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Harbor Creek Dirty Dawg Invitational HS

Saturday, October 08, 2011

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Meet Host - Harbor Creek HS
Location - Harborcreek CC Course, Harborcreek, PA - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Harbor Creek

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1.11Daniel Jaskowak15:53.92Grove City Senior
2.11Austin Pondel16:15.04Corry Area
3.11Ethan Louis16:27.92Cathedral Prep
4.11Gordon Phipps16:51.88Oil City
5.12Ben Hoffman16:56.11Grove City Senior
6.12Josh Natalie16:56.36Strong Vincent
7.12Matt McWilliams17:10.13Fort Le Boeuf
8.11John Lacy17:14.30Cathedral Prep
9.10Ryan Whiteman17:17.46Grove City Senior
10.11Nathan Law17:17.87McDowell
11.11Ben Luce17:18.56Union City Area
12.11Ian Brown17:20.08Grove City Senior
13.12Santo Belle17:20.70Cathedral Prep
14.10Pat Kloecker17:29.89Cathedral Prep
15.12Shawn Wiler17:32.27Corry Area
16.12Alex Knaby17:34.18Grove City Senior
17.12Martin Zegarelli17:35.32Cathedral Prep
18.12Pat Pasqualicchio17:36.01Cathedral Prep
19.9Aaron Benka17:36.80Grove City Senior
20.9Kyle Rose17:41.58Meadville
21.12Robbie Sontheimer17:43.40McDowell
22.10Bobby Danielson17:48.05Erie Central Tech
23.9Curtis Royek17:48.87Corry Area
24.11Kevin Pier17:49.25Seneca
25.11Brandon Wise17:51.66Grove City Senior
26.12Tyler Lonyo18:02.36Harbor Creek
27.12Tyler Yost18:04.20Fort Le Boeuf
28.12Caleb Cordell18:11.49McDowell
29.12Brent Manti18:11.88McDowell
30.10Sean-Patrick Brady18:13.00Mercyhurst Prep
31.9Noah Mandel18:18.08Harbor Creek
32.10Zach Dulabon18:20.90McDowell
33.10Austin King18:21.40Oil City
34.12Mike Lockhart18:22.00Fort Le Boeuf
35.12Adam Swartzfager18:24.53McDowell
36.11Sam Prenatt18:25.55Cathedral Prep
37.12Andrew Esper18:28.78McDowell
38.12Grant Barber18:40.99Central Cambria
39.12Calum Hyde18:41.75Maplewood
40.12Joshua Dunsworth18:43.10Strong Vincent
41.10Aaron Haas18:44.21Mercyhurst Prep
42.10Justin Jeffers18:48.67Central Cambria
43.11Alex Burke18:49.44Seneca
44.11Aaron Peters18:50.73Fort Le Boeuf
45.11Benjamin Willey18:51.74Meadville
46.12Adam Westrick18:54.13Central Cambria
47.9Jonathan Garrett18:54.65Maplewood
48.11Cody Thomas19:07.52Union City Area
49.9Hanz Wentz19:08.42Maplewood
50.12Mark Stankiewicz19:09.02Erie Central Tech
51.9Luke Cancilla19:09.36Mercyhurst Prep
52.10Drake Burgess19:12.67Union City Area
53.10Tyler Wetherbee19:19.79Maplewood
54.12Brendan Scully19:22.66Erie Central Tech
55.10Philip Beyer19:23.81Iroquois
56.12Jesse Hayes19:26.21Maplewood
57.10Nick Scrimenti19:26.76Mercyhurst Prep
58.12Jacque Rougeau19:27.38Corry Area
59.10Conner Unice19:32.26Meadville
60.9Brad Pier19:33.06Fort Le Boeuf
61.12Adam Rohler19:37.01Erie Central Tech
62.12Ryan Volk19:37.68Corry Area
63.9Wade Grover19:39.99Harbor Creek
64.11Nick Rinke19:40.37Mercyhurst Prep
65.9Brent Benedict19:42.61Corry Area
66.10Tommy Leech19:43.03Meadville
67.11Mike Gray19:44.04Corry Area
68.12Chris Gittings19:44.77Central Cambria
69.9Louis McUmber19:45.02Meadville
70.11Brenham Potts19:45.31Meadville
71.10Ryan Connelly19:46.07Fort Le Boeuf
72.12Dominic Mazza19:47.46Harbor Creek
73.11Seth Mihalak19:47.80Northwestern Senior
