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Mens Races
2 Mile Freshman
2 Mile Sophomore
5,000 Meters Varsity
2 Mile Junior Varsity
Womens Races
2 Mile Freshman
2 Mile Sophomore
5,000 Meters Varsity
2 Mile Junior Varsity
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Frosh Boys

9:00 am


2 miles

Shoe Bags to top ten finishers

Frosh Girls

9:25 am

2 miles

Shoe Bags to top ten finishers

Soph Boys

9:45 am


2 miles

Shoe Bags to top ten finishers

Soph Girls

10:10 am

2 miles

Shoe Bags to top ten finishers

Varsity Boys

10:30 am


5 km

Shoe Bags to top ten finishers

Varsity Girls

11:00 am


5 km

Shoe Bags to top ten finishers

Combined Boys and
Girls Junior Varsity



2 miles


Shoe Bags to top five finishers of each gender


Team awards presentation will begin approximately 15 minutes after last competitor finishes





Legion-Tuolumne Region Park is located in southwest Modesto along the banks of the Tuolumne River.  The course is flat and shady with grass, dirt, and asphalt surfaces.  The course is accurate with mile points marked.  The course will be clearly marked with race monitors at strategic intersections with mile splits announced. Refer to the attached course maps for detailed directions.


Refer to the enclosed entry procedure sheet, which will also be used for this year’s SJS Sub-section meet. Any questions regarding entries on the website should be directed to Dick Iwamiya via e-mail at  Online entries need to be completed by Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 8:00pm.  Changes may be made the day of the meet until 9:00 am. You will not need to report scratches.

LATE ENTRIES:  Those schools entering after the September 4, 8:00pm deadline are subject to a $50.00 later fee, payable upon check-in. 


Entry fee is $5.00 per individual or $160.00 maximum per school.  You may enter an unlimited number of competitors in lower level and JV races, with the top seven finishers counting towards scoring or displacing.  You may enter up to 10 athletes in the Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls races.    

Make cheques payable to Sierra High School, and mailed to Coach Anthony Chapman, Sierra High School, 1700 Thomas St., Manteca, CA 95337.  It would be appreciated if you bring your entry fee with you to the meet, or have it posted beforehand.


Varsity Races: This year we will be providing team awards in both large school (divisions I, II)/small school (III, IV & V) divisions.  Plaques will be awarded to the top three teams in each division.

Frosh-Soph Races: Plaque to the winning teams in large school/small school divisions.


Shoe bags to the top ten finishers in Varsity and Frosh-Soph races, and top five of each gender in Junior Varsity combined race.


All competitors must wear a school issued uniform.  As this is an early season competition, uniforms will not be required to be identical. 


No changing facilities are available, while restrooms are 200m from the start/finish area.  Water and ice for emergencies will be available at the start/finish area.                                                                                                                                        


Race packets can be collected from the start/finish area beginning at 8:00am. 


‘About Timing’ is providing the results compilation and distribution.  You should have a hard copy of the results when you depart from the meet, and results will also be posted on, and We will e-mail results to local newspapers and all coaches as soon as possible after the conclusion of the meet.


Exit at central Modesto exit.  Take I Street into central Modesto under the ‘Modesto Arch’, turning right onto 14th, which becomes Yosemite Blvd. at large intersection. Turn right onto Santa Cruz Ave., and follow left around past Legion Hall onto Legion Park Dr., and continue along river until road turns left at Tioga Drive where the packet pick-up and start/finish areas are located 100m to the east.


Park in the dirt lot across the road from the start/finish area on Tioga Blvd. There is no admission fee to this park.


All participants must have the attached waiver of liability form competed and turned in prior to competing.  Coaches, please turn in the completed forms when collecting meet packets prior the competition.  Thank you for your assistance in dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s!


