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Mens Races
1 Mile 6th Grade Race8:30 AM
2 Mile 7th & 8th Grade Boys9:00 AM
5,000 Meters Freshman9:40 AM
5,000 Meters Sophomore10:20 AM
5,000 Meters Junior11:00 AM
5,000 Meters Senior11:40 AM
Womens Races
1 Mile 6th Grade Race8:30 AM
2 Mile 7th & 8th Grade Girls8:40 AM
5,000 Meters Freshman9:20 AM
5,000 Meters Sophomore10:00 AM
5,000 Meters Junior10:40 AM
5,000 Meters Senior11:20 AM
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Old Skool Classic Cross Country Race Presented by: Armada, Romeo, and Warren Mott High School Cross Country Programs

Date: Saturday, September 21st  

Location: Wolcott Farm, Ray, MI




Wolcott Farm is located in Ray Township on Wolcott Road north of 29-mile Road between North Avenue and Romeo Plank

Email,, or to get your team pre-entered or for any other information.

First 15 teams from Divisions I & II, and first 10 teams from Divisions III & IV who respond are in. All others will be put on a waiting list and notified at a later date.  Please register through ASAP.  Just add Old Skool Classic to your meet calendar in the program, and entries will be processed through this program.


Entry Fee

$100 per team per school for high school (includes 7 t-shirts). $200 if both a boys and girls team are entered.

$15 for each individual if a team has less than 7 participants.

$10 per individual in the open race, $15 with a t-shirt.

$25 per team for middle school. $50 if both a boys and girls middle school teams are entered (does not include any t-shirts).

Entry fees and contracts can be sent to:

Attn: Old Skool Classic

Romeo High School

11091 West 32 Mile Road,

Bruce Twp, MI 48065


Mostly Flat Non-repeating Stream Crossings Hay Bale Barriers

For those not wishing to jump the bales, there will be paths around the bales that may add some length to the course and be tightly rounded slowing down runners who use it.


10 medals per grade-level race per division for a total of 80 medals (40 small/40 big) per gender awarded throughout the day.

  • High School Ribbons to 11th – 40th places.
  • Trophies to the top 3 teams in each division.
  • Medals to top-10 (6th - 8th grade boys and girls).  Medals will be handed out in the chute.
  • Medals to top-10 open race participants per gender handed out in chute


First seven shirts provided as part of entry

Designed by a contest-winning student from Krause Elem in Armada.

Varsity Format

Large School and Small School Divisions race together and are separated for scoring at end of races

  • All Freshmen race together
  • All Sophomores race together
  • All Juniors race together
  • All Seniors race together

Best five places overall in races are added to make up your team’s score. Best possible score is 6 points – Example: 1st freshman, 1st sophomore, 1st junior, 1st senior, 2nd any grade.

All runners from their grade will run together. There will not be a separate JV race.


Parking in the fields north of the park, and in main lot. Buses will park by the pole barn in just north of the main lot.

Cars coming from the south park in the circle lot and from the north use the pole barn lot.  There will be a parking fee this year imposed by the Metro Parks to help funding, and to encourage carpooling.  Cost will be $5 for vehicles not having a metro park sticker. Buses can enter free of charge.


Open race participants keep track of own time. A clock may be provided as a reference 6th - 8th grade coach’s time their athletes. A clock may be provided as a reference Varsity/JV times found on score sheets posted on greenhouse by finish line.

We are going to try to provide finish posters with timing strips for every race, but high school races will be prioritized.

Race Times

8:30 a.m. – 6th grade mile (boys

                   and girls)

8:40 a.m. – Middle school girls

9:00 a.m. – Middle school boys

9:20 a.m. – 9th grade girls

9:40 a.m. – 9th grade boys

10:00 a.m. – 10th grade girls

10:20 a.m. – 10th grade boys

10:40 a.m. – 11th grade girls

11:00 a.m. – 11th grade boys

11:20 a.m. – 12th grade girls

11:40 a.m. – 12th grade boys

Noon – Open Race (all ages)

