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Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Brown County HS, Nashville, IN - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.11Yocom Nic16:38.4Northview
2.12Michael Mest16:52.0Edgewood
3.12Alden Westcott17:08.3Brown County
4.10Michael Gossett17:16.7Edgewood
5.12Connor Guingrich17:26.7Brown County
6.11Ethan Sparks17:40.1Owen Valley
7.10Hank Phillips17:42.5Edgewood
8.10Eddie Ryan17:43.3Brown County
9.11Ian Heffner17:45.0Northview
10.12Zach Roush17:45.6Brown County
11.9Cam Trout17:53.3Northview
12.9Chris Norman18:19.3Brown County
13.11Travis Beil18:23.2Northview
14.10Jonah Eckert18:30.1West Vigo
15.10Tony Gaebel18:32.9South Vermillion
16.9Brock Updike18:34.5Brown County
17.10Josh Johnson18:41.3Northview
18.12Derek Braun18:47.6West Vigo
19.9David Hardy19:00.9Edgewood
20.12Nick Harding19:05.8Brown County
21.11Tristan Spivey19:11.7South Vermillion
22.10Jayce Lloyd19:15.9Edgewood
23.10Austin Romanelly19:26.6West Vigo
24.10Benjamin Shorter19:32.7Sullivan
25.11Cory Orndorff19:33.8Sullivan
26.9Nathan Weller19:35.7Edgewood
27.10Skyler Aguilar19:37.3Northview
28.10Devin McCollum19:39.6Northview
29.9Jacob Weir19:40.3West Vigo
30.10Tre Bower19:59.7Edgewood
31.10Austin Fagg20:06.0South Vermillion
32.10Casey Garner20:11.7Sullivan
33.11Jonathon Rose20:23.0Sullivan
34.10Michael McKain20:31.6Sullivan
35.10Davey Francis20:33.0South Vermillion
36.9Joseph Musgrove20:37.0Owen Valley
37.11Johnathan Soderqui20:40.0Owen Valley
38.9Clayton O'Neil20:52.0West Vigo
39.10Brody Jacobs21:11.9South Vermillion
40.9Eric Holscher21:20.6Sullivan
41.12Brodey Donnelly21:48.6West Vigo
42.10Zac Otte22:25.4West Vigo
43.11Jacob Phillips22:51.2South Vermillion
44.10Montgomery Holland22:59.8South Vermillion
45.9Izaiha Finch23:01.1Owen Valley
46.12Johnathan Hawkins24:37.3Owen Valley
47.9Tristen Nicholaus26:53.0Sullivan
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.9Hannah Sears20:36.8Edgewood
2.10Rose Guingrich20:59.7Brown County
3.12Olivia Ashba21:35.0Edgewood
4.10Ashley Kidwell21:50.4Northview
5.12Amelia Weller21:58.2Edgewood
6.11Cheyenn Wright22:17.4Owen Valley
7.10Emily Conrad22:29.6Northview
8.9Corissa Proctor22:51.5Brown County
9.12Hannah Zadeii22:55.0Northview
10.11Shaelynn White23:16.3West Vigo
11.11Taylor Bunch23:23.5West Vigo
12.9Stacy Nethery23:46.2Edgewood
13.12Acetha Tolerson23:59.6West Vigo
14.10Alexis Holbert24:02.0South Vermillion
15.9Jalynn Stanford24:03.8Brown County
16.10Shelby Sparks24:04.2West Vigo
17.9Sam Francis24:05.8Brown County
18.11Elizabeth Zimnawoda24:17.2Edgewood
19.10Shai Hollifield24:21.2South Vermillion
20.10Samantha Copenhave24:22.3Sullivan
21.11Sarah Jones24:23.7Owen Valley
22.12Haleigh Hinkel24:35.8Sullivan
23.9Daphne Law25:05.6Brown County
24.9Coffin Eleanor25:14.5Owen Valley
25.11Leeanna Knight25:21.3Northview
26.11Emily Vitaniemi25:22.8South Vermillion
27.12Eileen Stinnett25:23.8Northview
28.10Josie Stockman25:42.3Northview
29.9Mackenzie Cox25:51.9Sullivan
30.10Jessica Jemison25:57.1Owen Valley
31.11Katy Jones26:19.6West Vigo
32.9Annalisa Hinkel26:32.4Sullivan
33.9Kendyl McDonald26:59.2Sullivan
34.10Emily Medsker27:10.6Brown County
35.10DeFord Darby27:21.0Owen Valley
36.12Maeghan Pilman27:34.5Northview
37.12Dayci Millikan27:57.2South Vermillion
38.12Caelan Jones28:11.4Sullivan
39.9Shelby Edington28:16.5West Vigo
40.12Payton Thomas28:47.1South Vermillion
41.11Delanee Hurst31:32.5West Vigo
42.11Megan Foster,31:52.5South Vermillion
43.11Madie Holland32:00.9South Vermillion
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