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Mens Races
2,000 Meters 6th Grade Boys4:00 PM
3,000 Meters 7th & 8th Grade Boys5:00 PM
Womens Races
2,000 Meters 6th Grade Girls4:00 PM
3,000 Meters 7th & 8th Grade Girls4:30 PM
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Team Scores:

6th Grade Girls -- 2k

  1. West Sylvan -- 21
  2. Duniway -- 38
  3. Patton -- 47
  4. Stayton -- 51
  5. Newberg -- 68

6th Grade Boys -- 2k

  1. Duniway -- 23
  2. Stayton -- 26
  3. Horizon Christian -- 36

7th and 8th Grade Girls -- 3k

  1. West Sylvan -- 23
  2. Duniway -- 34
  3. Newberg -- 43
  4. Southwest Christian -- 76
  5. Patton -- 79

7th and 8th Grade Boys -- 3k

  1. West Sylvan -- 18
  2. Newberg -- 34
  3. Mark Twain -- 59
  4. Patton -- 69
  5. Southwest Christian -- 76
  6. Stayton -- 98
  7. Duniway -- 128

*Top 4 runners were scored.  Teams not listed were incomplete.

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Mens Results

2,000 Meters 6th Grade Boys  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.6Tucker Olson7:37Horizon Christian
2.6Marcos Cortes7:48Duniway
3.6Mikah Jenkins7:50Stayton
4.6Jackson Thornburg7:50Patton
5.6David Chupp8:13Duniway
6.6Skyler Larson8:24Veritas
7.6Hayden Wakefield8:29Horizon Christian
8.6James Busch8:33Newberg
9.6John Baldwin8:44Mark Twain
10.6Colton Crawford8:44Patton
11.6Brenden Harper8:59Stayton
12.6Nicholas Langer9:04Stayton
13.6Luke Larson9:23Duniway
14.5Cam McChesney9:27Veritas
15.6Alec Banton9:42Lincoln Cluster
16.6Andrew Tabor9:47St Mary Catholic
17.6Thomas Douglass10:05Duniway
18.6Cooper Hammond10:09Stayton
19.6Tristan Ferry10:18Duniway
20.6Zac Mason10:19Duniway
21.6Cinnamon Holt10:19Lincoln Cluster
22.6Kai Depweg10:19Duniway
23.6Robert Cagle10:24Lincoln Cluster
24.6Ivan Ochoa10:46Stayton
25.6Nalen Stephens11:04Duniway
26.7Andrew Larson11:05Duniway
27.6Austin Hayden11:09Newberg
28.6CJ Panaitescu11:12Horizon Christian
29.6Hayden Meek-Avedov...11:20Duniway
30.5Matthew Nusom11:49St Mary Catholic
31.6Ethan Hampton11:55Duniway
32.6Kobe Price12:00Duniway
33.6Rafael Plancarte12:32Duniway
34.6Jesus Saray12:33Stayton
35.6Gavin Gipson13:03Patton
36.6Jake Mager14:20Horizon Christian
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3,000 Meters 7th & 8th Grade Boys  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.8Dominic Arce10:32Lincoln Cluster
2.8Jacob Godshalk11:22Newberg
3.8Noe Jines11:34Mark Twain
4.8Logan Stratton11:39Lincoln Cluster
5.8Joe Zochert11:47Southwest Christian
6.7Christian Frech11:50Lincoln Cluster
