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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity Div I

1.10Chase Hampton
16:44.91Hilliard Darby
2.10Tyler Grover
3.10Ryan Kronk
16:53.66 SRPickerington North
4.11Chase Benson
5.12Brent Pritchard
16:58.93Pickerington North
6.9Zach Zimmerman
17:01.99Pickerington North
7.12Sam Gerst
17:03.82 PROlentangy Orange
8.12Lane Hagar
17:06.66Hilliard Darby
9.10Mathew Ridinger
17:08.89 SRLincoln
10.11Brian Lanier
17:10.69Pickerington North
11.12Brian Vetter
17:22.93St Charles
12.12Connor Bowman
17:30.91 SRSt Charles
13.12Corey Standewick
14.10Nick Marino
17:35.56St Charles
15.11Brian King
17:35.71Dublin Jerome
16.10Brendan Harty
17:36.02St Charles
17.9Aaron Schaller
18.12Eric Aumiller
17:37.19Olentangy Orange
19.11Nick Haghiri
17:39.37Pickerington North
20.12Nick Newman
17:40.41 SRPickerington North
21.12Donald Sisco
17:41.15Pickerington North
22.11Jason Watkins
17:44.16 SRRutherford B Hayes
23.10Michael Coffey
24.10Greg Smith
17:44.99Westerville South
25.9Steven Bauers
17:45.89Pickerington Central
26.10Bobby Bogantz
17:50.22 SRBig Walnut
27.12Will Herriman
17:50.83 PRSt Charles
28.10Evan Jaynes
17:51.25Pickerington Central
29.11Isse Roble
17:52.50Central Crossing
30.11Chris Blakely
31.12Ryan Thede
32.11Maaz Shafi
17:55.76 PRPickerington Central
33.10Sean Phillips
17:56.76 SRPickerington Central
2.10Mathew Platter
17:56.90Bishop Ready
34.12Trent Champlin
35.12Tyler Whitney
17:59.89 PRWesterville South
36.11Tyler Young
18:00.25Olentangy Orange
37.12Christian Cunningham
18:01.06 PRHilliard Darby
38.11Ryan Baldridge
18:02.27Hilliard Darby
39.10Sam Watson
18:02.56 PROlentangy
40.10Jon Kahrmann
18:03.31Big Walnut
41.12Andrew Torti
42.10nathan Herriman
18:04.41St Charles
43.12Josh Brady
44.10Charles Rodeheffer
45.9Robert Hoagland
18:09.35Pickerington Central
46.12Adam Ruiz
18:13.00Hilliard Darby
47.11Josh Shaffer
18:14.37Grove City
48.9Ryan Fitzgerald
18:14.70 PRMarysville
49.11Conner Roll
50.11Joel Fehrman
18:19.22 PRMarysville
51.10Kyle Benecke
18:25.67 SROlentangy Orange
52.11Rob Pessel
18:27.21 PRCentral Crossing
53.12Luke Forshey
18:27.40Pickerington Central
54.12Thomas Oliver
18:29.37 PRRutherford B Hayes
55.11John Fife
56.10Kyle Fogarty
18:32.87Hilliard Darby
57.12Nathan Wasik
58.12Dustin Dieker
18:36.67 PROlentangy Orange
59.11Jacob Oppenheimer
18:37.33Big Walnut
60.12Clay Cochran
18:39.36 PRMarysville
61.9Hunter Denton
18:41.69 SRPickerington Central
62.12Alan Li
18:43.28Hilliard Darby
63.10Nick Vermaaten
18:45.99Westerville South
11.12Billy Platter
18:52.10Bishop Ready
64.12Joe Scott
65.10Derek Wei
18:56.49Westerville South
66.12Adam AJ Barber
18:57.45Big Walnut
67.12Thomas Krajnak
18:59.96St Charles
68.10Sid Campbell
19:01.03Rutherford B Hayes
69.10Reed Watkins
19:01.66Westerville South
70.10Hayden Knapp
