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North County Conference Finals HS

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Valley Center HS
Location - Guajome Park, Oceanside, CA - Map
Mens Races
3.1 Mile Avocado East10:10 AM
3.1 Mile Palomar10:35 AM
3.1 Mile Avocado West11:00 AM
3.1 Mile Valley11:25 AM
Womens Races
2.75 Mile Avocado East8:30 AM
2.75 Mile Palomar8:55 AM
2.75 Mile Avocado West9:20 AM
2.75 Mile Valley9:45 AM
Last Updated 11:20 AM, Mon, Jul 9


Entry deadline is Monday, November 6th at 6:00pm.  You may enter up to 15 girls and 15 boys of which only 12 can run in each race.

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Mens Results

3.1 Mile Avocado East  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.San Pasqual29
2.Mission Hills50
3.San Dieguito Academy79
4.San Marcos89

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Tyler Hansen16:23San Marcos
2.12Sergio Vazquez16:38San Pasqual
3.12Nick Bieraugel16:38Mission Hills
4.10Connor Cavassa16:48San Pasqual
5.12Luke Short16:53Mission Hills
6.12Scout Ferguson16:54San Pasqual
7.10Robert Stegman16:59San Dieguito Academy
8.11Liam Armour17:01San Pasqual
9.12Wyatt Tyler17:03San Pasqual
10.11Josh Prosser17:04Mission Hills
11.12Issac Vallejo17:05Mission Hills
12.11Evan Phibbs17:08San Pasqual
13.11Kyle Becker17:12San Pasqual
14.11Thomas Carter17:15San Marcos
15.11Sam Junge17:19San Dieguito Academy
16.12Julio Villa17:23Escondido
17.12Ryan Carroll17:25San Dieguito Academy
18.11Thomas LaVake17:29San Dieguito Academy
19.12Guy Nimrodi17:29San Marcos
20.12Enrique Corona17:32Escondido
21.11Britt Farrell17:33Mission Hills
22.11Ben Hoffman17:38San Dieguito Academy
23.9Marco Jewell17:39San Dieguito Academy
24.12Edgar Camacho17:40Escondido
25.10Mark Ybarra17:41Mission Hills
26.11Jeremiah Scott17:41San Pasqual
27.11PJ Jaarsma17:42Mission Hills
28.11Luke Hanselman17:42San Marcos
29.11Ricardo Huerta17:43Mission Hills
30.12Andrew Foster17:44San Marcos
31.12Cole Simmonds17:45San Marcos
32.11Daniel Sanchez17:46Escondido
33.10Irvin Rojas17:46San Marcos
34.10Austin Cerna17:47San Marcos
35.12Gary Jimenez17:49Escondido
36.11Noah Newton17:53San Pasqual
37.11Phillip Paul17:57San Pasqual
38.10Frank DeJong17:57Escondido
39.11Daniel Jimenez17:58Escondido
40.9Shea Vavra17:58Escondido
41.12Clark Luckhardt18:05San Dieguito Academy
42.10Sam Johnson18:05San Marcos
43.9Angel Sanchez18:09San Pasqual
44.11Sean Whalen18:12San Dieguito Academy
45.10Vincent Carpino18:14San Marcos
46.9Lucas Dos Santos18:15San Marcos
47.12Victor Villa18:19San Pasqual
48.10Patrick Godines18:29Escondido
49.9Samuel Aguirre18:58Escondido
50.10Erick Velazquez19:10Escondido
51.10Kyler Okamara19:11Mission Hills
52.12Noah Siegel19:12San Dieguito Academy
53.10Kai Negaard19:22Mission Hills
54.9Paul Tedrow19:32Mission Hills
55.12Jose Hernandez19:57Escondido
56.9Gunnar Hadley20:09Mission Hills
57.11Ben Shapiro20:09San Dieguito Academy
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3.1 Mile Palomar  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Mt Carmel33
2.Torrey Pines49
5.Rancho Bernardo110
6.Canyon Crest Academy148

