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SSL Championship HS

Thursday, November 08, 2012

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Meet Host - Wasco HS
Location - Wasco High School, Wasco, CA - Map
Mens Races
3 Mile Varsity
3 Mile Junior Varsity
Womens Races
3 Mile Varsity
3 Mile Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity  
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1.12Angel Gil15:18Shafter
2.12Jose Espinoza15:26Shafter
3.10Abel Cardenas15:43Shafter
4.12Victor Garza15:58Wasco
5.12Jose Pelayo15:59Shafter
6.9Joe Carranza16:03Shafter
7.9Manuel Carranza16:06Shafter
8.12Augustin Duenas16:18Shafter
9.11Hulises Gonzalez16:18Arvin
10.9Pedro Cruz-Penaloza16:23Arvin
11.12Jeffery Rogers16:24Shafter
12.9Adonis Marroquin16:24Shafter
13.9Julian Irigoyen16:26Shafter
14.9Baldemar Felix16:27Shafter
15.12Leonel Moreno16:33Arvin
16.11David Puga16:34Wasco
17.12Chris Lopez16:35Taft Union
18.11Bryan Aguilar16:39Arvin
19.12Angel Martinez16:44Arvin
20.12Enrique Perez16:47Wasco
21.10Juan Estrada16:47Wasco
22.9Matthew Garza16:50Cesar Chavez
23.12Jose Castro16:59Wasco
24.10Nathaniel Tweed16:59Bakersfield Christian
25.10Cole Schuler17:01Bakersfield Christian
26.12Robert Marines17:03Wasco
27.12Richard Vega17:12Wasco
28.11Cesar Guerrero17:16Taft Union
29.11Alberto Perez17:17Robert F Kennedy
30.11Zachary Banducci17:18Bakersfield Christian
31.12Dagoberto Guerrero17:21Arvin
32.12Carlos Ramirez17:29Robert F Kennedy
33.10Juan Vega17:30Arvin
34.12Luis Flores17:31Cesar Chavez
35.12Francisco Ibarra17:31Wasco
36.9Fabian Velazquez17:39Wasco
37.11August Adee17:46Bakersfield Christian
38.12James O'Rourke17:52Bakersfield Christian
39.10Cristian Saavedra18:04Arvin
40.10Juan Topete18:11Taft Union
41.11Jesus Gutierrez18:35Taft Union
42.10Jason Sanchez18:38Cesar Chavez
43.11Eduardo Urarte18:39Robert F Kennedy
44.9Ryan Carmody18:41Bakersfield Christian
45.10Erwin Gama18:55Taft Union
46.12Steven Nunes18:59Cesar Chavez
47.11Javier Pulido19:00Robert F Kennedy
48.10Ranier Lagula19:05Robert F Kennedy
49.12Ruben Pineda19:10Robert F Kennedy
50.12Jose Moron19:11Taft Union
51.11Matthew Romero19:13Cesar Chavez
52.12Daniel Curiel19:19Cesar Chavez
53.12Aaron Mata19:23Cesar Chavez
54.12Albert Sanchez19:30Cesar Chavez
55.10Juan Corrales19:31Robert F Kennedy
56.10CJ Lewis19:42Taft Union
57.9Alex Arguello19:45Taft Union
58.10Daniel Morales20:40Cesar Chavez
59.12Austin Garcia21:25Bakersfield Christian
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3 Mile Junior Varsity  
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1.10Jesus Sanchez17:05Shafter
2.11Alejandro Chavez17:25Shafter
3.12Hugo Robles17:35Shafter
4.10Rene Chavez17:45Shafter
5.10Jose Aleman17:47Wasco
6.11Alberto Moita17:51Wasco
7.9Gabriel Montoya17:52Shafter
8.10Timothy Torres18:13Shafter
9.9Christian Baltazar18:14Wasco
10.12Jesus Martinez18:24Shafter
11.11Salvador Vargas18:31Shafter
12.9Pedro Hernandez18:44Arvin
13.10Fernando Montes de...18:45Shafter
14.11Roberto Moita18:51Wasco
15.11Andres Zamora18:51Wasco
16.11Aaron Guerrero Limon18:52Arvin
17.9David Aguirre18:53Shafter
18.9Antonio Zamudio18:54Arvin
19.9Miguel Carmona19:02Shafter
20.11Marcos Padron19:15Shafter
21.11Oscar Gonzalez19:30Arvin
22.9Austin Thompson19:32Wasco
23.9Robert Vasquez19:33Arvin
24.10Jacob Guerrero-Limon19:34Arvin
25.12Moises Zarate19:39Wasco
26.10Moises Luna19:48Arvin
27.9Ricardo Pelayo19:51Arvin
28.12Jesus Cardova19:53Wasco
29.11Michael Munoz19:56Wasco
30.9Ryan Vega20:00Wasco
31.11Rolando Ramirez20:01Shafter
32.12Hugo Ocampo20:06Wasco
33.10Arturo Delgadillo20:09Taft Union
34.10Justin Cruz20:12Shafter
35.9Christian Palacios20:15Taft Union
36.9Carlos Corona20:26Shafter
12Heriberto Torrecil...20:42Robert F Kennedy
38.11Jonathan Flores20:53Cesar Chavez
39.10Rodney Caldera20:56Shafter
40.9Pedro Villegas21:06Shafter
41.9Alejandro Hernandez21:09Cesar Chavez
42.11Alejandro Cruz21:28Cesar Chavez
