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Oakmont Invitational HS

Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Meet Host - Oakmont HS
Location - Maidu Park, Roseville, CA - Map
Mens Races
4,000 Meters Frosh/Soph8:00 AM
4,000 Meters Varsity9:00 AM
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity10:00 AM
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Frosh/Soph8:30 AM
4,000 Meters Varsity9:30 AM
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity10:30 AM

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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Frosh/Soph  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Ian Miller13:35Oakmont
2.9Logan Taggart13:36Oakmont
4.9Logan Kohne13:50Folsom
5.10Cody Fleetwood13:53Del Campo
10Matthew Sangria13:54Roseville
7.10Jacob Madrid13:58Del Campo
8.9Tanner Moore14:04Oakmont
9.10Christian Woolfolk14:17Oakmont
13.10Weston Dewitt14:25Folsom
14.10Jerome Santiago14:41River Valley
14.10Curtis Roth14:41Del Campo
16.9Jonathan Weinberg14:53Oakmont
19.9Josiah Reynolds14:57Oakmont
21.10Sahil Pandit15:11River Valley
23.10John Kretschmann15:19Folsom
26.10Ryan McCormick15:47Del Campo
27.10Gerardo Flores15:51Folsom
28.9Josh Vega15:51Oakmont
29.9Chase Peterson15:54Foothill (Sacramento)
30.10Christopher Nowell16:02Folsom
9Marcus Luna16:03Roseville
9Blake Amado16:07Roseville
35.9Parker Nelson16:23Folsom
37.9Arthur Yuriychuk16:35Oakmont
38.10Jackson Colpitts16:35Oakmont
39.9Isaiah McElvain16:37Del Campo
40.10Gabriel Stultz16:38River Valley
41.10Kevin Moran16:43Oakmont
9Kevin Carlson16:46Roseville
9Matthew Seefeldt16:54Roseville
44.9Andrew Reed16:58Folsom
45.10Matt Merrill17:01Folsom
47.10Nycholas Morris17:25Oakmont
49.10Harprabhjot Singh17:40River Valley
52.9Andrew Duncan17:56Del Campo
53.9Cody Scott17:56Del Campo
56.10Wil Randall18:25Folsom
58.10Santiago Cervantes18:54Folsom
59.9Owen Collins19:02Folsom
63.9Zachary Samford19:30Del Campo
65.9Kyle Cardenas19:34Folsom
66.10Michael Fuller19:36Del Campo
67.9Anthony Horn19:43Oakmont
68.10Alex Van Meter19:50Oakmont
69.9Aron Glasser26:12Del Campo
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4,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