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Eric Sindel15:45Mt Carmel
2.11Tal Braude16:00Torrey Pines
3.12Garrett Ryan16:03Westview
4.12Matt McEachern16:04Mt Carmel
5.12Brendan Gee16:10Rancho Bernardo
6.12Ben Jafek16:22Torrey Pines
7.12Jared Senese16:29Mt Carmel
8.12Alex Grigoriev16:29Rancho Bernardo
9.11Derek Morton16:31Mt Carmel
10.12Nathan Platt16:32Torrey Pines
11.12Matt Barge16:40Torrey Pines
12.10Garrett De Long16:43Mt Carmel
13.11Jack Chintala16:44Poway
14.12Tyler McMahon16:44Mt Carmel
15.11Marcus Montalvo16:45Mt Carmel
16.9Colin Jensen16:48Poway
17.11Collin Barraugh16:51Westview
18.12Johnathan Tu16:59Canyon Crest Academy
19.10Alex Tucker17:00Westview
20.10Joseph Taylor17:01Mt Carmel
21.9Spencer Dodds17:01Torrey Pines
22.11Kurtis Shaffer17:04Torrey Pines
23.10Tyler Couvrette17:04Poway
24.12Martin Davila17:04Mt Carmel
25.11Matt Beck17:06Rancho Bernardo
26.11James Smirniotis17:07Westview
27.12Santiago Quintana17:09Torrey Pines
28.10Jordan Houri17:10Westview
29.10Noah Diamant17:13Torrey Pines
30.12Nicholas Shaw17:13Poway
31.11Cody Morales17:14Poway
32.11Charles Lu17:18Westview
33.11Callum Goulding17:19Canyon Crest Academy
34.9Charlie Pope17:19Torrey Pines
35.10Drew Christofferson17:21Torrey Pines
36.12Ned Charles17:21Canyon Crest Academy
37.12Ryan Barrett17:22Westview
38.12Andrew Huang17:24Canyon Crest Academy
39.10Brendan Cassidy17:26Poway
40.9Burak Tufekci17:27Rancho Bernardo
41.11Josh Bernd17:27Canyon Crest Academy
42.9Nick Lawford17:30Westview
43.12Charlie Frishberg17:31Canyon Crest Academy
44.10Trevor Siniscalchi17:31Westview
45.10Ryan Powers17:35Westview
46.11Aidan Muller-Cohn17:39Canyon Crest Academy
47.10Neel Jain17:43Canyon Crest Academy
48.10Sam Robinson17:44Mt Carmel
49.10Alex Pelletier17:45Rancho Bernardo
50.12Ryan Blelloch17:45Poway
51.10Paul Aste17:47Canyon Crest Academy
52.11Alex Ung17:49Mt Carmel
53.11Derl Clausen17:53Rancho Bernardo
54.9Liam Lau17:54Mt Carmel
55.10Evan Misuraca17:59Westview
56.10Kevin Choe18:03Canyon Crest Academy
57.12Kevin Rosenfeld18:04Westview
58.9Jack Frimodig18:07Torrey Pines
59.12Regis Fallon18:16Poway
60.12Matt Long18:21Poway
61.12Nick Merchant-Wells18:25Canyon Crest Academy
62.11Gabriel Ditto18:25Rancho Bernardo
63.9Ben Cunningham18:42Rancho Bernardo
64.11Brian Previte18:43Poway
65.11Ryan Moon18:46Poway
66.10Vincent Duong18:48Canyon Crest Academy
67.9Chandler Minsch18:53Rancho Bernardo
68.9Tristan Caparas19:08Rancho Bernardo
69.12Jesse Lentz20:08Poway
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3.1 Mile Avocado West  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Rancho Buena Vista60
3.La Costa Canyon66
5.El Camino142

