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Cochranton Invitational HS

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Cochranton HS
Location - Cochranton Elementary School, Cochranton, PA
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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Austin Pondel16:36Corry Area
2.10Jeremy Parsons17:36Maplewood
3.12Matt McWilliams17:39Fort Le Boeuf
4.12Trey Powell17:46West Middlesex Area
5.9John Danvers17:49Franklin Area
6.12Derrick Mausser17:50Jamestown
7.12Ryan Zacherl17:50Cranberry
8.12Shawn Wiler17:57Corry Area
9.11Marcus Sonoga17:59Hickory
10.9David Johnson18:01West Middlesex Area
11.11Ryan Northcott18:03Cochranton
12.9Curtis Royek18:05Corry Area
13.11Ben Luce18:07Union City Area
14.12Casey Spence18:08Cranberry
15.10Jake Parsons18:16Maplewood
16.10Levi Canon18:18West Middlesex Area
17.10Nathan White18:19Commodore Perry
18.9Kyle Rose18:20Meadville
19.11Aaron Wilson18:21West Middlesex Area
20.12John Sochor18:21West Middlesex Area
21.10Devin Irwin18:25Rocky Grove
22.10Logan Herzberger18:27Cochranton
23.12Tyler Yost18:30Fort Le Boeuf
24.11Jared Hazen18:33Titusville
25.12Devon Beggs18:37Franklin Area
26.11Billy Kinsey18:41Lakeview
27.12Alex Rodgers18:43Cochranton
28.11Quentin Brunst18:45Titusville
29.9Nathan Kline18:55Cochranton
30.11Devon Workman18:56Lakeview
31.12Chris Birchard18:57Cambridge Springs
32.12Mike Lockhart18:58Fort Le Boeuf
33.11Joseph Hart18:59Cranberry
34.9Isaac Williams19:01West Middlesex Area
35.12Ty Custard19:02Conneaut Lake Area
36.11Isiah Gardner19:04Union City Area
37.11Tyler Schurko19:06Hickory
38.11Jim Calderone19:07Franklin Area
39.9Amon O'Connor19:09Titusville
40.10Nick Sehman19:11Franklin Area
41.12Cody Cornell19:11Conneaut Lake Area
42.10Tyler Wetherbee19:15Maplewood
43.11Derek Work19:16Hickory
44.12Calum Hyde19:19Maplewood
45.9Hanz Wentz19:20Maplewood
46.11Justin Mirage19:23Commodore Perry
47.11Cody Thomas19:23Union City Area
48.10Cody Schreiber19:26Commodore Perry
49.11Aaron Peters19:27Fort Le Boeuf
50.12Jonah Meyer19:30Cambridge Springs
51.10Logan Griffen19:34Hickory
52.12Ben Perkins19:35Shroder Paideia
53.12Jacque Rougeau19:37Corry Area
54.10Dylan Prorok19:37Rocky Grove
55.9Jonathan Garrett19:40Maplewood
56.12Austin Silloway19:41Lakeview
57.10Nathan Lindeman19:42Cochranton
58.10Drake Burgess19:43Union City Area
59.12Dan Kitchen19:44Commodore Perry
61.12Ryan Volk19:48Corry Area
62.9Brent Benedict19:51Corry Area
63.9Brad Pier19:52Fort Le Boeuf
64.11Gerald Rodarmel19:53Cambridge Springs
65.12Kyle Brocks19:54Cranberry
66.10Chad Peterson19:55Commodore Perry
67.12Dustyn David19:57West Middlesex Area
68.10Derrick Bish20:00Titusville
69.11Nick Moss20:03Conneaut Lake Area
70.9Louis McUmber20:06Meadville
71.10Alex Miller20:06Lakeview
72.10Nick Bindas20:08Lakeview
73.12Kyle Hedglin20:08Lakeview
74.12Chris Bendt20:09Franklin Area
75.11Noah Freel20:09Union City Area
