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North East Home Meet HS

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Meet Host - North East HS
Location - North East HS, North East, MD - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Lenier Tucker16:54Edgewood
2.11Michael Dzambasow17:14Edgewood
3.9Sam Verk18:03Edgewood
4.9David Dzambasow18:14Edgewood
5.12Robbie Luff18:30.09Elkton
6.10Langston Gash18:30.50Edgewood
7.12Alston Johnson18:37Edgewood
8.10Sam Wheel19:00Elkton
9.11Joshua Biggs-Moore19:06Elkton
10.11Micah Dailey19:08Aberdeen
11.-Joey Handly19:09North East
12.12Xavier Alvarez19:18Elkton
13.11Tim Taylor19:21Elkton
14.12Marquez Sloan19:23Aberdeen
15.10Jerry Woods19:42Aberdeen
16.12Ryan Dennis19:44Aberdeen
17.10Aaron Parker19:49Edgewood
18.11Rocco Defelice19:57.44Elkton
19.10John Eicher19:57.81North East
20.11Will Yale20:12North East
21.9Mitch Skaggs20:13Edgewood
22.10Zaavan Kenenske20:14.18Elkton
23.10Austin Elko20:14.81North East
24.12Kevonte Blackwell20:27Edgewood
25.10Patrick Gerhard20:28Elkton
26.11Miles Slentz20:36Aberdeen
27.10Nico Galloway20:39North East
28.11Tyler Burgess21:04Edgewood
29.10Eric Ding21:33Elkton
30.12Stephen Taylor21:34Elkton
31.10Carson Webb21:38North East
32.9Ethan Walstrum21:45North East
33.-Dakota Barnett21:47Elkton
34.-Kjack Hunsbeger21:50North East
35.10Jonathan Biggs-Moore21:51Elkton
36.10Shawn Halerz22:18Elkton
37.10Brandon Jingle22:19Edgewood
38.11Clarence Wilson22:26Aberdeen
39.9Hayden Marshall23:11North East
40.9Tyler Simonds23:15North East
41.10Jackson Hau23:20Edgewood
42.10Marcus Beckert23:24North East
43.12C.J. Barnett23:25Elkton
44.11Joe Cover23:29Elkton
45.10Justin Garagnani23:30Elkton
46.9David Ramirez23:44Elkton
47.9Quentin Stephenson24:07Edgewood
48.-Ethan Jorge24:59Elkton
49.11Jack Clancy25:04Elkton
50.-Robby Rose25:28North East
51.11Danny Velez26:18Aberdeen
52.-Forrest McAdam26:45North East
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Womens Results


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