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Mens Races

Tualatin HS

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
Womens Races

Tualatin HS

5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:30 PM
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Varsity Boys:  Forest Grove 27  Tualatin 28;  Tualatin  19  Westside Christian  44;  Forest Grove  18  Westside Christian 45; Tualatin 15  Country Christian 50; Forest Grove 15  Country Christian 50;  Westside Christian 21  Country Christian  37

JV Boys:  Forest Grove 24  Tualatin  31; Tualatin 15  Westside Christian  50;  Forest Grove 15  Westside Christian  50

Varsity Girls:  Forest Grove 19  Tualatin 40;  Forest Grove  15  Westside Christian INC.;  Tualatin 15  Westside Christian  INC.

JV Girls:  Tualatin 25  Forest Grove 32 

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Murimi Nyamu18:27.0Forest Grove
2.10Duncan Stewart18:38.0Forest Grove
3.11Griffin Jack18:44.0Tualatin
4.11Adam Mitchell19:05.0Tualatin
5.12Matt Duyck19:07.0Forest Grove
6.12Ryan Elder19:17.0Tualatin
7.10Archer Morgan19:24.0Forest Grove
8.10Jackson Schleicher19:28.0Tualatin
9.9Mathew Johnson19:33.0Forest Grove
10.10Dakota Steppe19:37.0Tualatin
11.11Derek Evers19:38.0Forest Grove
12.10Cameron McMaster19:59.0Forest Grove
13.11Calvin Fischer20:02.0Forest Grove
14.10Brian Alexander20:02.0Tualatin
15.11Everett Fellger20:05.0Forest Grove
16.10Elijah Raffo20:06.0Tualatin
17.11Derek Maidel20:10.0Tualatin
18.10Bryce Meltebeke20:30.0Forest Grove
19.10Jay Howell20:30.0Westside Christian
20.10Ryan Hanson20:42.0Tualatin
21.12David Jaquez20:52.0Forest Grove
22.10Jordan Atkins20:54.0Tualatin
23.10Anthony Borges21:00.0Tualatin
24.12Abraham Villasenor21:10.0Forest Grove
25.11Larkin Moss21:11.0Forest Grove
26.10Jared Welter21:18.0Tualatin
27.12Alexander Hancock21:19.0Tualatin
28.10German Chumak21:28.0Tualatin
29.11Tucker Bateman21:30.0Tualatin
30.9Layton Webber21:47.0Tualatin
31.11Keaton Merrill22:07.0Forest Grove
32.10Riley Fischer22:15.0Forest Grove
33.9Chris Palau22:17.0Westside Christian
34.12David Johannesen22:24.0Tualatin
35.12Jacob McNamara22:25.0Westside Christian
36.10Jordan Panganiban22:28.0Forest Grove
37.12Nicholas Cross22:30.0Tualatin
38.9Tobiason Winn22:35.0Tualatin
39.9Gabriel Gutierrez22:39.00Forest Grove
40.11Jacob Friedhoff22:52.00Tualatin
41.9Grant Landis22:58.00Westside Christian
42.11Joey Skeele22:59.00Forest Grove
43.10Luke Satrum23:34.00Country Christian
44.10Connor Dionne23:45.00Forest Grove
45.9Jacob Green23:45.00Tualatin
46.9Noah Archer23:56.00Westside Christian
47.10Autry Friend23:58.00Forest Grove
48.9Eric Aarseth23:59.00Tualatin
49.9Michael Mann24:17.00Country Christian
50.11Nathan Longacre24:39.00Westside Christian
51.11Skyler Gorman24:52.00Forest Grove
52.9John Kendall24:53.00Country Christian
53.9Alex Satrum25:09.00Country Christian
54.11Pablo Avalos26:41.00Forest Grove
55.9Grant Costelloe27:18.00Westside Christian
56.9Alec Lambert27:50.00Country Christian
57.11Josh Parmalee30:16.00Country Christian