2.12Sam Scheuer12:28Folsom
3.12Swarnjit Boyal12:39River Valley
4.12Sean Jagerson12:42Del Campo
5.12Patrick Jagerson12:45Del Campo
6.11Denis Pyryev12:51Del Campo
7.12Logan Winfield12:58Sacramento Country Day
8.12Antonio Aguirre13:00Del Campo
10.11Ian Young13:09Del Campo
11.12Michael Kinoshita13:11Folsom
13.12Jacob Goodwin13:17Folsom
15.12Vinnie Morin13:21Folsom
16.11Austin Taggart13:21Oakmont
17.10Edward Chance13:22Del Campo
18.10Arturo Sotomayor13:22Roseville
19.11Sam Aguire13:22Del Campo
21.11Casiano Aguirre13:24Del Campo
23.10Ross Walker13:26Del Campo
24.12Logan Stahl13:27Roseville
29.11Inderpreet Singh13:50River Valley
30.11Aaron Hutton13:52River Valley
32.12Jonathan Barrows14:01Folsom
34.12Adam Hocking14:07Oakmont
35.12Andres Quijas14:08River Valley
38.11Amrit Boyal14:16River Valley
39.12Jacob Clayton14:19River Valley
41.11Anthony Sanchez14:29Roseville
42.11Jose Ramirez14:33Oakmont
43.11Elijah Selby14:34Oakmont
47.11Evan Stepper14:40Roseville
49.11Patrick Macias14:44Oakmont
54.11Chris Freeman15:05Oakmont
55.12Jacob Frankel15:06Sacramento Country Day
56.12Ben Beckwith15:10Roseville
57.11Alex Hoskins15:19River Valley
61.11Andre Titus15:39River Valley
12Austin Finerty15:51Roseville
12Hunter Fournier15:53Roseville
11Jarrett Maples16:19Roseville
69.12Shane Voll16:29Foothill (Sacramento)
11Austin Torgerson17:12Roseville
78.12Storm Peterson17:16Foothill (Sacramento)
11Dan Reilly17:44Roseville
83.12Josh Lee18:50Foothill (Sacramento)
11Eli Payne20:00Roseville
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Josh Rose13:52Del Campo
3.12Dima Buinievich13:59Del Campo
4.12Blake Shaw14:04Folsom
6.12David Hanson14:12Folsom
8.12Cristiano Bobiles14:21Folsom
7.11Brett Jolly14:22Del Campo
9.11Keiran McKay14:31Del Campo
10.11Tim Scott14:41Folsom
12.11Alexander Haines15:20Folsom
14.12Spencer Buelna15:40Folsom
17.11Patrick Moran15:53Oakmont
18.12Nick Alvarez16:11Oakmont
19.11Peter Merrill16:22Folsom
20.11Jake Stern16:24Folsom
24.11Daniel Eastman17:43Oakmont
26.11Jacob Dennett20:19Oakmont
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Frosh/Soph  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Miranda Myers14:24St Francis
2.10Peyton Bilo14:24St Francis
3.10Camille Boudreaux15:08St Francis
5.10Ariel Medina15:49St Francis
6.9Sarah Anderson15:52Folsom
7.10Katie Bock15:59Folsom
8.10Mallory Shingle16:09St Francis
9.10Muna Alhamad16:20Folsom
10.10Kylie Michaels16:24Oakmont
9Emma Sessano16:43Roseville
13.9Gabrielle Dyer17:04St Francis
15.9Hailey Barrett17:11St Francis
16.9Whitney Lelis17:20Oakmont
17.10Megan Burnes17:35Oakmont
19.9McKenna Peterson17:49St Francis
20.10Macie Tanaka17:54St Francis
21.9Meredith Cook18:02St Francis
23.9Lindsey Bailey18:11Folsom
25.10Jenna Bowles18:26Oakmont
9Danel Camacho18:35Roseville
27.10Danielle Patton18:38St Francis
29.10Michelle Hanson18:46Folsom
10Aubrei Stahl18:51Roseville
31.9Juliet Batturaro19:01St Francis
32.10Aubrey Mitsch19:09St Francis
10Sabrina Schott19:18Roseville
36.10Ryleigh Bone19:33St Francis
39.10Katie Poggi19:52St Francis
42.10Mia Liu20:12Oakmont
43.9Erin Barr20:34St Francis
44.9Jessica Danens20:35St Francis
48.9Andrea Macias21:12St Francis
49.9Kelly Sheffield21:14St Francis
52.10Ynez Titus21:34River Valley
53.9Audrey Panson21:45St Francis
54.9Abbi Johnson21:47Folsom
57.9Isabella Saca22:06St Francis
61.10Benite Rutaganira22:20St Francis
10Seienna Papini23:05Roseville
10kayla Kapler24:52Roseville
10Mikayla Davis25:41Roseville
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4,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Lauren LaRocco14:21St Francis
4.11Leanne Jarvis14:52River Valley
5.11Marisa Carino14:57Oakmont
6.11Madison Rawson14:59St Francis
7.12Vivian Lam15:00Folsom
8.12Kim Lackner15:26St Francis
9.12Eleanor Ferguson15:56St Francis
10.11Elena Fricke16:10St Francis
11.11Macee Moreno16:17St Francis
15.12Melanie Stralen16:56St Francis
16.12Mika Davidian16:58Oakmont
20.12Mika Brown17:07St Francis
21.11Harkiren Everest17:08River Valley
11Janelle Stepper17:25Roseville
11Jennifer Gleason17:30Roseville
27.12Sahara Almquist18:04Oakmont
32.11Ashley Anderson18:36Folsom
12Megan McColley19:03Roseville
12Alexandra Dozsa19:20Roseville
42.11Jennifer Rees19:48Folsom
44.11Kaeti Park20:38Folsom
45.11Macey Boyer20:50Foothill (Sacramento)
46.11Abigail Cendejas22:24Foothill (Sacramento)
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Allison Klas16:22St Francis
2.11Megan Vollmer17:49St Francis
3.11Maddy Strong17:50St Francis
4.12Erin Deiotte17:52Oakmont
5.11Megan Mulholland17:59St Francis
6.11Tori Anasovitch18:08St Francis
7.11Tiyana Dorsey18:16Oakmont
8.11Ashley Emitte18:24Oakmont
9.11Cassidy Travis18:30St Francis
10.11Melissa Woodward18:40St Francis
16.11Emily Macias19:18St Francis
17.11Sophie Noda19:25St Francis
18.11McKayla Beavers19:27St Francis
19.11Taylor Schrock19:48St Francis
23.12Loralai Neft21:20St Francis
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