43.9Carlito Lopez21:57Taft Union
44.11Jason Carr22:02Robert F Kennedy
45.9Luis Lopez22:21Taft Union
46.9Bryan Caldera22:23Shafter
47.10Jesus Barron22:34Cesar Chavez
48.9Brandon Breslin22:36Taft Union
49.10Haedon Kaufman23:01Wasco
50.12Sebastian Enicio23:01Wasco
51.9Luke Spencer23:20Bakersfield Christian
52.11Oscar Rodriguez23:40Robert F Kennedy
53.12Marco Ramos23:40Arvin
54.11Carlos Santiago23:43Taft Union
55.12Max Garcia24:11Shafter
56.9Elias Rodriguez24:13Wasco
57.11Uriel Cruz24:35Shafter
58.11Isai Robles24:59Arvin
59.12Nexali Benitez25:01Shafter
60.9Jorge Lopez25:10Taft Union
61.10Mahin Chowdhury25:24Cesar Chavez
62.9Noe Bautista25:25Taft Union
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity  
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1.12Nicolette Aldape18:21Shafter
2.12Cambria Tudor18:53Shafter
3.11Azel Alvarez19:04Shafter
4.9Lesli Bocanegra19:19Shafter
5.10Edith Velez19:20Wasco
6.11Dulce Flores19:38Shafter
7.10Beronica Aguirre19:46Shafter
8.11Brenda Otanez19:59.30Shafter
9.12Eva Viss19:59.9Shafter
10.9Andrea Romero20:34Cesar Chavez
11.10Maria Carrillo20:42Arvin
12.10Laura Becerra20:56Arvin
13.10Maria Arredondo21:08Wasco
14.11Lizeth Flores21:15Wasco
15.12Samantha Morrow21:32Taft Union
16.10Abby Xancale21:43Taft Union
17.11Karina Ramirez21:45Wasco
18.10Alejandra Mendez21:51Cesar Chavez
19.10Anahy Bautista21:52Arvin
20.10Fernanda Mendoza21:53Arvin
22.10Mayda Cisneros22:04Taft Union
23.11Lizette Mendoza22:21Taft Union
24.10Jasmin Lopez22:34Taft Union
25.9Celida Escobedo22:47Taft Union
26.10Victoria Adee23:00Bakersfield Christian
27.10Jazmin Zamora23:15Wasco
21.10Joana Ramirez23:34Wasco
28.12Martha Sanchez23:34Wasco
29.11Elsa Braun23:47Bakersfield Christian
30.10Maria Reyes24:10Robert F Kennedy
31.12Erin Koehler24:22Bakersfield Christian
32.12Paige Kobdish24:22Bakersfield Christian
33.10Destiny Rodriguez24:32Robert F Kennedy
34.10Esmeralda Pineda24:36Robert F Kennedy
35.9Jazmine Gonzalez24:38Cesar Chavez
36.11Maria Castanon24:47Robert F Kennedy
37.10Alondra Soto25:00Arvin
38.12Amayrany Leyva25:01Taft Union
39.9Vannessa Castro25:15Cesar Chavez
40.11Alejandra Ceja26:18Robert F Kennedy
41.11Gonzalez Yanely27:03Cesar Chavez
42.12Flor Aguilar27:09Wasco
43.12Andie-Vaughn Winter27:17Bakersfield Christian
44.12Vallie Lamas27:17Bakersfield Christian
45.10Julissa Lopez28:30Wasco
46.11Maribel Gutierrez30:33Cesar Chavez
47.10Vanessa Aguilera30:59Wasco
48.12Marlen Moreno31:15Arvin
49.10Melissa Samoniego31:30Arvin
50.12Brooke Staley32:46Bakersfield Christian
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3 Mile Junior Varsity  
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1.11Angelica Ruelas20:56Shafter
2.9Sarah Reyna21:37Shafter
4.11Liliana Portillo21:41Shafter
5.9Daisy Buenrostro21:56Shafter
6.10Hiyari Gerardo21:57Shafter
7.10Patricia Gonzalez22:10Shafter
8.11Nohemi Ramirez22:12Shafter
9.10Julissa Mendoza22:44Shafter
10.9Estefania Nunez23:03Shafter
11.12Ashley Foster23:26Shafter
12.10Monica Valera23:27Shafter
13.9Alondra Placencia23:27Wasco
14.9Maria Santana23:32Shafter
15.10Claritza Garcia23:33Wasco
16.10Jasmine Portillo23:41Shafter
17.10Alondra Hinojosa23:44Shafter
18.10Josie Gonzalez23:53Wasco
19.11Celeste Rodriguez23:57Wasco
20.9Akenia Diaz24:43Wasco
21.9Jeydi Santiago-Val24:49Taft Union
22.11Kathy Rubio25:14Taft Union
23.10Bella Corona25:19Shafter
24.12Rosa Denis25:30Shafter
25.9Janet Sepulveda26:21Shafter
26.9Amy Winter26:32Bakersfield Christian
27.10Karen Madrigal26:36Robert F Kennedy
28.11Denise Castro27:23Shafter
29.12Angelina Garcia27:39Wasco
30.10Alejandra Barda27:42.2Wasco
31.10Leticia Dominguez27:42.4Wasco
32.9Jennifer Valles27:49Wasco
33.12Ashley Carr27:52Taft Union
34.9Andrea Castro28:35Wasco
35.9Alexa Cuevas30:15Taft Union
36.11Cejay Diaz30:16Taft Union
37.10Rosalia Garcia36:14Robert F Kennedy
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