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Delta Valley Conference Championship HS

Saturday, October 27, 2012

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Meet Host - Davis HS
Location - Willow Hills Reservoir Course, Folsom, CA - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
3,400 Meters Frosh/Soph
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
3,400 Meters Frosh/Soph
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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2.12Nate Lowery16:45.30Laguna Creek
10Jack Ploeg17:08Elk Grove
10.12Maurice Gordon17:46Monterey Trail
11.12Tho Dinh17:48Monterey Trail
12.10Kyle Faulkner17:55Franklin (EG)
13.12Leo Antolin17:58Monterey Trail
12Matthew Seno17:59Elk Grove
12Matthew Planesi17:59Elk Grove
17.12Zachary Groves18:02Franklin (EG)
12Davis Hallberg18:12Elk Grove
20.12Andrew Do18:14Monterey Trail
11Chris Ennis18:34Elk Grove
11Jeret Faure18:39Elk Grove
11Brian Ligh18:53Elk Grove
28.12Matthew Saeteurn18:56Monterey Trail
29.10Eric Chapman18:56Monterey Trail
11Brady Deavers19:17Elk Grove
11Adam Goldberg19:18Elk Grove
11Jordan Vazquez19:22Franklin (EG)
35.11Roberto Noguera19:38Monterey Trail
12Andrew Pietersen19:50Elk Grove
11Jose Sienes19:51Elk Grove
12Tangier Barrett19:56Elk Grove
40.12Grant Tran19:59Monterey Trail
41.12Steven Traversi20:06.35Laguna Creek
42.11Shane Singh20:13Monterey Trail
11Alvin Ma20:20Franklin (EG)
45.12Brice Lupercio20:29.54Laguna Creek
11Diego Belloso21:09Franklin (EG)
50.12Duy Huynh21:33Monterey Trail
52.11David Le21:55Monterey Trail
11Jacob Hansen22:03Franklin (EG)
12Curtis Lo22:24Franklin (EG)
57.12Aron Phong22:31Monterey Trail
11Muhammad Siddique22:41Franklin (EG)
11Antonio Ingravallo23:04Franklin (EG)
62.12Cristopher Rivera23:06Monterey Trail
11Chao Liu23:30Franklin (EG)
66.12Bryan Muro24:13Monterey Trail
68.11Tyler Ence25:10.83Laguna Creek
11Nick Stringfellow30:13Franklin (EG)
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3,400 Meters Frosh/Soph  
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9Austin Sommers11:35Elk Grove
9Scott Seno12:20Elk Grove
7.10Matt Oakland12:27.70Laguna Creek
9Garrett Seno12:35Elk Grove
9Randy Pietersen12:35Elk Grove
9Kyle Kwong12:39Elk Grove
12.10Mathew Ramsdell12:52.07Laguna Creek
13.10Desmond Bryant13:00.08Laguna Creek
15.9Gabriel Norvell13:14.18Laguna Creek
10Zach Soohoo13:15Franklin (EG)
9Caleb Marshall13:18Elk Grove
10Vincent Ho13:25Franklin (EG)
9Waih Truong13:47Monterey Trail
10Albert Levan13:50Franklin (EG)
10Roger Liu13:51Franklin (EG)
9Danny Avery14:06Elk Grove
10Faizus Amin14:11Franklin (EG)
10Leo Shun Fu14:15Franklin (EG)
10Zaki Azizi14:41Franklin (EG)
10Jason Li14:41Franklin (EG)
10Timothy Huynh14:43Franklin (EG)
10Ethan Veslenio14:45Franklin (EG)
39.9Karmveer Atwal15:03.83Laguna Creek
10Brian Nguyen15:20Franklin (EG)
41.9Anthony Bernardez15:21.65Laguna Creek
10Ryan Advincula15:40Franklin (EG)
10Jason Johal15:50Franklin (EG)
10Justin Lee16:13Franklin (EG)
9Nathan Robertson17:02Franklin (EG)
10Justin Shebert18:03Elk Grove
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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6.10Jacklyn Hughes20:48Franklin (EG)
8.11Emi Prim20:59Franklin (EG)
10Regina Nyareso21:59Monterey Trail
11.10Emily Jumper22:41Franklin (EG)
12Sekani Kobelt23:21Elk Grove
18.12Breanne Brett23:42Franklin (EG)
11Natalie Antolin23:49Monterey Trail
11Kamina Wilkerson25:02Franklin (EG)
21.12Lauren Noonan25:08.08Laguna Creek
12Sophia Chaves-Giusti25:15Franklin (EG)
12Jessica Rilloraza25:15Monterey Trail
11Angelina Rios25:35Franklin (EG)
27.12Allison Barcelon25:59.78Laguna Creek
11Sharon Dong26:17Franklin (EG)
30.12Lauren Kikumoto26:32.11Laguna Creek
31.12Sydney Garrett26:34.84Laguna Creek
11Nathalie Agustin26:56Franklin (EG)
11Jemmi Weaver-Quenga26:57Franklin (EG)
11Jazvie Singh27:00Monterey Trail
12Nguyen Annie27:26Monterey Trail
39.12April Savage27:26.99Laguna Creek
12Kami Gaillot27:43Monterey Trail
12Cashanique Parker30:03Monterey Trail
11Randa Elhertani30:20Franklin (EG)
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3,400 Meters Frosh/Soph  
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9Alyson Boyle14:08Elk Grove
9Britney Edwards14:23Elk Grove
10Sadie Davenport15:07Elk Grove
9Kelly Meusborn15:32Elk Grove
9Isabel Livingston16:04Elk Grove
9Laurissa Lee16:05Elk Grove
10Kaitlyn Cheung16:16Franklin (EG)
10Emily Coleman16:21Franklin (EG)
10Anna Nguyen16:46Franklin (EG)
27.9Camille Bean16:49.93Laguna Creek
9Keisha Edwards16:55Elk Grove
29.10Jessica Valenzuela16:56.11Laguna Creek
9Aibhlin Esparza16:57Franklin (EG)
10Preeya Patel17:05Franklin (EG)
9Bailey Takash17:51Franklin (EG)
10Ifunanya Ezimora18:22Franklin (EG)
10Moriah Macklin19:41Franklin (EG)
10Basira Abdulshukur23:12Monterey Trail
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