***Parents must register runners younger than 6th grade***

12:30 p.m. - Awards Ceremony




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Mens Results

1 Mile 6th Grade Race  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.6Jack Wilson06:39Romeo
3.6Ethan VanAmstel06:44 PRWaldon
4.6Nate Sesti06:44Sashabaw
5.6Thaddeus Houghtaling06:45 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
6.6Sammy Moses06:46 PRWaldon
7.6Liam Stanyer06:47 PRWaldon
8.6Noah Verlinde06:48 PRArmada
9.6Tommy Reath06:52 PRWaldon
10.6Zachary Cary06:55 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
11.6Josh Mantey06:55 PRArmada
12.6James Seefried06:56Romeo
13.6Robert Abbott06:57 PROxford
14.6Brock Heilig06:59 PROxford
15.6Carson Brock07:00Sashabaw
16.6Charlie Wilson07:01Romeo
17.6Jacob Kimball07:03 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
19.6Ross Edson07:04 PRImlay City
21.6Blake Tartoni07:06 PRWaldon
22.6Jake Carusello07:07Sashabaw
24.6Matthew Cary07:09 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
25.6Evan Misajlovski07:10 PRShawnee Elementary
30.6Nicklas Shaar07:13 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
31.6Benjamin Dechazal07:16 PRRochester Avon Recre...
32.6Rex Mayette07:17Oxford
34.6Austin Lyon07:18 PRMarysville
37.6Quinn Schreiber07:24Sashabaw
39.6Shane Wardie07:25 PRBloomfield Christian
40.6Evan Dengate07:26Romeo
43.6Dylan Dale07:28Romeo
45.6Jack Sampier07:30 PRMarysville
46.6Joshua Devries07:32 PRBloomfield Christian
48.6Jacob McClean07:34 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
49.6Michae Aguilar07:34Oxford
50.6Julian Partlow07:35 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
52.6R.J. Hardamon07:36 PRThe Roeper School
53.6Kai Thach07:37 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
54.6Gwyn Alex07:38 PRShawnee Elementary
55.6Dominic Pittiglio07:38 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
56.6Dominic Licavoli07:39 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
61.6Bryce Horne07:44 PRWaldon
65.6Hunter Heckler07:48 PRArmada
66.6Chris Villaire07:49 PRShawnee Elementary
69.6Ryan Peters07:51 PRMemphis
70.6Alex Spiers07:52 PRWaldon
71.6Alexander Byrd07:52Sashabaw
74.6Brennan Ryan07:55 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
76.6Shane Ross07:56Oxford
78.6Kyle Turner07:59 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
79.6Alec Paras08:00 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
80.6Eric VanAmstel08:00 PRWaldon
81.6Blake Bottesi08:01 PRThe Roeper School
82.6Amelia Crandall08:01 PRMemphis
84.6Nicholas Baker08:03 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
86.7Faith Serio08:04 PRMemphis
87.6Robert Jacks08:05 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
88.6Cole Moore08:06 PROxford
90.6John Gibson08:07Sashabaw
91.6O'Malley Brendan08:08 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
92.6Brenden Wallace08:08Romeo
93.6Jacob Utter08:09 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
94.6Connor Hegarty08:09Sashabaw
95.6Cooper Wiacek08:10 PRShawnee Elementary
97.6Anthony Skrna08:11 PRWaldon
98.6Michael Frait08:11Sashabaw
100.6Colin Kubik08:12 PRArmada
101.6Seth Katzman08:14 PRThe Roeper School
102.4Brandon Bogonoski08:18 PRRochester Avon Recre...
104.6Lucas Hernandez08:21Sashabaw
105.6Michael Pizzo08:22 PRClawson
109.6Jackson Whitaker08:25Waldon
110.6Holden Dholakia08:26 PRWaldon
111.6Sean Quilliams08:26Sashabaw
112.6Jeremy Putnam08:26 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
115.6Aaron Stunson08:28 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
116.6Joey Kennedy08:30Sashabaw
120.6Tyler Mackson08:35Sashabaw
122.6Cameron Walsh08:36 PRMemphis
123.6Brandon Ortiz08:37 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
126.6Isabella Gielniak08:39 PRArmada
129.6George Kolarchick08:43 PRBloomfield Christian
133.6Hamzah Ali08:51 PROxford
135.6Ian Beaufait08:53 PRMarysville
136.6Aaron Rogers08:53 PRMarysville
137.6Wesley Walsh08:54 PRMemphis
138.6Cooper Spring08:56Oxford
139.6Alex Sawyer09:03 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
142.6Freddy Boragan09:12 PRImlay City
144.6Adam Dodge09:18 PRImlay City
145.6Moria Burns09:21 PRMarysville
146.6Adam Zentner09:25Sashabaw
147.6Riley Gerstenberger09:25 PRMemphis
148.6Nolan Sutcliffe09:27 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
152.6Helena Wernet09:31 PRMemphis
154.6Trevor Wallace09:31Oxford
155.6Jordan Vernon09:32 PRShawnee Elementary
156.6Jackson Underwood09:34 PRShawnee Elementary
157.6Avery Lavender09:39 PROxford
159.6Zachary Kozlowski09:52 SRShawnee Elementary
162.6Jacob Hallock10:03 PRMemphis
163.6Solan Lewis10:04Oxford
168.6Akil Lewis10:19 PRThe Roeper School
171.6Charles Caruth10:35Waldon
179.6Aleczandar Curtis10:48Oxford
183.6Zachary Holk11:08 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
185.6McKenna McMichael11:10 PRMarysville
186.6Jake French11:15 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
187.6Colin Heeke11:22 PRImlay City
196.6Ryan Passeno12:33 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
198.6Ben Stafeil12:57 PRThe Roeper School
199.6Owen Meyers13:06 PRImlay City
200.6Carson Lanoue13:37 PRArmada
201.6Jack Miller13:51 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
203.6Chris Bohm15:19 PRShawnee Elementary
204.6Ethan Loope15:25 PRMarysville
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2 Mile 7th & 8th Grade Boys  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

7.Hanson's Youth Team192
9.Kennedy (St Clair ...247
12.L'Anse Creuse-North338
13.Imlay City363
14.L'Anse Creuse-East378

