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1.05 Mile k-2nd grade
1.05 Mile 3rd-5th grade
1.6 Mile Middle School
2.05 Mile Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Open
Womens Races
1.05 Mile k-2nd grade
1.05 Mile 3rd-5th grade
1.6 Mile Middle School
2.05 Mile Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Open
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The Clam Beach Invite is a cross country meet unlike any other. The entire course will take place right along the shore line of Clam Beach in McKinleyville, CA. We run the race right up against the water and although it is 100% on beach sand the ground is typically firm and the times fast. For the HS and open race divisions the race starts out going North .75 miles and doubles back (.5 of for JV races), when the runners make it back to the start line they will be at the half way point of the race. Then the course goes south along the beach for another .75 miles before the runners double back again and head towards the finish line. Many runners choose to run shoeless, and this is definitely a meet all of your runners will remember. There is also camping available at the beach to make this a truly unique experience for your team.

We will be kicking off the day with the HS races. The order will go Girls & Boys JV, Girls Varsity, and Boys Varsity. JV races will be 2 miles, and varsity races 3 miles. Only 7 runners per team will be allowed to compete in the varsity races, so all others will need to compete in the JV division. Special tee shirts will be given to the top 7 in each race division, and also a medal to the top 3 finishers in the varsity division races. Entry fees will be $5 per athlete. High school athletes need to be registered by Tuesday October 2nd. Changes can be made on race day, but early registration will help us tremendously to get everything in order. Team packets with bib numbers will be ready for pick up on race day at the registration table. Payment will need to be made at this time in order to receive ones packet.

Next, we will be having our youth races. There will be 3 youth co-ed race divisions but we will start the 2 younger divisions at the same time: K-2nd (1mi) & 3rd-5th (1mi) both divisions together, then 6th-8th grade (1.5mi) division after. Entry fees for all youth runners will be $3 payable on race day. Ribbons to top 15 finishers in each race division.

Lastly, we will have an open division 3 mile race where any and all runners are welcome to participate (parents & coaches too!). Registration for this race will once again be done on race day. Cost will be $10/runner.

We have changed the start time and running order
due to information on when low tide is supposed to happen. 9:50 AM is predicted to be the peak of low tide and we want to ensure that the HS races have the best footing so we are planning on starting the meet at 9:30 AM, with each race starting 30 min after the previous one. (HS JV Boys & Girls 9:30, HS G Varsity 10:00, HS B Varsity 10:30, K-2nd & 3-5th 11:00, 6-8th 11:20, Open race 11:40). Also, tee shirts will be on sale for $15, and there will be a table set up with some concessions and drinks at reasonable cost.

We hope you can attend, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thanks - Jason Lewis
Head Cross County/Track & Field Coach
McKinleyville High School

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Mens Results

1.05 Mile k-2nd grade  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.2Neiko McCutchen7:35 PRJacoby Creek Charter
3.1Alexander Griffyn8:44 PRJacoby Creek Charter
4.2CJ Raugewitz9:08 PRYoung Oak Kim Academy
5.1Cedar Birdsall9:29 PRCoastal Grove Charter
6.-Ezra Wood9:29 PRCoastal Grove Charter
7.1Ocean Garcia10:01 PRChenoweth Elementary
8.2Toby Swenson10:02 PRCoastal Grove Charter
9.James Cuevas10:08ELEM---DOWS
10.Reece Thompson10:14ELEM---DOWS
11.Hyram Willburn10:24ELEM---CUDD
12.-Levi Sims10:46 PRCoastal Grove Charter
13.Jacob Ramsey12:13ELEM---MARYP
14.1Joshua Fecht12:58 PRUpper Lake
15.Joshua Blackwell14:53ELEM---DOWS
16.Truman Elmore16:01ELEM---CUDD
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1.05 Mile 3rd-5th grade  
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Hypothetical Scores

