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8,000 Meters Men  
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Club Northwest

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3.FrJohn Ricardi26:06.3Club Northwest
7.17-18Brett Winegar26:24.3 SRClub Northwest
8.-Blake Medhaug26:25.9 PRClub Northwest
9.-Cameron O'Neil26:29.8 SRClub Northwest
14.17-18Spencer Walsh26:58.2 SRClub Northwest
24.Chris Brunnquell27:45.0 PRClub Northwest
26.FrKris Mugrage28:05.2Everett Community Co...
32.-Andrew Reed28:19.3 PRClub Northwest
35.-Gabriel Kliot28:30.8 SRClub Northwest
35.FrMark Garcia28:38.5Everett Community Co...
37.David McCulloch28:41.0 SRClub Northwest
38.-Matt Thomas28:45.0 PRClub Northwest
40.-John Berta28:53.1 SRClub Northwest
42.13-14John O'Hearn28:55.7 SRClub Northwest
43.FrLloyd Byram29:04.6Trinity Lutheran Col...
45.-Michael Bailey29:07.4 PRClub Northwest
48.-David Cannon29:11.3 SRClub Northwest
49.-Joe Bisignano29:17.4 SRClub Northwest
48.FrMitch Beard29:31.4Everett Community Co...
50.SoJake Assink29:33.5Everett Community Co...
53.Paul Abdalla29:38.8 SRClub Northwest
55.FrBrandon Jenkins29:42.0Trinity Lutheran Col...
58.-Christopher McBride29:59.7 SRClub Northwest
60.-Willie Richardson30:26.2 SRClub Northwest
63.Frederick Motteler31:03.0 SRClub Northwest
67.FrJames Nelson33:04.1Trinity Lutheran Col...
71.-Phil Welch35:33.8 SRClub Northwest
72.-Tim Oguri35:38.4 SRClub Northwest
73.13-14Peter McKay37:09.3Club Northwest
74.-Shane Pearson38:14.9 SRClub Northwest
75.-Jim McGill40:07.9 SRClub Northwest
76.FrOmar Vera40:33.7 SRTrinity Lutheran Col...
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Club Northwest

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