74.10Logan Brandis19:48.24Central Cambria
75.11Hunter Proctor19:50.18Youngsville
76.10Josh Remillard19:53.51Central Cambria
77.11Brad Strczywilk19:54.04Oil City
78.11Anthony Cecchetti19:54.28Iroquois
79.12Emmett Rennie19:54.63Harbor Creek
80.10Russell Adams19:55.96Union City Area
81.11Isiah Gardner19:58.10Union City Area
82.11Alex Volna20:02.39Meadville
83.11Hayden Seibert20:03.70Harbor Creek
84.11Cyle Yaple20:05.97Seneca
85.10Andy Lalwani20:07.54Youngsville
86.10George McGuire20:13.98Fort Le Boeuf
87.10David Marvin20:15.61Maplewood
88.9Colten Barger20:19.51Erie Central Tech
89.11Matt Detar20:21.60Harbor Creek
90.10Collin Lehnen20:24.04Youngsville
91.12James Shultz20:29.02Erie Central Tech
92.10Michael Potts20:30.24Union City Area
93.11Thomas Hildreth20:30.83Iroquois
94.11Randy Hodgson20:37.79Central Cambria
95.10Zach Ishman20:38.67Youngsville
96.11Gregg Yost20:38.89Youngsville
97.9Aaron Hoover20:39.21Youngsville
98.9Connor Hanlin20:47.49Union City Area
99.11Guy Stallone20:55.03Oil City
100.10Cody Davison21:05.59Northwestern Senior
101.11Matt Baker21:15.28Youngsville
102.-Darius Cleveland21:16.63East Erie
103.9Jeremy Hope21:23.73Maplewood
104.9Corey Nadolny21:26.16Seneca
105.10John Holmes21:28.62Iroquois
106.9Stephen Hiles21:57.00Iroquois
107.10Noah Hart22:09.01Erie Central Tech
108.11Cody Schwarztrauber22:17.35Girard
109.9Simon Deangelo22:20.69Seneca
110.9Kevin Kauffman22:36.68Girard
111.9Ryan Franz22:39.71Girard
112.12Shaquan Mcclendon22:43.58East Erie
113.9Mark McKelvey23:15.50Iroquois
114.9Noah Carpenter23:21.71Girard
115.10Sam Woodell23:35.10Mercyhurst Prep
116.10Dylan Isacks24:09.35Iroquois
117.-Jesse Lopez24:53.98East Erie
118.9Nick Simes25:20.84Girard
119.9Dylan Lockhart26:10.03Oil City
120.11Dakota Lesher27:08.65Northwestern Senior
121.9Tyler Marczak28:47.17Oil City
122.9Chad Spaulding30:21.21Northwestern Senior
123.11Luke Miller30:43.45Girard
124.9Orzeko Seneta30:50.48Northwestern Senior
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Harbor Creek

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1.9Norman Stark18:22.40Cathedral Prep
2.12Warren Keck18:34.49McDowell
3.11John Scott Somora18:41.58Grove City Senior
4.12Joe Hoffman18:49.84Grove City Senior
5.10Adam Lowe18:55.04Grove City Senior
6.11Nick Mysnyk18:55.68McDowell
7.11Daniel Mandus18:56.27McDowell
8.9Ethan Kellet19:04.18Grove City Senior
9.12Nick Pardini19:05.37Cathedral Prep
10.10Nathan Moisier19:07.74McDowell
11.9Ryan Budnik19:15.62Grove City Senior
12.9Justin Blake19:23.15McDowell
13.10Andy Wilcox19:27.88Cathedral Prep
14.11Travis Beatty19:32.96Grove City Senior
15.11Hogan Zegarelli19:41.50Cathedral Prep
16.10Garrett Cragle19:43.27Fort Le Boeuf
17.9Jack Lindenberger19:44.03Cathedral Prep
18.9Jacob Noonan19:51.44Cathedral Prep
19.9Michael Brink20:02.49McDowell
20.10Kevin Smith20:02.89Fort Le Boeuf
21.12Tyler Nowosielski20:05.26Harbor Creek
22.12Tim Long20:05.92Corry Area
23.11Pat Kress20:09.59Fort Le Boeuf
24.10Ryan Goff20:09.92General Mclane
25.9Josh Hodgson20:10.28Central Cambria
26.10Josh Porter20:10.74McDowell
27.9John Paul Depew20:18.45Grove City Senior
28.11Glenn Adams20:24.86Meadville
29.12Adam Larson20:27.12McDowell