2.4Andre Souza6:46 PRPacific Union
3.-Gabe Sanchez6:52 PRJacoby Creek Charter
4.4Blake Vogt6:54 PRPacific Union
5.5Jason Kelsey7:04 PRJacoby Creek Charter
6.5Adrian Molofsky7:08 PRJacoby Creek Charter
7.4Frazer Lochlan7:43 PRCoastal Grove Charter
9.3Tobiah Bruckner8:21 PRChenoweth Elementary
11.4Everett Halikas8:26 PRPacific Union
12.3Marley Thrift8:40 PRCoastal Grove Charter
14.4Walker Raugewitz8:57 PRYoung Oak Kim Academy
16.5Brent Gallagher9:34 PRPacific Union
17.3Maxwell Sims9:47 PRCoastal Grove Charter
18.4Garrett Leach9:52 PRPacific Union
19.Garet Elmore10:00ELEM---CUDD
20.3Gavin Griffis10:36 PRChenoweth Elementary
21.3Austin Garcia10:41 PRChenoweth Elementary
22.4Eliot Gomes11:44 PRPacific Union
23.4Blue Hoboo12:15 PRCoastal Grove Charter
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1.6 Mile Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.8RJ Richard9:07 PRJacoby Creek Charter
2.8Kellen O'Neill9:19 PRJacoby Creek Charter
3.7TAJ O'Barr10:34 PRPacific Union
4.7Andrew Lawrimore10:40 PRUniversity Prep
5.8Scott Daniel10:53 PRPacific Union
6.Hayden Richy10:58MS---RIOD
7.8AJ Christen11:08 PRPacific Union
8.Shannon Albers11:11 PRHoopa Valley Element...
9.6Garrett Spencer11:22 PRJacoby Creek Charter
10.7Isaac McCovey11:25 PRHoopa Valley Element...
11.7Sebastian Laskar11:27 PRCoastal Grove Charter
12.8Derrick Young11:28 PRSunny Brae
13.6Adam Vera11:47 PRCoastal Grove Charter
14.8Trey Vera11:48 PRCoastal Grove Charter
15.8Kaden Lindquist11:57 PRPacific Union
16.6Will Barbee12:02 PRChenoweth Elementary
17.8Isaac Murphy12:10 PRCoastal Grove Charter
18.6Aaron Hammond12:19 PRChenoweth Elementary
19.8Tien Agupinan12:21 PRCoastal Grove Charter
20.6Jadon Brukner12:21 PRChenoweth Elementary
21.Henry Morgin12:32MS---MMS
22.Edward Carpenter13:08 PRHoopa Valley Element...
23.6Camo Rodriguez16:18 PRSunny Brae
24.8Ta'na'n Markussen18:51 PRHoopa Valley Element...
25.6Anthony Carras19:01 PRPacific Union
26.8Coliv Schmidt19:03 PRSunny Brae
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2.05 Mile Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Liam Morris11:06 PREureka
2.9Brandon Kelsey11:31 PRArcata
3.10Zephir Lennox11:58 PRArcata
4.11Spencer Ward12:13 PRCentral Valley
5.10Steven Hostler12:13 PRMcKinleyville
6.10Henry Smith12:16 PREureka
7.10Ian Johnson12:27 PRCentral Valley
8.10Makaya Tollow12:31 PRUkiah
9.10Ryan Ghisetti12:33 PRArcata
10.9Wyatt Garrett12:38 PRArcata
11.10Jordan Collings12:38 PRFortuna
12.9Giles Morris12:38 PREureka
13.10Louis Goldsmith12:39 PRArcata
14.10Adam Wheeler12:44 PRFortuna
15.9Travis Torborg12:45 PRCentral Valley
16.9Solomon Reinman12:45 PRArcata
17.10Kush Rawal12:45 PRArcata
18.9Maxfield Wrigley12:47 PRArcata
19.11Evan Zeller12:55 PRUkiah
20.9Desmond Turner12:59 PRUkiah
21.12Josh Hostler13:07 PRMcKinleyville
22.10Jake Egger13:07 PRClear Lake
23.10Justin Spinks13:10 PRCentral Valley
24.10Caleb Morin13:11 PRArcata
25.10Bryce Moore13:12 PRArcata
26.10Karl Parks13:18 PRRed Bluff
27.9Owen Reiss13:32 PRArcata
28.10Matt Willard13:34 PRUpper Lake
29.10Zach Hagans13:45 PRArcata
30.9Luke Robinson13:51 PRUkiah
31.9Austin Chaolee13:59 PRCentral Valley