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Steven Fahy15:37La Costa Canyon
2.12Christian Freeman15:45Carlsbad
3.12Scott Snow15:59Carlsbad
4.12Jeff Schaefer15:59Carlsbad
5.11Kyle Adams16:10Rancho Buena Vista
6.11Nick Versaci16:22Rancho Buena Vista
7.12Shay Martin16:29Carlsbad
8.11Adrian Mangoba16:34Vista
9.10Andrew Brion16:35Rancho Buena Vista
10.10Steven Terris16:38La Costa Canyon
11.11Sean Unger16:40Carlsbad
12.10Eric Lawver16:48La Costa Canyon
13.12Connor Froboese16:51Fallbrook
14.11Kevin Freeman16:51Carlsbad
15.11Cody Drisko16:52Carlsbad
16.10Nathan Williams16:52Carlsbad
17.12Leonardo Alcaraz16:56Vista
18.11Trey Wilder17:01Rancho Buena Vista
19.12Sean Pruitt17:02Carlsbad
20.9Bryan Johnson17:03La Costa Canyon
21.12Nathan Cernicky17:05El Camino
22.9Jarod Dias17:07Vista
23.12David Alverez17:09Vista
24.12Cody Wilson17:10Vista
25.9Tony Versaci17:13Rancho Buena Vista
26.11David Groth17:14Vista
27.11Alec McBride17:14La Costa Canyon
28.12Dane Rinehart17:18La Costa Canyon
29.12Victor Tamayo17:20El Camino
30.11Jack Johnson17:21La Costa Canyon
31.10Marcus Owens17:22Vista
32.9Joe Garcia17:24Vista
33.10Elijah Roque17:26Fallbrook
34.9Cory Vaughn17:33El Camino
35.10Jon Wulfert17:37La Costa Canyon
36.11Adam Hurtado17:37El Camino
37.9Ilias Arroyo17:43Vista
38.11Orlando Corcuera17:48Vista
39.11Richard Murillo17:50El Camino
40.12David Wilson17:51El Camino
41.10Joseph Bradley18:03Rancho Buena Vista
42.10Jordan Nava18:13El Camino
43.11Garrett Pieramico18:15Vista
44.10Jacob Voss18:23Rancho Buena Vista
45.10Andrew Dowey18:25El Camino
46.9Noah Johnson18:27El Camino
47.11Dylan Cook18:31El Camino
48.12Ian Marshall18:42Carlsbad
49.9Jae Bae18:43Rancho Buena Vista
50.11Luis Montes18:45Fallbrook
51.12Joseph Calescibetta19:02Fallbrook
52.11Jason Payne19:10Rancho Buena Vista
53.11Benjamin Aster19:15Rancho Buena Vista
54.11Johnathan Jordan19:16El Camino
55.11Alejandro Contreras19:25Fallbrook
56.12Alex Mendoza19:34Fallbrook
57.11Nolan Griffin19:41El Camino
58.12Gustavo Tarango19:45Fallbrook
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3.1 Mile Valley  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

2.Del Norte54
3.Valley Center62
4.Orange Glen105
5.Mission Vista146

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Andrew Tellames15:54Orange Glen
2.12Forrest Riley16:18Ramona
3.12Spencer Hoffman16:22Del Norte
4.12Tristan Stidham16:26Ramona
5.12Cory Thomas16:29Ramona
6.12Travis Robey16:36Valley Center
7.11Fernando Ramirez16:36Valley Center
8.11Eric Inumerable16:39Del Norte
9.12Josh Spieker16:45Ramona
10.10Max Edwards16:50Ramona
11.11Mark Quiroz16:56Del Norte
12.12Wesley Hardin17:01Ramona
13.10Isaiah Spieker17:03Ramona
14.9Rod Rodriguez17:04Valley Center
15.10Mitch Manis17:08Del Norte
16.11Sam McCuskey17:11Valley Center
17.11Aaron Reichner17:11Del Norte
18.11Matteo Pinto17:14Del Norte
19.12Genaro Rodriguez17:16Valley Center
20.10Evan Jameson17:24Del Norte
21.10Andrew McCluskey17:29Orange Glen
22.11Jared Leitner17:34Del Norte
23.10Colin Uekert17:35Ramona
24.11Nick Mendoza17:43Valley Center
25.10Saul Sandoval17:44Oceanside
26.12Alex Sanchez17:47Valley Center
27.11Garrett Grant17:49Del Norte
28.11Edgar De Jesus17:49Orange Glen
29.11Anthony Jauregui17:52Ramona
30.12Jared Brungard17:57Del Norte
31.12Diego Resendiz17:59Mission Vista
32.9Boo Fullwood18:00Mission Vista
33.10Cesar Palomares18:03Orange Glen
34.9Joey Jauregui18:03Ramona
35.11Trevor Lillengreen18:10Mission Vista
36.11Eric Szymanski18:11Ramona
37.10Isai Silva18:11Orange Glen
38.12Charlie Bartley18:16Mission Vista
39.10James Meskell18:21Ramona
40.11Sergio Gomez18:25Oceanside
41.11Daniel Khasanov18:26Del Norte
42.10Paul Holbel18:30Del Norte
43.10Hunter Hixon18:30Mission Vista
44.9Cristofer Mayers18:31Mission Vista
45.11Thomas Stehly18:32Valley Center
46.12Pablo Tinoco18:33Orange Glen
47.9Avidian Prado Barr...18:42Orange Glen
48.12Devin Ferreira18:55Mission Vista
49.10Ray Barrett18:58Mission Vista
50.11Eduardo Hernandez19:12Orange Glen
51.10Mason Miller19:12Mission Vista
52.12Jesse Sandoval19:13Oceanside
53.12Trevor Ryback19:14Valley Center
54.10Cesar Mayorga19:20Orange Glen
55.10Victor Berlkland19:21Oceanside
56.10Charles Morningstar19:21Valley Center
57.12Timothy Glaszczak19:23Oceanside
58.10Garrett Ringlever19:30Oceanside
59.10Brennen Grimshaw19:56Mission Vista
60.12Bevon Wilson20:13Orange Glen
61.11Kyle Boyd20:14Mission Vista
62.10JB Deperio20:25Mission Vista
63.11Alejandro Hernandez20:27Orange Glen
64.11Angel Diaz20:35Orange Glen
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Womens Results