30.9Gunnar Kelly20:27.47Maplewood
31.9Keith Tucker20:35.12McDowell
32.9Ian Parker20:44.90General Mclane
33.10Isiah Stearns20:47.68Maplewood
34.10Mark McWilliams20:52.81Fort Le Boeuf
35.9Ryan Sibbald20:55.32General Mclane
36.11Caleb Musolf21:01.72Fort Le Boeuf
37.9Matt Neville21:03.72Cathedral Prep
38.11Dan Wright21:10.12Grove City Senior
39.10Collin McCarty21:12.34Harbor Creek
40.11Nathan Naud21:14.97McDowell
41.11Josh Lake21:18.38Maplewood
42.11Chris Schraven21:20.26McDowell
43.9Corey Matteo21:20.75McDowell
44.10Chet Simoni21:29.71Grove City Senior
45.12Kevin Mccarl21:35.01Grove City Senior
46.9Matt Svetz21:37.51Meadville
47.9Evan Rial21:46.98Iroquois
48.9Domenico Montagna21:51.00McDowell
49.11Logan Pryor21:52.75Grove City Senior
50.12Henry Lewis21:55.92Cathedral Prep
51.11Tyler Wadding22:03.24McDowell
52.11Joseph Lynch22:16.89Harbor Creek
53.11Gabe Hall22:18.77Central Cambria
54.9Andrew Hefner22:20.70Grove City Senior
55.10Chase McHenry22:21.83Central Cambria
56.10Chester Ciakuj22:24.90Youngsville
57.9Austin Smith22:32.51Maplewood
58.9Evan Mehok22:36.24Maplewood
59.9Bryan Schraven22:40.95McDowell
60.9Craig Ferrante22:46.14McDowell
61.9Isaah Orris22:47.52Meadville
62.12Ryan Lee22:49.58McDowell
63.9Ian Zegarelli22:50.29Cathedral Prep
64.-Owen Smith23:20.53Grove City Senior
65.9Dylan Myers23:20.89Grove City Senior
66.9Martin Webster23:44.14Fort Le Boeuf
67.9Ben Stover23:51.75Youngsville
68.9Brandon Hogue24:02.33Grove City Senior
69.9Andrew Bessetti24:14.52McDowell
70.12Tom Hellyer25:21.36Corry Area
71.9Collin Alekson26:28.88Youngsville
72.9Jacob Culp27:09.79Grove City Senior
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Harbor Creek

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.11Alyssa Brandis19:34.25Central Cambria
2.10Libby Volna20:07.97Meadville
3.12Catherine Stark20:19.77Mercyhurst Prep
4.10Kelsey Leasure20:28.36Seneca
5.9Kelsey Swantek20:29.68McDowell
6.9Allison Carson20:31.01Villa Maria Academy ...
7.12Samantha Owens20:35.46Corry Area
8.12Evyn Selden20:48.13Grove City Senior
9.11Melissa Perseo20:56.86McDowell
10.9Courtney Sargent21:03.75Strong Vincent
11.11Kim Demjanenko21:04.49Villa Maria Academy ...
12.12Heather Ziegler21:05.13Meadville
13.12Katie Manno21:12.93McDowell
14.9Olivia Messina21:14.45Villa Maria Academy ...
15.11Rebecca Easly21:22.04Villa Maria Academy ...
16.9Jordan Hayward21:29.79Central Cambria
17.10Rachel Willis21:31.65McDowell
18.11Dawn Craft21:35.90Central Cambria
19.11Lindsey Knaby21:36.87Grove City Senior
20.11Lauren Decker21:37.43Grove City Senior
21.11Danielle Munsee21:40.74Corry Area
22.12Katelin Hain21:49.50McDowell
23.11Olivia Lipnic21:52.85Central Cambria
24.11Shelby Barger21:54.24Erie Central Tech
25.9Angel McCall21:54.77Seneca
26.12Ashley Bolles21:56.24Maplewood
27.10Sophie Mazza21:56.45Harbor Creek
28.12Kenzie Blackmon21:57.45Fort Le Boeuf
29.11Katelyn Maille22:07.95Youngsville
30.12Brandi King22:12.41Seneca
31.9Abbey Peters22:14.40Meadville
32.12Taylor Grenz22:20.83Corry Area
33.10Ashley Keefer22:25.00Union City Area
34.12Lydia Smith22:26.67Fort Le Boeuf
35.11Paige Russo22:29.70McDowell
36.9Rachel Fedore22:31.12Central Cambria
37.12Alice Tullio22:35.07Villa Maria Academy ...
