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Hoosier Hertiage Conference Meet HS

Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Meet Host - Delta HS
Location - N.P.HS, New Palestine, IN
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5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races


5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Seth Eagleson16:53.14New Palestine
2.11Alton Anspaugh17:09.48Shelbyville
3.12Austin Dodd17:19.29New Palestine
4.11Daniel Kuhn17:21.30Shelbyville
5.12Brandon Smith17:33.68Pendleton Heights
6.11Chris Lowry17:36.78Yorktown
7.12Garrett Benedict17:37.47Greenfield Central
8.10Tanner Phares17:38.25Shelbyville
9.11Scott Prewitt17:40.17Greenfield Central
10.11Dalton Miller17:41.96Rushville Consolidated
11.12Dan Smith17:42.31Yorktown
12.11Blake Collins17:43.91Yorktown
13.9Zachariah Bishop17:46.88Greenfield Central
14.11Garrett Reinhart17:49.71Shelbyville
15.12Taylor VanWinkle17:53.52Mt Vernon (Fortville)
16.11Andrew Thaxton17:55.93Mt Vernon (Fortville)
17.11Scott Heavilon17:56.91Yorktown
18.9Aaron Rush17:58.07Mt Vernon (Fortville)
19.9Brandt True18:02.20Mt Vernon (Fortville)
20.12Ryan Fogg18:03.94Rushville Consolidated
21.10Taylor Wright18:06.66Greenfield Central
22.11Chris Ferguson18:09.49Shelbyville
23.10Jason LaFord18:11.81Greenfield Central
24.9Tony Flood18:15.23Pendleton Heights
25.9Steven Winn18:17.27Pendleton Heights
26.11Andrew Boyle18:17.78Mt Vernon (Fortville)
27.11Adam Eads18:18.17Shelbyville
28.9Tyler Flood18:19.03Pendleton Heights
29.11Forrest Ockomon18:22.29Pendleton Heights
30.10Syrus Fletcher18:25.22Greenfield Central
31.11CJ Floyd18:28.01Shelbyville
32.11Christopher Tatom18:31.29Greenfield Central
33.11Dominic Basciano18:35.29New Palestine
34.12Sam Zimmerman18:40.72Delta
35.10Matt Finnigan18:45.05Pendleton Heights
36.12Joshua Clifton18:47.11Rushville Consolidated
37.10Garrett Young18:50.36Rushville Consolidated
38.9Brendan Obryhim18:50.67Mt Vernon (Fortville)
39.10Nathan Hahn18:52.09Delta
40.11Landon Belcher18:54.68Yorktown
41.9Riley Wilson18:58.70New Palestine
42.11Kenny Nigh19:05.14Rushville Consolidated
43.9Eli Young19:06.97Pendleton Heights
44.12Brayden Ratekin19:08.94Mt Vernon (Fortville)
45.12Adam Gordon19:12.10Delta
46.12Tony Jones19:15.44Yorktown
47.12Kevin Laetsch19:17.91New Palestine
48.9David Fogg19:18.60Rushville Consolidated
49.12Sam Jones19:24.52New Palestine
50.10Ryan Wills19:27.93Delta
51.12Landon Carpenter19:30.48Delta
52.9Nathan Zirkle19:33.98Delta
53.11Austin Dwenger19:43.44Rushville Consolidated
54.12Spencer Paluch19:57.98Yorktown
55.12Daniel Wills20:04.74Delta
56.11Chase Tuggle20:26.57New Palestine
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.10Luke Shambaugh18:33.61Greenfield Central
2.10Jake Russell18:48.52Mt Vernon (Fortville)
3.12Colby Knecht18:54.98Pendleton Heights
4.12Cody Wilburn19:01.03Greenfield Central
5.12Chase VanHalen19:02.15Greenfield Central