Anthony Chapman:  Phone: 209.858-7419, e-mail:

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Mens Results

2 Mile Freshman  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Logan Taggart10:52 PROakmont
2.9Tanner Moore11:14 PROakmont
3.9Jeremy Hart11:16 PRBig Valley Christian
4.9Nick Karnes11:26 PRBret Harte
5.9Devin Scheidt11:27 PRCalaveras
6.9Nolan Johnson11:27 PRBret Harte
7.9Gali Farias11:29 PRTurlock
8.9Ara Moosekian11:30 SRTurlock
9.9Jonathan Weinberg11:40Oakmont
10.9Josiah Reynolds11:41Oakmont
11.9Michael Stickels11:42 PRCalaveras
12.9Jacob Rousseau11:47 PRGregori High
13.9Isaak McCamey11:53Bret Harte
14.9Dale Jacobs11:57 SRAmador
15.9Matt Conrardy11:58 PRAmador
16.9Stephen Higginbotham12:09Summerville
17.9Josh Vega12:11Oakmont
18.9Aidan O'Connell12:18 PRSummerville
19.9Thi Bui12:20Enochs
20.9Hunter Howe12:22Lodi
21.9Beto Dieste12:27 PRSummerville
22.9Nathan Gutierrez12:27Enochs
23.9Riley Eilert12:28Lodi
24.9Gabriel Gonzales12:28Chavez
25.9Dawson Ranes12:29Turlock
26.9Ben Griffin12:36Amador
27.9Miguel Cisneros12:36Buhach Colony
28.9Jose Torres12:37Downey
29.9Michael Keith12:42Enochs
30.9Gaige Stewart12:44 SRSummerville
31.9Joseph Phillips12:49Lodi
32.9Spencer Monteiro12:50Lodi
33.9Arthur Yuriychuk12:50Oakmont
34.9Zane Krpan12:52 SRBret Harte
35.9Andrew Howard12:53Oakdale
36.9Anthony Drobnick12:57 PRModesto
37.9Devon Groff12:57 SRSummerville
38.9Keith Reid12:58Pitman
39.9Istiel Cortez12:59Chavez
40.9Alec Gomez13:02Pitman
41.9Adrian Manzo13:03Turlock
42.9Jonathan Davis13:03Turlock
43.9Roberto Blancas13:04Buhach Colony
44.9Juan Hernandez13:05Atwater
45.9Jake Jones13:10Amador
46.9Russ Singh13:10Modesto
47.9Anthony Fleming13:12Bret Harte
48.9Eric Shaw13:13 PRAmador
49.9Jared Arroyo-Garcia13:17Enochs
50.9Michael Bolton13:18 PRGregori High
51.9Nate Mittan13:18Modesto
52.9Zane Neubaum13:25 PROakdale
53.9Evran Cortez13:34 PRMadera
54.9Alejandro Lemus13:37Downey
55.9Jarod Sparrowk13:38 PRCalaveras
56.9Jack Garibaldi13:39 SRLodi
57.9Marc Behiel13:39Bret Harte
58.9Kyle Reid13:40Pitman
59.9Davang Patel13:42 PRLodi
60.9Jonathon Graves-Yu13:43 PRLodi
61.9Adrian Castelan13:48Chavez
62.9Richard Turknett13:49Pitman
63.9Spencer Jacobs13:52Atwater
64.9Aaron Cardiel13:56Bret Harte
65.9Dylan Becker13:56Pitman
66.9Ruben Correa14:00Atwater
67.9Alberto Hernandez14:01Buhach Colony
68.9Pio Eulloque14:01Atwater
69.10Luis Araoz14:05 PRBret Harte
70.9Chris Verissimo14:07Gregori High
71.9Sam Kara14:07Modesto
72.9Wyatt Oakes14:09 PRSummerville
73.9Reno Garcia14:17 SRMadera
74.9Alvaro Torres14:29 PROakdale
75.9Braden Duke14:30Enochs
76.9Anthony Horn14:33 SROakmont
77.9Erick Jimenez14:36Gregori High
78.9Nick Engle14:37Lodi
79.9Matthew Ng14:38Modesto
80.9Jonathan Word14:39 PREnochs
81.9Bobby Sieler14:42Lodi
82.9Ryan Poff14:43Oakdale
83.9David Acosta14:44 SRSt Mary’s
84.9Stephen Halstead14:45 SREnochs
85.9Chris Krause14:46 PRCalaveras
86.9Austin Gomez14:47Lodi
87.9Wyatt Lawrence14:48 PRSummerville
88.9Albert Coito14:52Modesto
89.9Hunter Hovey15:05 PRSt Mary’s
90.9Daniel Hernandez15:06 PRMadera
91.9Brendan Danicourt15:08 SRSummerville
92.9Stefan Webster15:13Summerville
93.9Niko Lillie15:20 SRSummerville
94.9Ramon Cruz15:24Atwater
95.9Sagar Bedi15:27Buhach Colony
96.9Ben Lascano15:29Pitman
97.9Trevor Wong15:35Modesto
98.9Amir Patel15:43Modesto
99.9Jaime Zavala15:45Atwater
100.9Joseph Lavond15:52Lodi
101.9Eduardo Campa15:55 PRModesto
102.9Damon Bogetti15:59Modesto
103.9Ean Valdez15:59 PRWaterford
104.9Elleis Souza16:05Modesto
105.9Cameron Thatcher16:09Ceres
106.9Shubham Batra16:20 SROakmont
107.9Ethan Clark16:31Enochs
108.9Nelson Jimenez16:33 SRMadera
109.9Daniel Wilson16:39Buhach Colony
110.9Kevin Torres16:59Buhach Colony
111.9Caleb Komatsu17:40Lodi
112.9Ryan Jabola18:04Enochs
113.9Joseph Phillips18:10Valley Charter
114.9Shawn Green18:21 PRLodi
115.9Rajdeep Badwalz18:42Buhach Colony
116.9Jim Sok21:08Downey
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2 Mile Sophomore  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