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Nick Behring11:41Romeo
2.8Dominic Bruce11:45Oxford
4.8Evan Ziehl12:06Rochester Avon Recre...
6.7Nathan Murray12:28Sashabaw
7.8Adam Job12:28Armada
8.8Zachariah Smith12:28Clarkston
9.8Brenden Allen12:30Armada
11.8Aidan Francis12:57Memphis
13.Nicholas Murray13:03Hanson's Youth Team
14.8Cole Manilla13:08Clarkston
18.8Shawn Bailey13:23Clawson
19.Calum Walton13:36Hanson's Youth Team
20.8Drew Bies13:41Scripps
22.8Jarrett St. John13:44Romeo
23.7Padyn Kesselring13:45Romeo
24.7Kyle Roland13:48Sashabaw
25.8Andrew Goodrich13:53Romeo
26.8Eric Seefried13:53Romeo
27.8Luke Quilliams13:55Clarkston
28.7Adam Zyrowski13:55Oxford
29.8Johnny Fallis13:56Oxford
30.7Jessie Tomazic13:56Waldon
31.7Jeff Catron14:03Romeo
32.8John Loch14:04Clarkston
33.8Chad Morris14:05Clarkston
34.8Brandon Genord14:07 PRArmada
35.8Zack Herman14:07Marlette
36.8Joshua Pratt14:08 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
37.7Casper Schichtle14:09Sashabaw
38.8Matthew Heilman14:09Clarkston
39.8Atticus Crimmins14:11Romeo
40.8Keegan Shultz-Payne14:11Waldon
42.8Garrett McLane14:16 PRMarysville
43.8Garrett Dickhudt14:17Bloomfield Christian
44.8Chase Moscovic14:19Clarkston
45.7Austin Cornish14:20 SRArmada
46.7Ryan Keller14:22 PRArmada
47.7Shawn Slater14:26Sashabaw
48.Marcus Jackson14:27Hanson's Youth Team
49.8Jacob Capozzoli14:28Waldon
50.7Jacob Burkett14:28Sashabaw
51.7Andrew Romano14:33Oxford
52.8Garrett Brodeur14:34Oxford
53.7Austin Wandrie14:34Romeo
54.8Chris Arbuckle14:35Scripps
55.7Justin Spehar14:47Sashabaw
56.7Brayden Hunter14:58 SRL'Anse Creuse-East
57.7Grant Schreiber15:00Sashabaw
58.7Drew Erskine15:01Sashabaw
59.7Brian Strickland15:02Memphis
60.8Zach Turpel15:05 PRMarysville
61.7Brent Bayley15:06Oxford
62.8Sage Paris15:06Clarkston
63.8Jason Richards15:06Clarkston
64.7Daniel Maclean15:09 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
65.7Cameron Tsivitse15:11Rochester Avon Recre...
66.7Wes Simpson15:13 PRMarysville
67.8Cade Bell15:14Oxford
68.8Matt Kuhlmann15:14Waldon
69.8Joshua Zuniga15:16Memphis
70.7Chandler Clemens15:18 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
71.7Ryan Nicosia15:20Sashabaw
72.7Nicholas Coubard15:23 SRArmada
73.7Conlan Lang15:23 SRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
74.6Justin Miller15:25 PRMarysville
76.8Matthew Miller15:26Romeo
77.7Michael Rottenberk15:30Sashabaw
78.8Jake Dengate15:31Romeo
80.8Ben King15:39 PRArmada
81.8Avery Depauw15:42Waldon
82.8Ben Neal15:42Clarkston
83.7Kassette Jackson15:43 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
84.8Connor Barrett15:44Waldon
85.8Zach Acton15:49Oxford
87.8Jacob McMichael15:57 PRMarysville
88.7Quinn Gordon15:58Oxford
89.8Jacob Kreschock15:59Oxford
90.7Sebastian Amerla16:00 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
91.7Peyton Hepinstall16:04 PRMarysville
92.8Grant Steenholdt16:05 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
94.7Mason Upham16:07Oxford
95.8Owen Burns16:08 SRArmada
96.7Nick Dinh16:09Oxford
97.8Aaron Hoeksema16:17Clarkston
98.8Sebastian Salcedo16:18Clarkston
99.7Logan Wilson16:20 PRImlay City
100.8Nathan Johnson16:20Clarkston
101.7Will Strickland16:20 PRWaldon
102.8Owen Downey16:21Imlay City
103.7Brandon Tsivitse16:21Rochester Avon Recre...
105.7Lewyn Beernink16:23Sashabaw
106.7Zachary Senko16:26Sashabaw
107.Nicholas Spanos16:30Hanson's Youth Team
108.8Matthew Berg16:31Oxford
109.7Trevor Nim16:33Memphis
110.8Henry Dare16:43Waldon
111.7Zachary McDermott16:47Oxford
112.7Simon Tomazic16:50Waldon
113.7Michael Paras16:58 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
114.7Adam Likins16:59 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
115.8Hunter Vaughn17:01Marlette
116.8Luke Seeterlin17:03Scripps
117.8Shayne Lake17:04 PRArmada
118.Tyler Whipple17:07Hanson's Youth Team
119.7Cole Batey17:08Rochester Avon Recre...
121.7Alan Bergsneider17:09 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
122.8Kamil Amerla17:09 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
123.8Brandon Powers17:11Oxford
124.7Nick Palatka17:12 PRWaldon
125.8Jacob Garland17:13Oxford
126.7Peter Mackenzie17:16 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
127.7Jonathan Canu17:19 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
128.7Mitch Allen17:20Imlay City
129.8Charlie Lussenhop17:21Clarkston
130.7Alexander Hunt17:22Sashabaw
131.7Joseph Allen17:24 PRImmanuel Lutheran
132.8Joey Ramaci17:26Romeo
133.7Jeremy Cavallo17:27Sashabaw
134.7Thomas Baker17:28Waldon
135.8Cameron Bourgeois17:29Romeo
136.7Bryant Wischmeyer17:29Waldon
137.8Ian Wilson17:30Clarkston
138.7Paul DeAngelis17:31Oxford
139.7Noah Juuhl17:33Sashabaw
140.8Stone Maguire17:33Clarkston
141.8Pierson Adamczyk17:34 PROxford
142.8Sam Jenkins17:42 PRWaldon
143.8Sam Franklin17:55Clawson
144.8Keegan Scavone17:57Waldon
145.7Braeden McLean18:00Sashabaw
147.8Evan Tarian18:02 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
148.7Kevin Camarena18:04 PRImlay City
149.7Alexander Benka18:06 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
150.8Kyle Schenten18:07Oxford
151.7Will Junkin18:10Scripps
152.8Carson Malhado18:11Imlay City
153.8Noah Kostecki18:12Clarkston
154.7Dominic Farella18:13Sashabaw
155.8Skylar Ryskamp18:17Oxford
156.7Justin Keppler18:19Scripps
157.7Avery Whitney18:20Imlay City
