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Omak Invitational HS

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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Meet Host - Omak HS
Location - East Side Park, Omak, WA - Map
Mens Races
3.01 Mile Varsity
3.01 Mile Junior Varsity
Womens Races
3.01 Mile Varsity
3.01 Mile Junior Varsity
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We are looking forward to seeing you at our Invitational. 


Omak High School / Middle School Invitational Cross Country Meet


When: Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Important Notice:   Entries and team confirmations will be done on again this year.  Please make sure that your have registered on by Friday, September 28.  Thank you.


Time:  High School 4:00 p.m.   -   Middle School 3:30 p.m.


Where:  East Omak Park (starting line will be near Stampede Ticket Office)


Cost:   $30 (includes Middle School if high school team registers)


Ribbons (top 10 HS & MS), medals (top HS individuals), and trophies (top 3 HS teams) will be awarded.  Payment due by Tuesday, September 11.


            Make checks payable to: Omak High School


Send entry fee to:  Omak High School ASB Office, Attention:  Maria Desjardins, PO Box 833, Omak, WA  98841


Please plan to attend and RSVP by Tuesday, September 11, 2012.  Mail, fax, e-mail, or phone:  Omak High School Athletic Office, PO Box 833, Omak, WA  98841, Fax 509-826-8515, e-mail, phone 509-826-5152 (Jan)

