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Elizabeth S. Broughton Invitational HS

Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Meet Host - Marietta HS
Location - Broughton Nature & Wildlife Area, Marietta, OH - Map
Mens Races

Broughton Nature & Wildlife Area

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Broughton Nature & Wildlife Area

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Jordan Anderson17:30.39Fort Frye
2.10Tanner Harding17:36.46Caldwell
3.11Austin Hamrick17:49.73Elkins
4.11Eli Strahler17:57.84Waterford
5.12Dallas Guy18:14.09Meadowbrook
6.11Jonathan Niswonger18:29.18Caldwell
7.11Sam Stevens-Jones18:29.21Athens
8.10Parker Blain18:34.88Warren Local
9.10Ben Scott18:43.09Athens
10.9Brent Ash18:44.12Warren Local
11.9Ford McElroy18:44.28Fort Frye
12.11Matthew Cheeseman18:49.32Fort Frye
13.10Matt Wallace19:00.18Elkins
14.10Kyle Windland19:03.69Belpre
15.11Tag Hauschild19:07.09Athens
16.12John Janczarek19:07.58Meadowbrook
17.10Brett Bell19:08.70Meadowbrook
18.9Walker Hauschild19:14.66Athens
19.11Kyle Conley19:18.44Warren Local
20.11Matthew Zwick19:18.76Caldwell
21.12Colin Brooks19:22.79Logan
22.9J.R. Cordle19:26.23Logan
23.12Kenton Lawson19:29.51Logan
24.10Lee Witttekind19:32.18Waterford
25.11Remington Knight19:38.67Elkins
26.12Avery Phillips19:45.37Marietta
27.12Billy Howell19:46.72Warren Local
28.11Calvin Parmiter19:52.49Caldwell
29.11Vitalik Dakhnovets20:06.62Athens
30.11Matthew Davis20:08.75Belpre
31.10Jon Anderson20:15.71Fort Frye
32.11Cliffy Bonner20:20.51Federal-Hocking
33.10Kennley Wolfe20:20.57Belpre
34.12Nate Simons20:22.94Elkins
35.11Caleb Hayes20:34.68Union Local
36.12Jason Dunlap20:46.36Meadowbrook
37.10James Gray20:49.37Logan
38.10Conner Brack20:52.51Marietta
39.11John Vargo21:10.88Logan
40.12Chris Traux21:14.28Warren Local
41.10Travis Sager21:14.96Athens
42.11Quentin Webb21:15.42Fort Frye
43.10Kody Phillips21:25.15Marietta
44.11Jacob McCutcheon21:25.51Waterford
45.10Matthew Lopreste21:26.06Belpre
46.9Jeffrey Davis21:27.33Marietta
47.10Daniel Leasure21:32.53Caldwell
48.10Joel Estes21:34.84Warren Local
49.10Jake Haught21:37.56Marietta
50.9Cole Welch21:38.37Warren Local
51.9Justin Bolt21:44.00Union Local
52.9Matthew Neehouse21:44.41Warren Local
53.12Ben Abboud21:54.43Union Local
54.11Matthew Roush21:56.90Fort Frye
55.11Sam McGee22:06.77Athens
56.12Billy Mitchell22:09.45Athens
57.10Christian Perkins22:13.91Logan
58.9Dylan Lingerak22:16.27Logan
59.9Dalton Erwin22:29.75New Lexington
60.10Brandon Savage22:42.72Caldwell
61.9Owen Bailey22:50.36Athens
62.11Neil Ryan22:53.09Athens
63.12Clayton Steele22:58.75Federal-Hocking
64.10Tim Souders23:03.44Logan
65.10Josh Brier23:07.04Meadowbrook
66.9Casey Matters23:08.11Athens
67.10David Vann23:09.34Marietta
68.12Tyson Currence23:19.10Elkins
69.9Tyler McKinney23:37.94Marietta
70.11Joel Starner23:37.96Belpre
71.9Mason Hall23:56.43Marietta
72.9Luke Drayer24:09.45Warren Local
73.10Matt Oviatt24:14.23Athens
74.9Nick Starner24:14.55Warren Local
75.9Zach Barnes24:14.73Warren Local
76.9Caleb Stoller24:19.51Union Local
77.12Josh Parsons24:19.80Meadowbrook
78.9Kyler Springer24:21.78Athens
79.9Jack Halliday24:35.81Marietta
80.10Griffin Roberts24:52.78Union Local
81.9Joel Bricker24:53.32Marietta
82.12Scott Steen25:19.76New Lexington
83.11Adam Fisher25:22.52New Lexington
84.9Austin Condee25:27.32Athens
85.9Corey Hines25:55.06Marietta
86.11Luke Thomas26:42.73Caldwell
87.10Joseph Glenn26:54.73Union Local
88.12Jose Rojas27:08.31Marietta
89.11Andrew Gaughan27:33.69Warren Local
90.10John Fitzgerald28:01.25Union Local
91.9Mason Pilkey28:05.29Warren Local
92.9Jordan Dean29:38.79Logan
93.10Shane Smith30:57.51New Lexington
94.9Ben Ours31:54.61Athens
95.11Josh Nulter32:05.21Marietta
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Jenna Furr21:03.65Caldwell