7.8Walter Williamson11:56Lincoln Cluster
8.8Trystan South12:05Lincoln Cluster
9.8Shane Willis12:15Newberg
10.7Nic Howard12:40Patton
11.8Zach Joyce12:49St Mary Catholic
12.7Wiley Wheatley12:50Newberg
13.6Dylan Wolff12:50Newberg
14.6Trent Driesner13:01Southwest Christian
15.7Brody Johnson13:02Stayton
16.7William Sisley13:03Mark Twain
17.7Liam Kennedy13:07Lincoln Cluster
18.8Ashton Walters13:09Patton
19.8Jackson Eggers13:27Patton
20.8Micah B.13:28Veritas
21.8Daniel Rolfety13:33Mark Twain
22.8Ben Stuart13:35Duniway
23.8Travis Spencer13:35Stayton
24.8Barrett Meisenheimer13:36Mark Twain
25.7Dillion Fogarty13:48Mark Twain
26.8Aidan Nyquist14:03Patton
27.8Logan Claassen14:04Stayton
28.7Cam Stubblefield14:05Southwest Christian
29.8Cole Visser14:12Mark Twain
30.7Jared Hughes14:21Patton
31.8Kyle Hampton14:27Patton
32.7William Wright14:30Mark Twain
33.6Drake Garver14:33Newberg
34.8Connor Martin14:37Newberg
35.6Josiah Hart14:47Southwest Christian
36.6Jacob Suarez14:47Southwest Christian
37.8Andrew Hart14:47Southwest Christian
38.7Kevin Chang14:47Patton
39.7Tucker Hawkey14:48Lincoln Cluster
40.8Emanuel Senn14:48Lincoln Cluster
41.8N. Blackwell-Mitch...14:50Duniway
42.7Karl Wolff14:51Duniway
43.8Miles Skene14:52Duniway
44.7Jake Morgan15:02Southwest Christian
45.8Gabe F.15:15Veritas
46.7Garrett Mulder15:16Southwest Christian
47.8Adam Shih15:16Horizon Christian
48.8Bailey Hampton15:17Patton
49.7Christian Vece15:20Newberg
50.8Ross J.15:32Veritas
51.7Lane Penrose15:36Newberg
52.7Henry Bennett-Hanes15:50Lincoln Cluster
53.8Jorge Bautista16:09Patton
54.7Isaac Beals16:20Newberg
55.7Kane Peters16:34Lincoln Cluster
56.7Miguel Garcia16:50Stayton
57.8Grant Szambelan16:55Horizon Christian
58.7Noah Fisher17:01Newberg
59.8Nikko Robledo17:05Patton
60.8Matt Huwaldt17:06Patton
61.8Sage Taylor17:30Lincoln Cluster
62.8Abe Garcia17:32Patton
63.7Joshua Consenz17:40Newberg
64.7holden lee17:42Lincoln Cluster
65.8Joshua Ripp18:25St Mary Catholic
66.7Guage Smith18:56Stayton
67.8Shane Hoefer18:58Stayton
68.7Ben Lane19:13Southwest Christian
69.7Kevin Sandberg19:19Newberg
70.8Andrew Cox19:26Patton
71.7Aidan Cook19:26Mark Twain
72.7Caleb Landis19:28Patton
73.7Owen George19:29St Mary Catholic
74.7Jakin Lieggi19:32Newberg
75.7Jay Sharabu20:10Lincoln Cluster
76.7Andrew Dahlen20:44Southwest Christian
77.7Oliver Heady21:56Patton
78.7Matthew Lochridge22:03Southwest Christian
79.7Ian Hemmer22:53Mark Twain
80.8Saxon Crowell23:23Patton
81.8Elliot Horton23:24Patton
82.7Alberto Garcia#VALUE!Mark Twain
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Womens Results

