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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Boys Championship  

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10.12Michael Finch15:10.6Pine View
28.12Ryan Silva15:31.2Rincon University
40.12Ryan Betty15:37Rio Rancho
44.12Preston Charlie15:39Rio Rancho
83.12Kristopher Hansen16:01.625Desert Hills
99.12Andrew Garcia16:05.36Canyon Del Oro
104.11Byron Warby16:06.4Pine View
131.11Joshua McPhie16:14.613Desert Hills
146.11Jordan Hellebuyck16:19.91Canyon Del Oro
149.12Brigham Whitney16:21.112Desert Hills
156.9Michael Goke16:24Rio Rancho
179.9Joshua Thatcher16:31.742Desert Hills
184.11Benjamin Powell16:33.557Desert Hills
204.12Casey Kimzey16:44.3Pine View
207.11Abran Ramos16:46Rio Rancho
206.12Jaren Ashby16:46.416Desert Hills
219.11Fernando Lucero16:50Rio Rancho
227.11Brandon Dorr16:57.8Rincon University
235.12Joshua Sigg17:04.419Desert Hills
238.11Caleb Eppes17:09Rio Rancho
239.12Paul Hein17:09.7Rincon University
244.10Josh Pyeatt17:15Rio Rancho
270.10Brayden Lofgreen18:06.4Rincon University
274.12Sam Winsten18:25.5Rincon University
276.9Alex Lehman18:41.10Rincon University
279.11Ahmed Mohamed19:01.6Rincon University
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5,000 Meters Boys Open  

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62.11Taylor Abel16:28.9Pine View
77.11Matthew Young16:36.2Pine View
100.9Paul Gaona16:44.2Pine View
144.12Adrian Dominguez16:55Rio Rancho
158.11Colton Bowler16:59.9Pine View
293.12Jacob Salas17:47Rio Rancho
374.12Frankie Crispin18:19Rio Rancho
381.12Satyam Patel18:23Rio Rancho
382.-Zachary Allen18:23Rio Rancho
386.12Ramon Driesen18:26.0Rincon University
427.10John Whisenant18:50.4Rincon University
459.12Patrick Lopez19:09.6Rincon University
526.10Meint Agena20:25Rio Rancho
542.-Joel Eppes21:01Rio Rancho
546.10Samuel Sedoryk21:11Rio Rancho
549.9Davis Pence21:16.8Rincon University
562.10Joe Black21:42.9Rincon University
566.9Tomas Herrera21:53Rio Rancho
580.9Neylan McCormick22:13.1Rincon University
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Girls Championship  

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15.11Sydney Badger17:47.68Centennial
167.10Brianna Pribble19:51Rio Rancho
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5,000 Meters Girls Open  

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21.12Rachel Stone19:00.4Pine View
78.11Courtney Allred19:41.123Desert Hills
80.12Jessica Peterson19:41.6Pine View
109.12Kendra Knittel19:57.3Rincon University
112.10Joanna Fernandez19:58Rio Rancho
150.10Rachel Slade20:14.658Desert Hills
188.11Mia Hart20:37.0Pine View
237.10Chloe Fleischer21:01.366Desert Hills
250.11Taylor Boyer21:08.8Pine View
252.10Margie Moyer21:09.0Rincon University
287.11Taylor Stewart21:31.026Desert Hills
290.11Elizabeth Lunt21:37.9Pine View
296.9Samantha Gonzales21:45Rio Rancho
315.12Aubrey McBride21:58.2Pine View
337.9Charlene Juanico22:32Rio Rancho
341.11Staci Leavitt22:36.264Desert Hills
345.9Gabby Romero22:39Rio Rancho
356.11Sereena Giner22:53.8Rincon University
359.9Megan Finch22:55.8Pine View
368.10Kyley McCollum23:01.2Rincon University
371.12Shannon Becenti23:05Rio Rancho
375.10Corinne Winsten23:14.3Rincon University
377.12Celina Cordova23:18Rio Rancho
379.-Laura Martinez23:23Rio Rancho
397.11Taylor Bondy23:45.3Rincon University
432.11Katie Bell25:39.4Rincon University
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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11Alexis Amesquita20:59.9Dysart
10Amber Guiza22:15.5Dysart
10Edith Resendiz23:26.9Dysart
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