159.8Brendan O'Connor18:32 PRArmada
160.7Andrew Giglio18:33Imlay City
161.7Dustin Gigic18:39 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
162.8Brendan Crabill18:43 PROxford
163.8Jake Schmid18:45 SRArmada
164.8Gabriel Gonzalez R...18:48Scripps
165.7Chris Mutch18:50Marlette
166.8Ryan Allor18:56 PRImmanuel Lutheran
167.7Jackson Puffer19:10Sashabaw
169.8Stewart Nowinski19:18 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
171.7Ethan Dowd19:48Sashabaw
172.7Willie Woods19:50Scripps
173.7Evan Hogard19:51 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
174.7Cully Fink20:05 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
175.8Vince Waitkus20:09Clarkston
176.7Stephen Bojanowski20:14Waldon
177.7Julian Kennedy20:26Sashabaw
178.8Thomas Shankin20:35 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
179.8Jack LaBounty20:55Scripps
180.8Dylan Ball20:57Waldon
181.8Kyle Latta21:18 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
182.7Jacob Follett21:21 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
183.7Jake Moore21:22 PRMarysville
184.7Nicholas McNeil21:32 SRMarysville
185.7Nick Arnold21:38 PRArmada
186.8Micah Stone21:47 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
187.7Riley Clark22:01 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
188.7Maxwell Williams22:05 PRArmada
189.7Joshua Pankey22:10Imlay City
190.7Russell Crandall22:20Memphis
192.8Alex Salerno22:38 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
193.7Andrew Dodge24:04Imlay City
194.8Nick Groen24:07 PRArmada
195.7Tyler Upton24:08 SRArmada
196.7Matthew Kasinec25:00Bloomfield Christian
197.8Braydan Sherlock25:35 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
198.7Jackson Harwick25:36 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
199.7David Djinaj26:36 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
200.8Colin Leahey26:49 SRScripps
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5,000 Meters Freshman  
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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Thomas Michno18:02Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
2.9Kyle Johnson18:12Rochester
3.9Jack Everts18:30Lake Orion
4.9Greg Taylor18:35Lake Orion
5.9Nick Major19:39Ferndale
6.9Logan Hefferan19:43Utica Eisenhower
7.9Cameron Waelchli19:53Auburn Hills Oakland...
8.9Darren Newman19:56Lake Orion
9.9Justin Lenard20:10Clinton Township Chi...
10.9Steven Stine20:11Fraser
11.9Greg Maki20:13Lake Orion
12.9Nathan Gryspeerd20:13Utica Eisenhower
23.9Raul Rodriguez20:19Imlay City
13.9Lucas Heilman20:27Lake Orion
14.9Freddie Wallace20:33Romeo
15.9Jacob Panourgias20:34Utica Eisenhower
16.9Seth Ferguson20:35Marlette
17.9Riley Feeney20:40Oxford
18.9Brennan Brothers20:58Utica Eisenhower
19.9John Cukaj21:04Utica Eisenhower
20.9Dylan McCallum21:10Lake Orion
21.9Cameron Rohelier21:10Warren Cousino
22.9Devin Reyes21:10Auburn Hills Oakland...
23.9Gavin Hughes21:12Utica Eisenhower
24.9Jacob Schaldenbrand21:17Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
25.9Noah Leong21:17Troy Athens
26.9Eric Dietz21:18Lake Orion
27.9Mitch Munro21:18Lake Orion
28.9Grant Broski21:19Utica Eisenhower
30.9D.j. Pawlitz21:30Romeo
29.9Evan Esper21:35Utica Eisenhower
31.9Max Moses21:36Lake Orion
32.9Daniel Shutter21:36Rochester Hills Ston...
33.9Sean Childers21:37Rochester
34.9Bryant Beach21:44Marysville
35.9Sam Delcourt21:58Romeo
36.9Matt Junkin21:58Lake Orion
37.10Jack Schettler21:59Romeo
38.9Alex Bogoniewski22:02Rochester Hills Ston...
39.9Alex Beyer22:07Troy Athens
40.9Revanth Manam22:08Detroit Country Day
41.9Rory Kaer22:10Oxford
42.9Mike Zumbaugh22:11Troy Athens
43.9Jason Van DeVelde22:11Madison Heights Bish...
44.9Daniel Edwards22:12Warren DeLaSalle
45.9Corey Sutton22:13Armada
46.9Charlie Oneill22:23Troy Athens
47.9Jack Marcus22:34Lake Orion
48.9Max Dunn22:39 SRLake Orion
49.9Garrett Moreau22:48Lake Orion
50.9Kevin Jones22:54Troy Athens
51.9Drew Guidotti23:01 PRLake Orion
52.9Noah Burns23:10 PRLake Orion
64.9Alexander Walsh23:16Bloomfield Christian
53.9Nick Paulson23:19Fraser
54.9John Decker23:20Oxford
55.9Jake Weber23:21Utica Eisenhower
56.9Shane Tazzia23:25Rochester Hills Ston...
57.9Chris St. John23:30Armada
58.9Brandon Stanyer23:33Lake Orion
59.9Eric Neilson23:34Lake Orion
60.9Gaven Womack23:34Lake Orion
61.9Jordan Hill23:44St. Clair Shores Lak...
62.9Alec Gerstenberger23:50Oxford
63.9Nicholas Binkowski23:54Fraser
65.9Bobby Hudson24:22Oxford
66.9Adam Misch24:23Utica Eisenhower
67.9Caleb Otto24:23Bloomfield Christian
68.9Macalister Wells24:27Oxford
69.9Kyree Jackson24:28St. Clair Shores Lak...
70.9Julian Jones24:37Ferndale
71.9Rahul Khambete24:38Detroit Country Day
72.9Nick Duggan24:57Rochester Hills Ston...
73.9Alec Letica25:05Lake Orion
74.9Mike Delong25:06Troy Athens
75.9Stephen Dinka25:07Detroit Country Day
76.9Eric Hoffman25:11Lake Orion
77.9Emerson Jannette25:41Lake Orion
78.9Zack Case26:11Lake Orion
79.9Jonathon Borja26:29Birmingham Roeper
80.9Mitchell Kablak26:29Utica Eisenhower
81.9Carl Davis Young26:35Auburn Hills Oakland...
82.9Nicholas Colpaert26:36Warren DeLaSalle
83.9Arjun Vivek26:41Rochester Hills Ston...
84.9Andrew Piasecki26:46Warren DeLaSalle
85.9Braden Marchelletta27:30Rochester Hills Ston...
86.9Jack Maniaci27:46Utica Eisenhower
87.9John Powers27:49Madison Heights Bish...