32.10Bryce Willoughby14:01 PRYuba City
33.9Tanner Rinard14:02 PRCentral Valley
34.9Jacob Driscoll14:03 PRCentral Valley
35.9Spencer Barrett14:09 PREureka
36.9Mark Estrada14:33 PRClear Lake
37.9Anthony Gourno14:35 PRUkiah
38.11Brian Beaty14:44 PRUkiah
39.10Garrett McKinney14:48 PRClear Lake
40.10Rio Dominguez14:48 PRClear Lake
41.10Jasper A14:56 PREureka
42.11Arthur Wilkie15:33 PRUpper Lake
43.10Josiah Vasey15:44 PRRed Bluff
44.9Tristan Pigg15:50 PRArcata
45.12Larry Stacy16:06 PRUpper Lake
46.10Jesse Noble16:20 PRUpper Lake
47.11Jake Scully16:21 PRClear Lake
48.12Joey Canadas16:21 PRUpper Lake
49.11Jose Estrada16:28 PRClear Lake
50.10Jordan Thayer16:39 PREureka
51.10Logan Floyd16:53 PRFortuna
52.10Nick Dudley17:24 PRClear Lake
53.10Chris Vaars17:27 PRClear Lake
54.10Vaughn Ringer17:44 PRClear Lake
55.10Bailey Elkington18:20 PRClear Lake
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Paul Holden15:51Ukiah
2.12Jesus Diera16:32 PRCorning
3.11Durante Rodriguez16:54 PRCorning
4.11Austin Murch16:57Central Valley
5.12Jordan McManus16:59 PRRed Bluff
6.11Beau Brown17:02 PRUkiah
7.11Jose Lopez17:03Arcata
8.11Rogelio Silva17:05 SRCorning
9.12Noah Taxis17:09 PRUkiah
10.10John Milender17:25 SRMcKinleyville
11.11Cesareo Ruiz17:29 PRUkiah
12.9Michael Davis17:40 SRMcKinleyville
13.11Aza Bravo17:45 SRRed Bluff
14.12Jared Wade17:51 PRUpper Lake
15.10Zachary Sneathen17:52 PRUpper Lake
16.12Oscar Torres17:53 PRCorning
17.12Gage Deheer17:58 PRUpper Lake
18.12Ismael Lopez17:59South Fork
19.12David Chadbourne18:04 PRSouth Fork
20.10Kendrick Aragon18:05Central Valley
21.11Jesus Lopez18:13 PRSouth Fork
22.10Nate England18:17 PRUkiah
23.12Matt Bailey18:28Yuba City
24.12Parker Chase18:29 SRCentral Valley
25.11Greg Gagnon18:29 PRUpper Lake
26.10Erik Rios18:35 SRCorning
27.11Miguel Rios18:37Corning
28.10Cristian Barragon18:38 PRCorning
29.12Lai Wong18:47 PRUkiah
30.12Alex Rogers18:51 SRUpper Lake
31.Jordan Johnson18:530
32.12Cory Rodriquez18:56 SRUpper Lake
33.9Owen Lawler19:02 PRClear Lake
34.9Connor Trump19:03McKinleyville
35.10Roy Rieder19:07McKinleyville
36.12Allan Lawrimore19:09Central Valley
37.11Grey Grotke19:17 PRRed Bluff
38.11Ryder Thomas19:20 PRCentral Valley
39.10Christian Vander J...19:24 PRClear Lake
40.12Ali Adame19:31 PRYuba City
41.11Shanahan Sarabia19:32 PRYuba City
42.11Pablo Rodriguez19:55 PRYuba City
43.11Tao Jian20:31 PRCentral Valley
44.12Riley Horan20:36 PRYuba City
45.11Ian Borchard20:41Red Bluff
46.11Esteban Velasquez21:04 SRFortuna
47.12Fredy Herrera21:25 PRRed Bluff
48.11Skyler Wrigley22:06Arcata
49.12Damian Alatorre22:15South Fork
50.11Alex Kaiser22:27 PRRed Bluff
52.11Jamien Bergstrom22:58Central Valley
53.12Andy Beronilla23:04Arcata
54.10Ben Albright23:07Arcata
55.12Jacob Sanchez23:19 PRYuba City
56.11Hayden Parker23:40Arcata
57.11Ray Endicott23:42 PRFortuna
58.11Elliot Sanchez25:19 PRYuba City
59.10River Sween25:49Arcata
60.12Michael Nichols26:17 PRRed Bluff
61.11Dylan Lourenzo27:14 PRFortuna
62.10Ryan Smith32:55 PRClear Lake
63.10Josh Tate32:55 PRClear Lake
64.10Kenyon Donald32:56 PRClear Lake
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Womens Results