76.12Jesse Hayes20:12Maplewood
77.11Jesse McKinley20:13Shroder Paideia
78.10Ryan Connelly20:14Fort Le Boeuf
79.10Russell Adams20:15Union City Area
80.10George McGuire20:17Fort Le Boeuf
81.10Dustin Knapp20:17Titusville
82.10Colin Stuyvesant20:18Conneaut Lake Area
83.10Tommy Leech20:18Meadville
84.10Conner Unice20:22Meadville
85.10Alec Hockenberry20:23Cambridge Springs
86.10Christian McElhaney20:24Jamestown
87.9Michael Drzewiecki20:25Cranberry
88.10Dj Lander20:26Cranberry
89.11Brenham Potts20:27Meadville
90.10Michael Potts20:29Union City Area
91.11Pj Winkler20:32Franklin Area
92.10Brandon Wagner20:35Reynolds
93.10Brad Davison20:38Conneaut Lake Area
94.12Sheldon Orock20:40Hickory
95.10Ryan Elsey20:44Hickory
96.11Jake Romanowski20:49Franklin Area
97.11Nate Roche20:50Cochranton
98.10Craig Hanes20:51Conneaut Lake Area
99.12Kegan Brown20:52Titusville
100.11Mike Gray21:14Corry Area
101.9Jacob Salsgiver21:18Cranberry
102.11Jake Elder21:27Lakeview
103.12Conlin Wilds21:32Jamestown
104.11Matt Leise21:34Reynolds
105.12Coty Chetoka21:35Conneaut Lake Area
106.10Jacob Giegel21:38Reynolds
107.11Curtis Arnold21:39Reynolds
108.9Eric Johnston21:47Commodore Perry
109.-Talarrio Davis21:48Shroder Paideia
110.9Mackenzie Coat21:51Titusville
111.12Reid Jacobs21:52Cochranton
112.10Michael Orr22:03Cambridge Springs
113.12Josh McDowell22:11Reynolds
114.10Austin Markle22:14Rocky Grove
115.9Nathan Held22:28Cambridge Springs
116.11Austin Morrison23:10Rocky Grove
117.12Alex Kilgore23:14Reynolds
118.11Alex Volna23:25Meadville
119.12Ronnie Artman23:30Jamestown
120.9Tim Bruce23:48Jamestown
121.12Joe Hummer24:23Rocky Grove
122.9Robert Youngkin24:29Rocky Grove
123.9Dustin Vincent24:43Rocky Grove
124.10Lane White24:43Jamestown
125.9Gregory Humes24:46Cambridge Springs
126.11Sam Livingston25:16Jamestown
127.12Matt Tofani29:57Reynolds
128.9Levi Roberts30:06Commodore Perry
60.9Kyle Boyd19:46]Hickory
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.11Rj Gilliland19:17West Middlesex Area
2.12Tim Long19:39Corry Area
3.10David Marvin20:17Maplewood
4.9Justin Walter20:19Hickory
5.9Jeremy Hope20:21Maplewood
6.10Garrett Cragle20:23Fort Le Boeuf
7.11Shane Beatty20:24Hickory
8.10Mark McWilliams20:27Fort Le Boeuf
9.11Pat Kress20:31Fort Le Boeuf
10.9Jerrod Morrison20:34Cochranton
11.12Alex Hoover20:40Franklin Area
12.9Gunnar Kelly20:44Maplewood
13.9Mark Rossi20:44West Middlesex Area
14.10Isiah Stearns20:45Maplewood
15.12Steven Samoros20:56Hickory
16.9Kevin Hartenstein21:01Hickory
17.9Connor Hanlin21:04Union City Area
18.9Adam Kreider21:08Hickory
19.9Adam Dale21:08West Middlesex Area
20.11Josh Lake21:14Maplewood
21.-Ryan Humes21:16Maplewood
22.10Trand Wright21:17Hickory
23.12Evan Sobieski21:19Conneaut Lake Area
24.11Adam Dosch21:20Lakeview
25.10Kevin Smith21:36Fort Le Boeuf
26.12Harry Greene21:39Franklin Area
27.10Jackson Spencer21:46Cochranton
28.11Caleb Musolf21:47Fort Le Boeuf
29.-Tim Swartzfager21:49Cranberry
