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Wildwood Park

4,400 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM
4,400 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
Womens Races

Wildwood Park

4,400 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
4,400 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM

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Mens Results

4,400 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.11Chase Nelson16:10Todd Beamer
2.12Sean Thomas16:22Todd Beamer
3.10Justin Clarke16:33Graham-Kapowsin
5.9Garth Ward16:34Todd Beamer
6.9Tom Bowman16:34Todd Beamer
7.12Ryan Sacia16:35Todd Beamer
8.10Jory Tysdal16:48Todd Beamer
9.11Roy Scott16:49Todd Beamer
11.10Travis Crumb17:05Todd Beamer
15.10Travis Metcalf17:40Graham-Kapowsin
19.11Brandon Cisco18:14Todd Beamer
20.9Luke Kosbab18:21Todd Beamer
22.10Evan Neese18:39Graham-Kapowsin
24.12Travis Cox18:44Graham-Kapowsin
25.12David Moreno18:45Todd Beamer
26.10Jeremy Jensen18:58Todd Beamer
27.9Aaron Crumb19:04Todd Beamer
28.11Niko Williams19:06Graham-Kapowsin
29.10Austin Anglesino19:09Todd Beamer
30.11Ted St. Clair19:13Todd Beamer
32.11Seth Jorgensen19:27Todd Beamer
33.11Cody Brocato19:31Graham-Kapowsin
35.9Joe Miller19:49Todd Beamer
36.12James Harris19:54Graham-Kapowsin
37.10Andy Officer20:11Todd Beamer
38.10Jason Hong20:21Todd Beamer
41.10Andrew Blount20:31Graham-Kapowsin
43.10Michael Saylor20:34Todd Beamer
45.9Connor Flanigan20:58Todd Beamer
48.10Rodney Saechao23:30Todd Beamer
49.11Alex Beluga28:09Todd Beamer
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4,400 Meters Varsity  
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2.12Ryan Eidsmoe15:22Todd Beamer
3.12Sean Andrascik15:29Graham-Kapowsin
4.10Keegan Claxton15:36Todd Beamer
5.11Adam Lee15:40Todd Beamer
8.10Erik Lissak15:47Todd Beamer
11.11Tommy Fraychineaud16:01Todd Beamer
13.11Jordan Hale16:08Todd Beamer
14.10Jacob Wittman16:18Todd Beamer
16.11Aaron Mowery16:47Graham-Kapowsin
17.11Caleb Baker17:25Graham-Kapowsin
18.11Chris George17:25Graham-Kapowsin
19.10Zeb LaVergne17:44Graham-Kapowsin
20.10Cody Fuller17:45Graham-Kapowsin
21.12Spencer Hayes17:52Graham-Kapowsin
22.12Tyler Hingleton18:05Graham-Kapowsin
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