10Armand Bonilla12:06Chavez
10Adrian Torres13:13Chavez
10Ken Ly14:04Chavez
10Enrick Eborlas15:31 PRChavez
10Chalis Sueung15:51 PRChavez
10Jimmy Vannawong17:00Chavez
10Alonzo Ambriz17:00Chavez
10Vi Nguyen17:09Chavez
10Lo Saephan17:44 PRChavez
10Anthony Larik20:43Chavez
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Nathan Stanton16:49Patterson
2.11Josh Spooner17:05Sierra
3.11Isaac Gonzalez17:10Pitman
4.11Alec Villagomez17:19 PRGregori High
5.12Abraham Alvarado17:21Atwater
6.10Blake Fonda17:26Lodi
7.11Tristan Boblet17:31Bret Harte
8.11Peter Thach17:32 SRMcNair
9.10Ian Miller17:35Oakmont
10.11Austin Taggart17:42Oakmont
11.12Thomas Trzcinski17:44Sierra
12.10Andres Quezada17:51 SRAtwater
13.12Connor Phillips17:53 PRLodi
14.12Manuel Ortega18:03St Mary’s
15.10Kirk Hagerman18:05 PRBuhach Colony
16.11Brandon Woods18:07Lodi
17.11Brandon Rogers18:11Sierra
18.12Jonathan Velazquez18:16Sierra
19.12Adam Hocking18:22Oakmont
20.11Rex Doo18:25 SRTurlock
21.12Joshua DeLeon18:27 PRAtwater
22.11Aaron Mackey18:28Sierra
23.12Joe Hollett18:30Bret Harte
24.12Alec Fromm18:33Lodi
25.11Tyler Smithhart18:33 SRLodi
26.11Jose Ramirez18:35Oakmont
27.11Cristian Mendoza18:37 SRBuhach Colony
28.12Logan Conner18:38Turlock
29.11Aaron Sackschewsky18:39St Mary’s
30.12Eli Cardiel18:41Bret Harte
31.10Christian Woolfolk18:42Oakmont
32.12James Tatum-DeLacruz18:43 PRMerced
33.11Elijah Selby18:45Oakmont
34.12Jeremy Coronado18:47Sierra
35.11John Espinosa18:48Atwater
36.12Andrew Fonda18:51Lodi
37.12Anthony Hieber18:54 PRTurlock
38.12David Pina18:54 PRSt Mary’s
39.12Josh Vargas18:55Sierra
40.12Keegan McKenna18:56Atwater
41.12Miguel Amezola18:57 PRMadera
42.11Even Moses19:00 PRGregori High
43.12Ruben Valle19:01McNair
44.9Ethan Kirk19:03 SRBuhach Colony
45.11Nikko Cassidy-Lopez19:06 PRTurlock
46.12Kyle Hovey19:09Bret Harte
47.10Mario Ramirez19:09Atwater
48.12Salvador Montes19:10Sierra
49.12Carlos Casas19:11Pitman
50.11Alejandro Alcazar19:13Modesto
51.12Manny Munoz19:14 PRGregori High
52.11Caleb Sweet19:14 PRGregori High
53.11Nicolas Lopez19:15 SRTurlock
54.12Zach Johnston19:18 SRSierra
55.11Patrick Macias19:18Oakmont
56.10JJ Hart19:19 SRArgonaut
57.12Erik Menor19:23Chavez
58.11Justin Kutwa19:24 PRTurlock
59.11Xavier Villa19:26 PRAtwater
60.11Jacob Curl19:27Lodi
61.11Bert DelosSantos19:34Waterford
62.11Tucker Ventura19:36 PRGregori High
63.12Ivan Garcia19:38Buhach Colony
64.11Judas Chavarin Cam...19:39Ceres
65.11Jesus Vazquez19:43 PREast Union
66.12Austin King19:46Pitman
67.12Joseluis Muniz19:48Buhach Colony
68.12Oscar Guzman19:49 PRTurlock
69.11Thomas Ridder19:52Tracy
70.12Jorge Ulloa19:54Pitman
71.11Chris Freeman19:58Oakmont
72.12Carlos Ascencio19:59Modesto
73.11Bobby Ketscher20:01Pitman
74.11Jovani Medina20:09McNair