2.75 Mile Avocado East  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.San Pasqual43
2.San Dieguito Academy52
4.Mission Hills96
5.San Marcos104

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Roselyn Cantu16:56San Pasqual
2.10Angela Ortlieb16:56San Pasqual
3.11Janine Fischer16:59San Dieguito Academy
4.10Megan Perko17:10San Pasqual
5.11Chloe Rock17:22San Dieguito Academy
6.11Lisa Flora17:25Escondido
7.11Araceli Huerta17:33Escondido
8.11Sarah Martinez17:51Escondido
9.12Debbie Sanchez18:03Escondido
10.12Hayley Richardson18:03Mission Hills
11.9Dunya Harb18:06San Marcos
12.12Erica Armenta18:08Mission Hills
13.11Marin Callaway18:09San Dieguito Academy
14.11Serena Saake18:10San Dieguito Academy
15.12Allie Vance18:17San Pasqual
16.10Ellen Prickett18:21San Marcos
17.11Laura Breidenthal18:22San Dieguito Academy
18.11Samantha Fierro18:26San Dieguito Academy
19.9Melissa Yeaman18:29Mission Hills
20.11Sierra Zounes18:33San Dieguito Academy
21.10Hayley Leonard18:37San Pasqual
22.10Mikayla Mesker18:39San Marcos
23.11Sara Parsley18:39Escondido
24.10Kelli Stetson18:47San Pasqual
25.12Jesse Newman18:55San Marcos
26.9Liliana Ramirez19:11Mission Hills
27.12Lindsay Lopez19:12San Pasqual
28.10Lourdes Sarmiento19:13Escondido
29.11Jennifer Morales19:14Mission Hills
30.10Sydney Busic19:18San Dieguito Academy
31.12Arianna Martinez19:19San Marcos
32.10Doane Ochoa19:25San Pasqual
33.12Avery Yoon19:27San Marcos
34.12Emily Nathan19:41San Dieguito Academy
35.11Paige Cooper19:52Mission Hills
36.10Megan Giles19:57San Pasqual
37.9Aubrey Odom20:02San Marcos
38.11Courtney Kuba20:03San Marcos
39.12Becca Riddle20:05San Marcos
40.10Jilda Arias20:36Escondido
41.11Annie Speckhahn20:40Escondido
42.10Janet Martinez20:43Escondido
43.10Katie Jocelyn21:17Mission Hills
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2.75 Mile Palomar  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Torrey Pines45
2.Rancho Bernardo51
4.Mt Carmel97
6.Canyon Crest Academy121

