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Mens Races
3 Mile Frosh-Soph10:30 AM
3 Mile Varsity11:30 AM
Womens Races
3 Mile Frosh-Soph10:00 AM
3 Mile Varsity11:00 AM
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Hi Coaches, welcome to our 2012 Meadow Park Invitational Meet - (Also known as Laguna Lake Invitational)

Location: Meadow Park, located on the corner of Meadow and South Streets, San Luis Obispo

Check in time: 9:00 A.M.

4 Division Races – all races are 3 miles: 

                           10:00 A.M. - Frosh-Soph Girls - unlimited frosh-soph entries

                           10:30 A.M. - Frosh-Soph Boys - unlimited frosh-soph entries

                           10:00 A.M. - Varsity Girls - unlimited entries… any grade

                           10:00 A.M. - Varsity Boys - unlimited entries … any grade

Entry fees:  $5/athlete… or $35/division-team of 7 or more runners entered in a division race… ($140 max/school if entered in all 4 division races with 7 or more runners entered in all four divisions)

Awards:  medals awarded to the top 15 runners in each race and team trophies awarded in each race to the first and second place teams (standard scoring - schools first 5 runners are scored with runners 6 and 7, if available, counting for displacement).


If you need any additional information please contact me, David Roosevelt, Cross Country Hanford High at or my cell phone (559) 362-4112.

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Mens Results

3 Mile Frosh-Soph  
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13.9Rodolfo Gaytan18:59Corcoran
16.10Jose Huerta19:12Corcoran
27.10Alex Nuno20:25 SRCentral
33.9Mauriceo Telez21:05 PRCentral
36.9Robby Davis21:14 PRCorcoran
37.9Adrian Trujillo21:22 PRCentral
38.9Ricky Giordano21:27Central
41.9Alberto Martinez21:32 SRCorcoran
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3 Mile Varsity  
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10Alexis Torres16:31Kingsburg
10Guillermo Ferrer17:00Sierra Pacific
13.9Pedro Perez17:09Corcoran
14.11Jose Angulo17:12Corcoran
20.12Sean O'Donnell17:52Central
12Pedro DeLaCruz18:10Sierra Pacific
29.12Chris Andersen18:17Central
31.12Chris Luna18:23Corcoran
36.11Saul Estrada18:29Corcoran
42.11Jose Villaseñor18:41Corcoran
43.9Uriel Valverde18:50Central
45.12Jonathan Watkins18:56 PRCentral
46.10Taylor Wilson18:56Central
49.11Chae Moua19:12Central
10Jeovany Valencia19:25Sierra Pacific
53.11Efren Martin19:27 PRCorcoran
10Javier Rodriguez19:40Kingsburg
58.12Robert Chamberlin19:44 PRCentral
9Pablo Santos19:51Sierra Pacific
61.11Thomas Rea20:07 PRCentral
10Felipe Luna20:11Kingsburg
63.11Eriberto Saldana20:16 SRCorcoran
11Cesar Vega20:48Sierra Pacific
10Samuel Vasquez21:00Sierra Pacific
74.11Benny Valdez21:02Corcoran
10Jaycob Hinojosa22:04Kingsburg
83.12Adolfo Ruvalcaba22:42Central
87.11Robert Lerma23:12Corcoran
10Cody Alzina23:20Kingsburg
88.12Fernando Reyes23:20Corcoran
91.11Tyler Boundy24:00Central
12Jonathan Delgado24:39Kingsburg
12Keenan Prince30:04Kingsburg
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