88.9Bharath Mamidipaka28:28Detroit Country Day
89.9Dylan White28:32Lake Orion
90.9Luke Hoffman28:35Auburn Hills Oakland...
91.9Darryle Travis28:41 SRMarysville
92.9Jerod Lawrence28:51Lake Orion
93.9Matt Latourell28:58Lake Orion
94.9Krishan Amin29:43Detroit Country Day
95.9Dylan Biebuyck29:50Warren Cousino
96.9Jacob Modock30:54Lake Orion
97.9Christian Radzik30:59Fraser
98.9Tom McCloskey32:50Warren Cousino
99.9Matt Ulicny33:30Madison Heights Bish...
100.9Omer Siddiqui33:54Detroit Country Day
101.9Ryan Whipple34:49Detroit Country Day
102.9Nicholas Cucchi35:01Marine City Cardinal...
103.9Imran Ali35:07 PRDetroit Country Day
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5,000 Meters Sophomore  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Andrew Lorant17:38Lake Orion
2.10Gabe Hogan17:45Oxford
3.10Bradley Vandecar17:51Oxford
4.10Adam Fraeyman17:55Romeo
5.10Phil Mundt17:56Clinton Township Chi...
6.10Jacob Ernatt18:13Lake Orion
7.10Jacob Arenz18:16Lake Orion
8.10Eric Poth18:37Marlette
9.10Luke Powers18:57Oxford
10.10Nick Vance19:00Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
11.10Johnny Yang19:13Detroit Country Day
12.10Shane Skelcy19:33Rochester
13.10Joey Hegger19:34Rochester
14.10Joe Schuler19:35Rochester
15.10Eric Passeno19:37Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
16.10Liam King19:38Utica Eisenhower
17.11Phil Harrell19:42Romeo
18.10Jacob Turpel19:54Marysville
19.10Jacob Kablak19:55Utica Eisenhower
20.10Kevin Lalik19:58Warren Mott
21.10Noah Rogers20:05Marysville
22.10Paul Arnold20:05Romeo
24.10Dylan Speer20:20Romeo
25.10Brandon Vagi20:27Utica Eisenhower
26.10Robert Beggs20:30Lake Orion
27.10Nick Schoenknecth20:33Ferndale
28.10Adam Ghareeb20:35Lake Orion
29.10Bryce Hill20:45Rochester Hills Ston...
30.10Sam Maletesta20:48Rochester
31.10Anthony Ficarra20:51Warren DeLaSalle
32.10Jaden Vaught20:52Rochester Hills Ston...
33.10Jeremy Winkel20:59Armada
34.10Cole Rapp21:03Romeo
35.10Michael Zonca21:04Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
36.10Drew Nelson21:05Bloomfield Christian
37.10David Rodriguez21:10Oxford
38.10Julio Rosario21:13Roseville
39.10Dillon Mitchell21:15Memphis
40.10Daniel Evart21:19Imlay City
41.10Greg Michajlyszyn21:24Imlay City
42.10Austin Coha21:30Marysville
43.10Nick Bucko21:32Marysville
44.10Reagan Wardie21:33Bloomfield Christian
45.10David Staser21:34Oxford
46.10Gavin Christoff21:34Armada
47.10Brenden Francis21:35Memphis
48.10Jacob Lemanski`21:36Memphis
49.10Everett Latos21:42Warren DeLaSalle
50.10Joseph Manfreda21:46 SRRoseville
51.10Bryan Bowles21:46Troy Athens
52.10Alex Davis21:55 SRRochester Hills Ston...
53.10Spencer Handley22:00Rochester
54.10Jack Banick22:03Warren Cousino
55.10Andrew Lanni22:04Armada
56.10Tristan Sparks22:05Roseville
57.10Nicolas Napoleone22:06Rochester Hills Ston...
58.10Oliver Wissman22:13Oxford
59.10Tom Ryan22:26 SRMarysville
60.10Cody Keller22:31Richmond
61.10Jaryd Forbes22:37 SRMarysville
62.10Nick Marcopoli22:41Madison Heights Bish...
63.10Quinn Hill22:42Rochester Hills Ston...
64.10Mark Hudson22:51Detroit Country Day
65.10Peter Yasoni22:56Utica Eisenhower
66.10Brenden Dupuie23:14 SRMarysville
90.10Jacob Tokarczyk23:16Romeo
67.10Sean Mitchell23:18St. Clair Shores Lak...
68.10Eric Ren23:24Detroit Country Day
69.10Quinton Farrar23:26Rochester Hills Ston...
70.10Ryan Zawodny23:31Marlette
71.10TJ Pociecha23:36Richmond
72.10Alex DiLabio23:37Utica Eisenhower
73.10Zachary Hensel23:38Lake Orion
74.10Robert Zaleski23:38Utica Eisenhower
75.10Tim Bery23:45Utica Eisenhower
76.10Kyle Duffy23:46 SRLake Orion
77.10Brendan Sluchak23:50Roseville
78.10Alex Klauke23:55Rochester Hills Ston...
79.10Jarrett VanderLinden23:59Warren Cousino
80.10Dakota Trendy24:00 SRMarysville
101.10Brad Kain24:04Memphis
81.10Casey Conley24:12Oxford
82.10Robert Rider24:18Utica Eisenhower
83.10Leo Baldiga24:20Oxford
85.10Jacob Walsh24:25Memphis
86.10Ryan Fantin24:27Rochester Hills Ston...
87.10Brendan Berryman24:30Utica Eisenhower
89.10Zachary Bernhardt24:40Marine City Cardinal...
90.9Justin Woods24:47Utica Eisenhower
92.10Alex Hampton24:48Rochester Hills Ston...
93.10Aaron Sieracki25:11Utica Eisenhower
94.10T.J. Hatch25:21Sterling Heights Par...
95.10Larry Wofford25:27Richmond
96.10Ryan Lynch25:32Rochester Hills Ston...
97.10Kyle Walters25:40Warren DeLaSalle
98.10Lucas Hildinger25:44Roseville
99.10Jacob Alexander25:59Oxford
100.10Gary Macieczni26:06Warren DeLaSalle
101.10Brendan Anderson26:15Clawson
102.10Nick Schudt26:25Warren DeLaSalle
103.10Bryce Adams26:39 SRArmada
104.10Jeremy Wink26:41Rochester Hills Ston...
105.10Ryan MacArthur26:45Bloomfield Christian
106.10Matt Visger26:45Fraser
107.10Kyle Disney26:45Fraser
108.10Richard Campbell27:09Roseville
109.10Jamil Haddad27:16Rochester
110.10Brandon Noonan27:34Rochester Hills Ston...
111.10Griffin Stroin27:52Lake Orion
112.10Kyle Brian27:55Lake Orion
113.10Nick Hershman28:47Oxford
114.10Jacob Zysnarski29:14Rochester Hills Ston...
115.10Jeshuah Mitchell29:58 PRMarysville
116.10JJ Thoman32:56 SRRochester Hills Ston...
117.10Richard Hou33:12Detroit Country Day
118.10Jackson Kraepel33:18Auburn Hills Oakland...
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5,000 Meters Junior  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Rochester Hills St...44
4.Utica Eisenhower103
6.Lake Orion136
8.Warren Cousino208

