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George School Invitational HS

Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Location - The George School , Newtown, PA - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Germantown Academy

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1.10Sami Aziz17:20.00Abington Friends
2.11Dan Gelman17:31.00Lower Moreland
3.12Will Leonard17:34.00Germantown Academy
4.11Hirsh Shah17:36.00Germantown Academy
5.12Bobby Davies17:43.00Lower Moreland
6.10Joe Korth17:49.00Germantown Academy
7.12Jackson Denton17:52.00Westtown
8.12Andrew Duda17:53.00Lower Moreland
9.11Jorin Schug17:54.00William Penn Charter
10.11Sam Sufler17:55.00Lower Moreland
11.10Nick Sawyer17:56.00Westtown
12.10Bill Merrick17:57.00The Haverford
13.12Daniel Green18:03.00Abington Friends
14.12Ian Antolik18:08.00New Hope - Solebury
15.12Ben Talus18:11.00Germantown Academy
16.11Carter Skeel18:15.00Germantown Academy
17.10Mike Mangan18:16.00Lower Moreland
18.11Matt Duda18:22.00Lower Moreland
19.12Andrew Mermelstein18:23.00Lower Moreland
20.10Jon Volkin18:25.00Germantown Academy
21.10Iain Alexandridis18:26.00The Hun
22.11Tom Hische18:27.00New Hope - Solebury
23.11Joseph Sippel18:42.00Franklin Towne Charter
24.10Angel Lazu18:50.00Franklin Towne Charter
25.10Daquan Daly18:52.00Westtown
26.10Nick Meloro18:55.00Germantown Academy
27.11Brian Lynch18:58.00The Hun
28.10Payne McMillan19:01.00Abington Friends
29.-Gilles Merck19:03.00The Hun
30.11Alex Kumar19:12.00The Haverford
31.11Bryson Walker19:14.00The Pennington
32.-Eli Collins19:15.00Westtown
33.-Felix Simons19:16.00Franklin Towne Charter
34.10Vladi Highland19:24.00George School
35.-Blake Bozeman19:29.00Solebury School
36.-Bill Oettinger19:33.00Franklin Towne Charter
37.11Jack Webster19:36.00Westtown
38.10Mark Granville19:37.00Solebury School
39.-Mike Toth19:41.00The Hun
40.12Zach Goldberg19:44.00William Penn Charter
41.11Brandon Loretti19:45.00New Hope - Solebury
42.10Lex Darby19:49.00George School
43.-John Marbach19:53.00The Hun
44.9Lucas Elek19:54.00The Haverford
45.12Nash Robinson19:57.00William Penn Charter
46.9Erich Prince20:01.00The Haverford
47.9Harrison Whelan20:03.00The Hun
48.11Dan Venditti20:07.00Franklin Towne Charter
49.10John Ludlam20:13.00Westtown
50.12Will Holstrom20:17.12Solebury School
51.-Emmanuel Lewis20:17.77Solebury School
52.12Rob Hiza20:18.00Westtown
53.10Nick Kashem20:19.00New Hope - Solebury
54.9Alex Atwater20:21.00George School
55.12Alexander Manta20:31.00Abington Friends
56.9Josh Collins20:42.00The Haverford
57.10Nick Carugati20:45.00Solebury School
58.10Julian Copeland20:47.00Solebury School
59.-Matthew Blake20:48.00The Hun
60.9Ken Locke20:49.00New Hope - Solebury
61.-Emmanuel Matlock21:01.00Solebury School
62.12Brendan Hankowsky21:03.00William Penn Charter
63.12Ivan Ludlow21:13.00New Hope - Solebury
64.-Jacob Orbin21:27.00The Pennington
65.10Zander Giuffrida21:32.00George School
66.10James Kuritzkes21:39.00The Haverford