75.12Sam St. Clair20:10Tracy
76.12Eric Finch20:16 PRPitman
77.10Jeremiah Quilantang20:17McNair
78.11Jordan Urteaga20:19 PRTracy
79.11Sam Wittstruck20:19Pitman
80.12Brett Gonzalez20:21Ceres
81.12Kenneth Laverty20:21 PREnochs
82.12Brandon Aguirre20:22Buhach Colony
83.12Ryan Jaspar20:23Summerville
84.11Miguel Murillo20:23 PRModesto
85.12Louie Brichetto20:23 PROakdale
86.11Anthony Mendez20:26 PRModesto
87.11Joe DeJesus20:28St Mary’s
88.11Marco Andrade20:31Modesto
89.11Tommy Chong20:33 PRModesto
90.11Kevin Martinez20:34McNair
91.12Ethan Smith20:35Calaveras
92.12Benneth Bautista20:39 PRLathrop
93.11Jordan Johnson20:42Bret Harte
94.11Andrew Bhatti20:43 PRModesto
95.9Lucas Dias20:55 SREast Union
96.12Gary Singh20:55 PRLathrop
97.12Ron Orman21:04Calaveras
98.11Andy Watson21:05 PRAmador
99.12Pedro Garcia21:06East Union
100.12Jose Garcia21:09 SRMadera
101.12Kevin Ramirez21:11Ceres
102.11Jonothan Spratling21:12 PRPitman
103.11Mike Chapin21:12Oakdale
104.11Clement Garcia21:12Chavez
105.11Casey Moss21:15 PRBuhach Colony
106.12Tomas Navarro21:17 PRPatterson
107.11Christian Candelaria21:18St Mary’s
108.12Tommy Trull21:20Chavez
109.11Margarito Figueroa21:21 SRWaterford
110.12Raul Rodriguez21:22 PRMerced
111.12Arnold Ranario21:23Pitman
112.10Andre Vera21:32 PRWaterford
113.12Luke Neubaum21:32 PROakdale
114.11Nikolai Rodriguez21:35Pitman
115.11Julius Flores21:39Patterson
116.11Edgar Torres21:41Ceres
117.12Connor Perry21:42 PRSt Mary’s
118.11David Rivera21:45McNair
119.11Matthew Ip21:46 PRModesto
120.11Sam Maya21:50 PRTracy
121.12Santino Tarozzi21:52 PRLathrop
122.11Jacob Edwards21:53Ceres
123.11Lorenzo Trinidad21:58Ceres
124.12Zach Baciocco21:59 PRCalaveras
125.12Joao Moita22:05Ceres
126.11Adan Garcia22:06Lathrop
127.11Tyler Sano22:09 PRMerced
128.11Ronald Ong22:11Lathrop
129.11Tristen Harrison22:18 PRCalaveras
130.12Ivan Fernandez22:18 PRModesto
131.12Josue Baez22:19 SROakdale
132.12Sheamus Vaughan-Wa...22:22Summerville
133.11Andrew Canlas22:23Tracy
134.11Brandon Wilcox22:30 PREnochs
135.12Joey Howard22:36Patterson
136.11David Ramirez22:38Chavez
137.12Dimitri Ramos23:03 PRMerced
138.9Jesse Lopez23:04 SREast Union
139.10Jonathan Amaral23:16 PREast Union
140.11Kevin Nguyen23:20 PRMcNair
141.11Darius Stansil23:33St Mary’s
142.12Benjamin Vega23:39Patterson
143.11Mark Febre23:46Lathrop
144.11Adan Alvarez23:59Chavez
145.12Gregory Queromes24:02:00Modesto
146.12Israel Leyva24:09:00 PRMerced
147.11Cameron Elswick24:11:00Oakdale
148.11Travis Harlan24:17:00Amador
149.12John Sianez24:46:00East Union
150.12Ryan Stefani25:02:00Oakdale
151.11Jonel Ednalino25:21:00St Mary’s
152.12Scott Hardey25:23:00 PRAmador
153.12Dalvir Atwal25:28:00Waterford
154.12Brandon Johnson25:58 PRCalaveras
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

