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3,200 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity
3,200 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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12Aeronn Beaver17:41Mesquite
11Alfonso Hernandez18:19Mesquite
10Daniel Arroyo18:25Mesquite
11Marco Morales19:09Mesquite
12Jose Hernandez19:17Mesquite
12Gregory Buchanan28:05Mesquite
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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9Celso Ramirez19:04Mesquite
11Joaquin Tinoco19:20Mesquite
11Bryon Lloyd20:58Mesquite
10Jose Alvarez21:27 PRMesquite
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters Varsity  

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2.11Lauren Younger12:14.1 SRUrsuline Academy
3.10Shannon Burton12:14.8 PRUrsuline Academy
5.12Caroline Cochran12:20.1 PRUrsuline Academy
6.12Catherine Cochran12:20.3 PRUrsuline Academy
7.12Kennedi Henneberger12:32.2Ursuline Academy
8.10Jordan Elissa12:33.0 SRUrsuline Academy
9.9Niki Lehtola12:33.1Ursuline Academy
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

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3.10Destanie Thomas20:36.52 SRGarland Lakeview Cen...
6.11Lilly Davila21:47.15North Mesquite
9.10Janie Gonzalez22:11.28North Mesquite
13.9Arian Spears22:42.09North Mesquite
16.9Karen Calderon22:44.46North Mesquite
21.12Lexy Santos23:20.47North Mesquite
22.11Jackie Aguilera23:25.83 PRNorth Mesquite
11Martina Cervantes23:46Mesquite
11Rebecca Shaw23:46.58 SRGarland Lakeview Cen...
33.11Debbie Miranda24:23.88North Mesquite
12Denice Aldana24:30.74 PRNorth Mesquite
11Adria Cruz24:31.64 PRGarland Lakeview Cen...
11Nina Ngo24:37.03 PRGarland Lakeview Cen...
11Vanessa Rosas24:41.13 SRNorth Mesquite
11Blanca Aguilar24:45Mesquite
12Lilly Cerda25:07.36 PRNorth Mesquite
10Claudia Yanez25:21.37North Mesquite
9Tori Asiaban25:24.21 PRNorth Mesquite
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3,200 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.9Marie Meyer12:48.8 SRUrsuline Academy
3.12Michelle Hagan13:03.6Ursuline Academy
4.12Julia Henry13:15.0 PRUrsuline Academy
5.12Natalie Miller13:17.2 SRUrsuline Academy
6.11Maria Martinez13:18.0 SRUrsuline Academy
7.11Rachel Portner13:19.7 SRUrsuline Academy
8.11Emily Tranchina13:22.3 PRUrsuline Academy
11.9Rebecca Wildman13:45.4 PRUrsuline Academy
12.10Meredith Hoffman14:22.2 PRUrsuline Academy
15.10Abby Shaw14:34.3 PRUrsuline Academy
16.11Jessie Cohen14:34.7 PRUrsuline Academy
17.9Isabel Forward14:35.3 PRUrsuline Academy
18.10Betsy Smith14:46.3 PRUrsuline Academy
20.11Katherine Allen14:51.7Ursuline Academy
22.12Carolyn Oliver14:53.8 SRUrsuline Academy
23.10Maddy Deaton14:54.0 PRUrsuline Academy
24.9Lindsey Swope14:55.6 SRUrsuline Academy
10Mara McGee15:14 PRMesquite
37.11Caroline Braun15:41.9 SRUrsuline Academy
40.10Sophia Sparagana15:52.3 SRUrsuline Academy
43.10Chelsea Gonzalez15:55.9 SRUrsuline Academy
47.12Natalie Williams15:58.6 SRUrsuline Academy
62.10Lainey Howard16:30.4Ursuline Academy
65.11Alexandra Fincher16:35.6Ursuline Academy
67.10Gabby Perez-Garcia16:38.4Ursuline Academy
10Jasmine Guajardo16:46.08 PRGarland Lakeview Cen...
11Laura Denault16:47.56 PRGarland Lakeview Cen...
99.10Tuesday West17:52.1 SRUrsuline Academy
101.10Camille Herring18:01.1Ursuline Academy
108.11Linda Gilmore18:09.3 PRUrsuline Academy
11Rebecca Stringer18:57.20 PRGarland Lakeview Cen...
10Glynessha Jones19:32.47 PRGarland Lakeview Cen...
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