5.12Isaiah Smith19:02.15Shelbyville
6.10Spencer McCool19:06.32Pendleton Heights
7.10L.J. Conrad19:17.07Rushville Consolidated
9.12Brandon Bowmer19:35.88Greenfield Central
9.11Jake Atwood19:35.88Shelbyville
10.10Gage Cook19:36.83Pendleton Heights
12.10Logan Brinker19:51.41Pendleton Heights
13.9Austyn Tift20:00.81Greenfield Central
14.9Clint Boone20:04.29Pendleton Heights
15.10Chris Poturalski20:04.98New Palestine
16.12Adam Ruff20:15.49Greenfield Central
17.11Logan Williams20:18.20Shelbyville
18.11Andrew Payne20:18.91Mt Vernon (Fortville)
19.11Chet Graham20:19.64Greenfield Central
20.10Braxton Ratekin20:21.39Mt Vernon (Fortville)
21.10Connor Sams20:21.85New Palestine
22.10Ethan Nash20:25.53Shelbyville
23.12Chase Harker20:26.50Mt Vernon (Fortville)
24.9Eric Baker20:30.06Pendleton Heights
25.11Aaron Zych20:42.39New Palestine
26.12Kirk Nuthak20:48.39Shelbyville
27.10Colin McAtee20:51.74Mt Vernon (Fortville)
28.12Ryan Schroeder20:52.97New Palestine
29.9Ayden Millspaugh20:56.29Mt Vernon (Fortville)
30.12Chris Goad21:01.43Mt Vernon (Fortville)
31.10Josh Minch21:05.20Delta
32.10William Wagner21:15.85Greenfield Central
33.12Adam Wu21:19.35Greenfield Central
34.12Luke Steigerwalt21:20.31New Palestine
35.9Baustin Skillman21:22.00New Palestine
36.9Aaron Sikorski21:25.74Pendleton Heights
37.12Mitchell Lawson21:31.11New Palestine
38.9Ashton Jordan21:40.79Mt Vernon (Fortville)
39.9Quetza Sanchez21:43.36Mt Vernon (Fortville)
40.12Christian Robinson21:53.89Delta
41.9Austin Sweet22:03.30New Palestine
42.11Devin Lawson22:05.61Delta
43.12Nick Zepeda22:19.38Rushville Consolidated
44.10Echactl Sanchez22:33.03Mt Vernon (Fortville)
45.9Alex Burnes22:38.78Shelbyville
46.12Kevin Patterson22:40.10New Palestine
47.9Graham Trotter22:44.28Shelbyville
48.10Cole Bischoff22:52.00Yorktown
49.9Kyle Frank22:54.15New Palestine
50.9Bryce Kramer22:56.09Yorktown
51.9Brandon Zwickl23:05.59Yorktown
52.12Elijah May23:26.83Delta
53.9Brody Elliott24:00.16New Palestine
54.9Zachary Roszell24:11.81Rushville Consolidated
55.10Reggie Andes25:00.58Mt Vernon (Fortville)
56.11Oliver Talbott25:02.61Greenfield Central
57.9Caleb Bellner25:26.69Greenfield Central
58.11Collen Delaney25:33.26Delta
59.11Jalen Hammond25:52.14Delta
60.10Jack Harker27:38.04Mt Vernon (Fortville)
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.9Alex Buck19:44.66Pendleton Heights
2.12Emma Manchess20:19.92Pendleton Heights
3.11Chelsea Blackwell20:42.57Pendleton Heights
4.9Baily Wallace20:48.66New Palestine
5.12Elizabeth Cook20:48.91Mt Vernon (Fortville)
6.10Jenna Parsons21:07.45Delta
7.9Monica Dudley21:19.99Pendleton Heights
8.12Kara Purvis21:26.47Greenfield Central
9.11Kayla Medaris21:27.55New Palestine
10.11Carly Trulock21:27.97Yorktown
11.10Marissa Crosby21:29.46New Palestine
12.10Jessica Grubb21:39.40Mt Vernon (Fortville)
13.12Anna Dudley21:41.85Pendleton Heights
14.11Natalie Shields21:43.43New Palestine
15.11Genna Douthitt21:52.29Delta
