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5,000 Meters BOYS  
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7.11Patrick Andrew17:32.9Parkway South
22.12Dustin Stumphf18:04.2Parkway South
36.11Evan Stovall18:23Parkway South
59.9Nicky Matteucci18:59.7Parkway South
75.11Scott McEachern19:21.8Parkway South
101.11Andy Mark19:48.5Parkway South
12Dakari Franklin20:49Belleville (East)
58.11Devin Fuller20:49.2Parkway South
10Aidan Cole20:55Belleville (East)
27.9Michael Hernan21:01.4Parkway South
31.9Noah Vermette21:12.3 SRParkway South
9Brendan Karwoski21:13Belleville (East)
10Remington Ibarra21:20Belleville (East)
142.10Brendon Noyes21:21.3Parkway South
12Nathan Meyer21:29 SRBelleville (East)
12Owen Luetkemeyer21:29Belleville (East)
11Kevin Horner21:36 SRBelleville (East)
9Amani Franklin21:50Belleville (East)
47.9Spencer Yu21:51.Parkway South
11Branin Anthony22:01 PRBelleville (East)
138.11Luke Travis22:06.8Parkway South
145.10Gregory James22:13.1Parkway South
59.9Zach Steltzer22:30.4Parkway South
60.9Alex Zheng22:36Parkway South
10Nick Lopez22:39 SRBelleville (East)
175.11Dan Flood22:46.5Parkway South
187.10Blake Morgner22:57.9Parkway South
12Eric Moore23:46 SRBelleville (East)
90.9Chris Mark23:48.2Parkway South
9Austin Klug23:56 PRBelleville (East)
229.12Sam Gunning23:56.9Parkway South
9Jimmy Burger23:58 PRBelleville (East)
237.11Tho Suewanichsakul24:11.4Parkway South
10Jason Erb24:42Belleville (East)
10Sean Mills24:57Belleville (East)
286.10Juan Martin26:15.9Parkway South
289.11Michael Schallom26:22.4Parkway South
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