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Jacob Domagalski17:08Romeo
2.11David Saporito17:34Warren Mott
3.11Ryan Mooney17:35Troy Athens
4.11Casey Neal17:44Rochester Hills Ston...
5.11Logan Bruni17:45Oxford
6.11Dillon Smith17:49Rochester
7.11Alex Landuyt18:20Rochester Hills Ston...
8.11Chris Vancoillie18:27Utica Eisenhower
9.11Alec Kownacki18:33Armada
10.11Zach New18:34Ferndale
11.11Noah Domagalski18:45Romeo
12.11Beau Brockett18:47Richmond
13.11Kushal Jaligama18:48Rochester
14.11Adam Freer18:48Rochester Hills Ston...
15.11Chris Pham18:48Rochester
16.11Anthony Pizzo18:57Clawson
17.11Adam Nelson19:07Romeo
18.11Andrew LaJoie19:08Rochester Hills Ston...
19.11Joey DiPanni19:10Rochester Hills Ston...
20.11Nick Actis19:12Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
21.11Jon DiLorenzo19:20Rochester Hills Ston...
22.11Sam Sartin19:30Marlette
23.11Jacob Bozeman19:33Rochester Hills Ston...
24.11Jay Martin19:37Marysville
25.11Daniel Braithwaite19:38Clinton Township Chi...
26.11Christian Corrion19:39Oxford
27.11Dominic Aluia19:40Utica Eisenhower
28.11Blake Iskra19:41Richmond
29.11Anthony Moss19:43Roseville
30.11Markus Dale19:47Marlette
31.11Devon Depauw19:47Lake Orion
32.11Xaiver Nuckles19:47Richmond
33.11Nick Vandenheuvel19:58Lake Orion
34.11Brendan Mantey20:01Armada
35.11Mark Garza20:03Utica Eisenhower
36.11Evan Eyler20:10Rochester
37.12Michele Pavesi20:15Lake Orion
38.11Kyle Ristow20:16Romeo
39.11Neil Khandwala20:17Detroit Country Day
40.11Etienne LeClerc20:18Clinton Township Chi...
41.11Kevin Kulka20:20Utica Eisenhower
42.11Matt VanValkenburg20:22Romeo
43.11Matt Scheer20:23Oxford
44.11Dillen Perron20:25Marysville
45.11Andrew Mezin20:43Fraser
46.11Shawn Stukenborg20:48Rochester Hills Ston...
47.11Matt Grawburg20:50Warren Cousino
48.11Jeffrey Wainz20:51Warren Mott
49.11Brett Roginski21:09Clinton Township Chi...
50.11Casey Schlitts21:10Rochester Hills Ston...
51.11Fletcher Ramsey21:16Roseville
52.11Christian Matthews21:28Armada
53.11Josh Wilhelm21:28Rochester Hills Ston...
54.11Samuel Forthofer21:37Utica Eisenhower
55.11Connor Masini21:50Utica Eisenhower
56.11Bennie Buckner21:51Ferndale
57.11Dylan Algate21:52Auburn Hills Oakland...
58.11Nick Jozefczyk22:04Warren DeLaSalle
59.11DJ Oster22:04Madison Heights Bish...
60.11Trevor Polisuk-Bal...22:06Warren Cousino
61.11Jason Sharnas22:08Romeo
62.11Cody Christy22:11Memphis
63.11Alex Sutherland22:11Oxford
65.11Billy Woods22:12Lake Orion
66.11Gabe Vanhollebeke22:14Lake Orion
67.11Nicholas Nunn22:14Lake Orion
68.11James Schradle22:14Romeo
69.11Ben Schueren22:15Lake Orion
70.11Michael Deneroff22:15 PRBirmingham Roeper
71.11Jacob Vanderploeg22:16Imlay City
72.11Jared McMillan22:16Romeo
73.11Mitchel DeSantis22:18Rochester Hills Ston...
74.11Grant Klebba22:18Utica Eisenhower
75.11Jacob Cutler22:18Oxford
76.11Jordan Opria22:19Clawson
77.11Riley Murdock22:21Romeo
78.11Ahad Rauf22:25Rochester
79.11Patrick Sullivan22:25Marysville
80.11Phil Reynolds22:25Troy Athens
81.11Kyle Booth22:32Birmingham Roeper
82.11Matt Jozefczyk22:35Warren DeLaSalle
83.11Matt Brunsman22:50Warren DeLaSalle
84.11Zachary Yacteen22:55Rochester Hills Ston...
85.11Alexander Raveane22:58Birmingham Roeper
86.11Connor Stevenson23:02Utica Eisenhower
87.11Tyler Kwapis23:03Oxford
88.11Andrew Clark23:04Marlette
89.11Matt Hansen23:16Romeo
91.11Austin Robbins23:20Rochester Hills Ston...
92.11Parker Misch23:20Utica Eisenhower
93.11Mena Shenouda23:22Troy Athens
94.11Dustin Niver23:29Marine City Cardinal...
95.11Adam Freeman23:34Marine City Cardinal...
96.11Gino Bryja23:36Sterling Heights Par...
97.11Samuel Isken23:39Rochester Hills Ston...
98.11Ali Ishque23:45Rochester
99.11Matt Everts23:48Lake Orion
100.11Dale Dubia24:00Warren Cousino
102.11Nathan Worman24:11Romeo
103.11Dylan LaCroix24:18Oxford
104.11Devyn Brass24:18Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
84.11Alex Bahorski24:20Warren DeLaSalle
105.11James Obermaier24:22Detroit Country Day
106.11Michael VanValkenb...24:23 SRRomeo
107.11Joe Wilcox24:34 SRFerndale
108.11David Bernabei24:35Detroit Country Day
109.11Bruce Proctor24:44Armada
110.11Tyrell Hicks24:45Clinton Township Chi...
111.11Michael Collison25:07Troy Athens
112.11Nick Wylin25:09Lake Orion
114.11Sunny Dhanjal26:16Lake Orion
116.11Joe Lazzara26:21Lake Orion
117.11Alex Lelli26:23Lake Orion
118.11Brendan McLean26:23Lake Orion
119.11Michael Friedrich26:25Lake Orion
120.11Tyler Singles26:26Lake Orion
121.11Tim Kohtstedte26:53Lake Orion
123.11Griffin Hahn27:01Oxford
124.11Brendan Mandziara27:07Fraser
126.11Elijsha Baetiong27:19Fraser
127.11Brenden Bailey28:21 SRLake Orion
128.11Caleb Ston28:21 PRSt. Clair Shores Lak...
129.11Trevor Stiteler28:21 SRWarren Cousino
130.11Trenton Killop28:25 PRArmada
131.11Dillon Denny30:14Warren Cousino
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5,000 Meters Senior  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Official Team Scores