2,000 Meters 6th Grade Girls  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.6Ember Stratton7:37Lincoln Cluster
2.6Hannah Huchette8:53Newberg
3.6Halia-rose Baillie8:59Lincoln Cluster
4.6Parker Denton9:40Lincoln Cluster
5.6Olivia Casarez10:00Stayton
6.7Madelon Rollins10:04Patton
7.8Cecilie Green10:09Duniway
8.6Rachel Ewing10:27Duniway
9.6Kailey Spencer10:28Stayton
10.6Molly Janssen10:28Patton
11.6Zoe Hayes10:39Duniway
12.6Emily Cinnamon10:47Duniway
13.6Syndey Vanko11:07Lincoln Cluster
14.6Gavrielle Walters11:13Patton
15.6Marri-anna Martinez11:13Stayton
16.6Jayne Fraley11:18Horizon Christian
17.6Fiona Mortensen11:22Newberg
18.6Elyse Fawver11:26Veritas
19.6Cassie Stere11:27Veritas
20.6Jillian Thornburg11:36Patton
21.6Emmy Martin11:49Patton
22.6Vivian Nice11:52Duniway
23.6Grace Peak11:55Duniway
24.5Margaret VanVeen12:04St Mary Catholic
25.6Mayra Sandoval12:04Patton
26.6Abby Brown12:05Duniway
27.6Noelia Sandoval12:16Stayton
28.6Abby Ross12:40Stayton
29.5Shauna George12:49St Mary Catholic
30.5Dora Miller13:21St Mary Catholic
31.6Sabine Swindle14:03Newberg
32.6Rachel Larsen15:12Patton
33.6Abigail Gladwill15:20Patton
34.6Maya Gonzale15:21Lincoln Cluster
35.6Kaylee Johnson15:47Newberg
36.6Elizabeth Merenda15:47Lincoln Cluster
37.6Alexandra Towsey16:37Lincoln Cluster
38.6Caitlin Slater16:37Duniway
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3,000 Meters 7th & 8th Grade Girls  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.8Grace Hanna12:46Newberg
2.8Ally Legard12:48Duniway
3.8Annika Steele13:05Lincoln Cluster
4.7Hannah Ewing13:34Duniway
5.7Annie Devoe13:38Lincoln Cluster
6.7Josie Hall13:43Patton
7.8Stephanie Hamilton13:44Lincoln Cluster
8.8Katherine Renner14:13Lincoln Cluster
9.8Ella Vander Meulen14:16Lincoln Cluster
10.7Haleigh Morales14:25Duniway
11.8Marin Christensen14:25Lincoln Cluster
12.8Leah Doeden14:26Mark Twain
13.7Abby Taylor14:30Lincoln Cluster
14.8Haily York14:32Lincoln Cluster
15.7Kattie Abrams14:33Lincoln Cluster
16.7Ellie Kobak14:36Lincoln Cluster
17.7Megan Mastrorilllie15:09Lincoln Cluster
18.8Abigail Dalke15:10Lincoln Cluster
19.7Emily Bruns15:37Southwest Christian
20.7Annabelle Hartz15:50Newberg
21.7Natalie Rader15:56Lincoln Cluster
22.6Arianna Kern16:02Newberg
23.8Ashley Page16:16Newberg
24.7Rose Saltveit16:18Lincoln Cluster
25.6Elise Hanna16:19Newberg
26.6Bailey Sherwood16:21Newberg
27.8Annelin Stephens16:36Duniway
28.7Hannah Court17:02Southwest Christian
29.7Marissa Haas17:04Southwest Christian
30.7Abby Ragain17:05Horizon Christian
31.7Ella Jeffreys17:13Lincoln Cluster
32.8Skylar Miller17:19Duniway
33.7Alysha Dobash17:47Duniway
34.8Kayla Weeks17:49Duniway
35.7Quynne Baker17:52Patton
36.7Madelyn Meadows17:52Patton
37.8Bailey Bucher17:58Newberg
38.7Audrie Derrick17:59Stayton
39.7Michelle Wilson18:28Duniway
40.7Amy Gilliat18:28Duniway
41.8Abby Warren18:32St Mary Catholic
42.6Kathryn Holady19:01Southwest Christian
43.6Andrea Ramos19:20Newberg
44.6Fauna Morrison19:21Newberg
45.7Caitlin Baker19:43Stayton
46.7Lily Hartman20:52Duniway
47.7Taylor Ames21:11Duniway
48.8Kayla Wooldridge21:14Duniway
49.7Micaela Verbitsky21:29Patton
50.7Sora Asada21:35Patton
51.7Zoe Bennett-Hanes22:35Lincoln Cluster
52.7Margo Lett22:37Patton
53.6Anna Lane23:54Southwest Christian
54.8Mariann Larsen23:55Patton
55.7Isabella Synak27:08Lincoln Cluster
56.7Xela Shawn27:08Lincoln Cluster
57.7Olivia Ackley27:09Lincoln Cluster
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