16.12Emily Trimpe21:52.78New Palestine
17.10Morgan Hayse21:54.16Mt Vernon (Fortville)
18.10Sarah Hazen21:55.21Yorktown
19.12Emily Dupnick21:55.69Greenfield Central
20.9Nicole Stephenson21:59.26Greenfield Central
21.10Izzy Fleetwood22:08.83New Palestine
22.11Samantha Sanders22:22.28Mt Vernon (Fortville)
23.10Alex Lubbe22:22.59Shelbyville
24.11Danielle Carroll22:24.52Yorktown
25.11Maddi Hinton22:32.76Pendleton Heights
26.11Lindsey Eckart22:36.80Mt Vernon (Fortville)
27.11Rebecca Flora22:39.30Greenfield Central
28.10Teresa Dudley22:47.01Pendleton Heights
29.12Stephanie Garringer23:07.79Delta
30.12Chloe Kirchner23:08.20New Palestine
31.10Claire Talbott23:12.89Greenfield Central
32.11Erin Taylor23:17.79Yorktown
33.9Molly Campbell23:21.31Yorktown
34.9Caitlyn Thompson23:23.86Delta
35.11Stacie Sanders23:34.94Delta
36.10Monica Dougherty23:37.20Rushville Consolidated
37.11Andrea Grasso23:39.74Delta
38.9Jenny Moynihan24:03.70Delta
39.9Ariana Sandefur24:07.86Mt Vernon (Fortville)
40.10Lauren Elston24:08.86Yorktown
41.10Samantha Gawrys24:23.53Mt Vernon (Fortville)
42.10Bailey Thompson24:30.71Greenfield Central
43.9Amanda Flora24:55.09Greenfield Central
44.12Michaela Orme24:57.26Rushville Consolidated
45.9A'dreana Howard-An...25:18.29Yorktown
46.9Megan Clifton26:52.91Rushville Consolidated
47.9Sarah Ford28:03.81Rushville Consolidated
48.9Teara Ogden28:13.42Shelbyville
49.11Sarah Tillison28:37.73Shelbyville
50.9Katie Nuthak29:19.81Shelbyville
51.9Leah Noe30:04.75Rushville Consolidated
52.11Cristyn Polston30:23.23Shelbyville
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

1.Pendleton Heights28
2.New Palestine33
1.9Madeline Waggoner22:41.00New Palestine
2.10Kelsee Wendling23:20.35Pendleton Heights
3.12Sarah Arney23:28.55Pendleton Heights
4.11Emily Wimmer23:42.56Pendleton Heights
5.11Caroline Voelz23:54.02New Palestine
6.12Micaela Elmore24:02.33Mt Vernon (Fortville)
7.10Brianna Komornik24:07.78New Palestine
8.9Megan Reel24:10.41New Palestine
9.10Sarena Clay24:15.43Delta
10.10Makindsay Carper24:42.97Pendleton Heights
11.12Becca Arney24:59.68Pendleton Heights
12.10Kenzi McTernon25:02.14Greenfield Central
13.11Brie Starost25:44.41Yorktown
14.9Elizabeth Foreman25:52.31Mt Vernon (Fortville)
15.10Danielle Martin25:55.36Pendleton Heights
16.12Megan Morley26:01.35Greenfield Central
17.10Hannah Ireland26:12.34Yorktown
18.12Stephanie Acherrman26:15.02Pendleton Heights
19.12Michaela Hahn26:20.11Delta
20.9Kenzie Privette26:29.52New Palestine
21.11Rebecca Jennings26:44.42Delta
22.12Tiffany Bell27:11.13Pendleton Heights
23.12Svenja Klingspor28:03.01Pendleton Heights
24.9Chanise Donaldson28:51.26Mt Vernon (Fortville)
25.12Kelsi Howland29:19.15Pendleton Heights
26.12Emily Grider29:21.04Delta
27.11Makayla Cox29:54.58Delta
28.10Joelle Mawhorr30:07.19New Palestine
29.10Savanna Ballard30:21.18Mt Vernon (Fortville)
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