30.10Ian Jones21:54Franklin Area
31.9Michael Funera22:00Hickory
32.9Matt Burt22:01Hickory
33.9Isaah Orris22:01Meadville
34.10Marcus Brun22:02Titusville
35.12Tyler Mcclimans22:06Conneaut Lake Area
36.9Matt Svetz22:07Meadville
37.10Elija Bombeck22:25Hickory
38.11Glenn Adams22:34Meadville
39.10Jacob Alexander22:38Maplewood
40.9Austin Smith22:43Maplewood
41.9Scott Magargee22:46Lakeview
42.10Chris Galantis22:54Hickory
43.11Kyle Muzzy22:55Titusville
44.11Trevor Black22:55West Middlesex Area
45.9Evan Mehok22:59Maplewood
46.10Jason Stiglitz23:08Cranberry
47.11David Devlin23:13West Middlesex Area
48.9Sam Genareo23:22Lakeview
49.-Troy Beauchat23:32Titusville
50.10Jacob Beck23:42Union City Area
51.9Todd Depree23:44Jamestown
52.-Benjamin Spencer23:49Cochranton
53.10Austin Moffet23:55Reynolds
54.10Avery Mailliard24:01Cochranton
55.-Riley Walls24:01Franklin Area
56.9Martin Webster24:03Fort Le Boeuf
57.10Jordan Sipos24:33Hickory
58.12Tom Jackson24:33Hickory
59.-Alexander Langer24:40Titusville
60.-Chase Starcher24:51Franklin Area
61.10Jacob Bodosky24:55Conneaut Lake Area
62.12Tom Hellyer26:01Corry Area
63.10Brett McBride26:32Hickory
64.9Dakota Guthrie26:37Lakeview
65.12Cody Work27:46Hickory
66.10Chris Parker27:49Jamestown
67.9Nick Scovil28:36Jamestown
68.10Brendan Hamilton28:53Hickory
69.-Zach Eimer29:18Maplewood
70.9Ben Lorigen32:58Jamestown
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Morgan Richards19:19Hickory
2.11McKenna Spence19:36Cranberry
3.10Libby Volna20:37Meadville
4.9Reilly Walsh20:39Cambridge Springs
5.10Olivia Mamula20:41Cambridge Springs
6.10Maggie Prorok20:46Rocky Grove
7.9Brooke Phelps21:28Conneaut Lake Area
8.9Chloe Tyillian21:29West Middlesex Area
9.12Alexis Albaugh21:38Conneaut Lake Area
10.11Kelsey Murray21:40West Middlesex Area
11.9Jackie Abraham21:45Hickory
12.12Heather Ziegler21:50Meadville
13.9Alyson Pierce21:56West Middlesex Area
14.11Candice Arnold22:00Reynolds
15.12Shelby Pontera22:06West Middlesex Area
16.12Ashley Bolles22:07Maplewood
17.10Samantha Whitney22:09Meadville
18.9Abigail Brunst22:10Titusville
19.12Samantha Owens22:11Corry Area
20.9Susie Sheatz22:22Cranberry
21.10Ashley Keefer22:23Union City Area
22.10Ieshia Lindsey22:24Franklin Area
23.12Lydia Smith22:24Fort Le Boeuf
24.11Danielle Munsee22:36Corry Area
25.10Taylor Blanton22:39Corry Area
26.11Leah Henderson22:41Titusville
27.9Abby Martinson22:58Maplewood
28.12Heather Haylett22:58Cochranton
29.11Kia-Anne Howe23:08West Middlesex Area
30.12Sarah Young23:16Fort Le Boeuf
31.12Kaitlynne Kline23:18Cochranton
32.10Paige Whitney23:18Meadville
33.10Eve Gardener23:25Union City Area
34.12Abby Friel23:25Cambridge Springs
35.12Abby Gilmore23:28Fort Le Boeuf
36.12Lennea Mook23:32Cambridge Springs
37.12Angela Bour23:32Hickory
38.9Elaina Brancota23:33Conneaut Lake Area
39.11Mollie Carothers23:39Cranberry
40.10Kacey Bengel23:43Fort Le Boeuf
41.12Emily Masotto23:43West Middlesex Area