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Nicolette Sorensen15:53Torrey Pines
2.11Anne Charles15:56Canyon Crest Academy
3.12Kelsey O'Connell16:04Torrey Pines
4.12Sabrina Seay16:22Mt Carmel
5.11Sophie Smith16:23Poway
6.11Danielle Voyles16:30Rancho Bernardo
7.12Meagan Harbison16:32Westview
8.9Nia Akins16:34Rancho Bernardo
9.11Lauren Voyles16:47Rancho Bernardo
10.12Kaelyn Harbison16:49Westview
11.10Taylor Seamans16:51Torrey Pines
12.12Sarah Jo DeVore16:52Torrey Pines
13.11Katie Sammer16:57Rancho Bernardo
14.10Jill Godfrey16:57Poway
15.10Bryanna Fuller16:58Rancho Bernardo
16.10Christa Kloha17:01Westview
17.12Tina Girolamo17:02Rancho Bernardo
18.9Brittany Black17:03Torrey Pines
19.10Elena Garcia17:04Mt Carmel
20.12Brooke Billmeyer17:09Canyon Crest Academy
21.9Kelly Bernd17:09Canyon Crest Academy
22.12Erin Green17:11Mt Carmel
23.10Ellyissa Andino17:13Rancho Bernardo
24.10Uma Vaingankar17:15Mt Carmel
25.12Isabella Gallo17:16Westview
26.9Kaitlyn Umsted17:19Poway
27.12Tori Casella17:20Torrey Pines
28.12Hanna Vanderlinde17:22Mt Carmel
29.11Hannah Schwartz17:27Poway
30.11Courtney Perkins17:31Westview
31.10Sierra Hill17:32Rancho Bernardo
32.10Mae Lee17:32Mt Carmel
33.9Keira Crabtree17:33Westview
34.10Christie Ackley17:35Poway
35.9Savannah Santiago17:37Poway
36.10Nika Cokas17:41Mt Carmel
37.11Dyess Verfurth17:42Westview
38.10Amanda Bauer17:48Poway
39.10Sarah Chidgey17:50Mt Carmel
40.11Laura Hirsh17:53Poway
41.11Katia Stern17:54Rancho Bernardo
42.9Kerenza Robinson18:06Mt Carmel
43.9Elena Guanuna18:07Poway
44.12Adriana Zavala18:10Westview
45.12Bridget Eastwood18:14Canyon Crest Academy
46.10Alyssa Kuck18:15Rancho Bernardo
47.12Jensen Bogan18:17Rancho Bernardo
48.12Ashley Barraugh18:18Westview
49.9Allie Omens18:19Torrey Pines
50.11Danielle Lyle18:21Torrey Pines
51.11Ira Loffler18:22Westview
52.9Porter Verfurth18:26Westview
53.12Urvashi Bishnoi18:27Torrey Pines
54.10Marissa Platt18:29Torrey Pines
55.11Sophie Gonzalez18:30Rancho Bernardo
56.9Louisa Nickerson18:36Torrey Pines
57.12Alexis Hernandez18:40Mt Carmel
58.11Itza Mostert18:49Westview
59.9Rina Miyoshi18:57Mt Carmel
60.11Emma Hager18:58Torrey Pines
61.9Kori Cortez19:16Poway
62.12Solenne Wachsman19:20Canyon Crest Academy
63.11Georgia VanTyne19:35Poway
64.11Danika Lau19:44Mt Carmel
65.10Chetana Tallon19:48Poway
66.9Michelle Zhao20:02Canyon Crest Academy
67.12Lauren Adams20:30Canyon Crest Academy
68.9Erica Guo22:34Canyon Crest Academy
69.9Shelby Vexler22:42Canyon Crest Academy
70.10Sydney Dodd23:08Canyon Crest Academy
71.11Rachel Seidel23:08Canyon Crest Academy
72.9Olivia Mott23:58Canyon Crest Academy
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2.75 Mile Avocado West  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.La Costa Canyon23
2.Rancho Buena Vista54
5.El Camino122

