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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Frosh/Soph  

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1.9Dominic Gonzales17:37Walnut
11.9Huy Le19:04Walnut
19.10Aaron Centeno19:38Walnut
21.10Michael Fernando19:46Walnut
24.9Daniel Dobson19:54Walnut
26.10Jason Fan19:59Walnut
29.9Julian Serrano20:19Walnut
39.10Kenneth Solano21:04Walnut
40.9Dat Le21:04Walnut
42.10Andrew Lee21:07Walnut
49.9Bennet Tseng21:37Walnut
51.10Cliff Chang21:45Walnut
59.10Zayd Subeh22:06Walnut
46.10Matthew Rodriguez22:23Walnut
64.10Bob Feng22:38Walnut
68.9Justin Tjoa22:49Walnut
76.10Jack Yeung23:21Walnut
10Aaron Chu25:24Walnut
92.10David Yacoub25:34Walnut
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

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5.10Millen Trujillo16:06Walnut
6.12Micah Van Setten16:21Walnut
8.11Daniel Harrigan-Cota16:33Walnut
16.11Michael McBride17:06Walnut
21.12Tim Huang17:17Walnut
28.11Jordan Gallegos17:41Walnut
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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5.11Michael Basurto18:19Walnut
8.10Andrew Lee18:38Walnut
9.12Isaac Moreno18:39Walnut
16.11Alex Wallach19:21Walnut
17.11Ondrian Yeung19:22Walnut
18.12Jeff Peng19:23Walnut
31.12Michael Duarte20:25Walnut
32.12Joshua Medina20:39Walnut
33.12Michael Perez20:47Walnut
37.12Albert Marris20:56Walnut
39.12Danny Lopez21:03Walnut
56.11Austin Au-Yeung21:05Walnut
43.11Timothy Lee21:16Walnut
45.11Raymond Lee21:19Walnut
46.11Iann Lee21:19Walnut
52.11Joshua Kimm21:51Walnut
62.12Calvin Wallach23:02Walnut
71.11Eric McKelloop25:26Walnut
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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6.10Anahi Betart19:38Walnut
11.11Melanie Deciga20:30Walnut
14.11Alejandra Avila20:34Walnut
16.10Vivian Yen20:58Walnut
21.10Jasmine Han21:27Walnut
39.12Lauren Mora23:19Walnut
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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3.9Jessica Gallardo21:14Walnut
9.10Theresa Lo22:25Walnut
11.10Carol Wong23:08Walnut
14.10Chloe Barham23:21Walnut
15.9Samantha Alvarez23:22Walnut
21.12Krystalin Bazan24:00Walnut
25.10Linda Milla24:36Walnut
27.12Crystal Zarate24:47Walnut
10Yansha Yin25:07Walnut
34.10Hannah Lee25:43Walnut
39.12Kelsey Carr26:09Walnut
46.12Mai Someya26:57Walnut
48.9Amy Trihn27:05Walnut
47.10Simone Ureta27:22Walnut
52.10Ruth Chen28:40Walnut
54.9Catherine Yong29:05Walnut
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