65.12Manuel Hernandez13:30 PRCeres
74.12Christian Stein13:55 PRCeres
78.11Manpreet Dhami14:04 PRCeres
79.12Fernando Madrigal14:06 PRCeres
86.12Mark Piceno14:18 PRCeres
87.11Matthew Thornberry14:19 SRCeres
12Jay Navarte14:25 PRChavez
11Justin Viray14:41 PRChavez
100.11Conor Joseph15:01 PRCeres
113.11Evan Duran Goes15:31 PRCeres
120.11Jeramie Moore15:43 PRCeres
12Michael Lopez16:59Chavez
156.11Brandon Beck17:55 PRCeres
165.12Mark Rodriguez18:24 PRCeres
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Womens Results

2 Mile Freshman  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Mya Torres12:59 PRGregori High
2.9Carole Thomas13:17Lodi
3.9Kiki Cazares13:22 PRSummerville
4.9Whitney Lelis13:23 PROakmont
5.9Haley Boynton13:26Lodi
6.9Hailey Rodriguez-D...13:29 SREnochs
7.9Caitlyn Daley13:39Lodi
8.9Cassandra Derdivanis13:47Turlock
9.9Meghan Hopkins13:53 PRTurlock
10.9Savannah Mendoza13:58 PRModesto
11.9Sonia Perez13:59 PRModesto
12.9Bryn Merrill14:13 PRCalaveras
13.9Olivia Borchin14:22 SRCalaveras
14.9Emily Cariaso14:32Pitman
15.9Makayla Ruthrauff14:35 PRCalaveras
16.9Julia Van Bezey14:39 PRSummerville
17.9Emily Simons14:42Tracy
18.9Mikaela Jimenez14:43Turlock
19.9Kate Wilson14:44Turlock
20.9Mara Patino14:45Turlock
21.9Kaylynn Davis14:45Bret Harte
22.9Nancy Enriquez14:47 PRSierra
23.9Kyannah Hernandez14:48 PROakdale
24.9Melissa McDonald14:50Tracy
25.9Divinee Chidume14:55Modesto
26.9Jolysa Thibodeaux15:01 PRSummerville
27.9Cassidy Ryan15:02 SRSierra
28.9Reannon Driskill15:11Gregori High
29.9Emily Coston15:12Lodi
30.9Jasmin Negrete15:14 PREnochs
31.9Averell Aungst15:14Turlock
32.9Danielle Matusumura15:29 PRTurlock
33.9Savannah Jackson15:30 PRSt Mary’s
34.9Megan Johnson15:32St Mary’s
35.9Elena Hinkle15:34Enochs
36.9Abigail Johnston15:39Turlock
37.9Jara Clark15:41 PRBret Harte
38.9Natalya Morris15:42 PRBret Harte
39.9Jessica Gauthier15:50Turlock
40.9Kelly O'Connor15:55Lodi
41.9Jenny Rapetti15:56 PRBret Harte
42.9Maria Garcia15:59Lodi
43.9Sophia Stroh16:05Lodi
44.9Jasmin Ramirez16:12Atwater
45.9Lina Bhatti16:20Modesto
46.9Laura Keo16:25Modesto
47.9Jordyn Garcia16:30 PROakdale
48.9Hannah Reeves16:31Modesto
49.9Alexandra Fern16:34Tracy
50.10Alexa Bolton16:35 PRBret Harte
51.9Ruobing Zhu16:36Modesto
52.9Kara Wessel16:47 SRSummerville
53.9Ana Jacobo16:47 PROakdale
54.9Taylor Fowler16:58Atwater
55.9Jennifer Mosqueda17:03Modesto
56.9Miriam Ruiz17:19 SRModesto
57.9Holly Latorre17:52Lathrop
58.9Marina Alderete17:55 SRWaterford
59.9Daniella Esparza18:04Downey
60.9Sophia Charles18:11St Mary’s
61.9Eddora Bustos18:38Buhach Colony
62.9Saby Kirpal18:48Buhach Colony
63.9Anisha Hegwer19:05 PRWaterford
64.9Amanda Davis19:10Modesto
65.9Rheanna Markley19:11Gregori High
66.9Jennifer Wright19:24 PRSt Mary’s
67.9Shilo Velador19:33 PRValley Charter
68.9Josilene Quintana19:34Pitman
69.9Gabriela Trejo19:35Downey
70.9Zainab Baig20:55Lodi
71.9Alena Rodriguez21:02Atwater
72.9Jillian McDaniel21:24Lodi
73.9Jewel Chavez22:24Ceres
74.9Brenda Torres23:02Ceres
75.9Yarisleidi Rodriguez23:17Ceres
76.9Marcella Puducay23:30Ceres
77.9Valerie Beaudreau23:37Bret Harte
78.9Cayley Elswick23:53 PROakdale
79.9Alana Nunez23:57Oakdale
80.9Claribel Avina26:46Ceres
81.9Mariah King26:58:00 PROakdale
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2 Mile Sophomore  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