38.10Taylor Blanton22:36.09Corry Area
39.11Christine Potsubay22:37.88Grove City Senior
40.12Casaundra Swartzba...22:43.72Youngsville
41.9Abby Martinson22:47.74Maplewood
42.12Shannon Henley22:49.51Northwestern Senior
43.11Jessica Edmondson22:58.59Harbor Creek
44.12Sarah Young22:59.53Fort Le Boeuf
45.10Samantha Whitney23:00.06Meadville
46.10Chelsea Ptak23:01.45McDowell
47.9Mikayla Wimer23:05.12Grove City Senior
48.11Punjari Vyas23:05.92Central Cambria
49.9Cienna Lauer23:10.96Central Cambria
50.12Aimee Maciak23:12.90Villa Maria Academy ...
51.11Abbie Swartzbaugh23:16.08Youngsville
52.9Mallory Eastman23:16.27Youngsville
53.12Haley Schaef23:21.09Northwestern Senior
54.12Erika Cyphert23:24.23Grove City Senior
55.10Lindsey Jarema23:24.84Seneca
56.12Madison Kassab23:26.26Meadville
57.12Abby Gilmore23:29.42Fort Le Boeuf
58.9Emily Dingfelder23:31.09Corry Area
59.11Sarah Maguire23:39.03Harbor Creek
60.9Joycelynn Mayo23:40.59Girard
61.10Eve Gardener23:40.86Union City Area
62.11Kellie Lindstrom23:56.36Youngsville
63.10Amber Lewis24:01.42Union City Area
64.9Melyssa Rea24:04.62Maplewood
65.10Brittany Stine24:05.61Corry Area
66.12Emma Marczak24:11.42Oil City
67.11Kara McClain24:12.95Grove City Senior
68.10Miranda Wright24:13.86Maplewood
69.11Mary Mehlburger24:15.93Oil City
70.10Autumn Kinney24:18.43Union City Area
71.12Lindsay Orzechowski24:22.76Fort Le Boeuf
72.10Amber Matha24:23.96Erie Central Tech
73.9Rumor Habib24:28.15Corry Area
74.12Carly Bitters24:36.37Mercyhurst Prep
75.12Katlyn Blackmon24:44.22Fort Le Boeuf
76.12Natalie Kretzing24:48.27Strong Vincent
77.11Kylie Westover24:53.01Youngsville
78.9Olivia Bannister24:53.54Mercyhurst Prep
79.9Holly Hudson24:54.20Oil City
80.11Sydney Rothschild25:17.35Oil City
81.12Karmella Kienholz25:19.69Harbor Creek
82.10Marissa Drobitch25:29.41Harbor Creek
83.12Allyson Krysiak25:32.67Erie Central Tech
84.10Emma Petasis25:34.75Meadville
85.9Emily Finke25:35.64Strong Vincent
86.11Miranda Perrin25:36.10Girard
87.10Samantha Tome25:40.22Youngsville
88.9Kylee Wilson25:59.47Fort Le Boeuf
89.12Tanya Grossman26:07.64Union City Area
90.12Elizabet Handley-s...26:13.04Iroquois
91.9Taylor Szuchon26:18.36Strong Vincent
92.9Tiffany Ferrara26:18.99Girard
93.10Ally Propheter26:19.19Maplewood
94.12Emily Ziroli26:32.77Erie Central Tech
95.9Eryn Pettis26:56.09Northwestern Senior
96.12Crystal Taccone26:59.37Harbor Creek
97.10Brianna Boleratz27:19.38Northwestern Senior
98.12Taylor Wittman27:45.64Iroquois
99.9Shyler Abbey27:47.63Seneca
100.10Brandi Copeland28:55.20Northwestern Senior
101.10Kennedy Rose29:08.75Union City Area
102.9Mackenzie Hathaway30:08.27Oil City
103.10Erin Skelly31:10.35Mercyhurst Prep
104.9Kayla Kanonczyk31:10.63East Erie
105.10Colodgia Burns31:19.41East Erie
106.11Erin Debelak31:41.44Girard
107.10Tristyn Dabrowski35:11.77Erie Central Tech
108.9Madeline Westcott35:12.76Iroquois
109.10Victoria Royal37:55.18Iroquois
110.10Elaine Przybyszewski39:00.00Strong Vincent
111.9Alexis Andrews39:00.10East Erie
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
Upgrade Meet Host
Harbor Creek

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.9Ashley Buseck22:36.46McDowell
2.10Amanda Krawiec22:39.19McDowell
3.11Ashley Cicero22:43.05McDowell
4.11Katie Bracken22:51.96Central Cambria
5.9Mackenzie Smith22:52.38Villa Maria Academy ...