1.Rochester Hills St...48
4.Lake Orion82
6.Utica Eisenhower137

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alec Toreki16:52Romeo
2.12Eric Boyle17:12Rochester Hills Ston...
3.12James Schuler17:26Rochester
4.12Kirk Hansen17:28Lake Orion
5.12Jacob Schenten17:34Oxford
6.12Joey Ufolla17:48Oxford
7.12Brandon Siewert18:12Rochester Hills Ston...
8.12Kyle Lawton18:16Rochester
9.12John Ghaly18:19Troy Athens
10.12Zach Chodnicki18:19Armada
11.12Mitch O'hair18:25Romeo
12.12Noah Jenkins18:29Oxford
13.12Chris Frazer18:33Romeo
14.12James Sturtridge18:39Marysville
15.12Jake Lopicollo18:42Imlay City
16.12Nick Burg18:45Richmond
17.12Chris Dibble18:54Rochester Hills Ston...
18.12Maleek Thomas19:03Roseville
19.12Michael Bonnici19:07Lake Orion
20.12Jacob Whitlow19:11Rochester Hills Ston...
21.12Mason Rozgowski19:13Armada
22.12Grant McPherson19:22Rochester
23.12Brandon Lucas19:32Auburn Hills Oakland...
24.12Eric Esper19:40Utica Eisenhower
25.12Corey Dutkiewicz19:42Clinton Township Chi...
26.12Drew Viges19:43Rochester Hills Ston...
27.12Ryan Gietzen19:56Rochester Hills Ston...
28.12Hayden Harneck19:58Marlette
29.12Aaron Greb20:01Romeo
30.11Mike Sovis20:02Oxford
31.12Ben Danforth20:23Rochester Hills Ston...
32.12Matt Schmidt20:26Lake Orion
33.12Jake Kler20:29St. Clair Shores Lak...
34.12Zachary Abu-Akeel20:39Detroit Country Day
35.12Austin Peash20:48 SRLake Orion
36.12Mark Prosser20:50Rochester Hills Ston...
37.12Kevin Boa20:54Warren Mott
38.12Alex Herman21:01Marlette
39.12Brandon Binkowski21:19Fraser
40.12Chad Radford21:19Roseville
41.12Brad Thompson21:37Memphis
42.12Nick Deneau21:39Warren DeLaSalle
43.12Brian Xu21:40Detroit Country Day
44.12Logan Hoffman21:50 SRMarysville
45.12Dan Goubert21:52Armada
46.12Jon Lorts21:54 SRLake Orion
47.12Graham Wellens22:03Oxford
48.12Elijah Scanlon22:08Marine City Cardinal...
64.11Spencer Havern22:12Romeo
49.12Noah Conner22:24Warren Cousino
51.12Kyle Bruce22:35Utica Eisenhower
52.12Tim McCarthy22:35Utica Eisenhower
53.12Victor Mondine22:36Utica Eisenhower
54.12Blake Muglia22:38Armada
55.12Marco Lin22:39St. Clair Shores Lak...
56.12Redi Ujka22:42Clinton Township Chi...
58.12Joel Jepsen22:54Imlay City
59.12Paul McCloskey23:04Warren Cousino
60.12Collin Tobey23:06Armada
61.12Michael Marchelletta23:10Rochester Hills Ston...
62.11Nino Bruce23:12Oxford
63.12Daniel Callahan23:15Lake Orion
64.12Ryan Michalec23:29Lake Orion
65.12Jamar Vaughn23:29Clawson
66.12Ben Clough23:35Rochester Hills Ston...
67.12Zac Pinsky23:38Richmond
68.12Ryan Fecteau23:51Clinton Township Chi...
69.12Mike Samalik23:56Warren DeLaSalle
70.11Zach Mork23:59Romeo
71.12Brad Worman23:59 SRRomeo
73.12Garrett Galia24:21Rochester Hills Ston...
74.12Patrick Sugamele25:00Warren Cousino
76.12Josh Hughes25:28Ferndale
77.12Kevin Hawthorne25:33Rochester Hills Ston...
78.12Kyle Van Veen25:37Rochester Hills Ston...
79.12Chris Myers25:39Clawson
80.12Nick Hysick26:28Warren DeLaSalle
82.12Michael Scaglione26:45Armada
83.12Shane Penn27:23Utica Eisenhower
84.12Brandon Cottingham33:27 SRFerndale
85.12Elbert Han33:40 SRDetroit Country Day
86.12Max BerlinBirmingham Roeper
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Womens Results

