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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Seth Bridges16:39 SRLakes
2.11Tyler Connell16:45 SRFranklin Pierce
3.12David Sigmon16:57Peninsula
4.12Connor Inman17:06 PRWhite River
5.12Chris Roe17:09 PRPeninsula
6.12Paul DeMoss17:12 PRPeninsula
7.12Keith Townsend17:18Franklin Pierce
8.12Jon Lara17:21Franklin Pierce
9.12Mariano DeMoss17:22 SRPeninsula
10.10Thaddeus Miller17:23 SRLakes
11.10Shea Connell17:24Franklin Pierce
12.Jaron Robinson17:33Washington
13.11Ryan Yearsley17:39 PRLakes
14.12Matt Beal17:42Peninsula
15.12Phillip Squier17:46 PRFranklin Pierce
16.11Dylan Hall17:53 SRPeninsula
17.11Josh Getty17:59 PRNorth Mason
18.12William Anderson18:00 PRLakes
19.10Anthony Enriquez18:06 PRLakes
20.12Bryce Markey18:12 PRWhite River
21.11Kevin Cannaday18:16Peninsula
22.12Bill Macdonald18:25 PRFranklin Pierce
23.12Shane Faye18:31Franklin Pierce
24.10Matt Edgecomb18:31 SRLakes
25.10Ryan Shannon18:57 PRLakes
26.9Tyler Kenley19:14 PRClover Park
27.11Jake Noack19:15 SRFife
28.11Jeremiah Emerson19:17 PRWhite River
29.12Zack Haley19:24 PRWhite River
30.10Derek Christensen19:31 PRFife
31.10Ethan Cooley19:33 PRBonney Lake
32.10Paul Winger19:37Bonney Lake
33.11Matt Berry19:44 SRWhite River
34.12Scott Broaten19:44 PRFife
35.9Patrick Bendon19:49Bonney Lake
36.Mike Homestead19:51Washington
37.9Chris Pokorny19:55 SRBonney Lake
38.Jeff Steverson19:57Washington
39.11Jake Matson20:01Bonney Lake
40.11Chris Turnbull20:02 PRBonney Lake
41.11Iain Morrow20:10 PRFife
42.10Zach Brown20:19White River
43.9Adam McBarron20:19White River
44.12Kyle Kramer20:22 PRFife
45.9Cameron Weeks20:25 SRNorth Mason
46.Chad Carroll20:32Washington
47.11Kai Revius20:52 SRFife
48.11Greg Sarabia21:17 PRClover Park
49.Josh Petinglay21:24Washington
50.Shaun Federighi21:38Washington
51.12John Vankat21:45 PRFife
52.12Houston Hamilton21:50North Mason
54.Damien Howard22:23Washington
55.9Alan Crenshaw22:24 PRClover Park
56.12Brandon Pittard24:14North Mason
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Mikayla Irle20:45.4 SRFife
2.9Jennifer Renteria21:12.0Lakes
3.10Amber Williams21:15.4 SRPeninsula
4.11Brooke Brown21:21.3 PRLakes
5.11Rachel Hanson21:51.1 SRPeninsula
6.10Emily Reed21:56.5 PRFranklin Pierce
7.10Josie Becker21:57.9White River
8.12Cassy Yearsley22:14.3 PRLakes
9.11Missy Floyd22:24.3 SRPeninsula
10.11Kayla Soper22:28.7 PRFranklin Pierce
11.9Katie Latimer22:32.9 SRBonney Lake
12.10Rose Miller22:33.3 PRPeninsula
13.10Vanessa Trujillo22:34.0 PRFranklin Pierce
14.9Kayla Babcock22:37.0 PRBonney Lake
15.10Cathryn Hallett22:42.8 SRWhite River
16.9Jeanette Johnson22:53.1 SRWhite River
17.Mariam Rogers22:55.7Washington
18.10Kayla Paris23:01.8 SRFife
19.9Kylee Kindt23:04.3 SRFife
20.10Nathalie Herrand23:18.6Franklin Pierce
21.9Erin McNeil23:23.0Franklin Pierce
22.12Holly Storwick23:29.7 PRLakes
23.Melissa Harris23:33.4Washington
24.11Adriana Lippy23:34.8 PRNorth Mason
25.11Deborah Mann23:38.6Peninsula
26.12Kayla Kearney23:42.3 SRLakes
27.10Ashley Wheat23:47.1 PRWhite River
28.Michelle Womack23:49.9Washington
29.11Melissa Mcwherter23:56.0 SRLakes
30.11Naomi Korchonoff23:57.8 PRFranklin Pierce
31.10Allison Bill24:03.0 SRPeninsula
32.9Nikita Rivera24:29.0 PRFife
33.11Marlisa Madden24:37.4White River
34.12Nicole Vielma24:47.7 PRFife
35.10Jade Redfield24:48.3Franklin Pierce
36.12Brynn Wittman24:48.8 PRFife
37.11Leanna Holmes24:53.5 SRWhite River
38.Kathleen Lee24:55.0Washington
39.10Brea Mattingly25:53.5Peninsula
40.11Katie Gripp26:01.7 PRNorth Mason
41.11Lauren Plitkins26:20.4White River
42.Emma Knowles26:30.0Washington
43.9Stephanie Turney26:41.1 PRLakes
44.Joyce Haynes26:55.6Washington
45.11Shannon Hurlen28:04.4 PRClover Park
46.10Megan Palmer28:20.4 SRFife
47.12Lyndsay Fitamorris29:17.9 PRNorth Mason
48.10Hannah Fitamorris30:15.0 PRNorth Mason
49.Jazz Heinzman30:19.9Washington
50.11Bridget Claycomb30:20.1 PRNorth Mason
51.12Brandy Halvorson30:38.4 PRClover Park
52.12Brittany Bentley31:10.8 PRClover Park
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