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Matthew Lovos16:32.0Tualatin
2.10Seth Berdahl16:41.0Forest Grove
3.12Judd Parson16:45.0Forest Grove
4.12Rich Fettig16:47.0Westside Christian
5.12Connor Pitt17:00.0Forest Grove
6.11Tyler Snyder17:03.0Tualatin
7.12Scott Allred17:06.0Tualatin
8.10Benjamin Love17:18.0Tualatin
9.11Michael Garcia17:39.0Forest Grove
10.10William Calder17:40.0Tualatin
11.11Aaron Orr17:41.0Forest Grove
12.12Brayan Cruz17:46.0Forest Grove
13.9Malachi Seib17:57.0Tualatin
14.10Camden Kennedy18:07.0Forest Grove
15.10Daniel Ennis18:12.0Tualatin
16.12Ian Dehner18:19.0Forest Grove
17.11Randy Avendano18:21.0Forest Grove
18.10Eric Breyer18:27.0Tualatin
19.9Tucker Leneve18:35.0Tualatin
20.9Jason Stallkamp18:44.0Tualatin
21.12Eric Alcaraz18:45.0Forest Grove
22.10Jack Pitcher18:53.0Westside Christian
23.10Bryce Haskin18:54.0Tualatin
24.12Jacob Lewis19:05.0Forest Grove
25.12Levi Lewandowski19:06.0Country Christian
26.11Andrew Axmaker19:13.0Country Christian
27.12Austin Hunsdon19:50.0Tualatin
28.12Hank Grossen19:59.0Westside Christian
29.10Jack Southworth20:00.0Westside Christian
30.12Garrick Kalmeta20:09.0Westside Christian
31.11Adam Harrison20:28.0Westside Christian
32.10Avery Nofziger20:55.0Country Christian
33.10Ben Grandle21:09.0Country Christian
34.12Eric Kanty21:26.0Country Christian
35.11Thomas Thiede21:29.0Westside Christian
36.11TJ Visser22:17.0Country Christian
37.11Cooper Nofziger26:07.0Country Christian
38.12Zach Farner27:21.0Country Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Elena Torry-Schrag20:10.0Forest Grove
2.11Emilia Anderson20:13.0Forest Grove
3.11Julia Khoury20:37.0Forest Grove
4.12Kayla Moore20:53.0Tualatin
5.10Kimberly Heesacker21:11.0Forest Grove
6.12Christine Ho21:35.0Tualatin
7.11Sarah Curtis21:57.0Westside Christian
8.9Amanda Keen22:27.0Tualatin
9.9Esther Harris22:29.0Forest Grove
10.12Jessica Steigerwald22:35.0Forest Grove
11.9Chloe Janko22:35.0Forest Grove
12.10Lisa Jauch22:39.0Westside Christian
13.12Emma Williams23:23.0Tualatin
15.11Joelle Bruckert-Fr...23:38.0Forest Grove
16.11Emily Parker23:39.0Forest Grove
17.11Abigail Starr23:58.0Westside Christian
20.12Hannah Smith24:14.0Tualatin
21.12Olivia Schrimp24:26.0Tualatin
27.10Anna Cunningham26:31.0Country Christian
29.10Olivia Hartford27:32.0Westside Christian
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

14.10Karimi Nyamu23:36.0Forest Grove
18.10Tara Campbell24:03.0Forest Grove
19.12Miranda Petrone24:11.0Tualatin
22.10Kristen Elder24:48.0Tualatin
23.12Lindsey Ferguson24:52.0Tualatin
24.10Jane Westenhaver25:12.0Tualatin
25.9Sarah Krill25:39.0Tualatin
26.11AnnaLeesa Egg26:30.0Forest Grove
28.10Krista Zobrist27:20.0Tualatin
30.10Carla Macedo-Diaz27:43.0Forest Grove
31.11Virginia Ornelas28:26.0Forest Grove
32.12Abby Jensen29:22.0Forest Grove
33.12Abby Vanderzanden29:53.0Forest Grove
34.11Kaitlin Cecchini30:29.0Forest Grove
35.11Marlene Sanchez-Ro...31:32.0Forest Grove
36.11Dulce Gutierrez33:15.0Forest Grove
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