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Mens Results

3.01 Mile Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Victor Salgado16:26Quincy
2.11Drew Van Polen16:34Cashmere
3.11Liam Daily16:34.4Liberty Bell
4.9Jonathan Mangas16:56Cashmere
5.10Duncan Forsman17:00Republic
6.12Oscar Avilez17:01Tonasket
7.11Samuel Goble17:11Omak
8.12Dawson Taylor17:26Cashmere
9.10Ivan Reyes17:28Chelan
10.12Gabriel Martinez17:32Quincy
11.10Spencer Elmore17:34Quincy
12.11Oliver Fernandez17:35Cashmere
13.9Daniel Olmstead17:38Cascade (Leavenworth)
14.12Jason Hill17:45Omak
15.11Salvador Lopez17:48Quincy
16.11Ricardo Naranjo17:50Cashmere
17.12Erick Garcia17:52Chelan
18.12Doug Herrmann17:54Republic
19.9Taylor Campbell17:58Republic
20.12Gerardo Guzman18:00Quincy
21.9Daniel Tveten18:06Cascade (Leavenworth)
22.9Cole Paton18:14Cashmere
23.10Jimmy Garcia18:17Quincy
24.11Julio Vera18:21Chelan
25.12Taylor Woodruff18:22Liberty Bell
26.11Ivan Magdaleno18:29Chelan
27.12Saxon Brown18:30Republic
28.10Angel Garcia18:30.9Manson
29.11Brock Steele18:31.3Cashmere
30.10Sam Thomas18:32Manson
31.10Giovanni Reyes18:33Chelan
32.9Spencer Reiss18:41Republic
33.10Blakely Browne18:43Cascade (Leavenworth)
34.12Juaquim Garcia18:43.8Chelan
35.9Lukas Hermetz18:44.09Lake Roosevelt
36.11Morgan Ott18:51Liberty Bell
37.12Ryan Thompson18:52.09Omak
38.9Kieran Poore18:52.4Republic
39.12Nolan Jensen18:55Liberty Bell
40.11Miguel Leyva18:56Manson
41.10Willy Duguay18:57Liberty Bell
42.10Bryan Cadena18:58.59Chelan
43.12Olegario Orozco18:58.8Manson
44.12Zach Brown19:06Republic
45.12Justin McMillan19:08Liberty Bell
46.11Cesar Ramos19:09.09Quincy
47.9Neil Flodin19:09.4Cascade (Leavenworth)
48.12Michael Olmstead19:20Cascade (Leavenworth)
49.12Kendall Piccolo19:28Lake Roosevelt
50.12Tim Lewis19:31Liberty Bell
51.9Adrian McCarthy19:48Tonasket
52.12Daniel Martinez19:51Manson
53.12Salvador Leyva20:06Manson
54.10Smith Condon20:18Tonasket
55.11Lawerence Wambugu20:19Tonasket
56.12Seth Law20:20Omak
57.10Oscar Pakootas20:29Lake Roosevelt
58.12Jesse Russel20:40Manson
59.10Jonathan Blake20:54Cascade (Leavenworth)
60.10Adam Halvorsen21:02Tonasket
61.10Daniel Loch21:23Lake Roosevelt
62.11Brandon Desautel21:28Lake Roosevelt
63.9Nathan Wells21:32Cascade (Leavenworth)
64.10Zach Erickson22:23Lake Roosevelt
65.11Brandin Smith22:40Lake Roosevelt
66.10Abe Podkranic22:48Tonasket
67.9Jordan Hughes22:58Tonasket
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3.01 Mile Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Kendall Getchell18:52.2Cashmere
2.10Jesus Guzman19:00Quincy
3.12Dan Pipkin19:01Cashmere
4.11Juan Cruz19:03Republic
5.9Eli Phillips19:15Cashmere
6.11German Guitierrez19:24Chelan
7.10Fausto Vieyra19:26.4Chelan
8.10Emiterio Hernandez19:26.59Quincy
9.10Colin Belliveau19:36Republic
10.11Luis Mota19:38Quincy
11.11Luis Perez19:40Quincy
12.11Loren Stocker19:43Chelan
13.10Jonathan Trujillo19:47.3Chelan
14.10Abelino Farias19:47.7Chelan
15.12Seppe Sebreghts19:48.09Liberty Bell
16.9Trevor Surface19:52Liberty Bell
17.9Diego Joya19:56Cashmere
18.11Ismael Guerrero19:56.4Quincy
19.10Nathan Thompson19:57Cashmere
20.11Cameron Leonard19:57.8Republic
21.12Jerry Sanchez19:58Quincy
22.10Gustavo Mendoza19:59Quincy
23.11Jesus Rodriquez20:04Chelan
24.12Juan Galvez20:07Chelan
25.9Angel Hernadez20:10Chelan
26.10Juan Garcia20:13Chelan
27.9Brair Ivory20:14Chelan
28.9Grant Keller20:28Cashmere
29.11Javier Navarro20:31Chelan
30.10Brandon Day20:37Quincy
31.10Andres Galvez20:44Cashmere
32.9Richard Meneses20:45Chelan
33.11Caleb Spiegel20:48Cascade (Leavenworth)
34.11Jayden Elmore20:49Quincy
35.12Joe Hausman21:09Liberty Bell
36.10Keegan Townsend21:12Cashmere
37.10Kyle James21:14Chelan
38.9Miqual Bravo21:18Chelan
39.9Joseph Winters21:29Cascade (Leavenworth)
40.12Junior Gonzales21:32Chelan
41.11Ethan Visser21:32.4Cashmere
42.9Nicholas A Lopez21:35Quincy
43.10Chris Dronen21:55Cascade (Leavenworth)
44.11Bon Malana22:09Chelan
45.11Cole Chamberlin22:16Republic
46.10William Demarest22:21.09Cascade (Leavenworth)
47.11Sam McMahon22:21.3Cascade (Leavenworth)
48.9Graysen Luckensmeyer22:37Cashmere
49.12Jose Lulo22:41Quincy
50.9Ben Kraske22:44Omak
51.10Uriel Gonzales22:49Chelan
52.10Max Miller22:56Cascade (Leavenworth)
53.10Isaac Roberts23:07Cascade (Leavenworth)
54.11Carson Hill23:10Cascade (Leavenworth)
55.11Garik Cowan23:24Cascade (Leavenworth)
56.9Gabe Holz23:25Omak
57.10Klev Peckham23:30Cascade (Leavenworth)
58.9Brad Chang24:32Cashmere
59.9Brennan Allen24:36.2Cascade (Leavenworth)
60.12Kyle Courtois24:36.4Cashmere
61.9Chris Winters25:06Cascade (Leavenworth)
62.9Dallin Good26:22Tonasket
63.9Octavio Bustos27:34Quincy
64.12James Weaver28:25Cashmere
65.9Sam Winters28:30Cascade (Leavenworth)
66.9Alex LaCombe32:02Cascade (Leavenworth)
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Womens Results