42.9Sadie Brown23:44Cambridge Springs
43.10Bailey Brown23:54Hickory
44.11Lauren Bell23:54Cranberry
45.9Hayley Brown23:55Cambridge Springs
46.11Samantha Scott23:57Lakeview
47.9Jordyn Kalp24:00Hickory
48.11Carrie Kiester24:04Lakeview
49.10Emily Robinson24:07Jamestown
50.9Cassidy Griffith24:10Hickory
51.9Anna Zrile24:13West Middlesex Area
52.11Shanna Mcgowan24:15Commodore Perry
53.10Madison French24:18Conneaut Lake Area
54.9Kyra Henderson24:23Hickory
55.11Alexa Gladis24:26Jamestown
56.12Jordan Herberg24:29Titusville
57.-Katie Hogg24:30Cranberry
58.11Rachel Watson24:35Lakeview
59.10Rose Stoyer24:40Reynolds
60.10Autumn Kinney24:41Union City Area
61.11Ashley Groner24:46Cranberry
62.10Amber Lewis24:50Union City Area
63.12Emily Wescoat24:55Titusville
64.10Taylor Walters25:05Titusville
65.9Emily Dingfelder25:06Corry Area
66.10Brittany Stine25:11Corry Area
67.12Lindsay Orzechowski25:21Fort Le Boeuf
68.9Melyssa Rea25:23Maplewood
69.10Jamie Daugherty25:36Cranberry
70.12Natalie Hager25:38Franklin Area
71.10Emma Petasis25:45Meadville
72.10Kelsey Eichholtz25:45Franklin Area
73.10Kaitlin Liszka25:52Jamestown
74.9Molly Hensley25:58Franklin Area
75.9Abbey Peters26:01Meadville
76.9Marissa Schell26:08Lakeview
77.12Abigail Strange26:14Conneaut Lake Area
78.10Ally Propheter26:22Maplewood
79.12Lauren Munsee26:32Corry Area
80.9Kylee Wilson27:12Fort Le Boeuf
81.12Tanya Grossman27:13Union City Area
82.12Haley Flick27:39Cambridge Springs
84.9Lauren Brooks27:43Titusville
85.12Kelcie Maxwell27:55Lakeview
87.12Tessa Skurka28:09Fort Le Boeuf
88.10Dejere Harris28:48Franklin Area
89.10Kristen Walski29:16Reynolds
90.12Rebecca Hood29:26Commodore Perry
91.9Emily Sanner30:01Commodore Perry
92.11Tess Grinnell30:10Commodore Perry
93.9Sarah Stearns30:23Rocky Grove
94.10Emily Kitchen31:16Commodore Perry
95.10Kennedy Rose31:20Union City Area
96.12Krystal Rueberger32:04Reynolds
97.-Ashley Zaccari32:37Franklin Area
98.9Steph Cheers33:18Rocky Grove
99.9Alaina Mariacher33:51Jamestown
100.10Melodie Harnett33:56Jamestown
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.9Nina Ordinaro24:26Hickory
2.11Shauna Marriotti25:07Hickory
3.9Alexis Dailey25:27Cranberry
4.11Kayleigh Collier25:37Hickory
5.9Rumor Habib25:39Corry Area
6.10Darci Haehn25:40Corry Area
7.9Kristin LaCamera25:52Hickory
8.12Taylor Rose26:04Cranberry
9.11Bryce Benic26:29Hickory
10.11Ashley Jordan27:02Cranberry
11.9Taylor Amon27:14Fort Le Boeuf
12.12Carly Lenart27:27Fort Le Boeuf
13.12Katie Rebman27:31Fort Le Boeuf
14.11Patricia Hinkson27:58Hickory
15.9Mackenzie Weightman28:43Hickory
16.11Jacque Faylo28:52Hickory
17.9Elizabeth Steffens28:53Corry Area
18.10Kayli Wagner28:56Meadville
19.11Ashley Felmlee29:14Cranberry
20.10Alexandra Peters29:22Meadville
21.12Katie Bensink30:38Fort Le Boeuf
22.11Jenna Weckerly30:42Cranberry
23.10Brittany Mascitti34:41Meadville
24.9Amanda Saltsgiver34:51Hickory
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