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Friday, October 26, 2012

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Meet Host - Whitney HS
Location - William Jessup University course, Rocklin, CA - Map
Mens Races
3 Mile Varsity
2 Mile JV
Womens Races
3 Mile Varsity
2 Mile JV
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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Ryan Hodgens15:23Whitney
2.12Jacob Zufelt15:29Whitney
3.11Nathan Wellington15:30Whitney
4.12George Halvorsen15:53Rio Americano
5.11Kenji Anzai15:54Rio Americano
6.12Kevin Lozoya16:25Antelope
7.12Taylor Bradshaw16:32Whitney
8.11Marcus Reece16:38Cordova
9.9Evan Cross16:57Rio Americano
10.12Dakota Fierro17:00Antelope
11.10Eric Leverenz17:10Whitney
12.9Isaiah Hanna17:15Whitney
13.10Nicholas Burchett17:24Rio Americano
14.12Matthew Ramos17:28El Camino
15.12Avery Ward17:31Antelope
16.12Alec Bigelow17:32Whitney
17.11Nicholas Pulido17:40Whitney
18.12Beau Schaechterle17:50Rio Americano
19.11Austin Wilson17:55Cordova
20.11Devin Valdez18:07Whitney
21.11Kent Kreutzberg18:11Whitney
22.11Frank Aguilera18:13Mira Loma
23.12Stanley Thompson18:22Cordova
24.12Carlos Mejia18:23Antelope
25.12Michael Meegan18:23El Camino
26.12Josh Lowy18:28Rio Americano
27.11Matthew Bollinger18:38El Camino
28.11Wyatt Taylor18:56El Camino
29.12Lionel Yoc19:04Cordova
30.10Sam McDowel19:24Mira Loma
31.12Jacob Norman19:27Cordova
32.12Patrick Wilson19:34El Camino
33.12Dennis Johnson19:39Cordova
34.12Tyler Wright19:40Antelope
35.12Austin Johnson19:53Cordova
36.12Glenn Hoopes19:57Cordova
37.12Jose Torrentes20:02Cordova
38.12Logan Vick20:09El Camino
39.11Truman Stephenson20:22Cordova
40.11Adrian Griffith20:24Cordova
41.12Daniel Maksimovich20:26Antelope
42.12David Lin20:28Mira Loma
43.12Jeff Liang20:45Mira Loma
44.11Brad Miller21:07Antelope
45.12Luke Anaya21:34Whitney
46.12Michael Villegas21:43El Camino
47.12Matt Stidham21:45Cordova
48.11Austen Dehart21:54Mira Loma
49.12Nathan Neufeld22:17Antelope
50.11James Villanueva23:03Rio Americano
51.12Mitchell Zaborski24:02Mira Loma
52.11Jordan Vick26:29El Camino
53.9Lucas Wang26:46El Camino
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2 Mile JV  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Brandon Aranda11:23Mira Loma
2.9Taylor Nguyen11:25Whitney
3.10Antonio Franco11:33Whitney
4.10Christopher Enabnit11:34Mira Loma
5.10Anthony Ramos11:39El Camino
6.9Christian Condos11:44Whitney
7.9Brett Snow11:46Whitney
8.10Marcello Chang11:46Mira Loma
9.9Nick Rubalcava11:47Whitney
10.9Klay King11:55El Camino
11.9Awki Banda11:56Mira Loma
12.10Daniel Shen12:01Mira Loma
13.10Reece Kertel12:03Mira Loma
14.10Noah Johnson12:05Mira Loma
15.9Brandon Barsch12:07El Camino
16.9Robert LaPeer12:21Whitney
17.9Nathan Shaldone12:28Rio Americano
18.9Greg Cushing12:32El Camino
19.9Chris Harris12:36Rio Americano
20.9Trent Martin12:43Whitney
21.10Jordan McGuire12:48Cordova
22.10Grant Waters12:50Whitney
23.9Josh Stoeltzing12:51El Camino
24.9Jaime Duran12:52Mira Loma
25.9Cade Wright12:52Rio Americano
26.9Hugo Castillo12:53Cordova
27.10Darian Wehner13:01Cordova