7.10Lisette Carretero13:45 PRCeres
10Tiffany Scott14:46Chavez
10Rebecca Peterson14:51Chavez
10Jeanette Torrez15:06 SRCeres
9Karina Torrez15:18 SRCeres
10Toni Garcia17:39Ceres
9Crystal Bautista17:55Chavez
10Marina Lopez21:22Chavez
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kristen Turner19:02 PRSummerville
2.11Marisa Carino19:18Oakmont
3.12Dorothy Thai20:34McNair
4.12Randi McCarley20:51Amador
5.12Cassidy Daley21:01Lodi
6.11Sheridan Loverin21:14 PRCalaveras
7.10Haley Silva21:16Sierra
8.10Rebecca Cobb21:21Lodi
9.12Mayra Mejia21:24Lodi
10.9Anastasia Karnaze21:29Amador
11.10Jackie Magana21:39Atwater
12.10Lenox Peterson21:42Amador
13.12Cecilia Carretero21:43Ceres
14.12Madelyn Blank21:46Lodi
15.12Patricia Angel21:53Sierra
16.10Kaitlin Spencer22:06Tracy
17.12Ellen Luce-McKay22:10Summerville
18.9Elizabeth Uribe22:15St Mary’s
19.12Marissa Reyes22:19St Mary’s
20.11Kyndall Riley22:23Sierra
21.12Sally Rios22:26Atwater
22.11Hayley Rizzi22:27Bret Harte
23.12Sydney Smith22:28 SRGregori High
24.11Claudia Arevalo22:34East Union
25.9Karina Gil22:38Madera
26.9Valerie Mejia22:50Atwater
27.12Jami Ford22:52Pitman
28.10Lupe Ventura22:54Patterson
29.12Katharine Aiton22:58Bret Harte
30.11Jessie Evans23:07Bret Harte
31.11Alejandra Rodriguez23:11Bret Harte
32.12Teal Stewart23:12Amador
33.10Svetlana Mathany23:13 PRArgonaut
34.12Sahara Almquist23:14Oakmont
35.12Taylor Baum23:16 PREast Union
36.11Elisiah Frank23:20Pitman
37.11Audrey Tekerlek23:22St Mary’s
38.11Joy Wilcox23:23Atwater
39.12Ciera Soliz23:26 PRTracy
40.11Erika Dwight23:26Pitman
41.12Bryce Ford23:30 SRCeres
42.12Mallory Patino23:30 PRTurlock
43.10Elizabeth Ma23:31Sierra
44.11Brenda Garcia23:31 SRMadera
45.10Prescilla Fajardo23:32McNair
46.12Liz Erwin23:35 SROakdale
47.11Nancy Fuentes23:40 SRAtwater
48.11Christina Uribe23:45 PRSt Mary’s
49.11Cheyan Knight23:47Atwater
50.12Jazlynn Satkamp23:49 SREnochs
51.10Rose Wilbourn23:51Atwater
52.10Marisela Rodriguez23:52Atwater
53.11Katie Hanf23:53Pitman
54.11Kyrstin Riley23:54Sierra
55.11Tiyana Dorsey23:56Oakmont
56.12Kayla Sadler23:57Bret Harte
57.11Sarah Armstrong23:57St Mary’s
58.12Devonna Gonzales24:02:00Chavez
59.12Ivette Salvador24:06:00Pitman
60.11Brianda Maldonado24:09:00 PRTurlock
61.12Sarah Jackson24:13:00 PREast Union
62.12Jordan Garcia24:13:00Pitman
63.11Jesenia Avina24:15:00St Mary’s
64.10Ithzel Valdez24:17:00 PRLathrop
65.12Jessie Martin24:19:00 SREast Union
66.11Celia Reyna24:21:00Atwater