1.05 Mile k-2nd grade  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

2.2Alicia Lawnius8:52 PRCoastal Grove Charter
3.1Dick Rowan9:36 PRChenoweth Elementary
4.Allie 010:09ELEM---RIOD
5.Alauna Thompson10:12ELEM---DOWS
6.Grace Csilacci10:24ELEM---CUDD
7.Chloe 010:55ELEM---RIOD
8.Ashly Sequoia11:31ELEM---REDCST
9.Julieana Calderon11:57ELEM---CUDD
10.Allison McCray13:26ELEM---DOWS
11.Sarah McCray13:43ELEM---DOWS
12.Sam Maryham13:51ELEM---DOWS
13.Madisyn Hayes14:53ELEM---CUDD
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1.05 Mile 3rd-5th grade  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.5Kayla Penny6:57 PRJacoby Creek Charter
3.4Alexa Morehouse8:04 PRPacific Union
4.4Vivian Gerstein8:05 PRJacoby Creek Charter
5.3Anika Sundeen8:06 PRJacoby Creek Charter
6.5Haley Morrison8:09 PRCoastal Grove Charter
7.5Olivia Wood8:11 PRCoastal Grove Charter
8.3Hunter Alexander8:25 PRJacoby Creek Charter
9.3Aleesa Lewis8:30 PRJacoby Creek Charter
11.5Samantha Robinson9:03 PRChenoweth Elementary
12.4Ashlynn Barbee10:43 PRChenoweth Elementary
13.Charisma Hill12:11ELEM---DOWS
14.4Briannah Crookett18:30 PRPacific Union
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1.6 Mile Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.6Lily Richard11:00 PRJacoby Creek Charter
2.8Brianne Beronilla11:27 PRPacific Union
3.7Karson Coelho11:45 PRJacoby Creek Charter
4.7Lyndsay Wade12:43 PRUpper Lake
5.7Kristina McHaney12:48 PRPacific Union
6.6Mira O'Barr12:52 PRPacific Union
7.8McKenzie Church13:25 PRPacific Union
8.8Zhanna McHaney13:57 PRPacific Union
9.Ashley Campbell14:44MS---REDCST
10.7Evie Aguiar14:59 PRJacoby Creek Charter
11.Sydeny Lawley15:16MS---0
12.7Sophia Bruckner15:30 PRChenoweth Elementary
13.8Faith Ferris19:13 PRHoopa Valley Element...
14.8Mist'Che VanPelt25:31 PRHoopa Valley Element...
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2.05 Mile Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Natalie Renfroe13:13 PRRed Bluff
2.10Cynthia Retzloff13:27 PREureka
3.9Nicole Renfroe14:40 PRRed Bluff
4.9Lizzy Fernandez14:42 PRArcata
5.9Kloie Hiemstra15:41 PRRed Bluff
6.9Beth MacFarlen16:00 PRRed Bluff
7.9Shannon Sawyer16:02 PRUkiah
8.10Lyla Seevers16:13 PRUpper Lake
9.11Jozette Morales16:39 PRUkiah
10.10Rowan Baker16:52 PRArcata
11.9Noelle Shaw17:15 PRArcata
12.9Tessa Burch17:16 PRRed Bluff
13.12Carolyn Smulllin18:04 PREureka
14.11Sebryna Miller18:21 PRUpper Lake
15.10Anna Nelson19:14 PRArcata
16.10Billie Smith20:53 PRYuba City
17.12Teresa Cruz21:10 PRUkiah
18.12Gulce Kahraman22:53 PRRed Bluff
19.11Courtney Giles26:01 PRYuba City
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Morgin Coonfield18:51McKinleyville
2.10Michaela Barros19:48 SRFortuna
3.9Anna Lewis19:53 SRCentral Valley
4.10Sara Davis20:08Arcata
5.11Kate Aldridge20:13 PRYuba City
6.11Vera Heidman20:21Arcata
7.12Holly McAlister20:25 PRYuba City
8.12Alyssa Koski20:36 PRArcata
9.10Katherine Wong21:08 PRUkiah
10.9Melissa Coppini21:34 PRFortuna
11.10Bianca Cruz21:40 PRUpper Lake
12.9Zephyr Girard22:28 PRUkiah
13.12Karly Lira22:43 PRCorning
14.9Meghan Beare22:52 PRClear Lake
15.10Jenny Santos23:01 PRCorning
16.11Ana Carrillo23:08 PRCorning
17.11Sierra Scheinuck23:11 PRFortuna
18.12Yesenia Torres23:11 PRCorning
19.12Jamie Maher23:13 SRArcata
20.11Elena Collins23:17 PRYuba City
21.11Rachel Hagquist23:22 PRFortuna
22.10May Anne Pejana23:29 PRUkiah
23.10Kayleen Kemp23:43 PRFortuna
24.12Lauren McFarlen23:51 PRRed Bluff
25.9Sydney Pease24:05 PRFortuna
26.11Yamileth Plata24:12 PRUpper Lake
27.10Aide Pinedo24:18 PRYuba City
28.12Jessica Orozco24:34 PRUpper Lake
29.11Alyssa Land24:49 PRCentral Valley
30.9Gianna Passalacqua24:54 SRUkiah
31.12Tamara Rojas24:55 PRClear Lake
32.11Brittany Benner24:57 PRUpper Lake
33.11Jamie Driscoll25:00 PRCentral Valley
34.11Kelsey Mincer25:48Yuba City
35.11Briana Ramirez26:15 PRCorning
36.12Tristan Jeffers26:21South Fork
37.10Melissa Thibeau26:42 PRClear Lake
38.12Tara Gallagher26:57 PRSouth Fork
39.11Savannah Koppenhaver27:20 PRUpper Lake
40.12Angelica Ibarra27:40Corning
41.12Miranda Wanzer28:33 PRClear Lake
42.10Quincy Woodward28:47 PRClear Lake
43.11Justine Hernandez29:09Yuba City
44.11Miriam Duron30:01 PRSouth Fork
45.11Anna Simoneit30:01 PRCentral Valley
46.12Katelyn Burch31:13Red Bluff
47.12Gabriela Hernandez35:51 PRCorning
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