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Lake Roosevelt Invitational HS

Saturday, October 06, 2012

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Meet Host - Lake Roosevelt HS
Location - Lake Roosevelt HS, Coulee Dam, WA - Map
Mens Races
2.8 Mile Varsity

Lake Roosevelt HS

2.8 Mile Junior Varsity
Womens Races
2.8 Mile Varsity
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Mens Results

2.8 Mile Varsity  
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Lake Roosevelt

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1.10Duncan Forsman16:12Republic
2.12Oscar Avilez16:58Tonasket
3.9Taylor Campbell17:12Republic
4.9Kieran Poore17:15Republic
5.9Vinnie Adolph17:16Wellpinit
6.12Saxon Brown17:39Republic
7.12Doug Herrmann17:41Republic
8.11James Best17:55Wellpinit
9.11Juan Cruz18:05Republic
10.9Lukas Hermetz18:11Lake Roosevelt
11.10Stephen Fletcher18:12Pomeroy
12.9Tyler Maki18:33Pomeroy
13.9Luke Bailey18:36St. John-Endicott
14.12Kendall Piccolo18:45Lake Roosevelt
15.12Terrance Gallaher18:45Wellpinit
16.12Honey Ray Brown18:52Wellpinit
17.10Colsen Mayfield18:54Pomeroy
18.10Adam Halvorsen18:55Tonasket
19.12Justin Wargo19:24St. John-Endicott
21.10Oscar Pakootas19:45Lake Roosevelt
21.10Smith Condon19:54Tonasket
22.9Adrian McCarthy19:57Tonasket
23.11Brandon Desautel20:31Lake Roosevelt
24.12AJ Stanger20:48Lake Roosevelt
25.10Daniel Loch20:50Lake Roosevelt
26.12Tyler King21:06Pomeroy
27.-Karson Krouse21:50Pomeroy
28.10Clayton King22:07Pomeroy
29.11David Kittrell22:50Pomeroy
30.10Jacob Hirsch23:00Pomeroy
31.10McKenney Jones23:02Pomeroy
32.9Raymond Matt25:46Wellpinit
33.9Dallin Good26:15Tonasket
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2.8 Mile Junior Varsity  
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Lake Roosevelt

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1.12Zach Brown18:41Republic
2.10Colin Belliveau18:58Republic
3.11Cameron Leonard19:18Republic
4.9Robert George20:08Lake Roosevelt
5.11Alexis Henric20:59Republic
6.10Zach Erickson21:15Lake Roosevelt
7.11Cole Chamberlin21:47Republic
8.9Jacob Blakeley23:16St. John-Endicott
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Lake Roosevelt

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