19:02.15 PROlentangy Orange
71.12Blake Janssens
72.12Drew Artrip
19:05.68Grove City
73.12Grant Gwin
19:07.70Westerville South
74.11Jacob Rumbalski
19:11.72Rutherford B Hayes
75.11Cameron Flesch
19:19.88Olentangy Orange
76.12Jack Dunlope
19:22.47Westerville South
77.9Troy Henrickson
19:23.15Grove City
78.9Adam Glass
19:26.59Grove City
79.10Jared Boseker
19:30.38Big Walnut
80.11Adam Crosbie
19:33.68 PRRutherford B Hayes
81.10Drew Williams
19:39.60Rutherford B Hayes
17.10Mark Vatter
19:40.70Bishop Ready
82.12Colton Shidaker
19:50.60Big Walnut
83.12Alexander Meister
19:51.85 PRGrove City
84.9Sam Yancer
20:00.42 SRDublin Jerome
85.9Corbin Binkley
20:09.61 SRRutherford B Hayes
86.11Hayden Althauser
20:14.09 PRBig Walnut
87.11Brandon Mountain
20:15.27Grove City
88.12Zane Aleman
20:15.45Central Crossing
89.12Sean Thompson
20:16.69 SRDublin Jerome
90.12Luis Erana
20:32.87Dublin Jerome
91.11Logan Friend
20:33.04Grove City
30.10Mark Gnatowski
20:42.80 SRBishop Ready
92.9Garrett Go
20:49.63Dublin Jerome
93.11Christopher Hearn
21:15.89 PRMifflin
94.12Tyler Tope
21:20.72 PRCentral Crossing
95.10Cody Calafatis
21:21.02Central Crossing
96.10Alex Jacobs
21:31.16Dublin Jerome
97.11Raja Dhankani
21:33.44Dublin Jerome
42.10Stephen Landy
21:40.90Bishop Ready
45.10Adam Hutton
21:47.90 SRBishop Ready
46.9Henry Tokar
21:54.30 SRBishop Ready
98.12Timothy Jones
22:23.18 PRMifflin
99.9Kieran Kujawa
23:25.01 PRCentral Crossing
100.12Alec Mills
24:43.60 PRMifflin
101.12Max Phan
24:48.48 PRMifflin
102.11Geremy Dorsey
103.11Abdukadir Osman
33:27.91 SRMifflin
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity Div I

1.10Claire Wiles
19:20.51Olentangy Liberty
2.12Sammie Zishka
3.12Hannah Hartzell
19:31.48Olentangy Orange
4.10Kelsey Sandlin
19:48.97 SRLincoln
5.9Kelsey Thompson
6.12Julissa Poullet
20:23.46Hilliard Darby
7.11Elizabeth Weed
20:30.63Pickerington Central
8.10Rylee Tanner
9.9Kearstin Turner
20:37.87 SRLincoln
10.9Claire Linn
20:38.33Olentangy Liberty
11.12Cassady Shultz
20:39.64Hilliard Darby
12.10Stephanie Paul
20:50.82Olentangy Liberty
13.12Kylie Spring
20:52.00Olentangy Liberty
14.10Madison Cheyunski
20:59.07Pickerington Central
15.12Molly Lalonde
21:02.73Central Crossing
16.12Sarah Miller
21:04.96Olentangy Liberty
17.12Annie Winkler
21:07.14Grove City
18.12Brooke Pulkrabek
21:07.53 SROlentangy Orange
19.12Hannah Wishart
21:09.21 PROlentangy Liberty
4.9Kathleen Colvin
21:12.60Bishop Ready
5.10Courtney Bair
21:13.00 SRBishop Ready
20.10Mhairi Johnston
21:15.76 SROlentangy Liberty
21.11Emily Melnik
21:20.44Hilliard Darby
22.12Bethany Bogantz
21:23.67Big Walnut
23.11Stephanie Gase
21:29.93Pickerington Central
24.10Sara Pocius
21:31.25 PROlentangy
25.11Aika Zelley
21:31.40 PRHilliard Darby
26.12Angilea Guidarelli
21:32.66 SROlentangy
27.11Kristin Faulkner
21:33.29St Francis De Sales-...