67.9Gavin Davis21:47.00Abington Friends
68.-Evgeny Chzhen21:49.41The Pennington
69.-Wei Chung Hu21:49.91The Pennington
70.9Zach Wenz21:52.00New Hope - Solebury
71.-Peter Mannuelli21:59.00The Pennington
72.10Hugh Karr22:03.00George School
73.10Brett Wiley22:19.00George School
74.10Jordan Burrell22:37.00Abington Friends
75.-Zach Knoll22:42.00George School
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Germantown Academy

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1.9Ben Ritz18:35.00Germantown Academy
2.10Luke Castor18:54.00Lower Moreland
3.10Drew Gill19:06.00Germantown Academy
4.12Michael Murphy19:10.00Germantown Academy
5.9Max Huang-Hobbs19:25.00Germantown Academy
6.10Daniel Boyce19:26.00Germantown Academy
7.12Evan Natter19:43.00Lower Moreland
8.-Michael Glacken19:47.00Lower Moreland
9.9Devin Cody20:03.00Germantown Academy
10.10Zach Cope20:15.00Westtown
11.-Adam Costarino20:36.00William Penn Charter
12.9Jon Aurit20:52.00Lower Moreland
13.11Gary Remillard20:53.00Franklin Towne Charter
14.12Evan LaMont20:56.00Germantown Academy
15.12Stephen Roche21:12.00Westtown
16.10Cooper McKim21:15.00Solebury School
17.12Andrew Schlesinger21:17.00Germantown Academy
18.12Andrew Cordoba21:18.00Westtown
19.12Matt Purdy21:23.00Germantown Academy
20.10Michael Garbose21:29.00Germantown Academy
21.12Phil Nigro21:46.00Lower Moreland
22.10Paul Soltis22:01.00The Hun
23.-Sam Flagler22:15.00Westtown
24.-John Campbell22:20.00The Hun
25.-Julian Canuso22:41.00William Penn Charter
26.-Steve Neuville22:43.00Westtown
27.9Julian Randolph22:52.00Westtown
28.10Greg Chen23:07.00New Hope - Solebury
29.11Will Herbert23:09.00George School
30.-Bryan Silverman23:12.00George School
31.10D'Andre Hogan23:30.00Solebury School
32.9Jonah Winkler23:43.00Solebury School
33.-Michael Bryer23:44.00George School
34.11Miguel Feliciano23:53.00Franklin Towne Charter
35.-Garrick Wier24:03.32The Hun
36.12Terrane Polnitz24:03.79Solebury School
37.-Thomas Morgan24:14.00George School
38.-Larry Gottlieb24:19.00George School
39.10David Zhang24:20.00Solebury School
40.11Alex Boyd24:28.00Westtown
41.-Arno Konings24:33.00The Hun
42.-Herwig Konings24:38.00The Hun
43.-Andrew Griffin24:42.00George School
44.-Sebastien Ibezim24:45.00George School
45.-Sam Arnold25:45.00Solebury School
46.-Ting-Chao Su26:20.00Solebury School
47.9Ben Reinert28:09.00New Hope - Solebury
48.10Benny Wu29:41.00Solebury School
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Germantown Academy

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1.9Cathryn Skinner20:13.00William Penn Charter
2.10Claudia Harris20:16.00Solebury School
3.9Molly Davies20:39.00Lower Moreland
4.9Rachel Harmon20:48.00Lower Moreland
5.12Molly Shapiro20:54.00Germantown Academy
6.10Ally Kozar21:00.00New Hope - Solebury
7.11Erin Moss21:14.00New Hope - Solebury
8.9Natalie McLaughlin21:18.00Westtown
9.9Arden Simone21:32.00The Baldwin
10.10Grace Hancock21:46.00Westtown
11.10Elyse Wilkinson22:02.00William Penn Charter
12.11Michelle Fleyshman22:12.00Lower Moreland
