanessa Monge27:53American Canyon
69.12Julia Ratterman28:02Dixon
70.12Samantha Charles28:04St Mary’s
71.11Summer Richardson28:34Vacaville Christian
72.12Darlene Bugado29:04Vanden
73.12Sonia Lopez29:57American Canyon
74.11Jodie Huerta30:10Foresthill
75.11Ciara Giron30:22American Canyon
76.10Cheryl Weber30:25Liberty Ranch
77.12Andrea Guiterrez30:28Center
78.12Preetveer Kaur30:29Pioneer
79.9Kimy Snelson30:40Center
80.12Viri Saldivar30:43American Canyon
81.12Deanna Morgan31:04Center
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

4.Christian Brothers117
6.Monterey Trail170

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Emily Wylie14:37Liberty
2.12Paige Daniel14:40Benicia
3.12Laurel Darragh15:09Davis
4.12Grace Calhoun15:49Davis
5.11Pooja Tripathi15:50Davis
6.12Shauna Simon15:53Davis
7.11Michaela Joerger15:59Davis
8.11Jackie Healey16:01Bella Vista
9.11Isabel Leamon16:17Davis
10.12Victoria Mohtes-Chan16:17Davis
11.11Ashleigh Acevedo16:28Pioneer
12.11Lily Jones16:35Christian Brothers
13.12Francesca Sommerfeld16:36Manteca
14.11Siena Cox16:37Davis
15.12Monica LeFlore16:49Davis
16.12Vika Katiuzhinsky16:54Sheldon
17.11Jessy Telarico16:57Manteca
18.12Shariah Davidson16:58Sierra
19.12Kaley McGrew17:03Davis
20.11Evelyn Sommerfeld17:09Manteca
21.11Teagan Tomasello17:11Ponderosa
22.12Diana Zambrano17:12Manteca
23.11Sidny Elliot17:16Bella Vista
24.12Anna Arriola17:19Manteca
25.12Lauren James17:20Davis
26.12Diana Quinn17:24Benicia
27.11Emi Calvo17:27Bella Vista
28.12Juelline Lieng17:29McClatchy
29.11Jasmine Calderon17:30Armijo
30.12Sylvia Francisco17:31Christian Brothers
31.11Emily Hoffman17:45Ponderosa
32.9Molly McDavid17:49Liberty
33.11Poonam Dehal17:57Manteca
34.10Selena Magallanes18:04Stagg
35.9Miriam Perez18:05Liberty
36.12Rachael Sloane18:06Benicia
37.11Leigha Paulson18:07Freedom
38.9Kaylee Mesnickow18:09Liberty
39.12Makayla Modin18:09Vacaville
40.12Xitlalic Diaz18:10Rodriguez
41.12Katherine Feaster18:17Vacaville
42.10Isabel Perrot18:21Christian Brothers
43.10Kaileey Quon18:27Freedom
44.12Shelbey Roukey18:30Sheldon
45.12Jennifer Santos18:32Manteca
46.11Sydney Berrios18:36Liberty
47.12Nguyen Annie18:36Monterey Trail
48.12Brenna Freeman18:41Woodland
49.12Raquel Valdes18:48Davis
50.12Brianna Pressey18:49Christian Brothers
51.11Jazvie Singh18:53Monterey Trail
52.12Kelly McWilliams18:54Davis
53.12Claire Linney18:57Woodland
54.11Jessica Howard18:57Armijo
55.12Stephanie Leon18:57Davis
56.11Arley Lara18:57Piner
57.12Kami Gaillot19:03Monterey Trail
58.12Taylor Bergin19:12Ponderosa
59.12Adriana Chacon-Kre...19:26Sheldon
60.12Kelsey Lucas19:27Ripon
61.11Nicole Bruhn19:38American Canyon
62.11Lauren Tolliver-King19:39Deer Valley
63.11Susana Ochoa19:40Piner
64.9Karina Martinez19:42Deer Valley
65.12Vanesa Arzate19:43Manteca
66.11Emily Tennis19:57Liberty Ranch
66.12Melissa Hobday19:57Liberty Ranch
67.11Laura Sotelo19:58Christian Brothers
68.12Megan Webster20:00Armijo
69.12Melissa Andrade20:01Piner
70.12Cashanique Parker20:02Monterey Trail
71.11Vanessa Garcia20:04Freedom
72.11Gabriella San Roman20:11Ponderosa
73.10Basira Abdulshukur20:15Monterey Trail
74.11Aries Gresheim20:18Rodriguez
75.11Monica Cedeno20:20Liberty Ranch
76.12Gabby Martinez20:47Ripon
77.12Kathryn Olson20:54Rodriguez
78.11Natasha Candel20:57Rodriguez
79.11Tenisha Chapman21:12Deer Valley
80.11Alanna Quinn21:18Davis
81.12Monica Robles21:19Woodland
82.11Rachel Taylor21:21Liberty Ranch
83.10Stephanie Orube21:25Ponderosa
84.10Victoria Ton21:43Will C. Wood
85.12Monica Andulaz21:50Rodriguez
86.11Phoebe Gezahegan22:02Freedom
87.9Savannah Santana22:02Freedom
88.11Anna Hodgson22:11Davis
89.11Taylor Whitley23:12Rodriguez
90.12Alyssa Zimmer23:13Vacaville
91.12Sandy Chang24:07Monterey Trail
92.12Breanna Hardy24:17Armijo
93.11Kayla Sancada24:53Vacaville
94.12Jaspreet Bhathal25:01Monterey Trail
95.9Alexis Riley25:42Liberty
96.9Sathina Florez25:55Stagg
97.11Brianna Van Ginkel26:26Liberty Ranch
98.12Lauren Haas28:03Pioneer
99.11Gwendalyne Forrester29:08Vacaville
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