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Cascade Conference Championships HS

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - South Whidbey HS
Location - South Whidbey HS, Langley, WA - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity12:10 PM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity11:30 AM
Last Updated 6:47 AM, Tue, Oct 16


Ferry Reservations are recommended.

Meet entries are due Tuesday 3:00 pm.


Meet Schedule:

11:30 am   Cascade Conference Girls Championship

12:10 pm   Cascade Conference Boys Championship

1:00 pm    Awards


Lane Assignments





Archbishop Murphy






Granite Falls









South Whidbey






My Team


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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

4.Archbishop Murphy109
5.South Whidbey119
6.Granite Falls136

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Logan Orndorf16:12.46Cedarcrest
2.10Andrew Ayers16:24.29King's
3.10Douglas Davis16:59.13Lakewood
4.11Drew Cabales17:02.48Lakewood
5.11Quinn Radbourne17:15.30Cedarcrest
6.10Cole Zink17:16.00South Whidbey
7.12Dominic Dams17:22.88Cedarcrest
8.10Alex Cooper17:23.21Lakewood
9.12Ryan Nash17:25.38Granite Falls
10.12Cody Wanichek17:32.63Cedarcrest
11.12Patrick Hyatt17:35.68Archbishop Murphy
12.11Jonathan Gunderson17:41.56Cedarcrest
13.11Peter Smith17:42.03Archbishop Murphy
14.11Ryan Whitehead17:43.09Lakewood
15.10Arthur Emmons17:45.33King's
16.12Logan Griffis17:50.37King's
17.11Colton Green17:56.91Cedarcrest
18.10Brandon Shepard17:57.96Lakewood
19.10Tate Johnson17:58.79Archbishop Murphy
20.10Jake Barnett18:01.00King's
21.12Blake Smith18:06.90King's
22.11Preston Davis18:14.16Lakewood
23.11Gavin Imes18:14.60South Whidbey
24.9Chris Anderson18:18.21South Whidbey
25.11Alec Ward18:23.84Cedarcrest
26.10Tyler Ward18:30.27King's
27.12Jhamil Bader-Jarvis18:31.12South Whidbey
28.10Tristin Larsen18:31.66Granite Falls
29.11Hunter Bryson18:32.15King's
30.10Gunnar Swenson18:34.74Archbishop Murphy
31.11Connor Smith18:36.23Lakewood
32.11Riley Hansen18:37.40Granite Falls
33.11Aaron Heidlage18:40.11Sultan
34.12Peter Espinoza18:42.34Lakewood
35.11Evan Atwater18:46.48Cedarcrest
36.11KC Spencer18:47.62Granite Falls
37.12Jarad Olander18:49.34Granite Falls
38.11Andrew Brodsky18:54.40King's
39.12Jake Schuster18:57.51King's
40.9Dante Gadbois18:58.64Granite Falls
41.12Sean Kelleher19:01.54Archbishop Murphy
42.12Paul McGoorty19:01.98Archbishop Murphy
43.10Benjamin Adams19:04.06Archbishop Murphy
44.10Anders Bergquist19:04.42South Whidbey
45.9Isaac Harper19:04.85Cedarcrest
46.10Samuel Byrne19:05.34Archbishop Murphy
47.12Addison Buchholz19:11.30Granite Falls
48.11Andrew Stich19:20.85Lakewood
49.11Josh Zimmerman19:22.20Cedarcrest
50.10Andy Zisette19:23.85South Whidbey
51.12Timothy Callaghan19:24.29Archbishop Murphy
52.11Jake Ryan19:31.30Lakewood
53.9Nicholas Sorgen19:32.71Sultan
54.10Nate Richards19:34.29King's
55.11Jacob Mack19:34.94Lakewood
56.9Matt Studzinski19:37.45Lakewood
57.10Truman Hood19:38.07South Whidbey
58.10Chris Cervarich19:41.68Granite Falls
59.9Tanner Avila19:44.33Lakewood
60.10Adam Gibson19:46.32Granite Falls
61.11Josh Myers-Dean19:50.58Granite Falls
62.10Mitchell Dennis19:51.00Archbishop Murphy
63.11Devin Pierce19:53.42Granite Falls
64.10David Yao19:56.69Archbishop Murphy
65.11Sam Tompkins20:00.75King's
66.9Jon Smith20:09.62Granite Falls
67.9Evan Mellish20:12.03South Whidbey
68.12Jace Pavelcik20:16.97Archbishop Murphy
69.9Simon Fraser20:18.10Cedarcrest
70.10Justin Mendoza20:21.23Cedarcrest
71.9Vincent Dams20:26.25Cedarcrest
72.10Min Jun Park20:27.64Archbishop Murphy
73.11Matt Roebke20:34.78Lakewood
74.9Charles McDonald20:38.43Archbishop Murphy
75.11James Fedorovski20:40.70Cedarcrest
76.10Garrett Poteat20:41.65South Whidbey
77.10Anthony Kovic20:46.90South Whidbey
78.12Kyle Ellisen20:50.82King's
79.9Ricky Mueller21:08.29Granite Falls
80.12Patrick Mogg21:22.65King's
81.10Jake Graham21:26.63King's
82.11Zach Frohardt21:31.14King's
83.9Luther Darling21:55.89Cedarcrest
84.9Daniel Gutmann22:02.21Cedarcrest
85.10Peyton Lantis22:06.73Cedarcrest
86.10Jesse Read22:13.28Lakewood
87.10Zach Spross-Ramsey22:33.82South Whidbey
88.9Roman Hagge22:39.23Archbishop Murphy
89.11Spencer Baugh22:40.70Lakewood
90.10Brendan Sanders23:17.87Granite Falls
91.9Zane Charlton23:20.04Archbishop Murphy
92.11Tyler Dalton24:08.90Lakewood
93.10Harrison Stanley24:09.33King's
94.9Bryce Lewis-Smith24:34.52Archbishop Murphy
95.9Lars Candland24:35.05Cedarcrest
96.11Caleb Judd24:53.88King's
97.9Grayson York25:28.46King's
98.11George Treml25:48.22Lakewood
99.9William McDonnell27:08.71Archbishop Murphy
100.9Isaac Greene27:11.60South Whidbey
101.11Winston Lee27:39.84Archbishop Murphy
102.9Nathan Ruiz28:35.96Lakewood
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