13.10Elizabeth Auritt22:17.00The Baldwin
14.9Bridie Lawlor22:21.00Germantown Academy
15.11Susie Meyer22:32.00Abington Friends
16.10Shi Kuang22:52.00William Penn Charter
17.12Rebecca Gorgol22:57.00New Hope - Solebury
18.11Kristy Tomlinson23:03.00Franklin Towne Charter
19.11April Rich23:08.20Westtown
20.-Keziah Groth-Tuft23:08.52Solebury School
21.10Hannah Lindgren23:08.82Germantown Academy
22.10Isabel Mann23:15.00Germantown Academy
23.10Savanna Dasgupta23:25.00The Pennington
24.9Heidi Zisselman23:43.00William Penn Charter
25.9Rachael Morris23:46.00William Penn Charter
26.-Margaret Wardell23:50.00The Pennington
27.-Kelsey Richardson23:58.00The Pennington
28.12Liz Antonacci24:10.00Lower Moreland
29.10Chloe Zorn24:16.00George School
30.10Hannah Trask24:16.46Westtown
31.12Laura McLaughlin24:18.00Westtown
32.12Emily Silber24:19.00George School
33.10Naomi Madaras24:25.00Westtown
34.11AnneMarie Morgan24:35.00Franklin Towne Charter
35.-Ceara Bowman24:36.57The Hun
36.10Christina Morganhe...24:36.92Lower Moreland
37.-Victoria Taborelli24:43.00The Hun
38.12Hope Fullen25:08.00William Penn Charter
39.-Jessica Giorgi25:28.00Franklin Towne Charter
40.9Emily Diaz25:34.00William Penn Charter
41.11Chelsea Smith25:40.00Franklin Towne Charter
42.9Grace Prial25:42.43George School
43.9Rachael Lippincott25:42.98George School
44.11Nahkyma Graham25:49.00Franklin Towne Charter
45.10Lauren Veznedaroglu25:50.00William Penn Charter
46.9Sarah Leonard25:52.00Lower Moreland
47.-Brittany Richards25:57.00The Pennington
48.-Charlotte Reuben26:03.00Westtown
49.10Andrienne Scott26:06.00The Baldwin
50.12Gianna Esposito26:14.00Abington Friends
51.-Chelsea Stellmach26:16.00The Baldwin
52.9Julia Vahey26:20.00William Penn Charter
53.11Hailey Temple26:31.00Lower Moreland
54.11Ariel Schuman26:34.00Lower Moreland
55.12Ahmin Chung26:39.00George School
56.12JoAnn Brea26:46.00George School
57.11Jenna Liss26:49.00The Baldwin
58.11Tess Caneell27:22.19The Baldwin
59.10Nadia Tareen27:22.55The Baldwin
60.12Saroja Schwager27:37.00Abington Friends
61.10Meli Paulson27:58.00George School
62.10Amanda Ter Doest28:07.00The Baldwin
63.10Arya Mazanek28:12.00George School
64.-Victori Armstrong28:15.00The Pennington
65.11Sarah Ryan28:27.00Lower Moreland
66.-Amanda Everett28:50.34George School
67.9Danika Gottbrecht28:50.67Germantown Academy
68.-Emilia Vecchiarelli29:10.00Solebury School
69.-Ivia Yavelow29:30.00The Pennington
70.10Emily Delisle29:44.00Friends' Central
71.-Allie Ross30:00.00Germantown Academy
72.-Cassidy Ferrell30:02.00Friends' Central
73.-Desiree Jamasbi30:36.00Germantown Academy
74.10Emily Roll31:16.00Friends' Central
75.9Jackie Lawlor31:22.00Germantown Academy
76.-Adriana Salcedo31:37.00Franklin Towne Charter
77.12Danielle Nelson32:50.00Solebury School
78.-Nahara Saballos33:21.23Westtown
79.11Christi DiGiulian33:21.66George School
80.10Laruen Cooper33:57.00The Baldwin
81.-Samantha Williams37:11.00Abington Friends
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