67.11Miranda O'Mahony24:21:00Lodi
68.11A'Kia Roland24:24:00 SRGregori High
69.11Felicia Castro24:26:00Atwater
70.9Shay Hagerman24:31:00 PRBuhach Colony
71.11Hayley Rovito24:31:00Pitman
72.9Bethany Hamilton24:40:00 SRMerced
73.12Chelsea Ruthrauff24:40:00Calaveras
74.11Karina Jaimes24:43:00 PRGregori High
75.9Karina Winter24:43:00St Mary’s
76.11Misty Alexander24:43:00 PRTurlock
77.11Kaileen Backovich24:50:00Amador
78.11Veronica Tadeo24:51:00Modesto
79.12Aimee Rodriquez24:57:00 PRMadera
80.12Annette Miramontes25:01:00 PRMerced
81.11Lexi Munson25:02:00 PRTurlock
82.12Celeste Molina25:06:00Chavez
83.11Ariana Mendoza25:07:00 PRTurlock
84.12Monica Gutierrez25:09:00 PRTurlock
85.12Y Nguyen25:10:00Chavez
86.12Claire Silva25:16:00 PRTurlock
87.12Megan Jordan25:19:00 PREast Union
88.11Alexandra Carasco25:23:00 PRPatterson
89.12Yuki Strong25:23:00 PREnochs
90.12Genesis Diaz25:24:00 PREnochs
91.12Karina Ruiz25:30:00Ceres
92.12Kayla Martinez25:32:00Madera
93.12Erin Deiotte25:33:00Oakmont
94.11Beatriz Velasquez25:37:00 SRMadera
95.12Samantha Boots25:41:00Chavez
96.12Nadja Helmig25:51:00Calaveras
97.12Miranda Coombs25:57:00 PRGregori High
98.11Dani Dwyer26:03:00St Mary’s
99.11Ahlea Castro26:05:00McNair
100.12Sara Hernandez26:09:00 PRGregori High
101.9Faith Avila26:15:00 SRBuhach Colony
102.12Kyleigh McPhillips26:23:00Tracy
103.12Andi Divis26:27:00 PREnochs
104.11Lynda Chao26:29:00McNair
105.11Sylvia Guash26:36:00Tracy
106.11Elizabeth Varni26:38:00Pitman
107.11Brittany Kohler26:39:00Calaveras
108.11Crystal Vargas26:49:00Modesto
109.11Jessica Martinez26:53:00Buhach Colony
110.11Kayla Kenney27:03:00Pitman
111.9Sanya Bedi27:24:00Buhach Colony
112.11Laura Hernandez27:29:00Modesto
113.11Vannessa Rodriguez27:36:00 PRMerced
114.12Maria Murillo27:49:00Ceres
115.12Mariam Bautista27:50:00Chavez
116.11Annie Vang27:54:00Buhach Colony
117.11Kyla Mercado27:59:00McNair
118.11Nikki Chang29:11:00 PRBuhach Colony
119.12Brittany Hamilton29:13:00 PRAmador
120.12Katie Smith29:29:00Lodi
121.12Aurora Almonte29:47:00Ceres
122.11Raquel Rojas29:54:00Buhach Colony
123.12Jordan Cervantez30:19:00Ceres
124.9Maya Roe30:56:00Summerville
125.11Jackie Diaz31:06:00McNair
126.10Stephanie Esqueda32:31:00Patterson
127.11Priscilla Ruth32:32:00Calaveras
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  
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12Jennifer Barajas19:16 PRChavez
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