28.10Noel Schurch13:07Rio Americano
29.10Nathan Ham13:27Whitney
30.9Sid Valenciano13:28Mira Loma
31.12Lionel Yoc13:30Cordova
32.9Patrick Bearden13:31Cordova
33.10Nick Alliniece13:32Whitney
34.9Billy Allen13:38El Camino
35.9Daniel Rubinstein13:40Mira Loma
36.10Austin Loft13:46Rio Americano
37.9Nick Golden14:02Whitney
38.10Michael Abshear14:08Whitney
39.10Brendan Allen14:21Whitney
40.10Frank Zhang14:36Mira Loma
41.10Trickel Cole14:49Antelope
42.9Nico Lopes14:51Whitney
43.9Jacob Sherer14:52Whitney
44.9Austin Leverenz14:55Whitney
45.10Matt Loft17:34Rio Americano
46.10Kyle Curtis18:18Whitney
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Macaulay Porter18:13Rio Americano
2.11Elizabeth Hutchison18:39Rio Americano
3.11Jenica Dodge18:44Whitney
4.9Jordan Sienkiewicz19:02Whitney
5.10Kaitlyn Liu19:11Mira Loma
6.12Kandace Compton19:21El Camino
7.12Megan Hall19:46Whitney
8.9Nicole Wellington20:18Whitney
9.9Ozora Cheek20:27Whitney
10.11Ariel Young20:39Rio Americano
11.10Paige Gowan20:41Rio Americano
12.9Alyssa Evans20:50Rio Americano
13.11Jakayla Fuller21:07Cordova
14.11Sara Musgrave21:10El Camino
15.11Ilana Weisberg21:45Rio Americano
16.11Audrey Nishi21:46Rio Americano
17.9Lucy Giles21:47Rio Americano
18.11Heather Walker21:48Cordova
19.11Michaela Myers22:00Cordova
20.11Anna Britzman22:16Mira Loma
21.11Jacqueline Grady22:27El Camino
22.12Victoria Drobkov23:00Cordova
23.12Courtney Craney23:35Rio Americano
24.12Karina Gamez24:05Cordova
25.12Claritza Cruz24:28Cordova
26.12Hannah Klinger24:41El Camino
26.11Melanie Parsons24:52Cordova
28.12Sousanna Souv25:04Mira Loma
29.12Diana Gavrilchik25:17Cordova
30.12Madison Collins25:22Whitney
31.11Amelia Easterbrook25:46El Camino
32.11Beatriz Arellanes27:06Cordova
33.11Anita Souv27:34Mira Loma
34.12Molly Miles27:47Whitney
35.11Kadie Arnez28:16Cordova
36.11Thai Thanh Vo28:54Cordova
27.11Melanie ParsonsCordova
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2 Mile JV  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Haley Ellis13:01Whitney
2.10Dorian Kariuki13:32Mira Loma
3.9Hattie Groat13:44Whitney
4.10Annette Higuera13:55Antelope
5.10Farrah Smith14:07Antelope
6.9Alyssa Eppler14:27Whitney
7.10Delaney Ridenour14:31El Camino
8.11Kirsten Blom14:33Rio Americano
9.9Reghan Smith14:42Whitney
10.10Amanda Pokorney14:46Mira Loma
11.10Mikaela Andrade14:48Antelope
12.9Gabriele Miller15:10El Camino
13.9Jocelyn Acosta15:12Cordova
14.10Hannah Keenan15:21Rio Americano
15.10Blythe Nishi15:25Rio Americano
16.10Samantha Arnez15:25Cordova
16.10Samantha Arnez15:26Cordova
17.10Orgilmaa Munkhaatar15:36Mira Loma
18.10Moriah Moore15:40Whitney
19.11Julia Andrews15:51Rio Americano
20.9Christina Cafferata15:58Rio Americano
21.9Rachel Wheeler16:03Cordova
22.10Dana Finney16:05Rio Americano
23.9Hannah Kanik16:21Whitney
24.10Breonah Moore16:27Whitney
25.11Kayci Michaely17:47Mira Loma
26.10Karla Mejia-Miranda17:54Cordova
27.12Hannah Barnes18:00Rio Americano
28.9Hannah Anderson18:23Cordova
29.9Alina Garcia19:18Mira Loma
30.10Maria Razo Soto19:36Antelope
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