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kelly Lawson15:52La Costa Canyon
2.11Emma Abrahamson16:02La Costa Canyon
3.12Brianna Miller16:08Carlsbad
4.12Ellie Abrahamson16:16La Costa Canyon
5.12Bryn Rohner16:23Rancho Buena Vista
6.11Rebekah Bosler16:28La Costa Canyon
7.9Elizabeth Mang16:32Rancho Buena Vista
8.11Ashley Cope16:39Vista
9.11Lauren T'Kint16:40Carlsbad
10.9Sarah Abrahamson16:42La Costa Canyon
11.12Rebeckah St Laurent16:47Rancho Buena Vista
12.9Jourdan Wilson16:57El Camino
13.11Alex Fromme17:05La Costa Canyon
14.11Riley Chapman17:09Vista
15.9Whitney Rice17:12Rancho Buena Vista
16.9Kathy Morales17:14Rancho Buena Vista
17.10Micaela St Laurent17:20Rancho Buena Vista
18.12Daniella Rodebush17:25Vista
19.12Mariah Slack17:31Vista
20.10Natalie North-Cole17:38Carlsbad
21.9Emma Veidt17:40Carlsbad
22.9Rylee Owen17:43Rancho Buena Vista
23.11Sylvie DeBrosse17:45El Camino
24.12Adrienne Barela17:51Carlsbad
25.12Kaitlin Large17:53Carlsbad
26.11Olivia Angelucci17:54Rancho Buena Vista
27.9Bailey Stephens17:55Rancho Buena Vista
28.11Grace Grant17:56El Camino
29.11Natalie Taylor18:00Vista
30.12Cynthia AQ Delgado18:03Rancho Buena Vista
31.12Ciera Villegas18:04Fallbrook
32.12Carly Casper18:06El Camino
33.10Savannah Gual18:09La Costa Canyon
34.11Julie Steigerwald18:13La Costa Canyon
35.11Rachel Swick18:16Carlsbad
36.11Carolin Fischer18:18El Camino
37.10Makaela Rietman18:18El Camino
38.12Kelsey Motyl18:18Vista
39.9Claire Swafford18:25Rancho Buena Vista
40.9Sienna Brown18:28El Camino
41.12Sarah Hendee18:30La Costa Canyon
42.10Jocelyn Rivera18:40Vista
43.12Sydney Ruelas18:42Vista
44.12Ashley Andrade18:44Vista
45.9Carol Girgiss18:51El Camino
46.11Rosanne Lopez18:56Fallbrook
47.10Emma Workman19:04Fallbrook
48.11Bobbie Hutchinson19:11Vista
49.11Rebekah Williams19:14Carlsbad
50.12Jamee Mangoba19:16Vista
51.10Teresa Gaspar19:18El Camino
52.10Kiera Donaghue19:23Fallbrook
53.11Reesea Becker19:26El Camino
54.12Alexis Lopez19:28Fallbrook
55.11Sydney Rogo19:30Rancho Buena Vista
56.9Andrea Vela19:31Fallbrook
57.9Ally Cote19:39Fallbrook
58.10Jessica Resendiz19:47Vista
59.11Karina Chacon20:17El Camino
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2.75 Mile Valley  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Del Norte34
3.Valley Center73
4.Mission Vista74
5.Orange Glen119

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Kaylee Hudson16:50Valley Center
2.12Ashley Mitchell16:56Del Norte
3.12Monica Doyle17:00Del Norte
4.9Helen Lopez17:32Valley Center
5.11Jodi Simeroth17:46Del Norte
6.12Ana Velarde17:59Del Norte
7.10Vanessa Camacho18:02Orange Glen
8.11Leilani Melendrez18:03Orange Glen
9.9Ciara Lucas18:12Ramona
10.11Anna Mazzola18:14Ramona
11.10Jessica Tomasek18:19Mission Vista
12.10Gracie Suazo18:25Mission Vista
13.10Danielle Osborn18:26Mission Vista
14.10Arianna Ruland18:27Ramona
15.10Francheska Gonzalez18:30Ramona
16.12Amaijah Summers18:44Mission Vista
17.10Riley McCarrick18:48Valley Center
18.12Sierra Kindig18:55Del Norte
19.10Christa Hoffman18:55Del Norte
20.9Perla Cruz18:56Ramona
21.11Peyton Howard18:58Del Norte
22.12Janelle Gelvezon19:05Mission Vista
23.11Teresa Leon19:09Ramona
24.11Shannah McCann19:14Del Norte
25.11Julia Stone19:15Valley Center
26.9Delaney Toth19:15Ramona
27.11Katelyn Kalley19:22Del Norte
28.11Quincey Hettinger19:26Mission Vista
29.10Hailie Santana19:32Valley Center
30.12Alex Hall19:39Valley Center
31.12Julie Ward19:39Ramona
32.11Sydney Grihalva19:40Mission Vista
33.10Izabella Galvan19:48Orange Glen
34.12Brittany Werdeman19:51Del Norte
35.9Martha Smith19:52Del Norte
36.12Brenda Mendez19:53Oceanside
37.9Cynthia Mendez19:54Oceanside
38.10Cassidy Blankenbaker20:00Ramona
39.11Melinda Riley20:01Valley Center
40.11Elizabeth Schweizer20:02Ramona
41.10Samantha Wade20:23Del Norte
42.9Hannah Boyd20:43Valley Center
43.12Rubi Garcia20:45Oceanside
44.12Yuridia De Jesus20:49Orange Glen
45.11Jordan Petitt20:50Oceanside
46.11Rachel Brown20:55Ramona
47.9Luisa Anderson20:57Oceanside
48.9Carina Martinez21:12Oceanside
49.10Melissa Silvester21:26Mission Vista
50.10Rachel Busike21:27Mission Vista
51.11Sierra Patzius21:43Mission Vista
52.9Yoanna Pascual22:23Orange Glen
53.11Elizabeth Martinez23:39Mission Vista
54.9Victoria Bautista26:08Orange Glen
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