2.9Emily Cass21:31.14Athens
3.10Hannah Dugan22:10.80Warren Local
4.12Anna Gilles22:32.42New Lexington
5.10Ashton Horsley22:37.14Athens
6.12Julie Fobes22:38.80Marietta
7.10Katie Saling22:48.39Caldwell
8.10Natalie Hart22:51.05Fort Frye
9.10Lucy Williams23:02.57Athens
10.9Hannah Nagy23:08.85Union Local
11.12Brooke Kemerer23:15.00Athens
12.9Sue Ryu23:41.36Athens
13.10Olivia Wesel23:41.70Marietta
14.11Hanna Muellner23:42.93Caldwell
15.12Grace Kola23:43.67Athens
16.10Hannah Gongola23:47.62Elkins
17.10Lindsey Bowman23:47.97Athens
18.12Emma Williams23:57.62Belpre
19.10Haylee Saling23:59.97Caldwell
20.9Andrea Russell24:12.67Federal-Hocking
21.10Kayla Honesty24:14.77Federal-Hocking
22.10Brittany Deskins24:16.02Marietta
23.9Hailey Groves24:17.51New Lexington
24.11Savanna Feldner24:22.56Meadowbrook
25.12Hannah Willey24:25.46Fort Frye
26.11Maggie Krall24:28.24Waterford
27.12Sierra Finnearty24:31.90Athens
28.10Lexis Waller24:33.18Caldwell
29.11Anna Frazier24:36.85Union Local
30.10Sydney Brague24:40.26Warren Local
31.12Danica Wharton24:47.53Union Local
32.11Phoebe Thompson24:52.09Fort Frye
33.12Casey Glenn25:01.09Union Local
34.10Christin Howell25:04.24Warren Local
35.9Jenell Betts25:08.40Marietta
36.9Claire DeBruin25:14.28Athens
37.12Amelia Cain25:22.88Marietta
38.9Brianna Jackson25:25.53Logan
39.12Tina Ward25:28.88Fort Frye
40.10Greer Perkins25:32.31Logan
41.10Ariel Swartz25:33.98New Lexington
42.10Karli Davis25:35.02Athens
43.9Winter Wilson25:42.21Athens
44.11Leisa Berry25:46.43New Lexington
45.10Torie Mingus25:47.16Athens
46.11Mackenzie Rice25:58.19Belpre
47.10Aubrey Snyder26:03.26Union Local
48.9Rajhara Lyons26:08.46Federal-Hocking
49.9Maggie McCutcheon26:09.13Warren Local
50.11Ashley Carter26:11.38Belpre
51.10Emma Martin26:12.83Marietta
52.12Lizzie Frazier26:16.28Marietta
53.11Hailey Carman26:26.74Marietta
54.11Alex Medina26:44.15Fort Frye
55.10Emma Tornes27:00.36Waterford
56.9Alyssa Kern27:03.56Warren Local
57.9Kierstan Mccomb27:15.63Meadowbrook
58.9Lucy Leffler27:23.13Logan
59.9Lily Bohuslawsky27:26.94Athens
60.9Libby Hosler27:47.52Logan
61.11Katie Driggs27:55.65Logan
62.12Amber Ullman27:59.34Warren Local
63.12Antonia Kubenick28:01.15Marietta
64.9Josie Miracle28:03.33Marietta
65.12Lana Sydenstricker28:10.84Warren Local
66.11Lauryn Shiplett28:24.03New Lexington
67.9Jessica Withrow28:27.99Federal-Hocking
68.10Abby Lawrence28:46.03Athens
69.10Julia Lacomb28:48.35Athens
70.9Tyanna Fisher29:14.45New Lexington
71.9Katie Rauch29:22.03Marietta
72.11Kristen Eberlein29:26.10Union Local
73.9Sarah Negash29:32.41Athens
74.10Kaitlyn Stillion29:42.17Meadowbrook
75.9Rosa Negash29:45.11Athens
76.12Paige Kemerer29:58.91Athens
77.9Nicole Middaugh30:10.71New Lexington
78.10Mikayla Twarog30:29.16Union Local
79.10Elisa Bergmeier30:34.87Athens
80.9Addy Bryant30:35.96Logan
81.10Kristen Harden30:47.60Logan
82.9Emily Sills31:04.50Meadowbrook
83.10Leah Wharton31:07.81Union Local
84.10Bethanie Schaffer31:20.28Union Local
85.12Karissa Stell31:22.53Elkins
86.12Jordan Holt31:31.99Elkins
87.10Kristen Gray31:36.69Warren Local
88.11Katie Stoller31:49.05Union Local
89.12Taylor Simmonson32:12.53Union Local
90.10Rosemary Lancaster32:24.05Union Local
91.9Journey Fitzgerald32:52.65Union Local
92.9Olivia Linscott33:11.40Marietta
93.9Sidney Gatten33:11.66Union Local
94.9Maya Kraus33:26.83Athens
95.12Shanine Huck33:30.84Waterford
96.11Mikala Rooker34:14.55Logan
97.9Zoe Zuress34:31.53Meadowbrook
98.10Kelsey Adkins36:01.34Marietta
99.11Zhoie Curtis37:27.86New Lexington
100.12Marissa Melem38:38.84Waterford
101.9Kelsey Blair39:56.50Belpre
102.9Kira Miller40:44.87Belpre
103.9Stefani O'Neill41:09.43Logan
104.9Meryle Hadlock43:00.66Warren Local
105.9Briana Ortiz44:25.43Warren Local
106.10Lauren Cunningham51:52.07Warren Local
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