3.South Whidbey68
5.Granite Falls140
6.Archbishop Murphy145

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Kacey Kemper19:32.25King's
2.10McKenna Smith19:33.82King's
3.12Lillianna Stelling19:43.68South Whidbey
4.11Amelia Anderson20:00.83Cedarcrest
5.11Olivia Waterman20:05.00Cedarcrest
6.10Lindsey Dorney20:07.42Archbishop Murphy
7.11Diana Carr20:10.63Cedarcrest
8.12Ariel Jensen20:40.55Lakewood
9.12Rachel Mow20:55.74Granite Falls
10.10Darby Throndsen21:02.90Lakewood
11.9Mallorie Mitchem21:06.05South Whidbey
12.12Molly Hammontree21:12.11Cedarcrest
13.11Megan Brimley21:17.29Cedarcrest
14.10Mikayla Morgan21:20.20King's
15.12Nora Felt21:21.27South Whidbey
16.9Lily Kleven21:22.84King's
17.12Bonnie Klamm21:26.88South Whidbey
18.11Rachel Sowards21:34.29Lakewood
19.11Alisa Smith21:42.84Lakewood
20.9Lilly Whitehead21:58.14Lakewood
21.11Sara Newman22:10.10Lakewood
22.10Emma Lungren22:16.02South Whidbey
23.12Madison Smith22:16.32Cedarcrest
24.11Celine Espinoza22:20.23Lakewood
25.10Ellen Knowles22:28.94Lakewood
26.12Emily Schneiders22:29.51Granite Falls
27.12Anna Hood22:32.44South Whidbey
28.11Kristen Maggs22:36.43King's
29.9Rachel Mills22:48.19King's
30.12Cassidy Krawiec22:52.60Cedarcrest
31.12Emily Bainbridge23:06.76Lakewood
32.9Gillian Edgar23:11.09King's
33.12Kayla Nelson23:12.33Cedarcrest
34.12Molly McDade23:15.34Archbishop Murphy
35.11Alondra Meza23:17.60Lakewood
36.9Maddy Buckmaster23:28.94Cedarcrest
37.10Allison Osborn23:29.25Lakewood
38.10Stephanie Busch23:35.50Cedarcrest
39.9Anna Justus23:41.00South Whidbey
40.9Carson Orr23:41.59South Whidbey
41.12Joleen Gouette23:44.89Lakewood
42.9Britney Albro23:47.87Lakewood
43.10Emily Rice23:51.39Granite Falls
44.10Noelle Viger24:14.04Cedarcrest
45.11Sadie Woolman-Morgan24:15.16Granite Falls
46.12Abigail Stringer24:29.58Archbishop Murphy
47.12Chiara Flores24:36.08Lakewood
48.10Amelia Culp24:45.96King's
49.10Riley Miller24:55.96Lakewood
50.11Laena Skiles25:03.99Lakewood
51.10Jamie Smith25:24.89Lakewood
52.12Lexi Rowley26:03.60Archbishop Murphy
53.9Ashley Halmans26:07.67Archbishop Murphy
54.12Megan Green26:13.18Archbishop Murphy
55.10De'Asia Seegars26:17.02Lakewood
56.12Kelsey Hardaway26:35.77South Whidbey
57.9Shania Klinnert26:43.96Granite Falls
58.9Mckenzie Meyer27:06.43Granite Falls
59.12Allison Corrigan27:33.54Archbishop Murphy
60.9Kat Hegnes27:42.10Lakewood
61.9Mandi Cook27:45.08Granite Falls
62.12Lisa Haufler27:49.24South Whidbey
63.12Pooja Sethi27:49.63Granite Falls
64.9Ellie Boone27:59.67South Whidbey
65.9Kenna Todd28:09.38Granite Falls
66.11Jessica Williams28:35.12Archbishop Murphy
67.10Samantha Staab29:06.88Lakewood
68.10Brehanna Meigs29:08.18Lakewood
69.11Christina Englehardt30:52.17Lakewood
70.11Caitlyn Workman31:26.43South Whidbey
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