3.01 Mile Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Angela Knishka18:53.3Cashmere
2.12Kea Paton20:39Cashmere
3.11Claire McIntyre20:42Republic
4.11Alejandra Diaz20:57Quincy
5.12Sydney Green21:15Cashmere
6.10Mireya Camacho21:24Quincy
7.11Mayra Salgado21:30Quincy
8.11Janette Meneses21:35Chelan
9.9Diana Montes21:44Omak
10.12Marisa Palazzo21:47Chelan
11.12Ashton Weddle22:10Cashmere
12.9Sarah O'Dell22:13Omak
13.10Jasmine Gonzalez22:25Cashmere
14.10Daisy Campos22:33Chelan
15.12Isabel Negrete22:33.4Chelan
16.9Jasmine Dodgen22:39Omak
17.10Camille Bolton22:42Omak
18.12Jessica Puente22:43Tonasket
19.10Jessica Galvan22:46Chelan
20.11Alexia Hanway23:00Lake Roosevelt
21.12Maribel Negrete23:05Chelan
22.10Amber Santos23:14Chelan
23.11Reyna Posadas23:27Quincy
24.9McKendra Rose23:29Omak
25.11Karen Pinto23:36Quincy
26.12Cynthia Ramirez23:37Quincy
27.11Lilly Schlotzhauer23:38Liberty Bell
28.11Victoria Bolton23:46Omak
29.12Rickyna Sam24:02Lake Roosevelt
30.11Mary Ann Matheson24:03Lake Roosevelt
31.11Summer Stanton24:11Republic
32.12Molly Kenoyer24:33Cashmere
33.9Jenna Valentine24:41Tonasket
34.11Mady Harris24:51Cascade (Leavenworth)
35.12Claire Thornton24:58Tonasket
36.12Ashley Ells25:07Cascade (Leavenworth)
37.11Mariajose DeAlva25:13Quincy
38.10Claire Seaman25:34Cascade (Leavenworth)
39.11Giesa Seidler25:48Tonasket
40.11Lizzy Noland25:49Cascade (Leavenworth)
41.10Kailie Mirik26:33Tonasket
42.11Keya Fasthorse26:39Lake Roosevelt
43.12Rebekah Eberley26:54Republic
44.11Talia Donihue27:01Republic
45.12Amanda Bacon27:15Republic
46.9Sydney O'Donnell27:16Republic
47.12Charli Knight27:18Lake Roosevelt
48.10Madeline Krous27:23Cascade (Leavenworth)
49.10Erika Arias28:11Chelan
50.11Charlotte Massey28:54Cascade (Leavenworth)
51.10Stefanie Rosales29:06Cashmere
52.12Clare Castrodale29:19Lake Roosevelt
53.10Meredith Krous31:07Cascade (Leavenworth)
54.9Corrina Karrer31:51Tonasket
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3.01 Mile Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Madison Reynolds23:55.59Chelan
2.10Dakota Austin23:59Chelan
3.10Araccli Villanueva24:10Chelan
4.11Victoria Carrizales25:20Quincy
5.9Dezarae Westra26:07Quincy
6.9Sagrario Hernadez28:43Chelan
7.11Lily Hernandez30:06Cashmere
8.11Laura Montano31:27Quincy
9.9Indra Valencia36:33Quincy
10.9Brigid Blalock36:42Quincy
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