6.11Gina Spinelli22:56.39McDowell
7.11Victoria Hermann23:07.84McDowell
8.11Corie Brocklehurst23:14.77Grove City Senior
9.9Tina Skelly23:19.07McDowell
10.12Judy Jennings23:22.52McDowell
11.12Jackie White23:30.11General Mclane
12.12Erica Larson23:55.68McDowell
13.11Claire Coulter23:58.14Grove City Senior
14.10Kaitlin Daubert24:06.77McDowell
15.10Julie Pietras24:11.00General Mclane
16.11Ashley Smith24:16.71Central Cambria
17.11Jill Mercer24:19.86Grove City Senior
18.12Reese Shebel24:21.38McDowell
19.11Abagail Johnston24:25.89Grove City Senior
20.9Alyssa Schmidt24:45.93McDowell
21.12Lauren Hyduchak24:57.54Grove City Senior
22.9Jessica Cauley24:58.31McDowell
23.9Anna Lacy25:08.02Villa Maria Academy ...
24.12Angelina Conti25:09.28McDowell
25.11Elizabeth Depew25:09.49Grove City Senior
26.12Chrissy Loader25:11.54McDowell
27.10Christina Fair25:12.16General Mclane
28.9Cleo Louis25:25.47Villa Maria Academy ...
29.10Alexa Haverly25:26.58Villa Maria Academy ...
30.12Rachel Schmidt25:30.20General Mclane
31.12Kristi Allen25:31.83Grove City Senior
32.12Ansley Kelly25:32.44General Mclane
33.11Sarah Wick25:33.94McDowell
34.12Lauren Munsee25:34.18Corry Area
35.11Samantha Trapp25:36.03McDowell
36.12Judy Culp25:40.60Grove City Senior
37.10Kate Mientkiewicz25:49.80McDowell
38.11Yuxian Wang25:58.94McDowell
39.11Kayla Murphy26:00.20Villa Maria Academy ...
40.10Cassie Tarbell26:00.88General Mclane
41.12Katie Rebman26:14.60Fort Le Boeuf
42.12Monica Kelly26:21.20McDowell
43.11Susan Baltes26:30.20McDowell
44.12Randi Smith26:32.36Grove City Senior
45.12Clarissa Potsubay26:33.39Grove City Senior
46.9Sydney Heberle26:35.25McDowell
47.12Laura Karle26:48.39McDowell
48.12Tessa Skurka26:55.71Fort Le Boeuf
49.12Sara Burdick26:58.19Fort Le Boeuf
50.11Tori Alekson27:03.20Youngsville
51.12Madison Duino27:06.46McDowell
52.11Kara Fucci27:06.70McDowell
53.12Mary Pristello27:16.73Harbor Creek
54.10Meghan Good27:29.25McDowell
55.12Carly Lenart27:37.87Fort Le Boeuf
56.9Taylor Amon27:38.63Fort Le Boeuf
57.11Alexa Rowane27:51.68Villa Maria Academy ...
58.9Elizabeth Steffens28:10.29Corry Area
59.12Katie Bensink28:30.53Fort Le Boeuf
60.11Megan Johnson28:45.91Youngsville
61.10Becky Patterson29:09.59Villa Maria Academy ...
62.11Carly Mizner29:10.87McDowell
63.11Lydia Wargo29:40.07Grove City Senior
64.12Holly Wilcox29:44.68McDowell
65.10Denise Devore30:32.72Youngsville
66.9Ann Trucilla30:58.61Villa Maria Academy ...
67.9Suzie Rose32:47.36Youngsville
68.11Brittany Hunter33:30.12Harbor Creek
69.10Brittany Mascitti34:03.59Meadville
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