28.10Savannah McCray
29.12Katie Baker
21:35.80 PRLincoln
30.9Andrea Coffey
21:36.49St Francis De Sales-...
31.9Madison Clarkson
21:38.38 PROlentangy Orange
32.11Sara Vermillion
21:43.72Hilliard Darby
33.11Morgan Richardson
21:46.17Pickerington Central
34.10Morgan Brennan
21:47.03Hilliard Darby
35.12Stephanie Keller
21:50.61Big Walnut
36.10Denise Dye
21:51.51 PRHilliard Darby
37.11Mackenzie Freeman
21:54.70 SROlentangy
38.12Harlee Mollenkopf
21:59.23 SRRutherford B Hayes
39.11Alexa Uber
22:00.04 SRLincoln
40.9Skylar Tucker
22:05.33Olentangy Orange
41.10Lauren Frank
22:07.09Westerville South
42.9Samantha Weingates
22:11.23 PRMarysville
43.10Claire Hardesty
44.11Megan Miller
45.12Sierra Mollenkopf
22:26.09Rutherford B Hayes
46.10Makenna Hemming
22:27.73Big Walnut
47.10Heather Kincaid
48.11Victoria Husain
22:33.01 SRWesterville South
49.9Sarah Speck
50.9Hannah Myers
22:35.87Rutherford B Hayes
51.10Samantha Piroska
22:39.64 SRRutherford B Hayes
52.10Kristina Myers
22:41.21 SRCentral Crossing
53.10Alyssa Wheeler
22:41.75 SRRutherford B Hayes
54.10Anna Dove
22:42.17 SROlentangy Orange
55.10Kim Peters
22:45.47 PRGrove City
56.9Michaela Mountain
22:47.65Grove City
57.12Ashley Zani
58.10Elena Smith
59.11Jenna Fudale
22:56.35Westerville South
60.9Hannah Dieker
22:57.41 SROlentangy Orange
17.11Maddy Bowen
22:57.70Bishop Ready
61.12Amy Harmon
62.12Julia Filby
23:07.97Pickerington Central
63.11Jada Smoot
23:12.66Westerville South
63.11Taylor Moore
23:12.66Westerville South
65.9Jessica Lambert
23:16.22 PRLancaster
19.11Alli Schroeder
23:19.90Bishop Ready
66.11Courtney White
23:25.53 SRRutherford B Hayes
20.11Sydney Gammon
23:28.70Bishop Ready
67.12Danielle Trunzo
23:41.79Pickerington Central
68.9Megan Swisher
23:43.48Rutherford B Hayes
69.10Hannah Seabrook
23:44.29Big Walnut
70.12Nicole Lindsey
71.12Kara Hoying
23:54.54St Francis De Sales-...
72.10Cecily Stasel
73.11Caryn Snide
23:56.27 SRWesterville South
74.10Riley Nelson
75.11Allison Priest
24:00.47 SROlentangy Orange
76.11Alexandra Whaley
24:05.90Westerville South
77.10Rachael Sentivany
24:07.05Pickerington Central
78.11Catie Craig-Bowden
24:17.11Big Walnut
79.10Addison Shawver
24:23.05Big Walnut
80.10Jessica Stanley
24:34.78Central Crossing
81.9Eliza Cargin
24:38.46St Francis De Sales-...
82.10Samantha Godby
24:39.02 PRBig Walnut
83.10Allanah Larriuz
24:53.01 SRMarysville
84.10Cadena Baily
24:57.84St Francis De Sales-...
85.10Emily Huber
25:02.30 PRLancaster
86.9Taylor Batz
25:11.54 SRLancaster
26.11Brianne Schell
25:17.60Bishop Ready
87.12Caitlyn Ritter
25:17.78Central Crossing
27.11Maria Ciotola
25:24.70Bishop Ready
88.9Nina Rupert
25:48.34 PRSt Francis De Sales-...
89.10Destiny Camp
25:50.03 PRGrove City
90.12Sierra Nollette
26:00.05 PRCentral Crossing
91.12Mickaela Freeman
27:23.52Grove City
92.10Mikayla Hughes
93.10Noelle Brown
32:39.09Central Crossing
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