1 Mile 6th Grade Race  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

2.6Caitlin O'Malley06:44 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
18.6Sarah Tyrrell07:04 PROxford
20.6Mckinzie Winget07:05 PRImlay City
23.6Abbey Tolmie07:09Sashabaw
26.6Grace Miller07:10 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
27.6Julia Jacklin07:11 SRRochester Avon Recre...
28.6Sharon Woo07:11 PROxford
29.6Kinsey Jones07:12 PROxford
33.6Riley Redmond07:18 PRClawson
35.6Anabelle Fischer07:18 PROxford
36.6Lauren Methner07:23Oxford
42.6Isabel Kozicki07:27 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
44.6Grace Spencer07:28Sashabaw
47.6Alaina Carroll07:33 PRArmada
51.6Elizabeth Rottenberk07:35Sashabaw
57.6Julia Klinkman07:41 PRArmada
58.6Jillian LeFevere07:41 PRImlay City
59.6Victoria Zeemer07:42Sashabaw
60.6Barret Schettler07:43Romeo
62.6Stephanie Job07:45 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
63.6Joslyn Wilczewski07:45 PRWaldon
64.6Madison Ward07:46 PRImlay City
67.6Aleda Miller07:49Romeo
68.6Emma Kerbelis07:51 PROxford
72.6Lilly Walker07:53Waldon
73.6Reilly Chodnicki07:54 PRArmada
75.6Kaitlyn Evans07:56 PRImlay City
77.6Mackenzie Harwood07:56Waldon
83.6Mattie Johnson08:02 PROxford
89.6Rachel Whitt08:06 PROxford
96.6Heather Stier08:10 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
99.6Paige Palazone08:12 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
103.4Sofia Bogoniewski08:19 PRRochester Avon Recre...
106.6Isabella Archer08:22 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
107.5Gabriella Fleming08:22 PRRochester Avon Recre...
108.6Simone Kramer08:23 PRShawnee Elementary
113.6Aleah Dymond08:27 PROxford
114.6Lauren Mauser08:28 PROxford
117.6Kiley Grund08:31Waldon
118.6Jill Beckwell08:32 PRClawson
119.6Iren Spano08:34 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
121.6Madison Werner08:35 PRShawnee Elementary
124.6Sydney Johns08:37 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
125.6Katie Daily08:38 PROxford
127.6Reagan Roszczewski08:41 PRImlay City
128.6Sierra Waitkus08:43 PRSashabaw
130.6Myra Abbott08:44Oxford
131.6Hannah Jenkins08:46Oxford
132.6Ellie Franklin08:48 PRClawson
134.6Katie Kowalewicz08:53 PRClawson
140.6Ruby Hellebuyck09:07 PRImlay City
141.6Halie Warnack09:10 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
143.6Kayla Szalewicz09:14Oxford
149.6Dani Haske09:27 PROxford
150.6Cassidy Chaisson09:29Oxford
151.6Rachel Jacobson09:30 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
153.6Sara Maloney09:31 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
158.6Vicki McTaggart09:49 PRImlay City
160.6Christina King09:53Waldon
161.6Mia Farella09:55Sashabaw
164.6Bailey Uebbing10:07Sashabaw
166.6Holly McArthur10:10Sashabaw
169.6Baby Katryn10:22 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
172.6Hailey Rechis10:36 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
174.6Sarah Piwko10:38 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
175.6Becca Smiles10:39Oxford
176.6MaKenna Bagiano10:46 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
177.6Shelby Barber10:47 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
178.6Summer Bell10:48 PROxford
180.6Hazel Harrison10:49 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
181.6Angelina Leinenger10:52Sashabaw
182.6Kate Saville11:03 PROxford
184.6Olivia Telegadas11:09 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
188.6Julia Degazio11:36 PRThe Roeper School
189.6Lexie Kornosky11:46 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
190.6Lily Hering11:57 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
191.6Gabby Pryor12:10 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
192.6Allison Raymer12:13 PRShawnee Elementary
193.6Rachel Passeno12:15 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
194.6Bella Carlson12:17 PRShawnee Elementary
195.6Kiersten McCollum12:19 PRThe Roeper School
197.6Anna Benard12:47 PRShawnee Elementary
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2 Mile 7th & 8th Grade Girls  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Karenna Duffey13:54 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
2.7Elizabeth Dalrymple14:29Sashabaw
3.8Micah Dymond14:51Oxford
4.8Ashley Vican15:08Oxford
5.8Lana Skrna15:15Waldon
6.7Mallory Ferguson15:16Sashabaw
7.8Emily Gustafson15:22Clarkston
8.8Rebecca Snyder15:24Clarkston
9.8Grace Kraft15:25Clarkston
10.8Emily Schuab15:25Marlette
11.8Emma Coenen15:32 SRArmada
12.8Hannah Schmidt15:34Bloomfield Christian
13.8Alexandra Lazzara15:43Waldon
14.8Gina Hogan15:44Oxford
15.8Victoria McClenaghan15:46Oxford
16.7Leigha Boes15:48Waldon
17.8Victoria Huyghe16:00 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
18.7Grace Nolan16:04Sashabaw
19.7Anna Peruski16:13Oxford
20.8Madeline Yaek16:15Memphis
21.8Ximena Nunez-Marto...16:17Waldon
22.7Nicole Schneider16:19 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
23.8Abigail Bastien16:20 PRArmada
26.8Molly Gibbons16:30 PROxford
27.8Tiana Phillips16:33Clarkston
28.8Jordyn Rumbold16:41Clarkston
29.8Jenna Disser16:43 PRMarysville
30.8Julia Cundy16:44 PRImmanuel Lutheran
31.7Melanie Kerbelis16:45Oxford
32.8Hallie Browder16:50 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
33.8Emily Padyjasek16:51 PRArmada
34.8Isabella Tartoni16:51Waldon
35.8Erin Schroeder16:53Waldon
36.8Amanda Bastien16:55 PRArmada
37.8Ashley Clendennin16:56Scripps
38.8Leah Vandecar17:07Oxford
39.8Catherine Laube17:10Clarkston
41.Sarah Shea17:15Hanson's Youth Team
42.Emma Murray17:16Hanson's Youth Team
45.7Molly Long17:23Oxford
46.7Vicotria Butkowski17:24 SRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
47.7Lena VanSach17:26 PRMarysville
48.7Sydney Penrose17:27Romeo
49.7Savannah Papp17:29Waldon
50.7Lindsey Smiles17:29Scripps
51.8Megan Thornton17:31Waldon
52.7Katelyn Granett17:39Waldon
53.8Quinn Wardie17:39Bloomfield Christian
54.8Abigail Mooney17:52Oxford
55.8Lenna Kanehara17:53Waldon
56.8Haley Turpin17:54 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
57.7Audrey Dobbs17:55Waldon
58.8Megan Blaesing17:56 SRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
59.7Olivia Boullin17:59Waldon
60.7Lindsey Butler18:00Waldon
61.8Madison O'Brien18:01Imlay City
62.7Maya Bogoniewski18:01Rochester Avon Recre...
63.7Mallory Allard18:06 SRL'Anse Creuse-East
64.7Rachel Sweet18:08Romeo
66.8McKenna Monaghan18:13Scripps
67.8Isabella Panse18:19Waldon
68.8Elisa Meyer18:23Rochester Avon Recre...
69.8Alyssa Schefke18:23Oxford
70.8Jennifer Blakely18:31Rochester Avon Recre...
71.8Kaitlynn Kovalesky18:33Rochester Avon Recre...
72.7Adelle Barrett18:37Waldon
73.8Adalyn Clark18:38Rochester Avon Recre...
74.7Devon Schabaker18:41Romeo
75.8Hannah Dale18:43Romeo
76.7Gabi Hirsch18:58The Roeper School
77.8Alexis Hudy18:59 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
78.8Katie Sovis18:59Oxford
79.7Elizabeth Golembie...19:12 PRMemphis
80.7Skylar Goik19:13Oxford
81.8Katy Pioch19:14Romeo
82.Elizabeth Larochelle19:18Hanson's Youth Team
83.7Alexis Guerrieri19:18Sashabaw
84.Mya Sornig19:18Hanson's Youth Team
85.8Hope Watson19:19Oxford
86.7Darrian DiJanni19:26Waldon
87.7Nadia Smith19:32Sashabaw
88.8Sarah Evans19:34Imlay City
89.7Cassidy Coupanger19:40Oxford
90.7Ashley Dunlap19:41Sashabaw
91.8Shyenne Underwood19:42 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
92.7Alexis Leinenger19:49Sashabaw
93.8Megan Haddad19:50Clarkston
94.7Alexis Zawodny19:51Marlette
95.8Elise Beaufort19:52 PRMarysville
96.8Sarah Dillingham19:54 PRArmada
97.8Peyton Walker19:57 SRArmada
98.7Jillian Sylvia20:00 SRMarysville
99.7Madeline Forshey20:07Sashabaw
100.7Kaylee Lawson20:08Waldon
101.8Margaret Hartman20:11Oxford
102.8Suzie Bielecki20:13Waldon
103.8Amanda Zonca20:19 SRL'Anse Creuse-East
105.8Kelsey Latta20:24 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
106.8Emerson O'Brien20:30Imlay City
107.7Keara Fox21:11Waldon
109.7Cara Verlinde21:21 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
110.7Katelynn Joquico21:38 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
111.7Sophie Beaty21:40Scripps
112.7Sydney Macfarlane21:42 PRImmanuel Lutheran
113.8Alyssa Walker21:43 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
114.7Rita Lopiccolo21:54Imlay City
115.8Leah Munger21:58 PRL'Anse Creuse-North
116.8Shannon Stewart21:59Scripps
117.8Nicole Beaty22:01 SRScripps
118.8Andrea Lanham22:06 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
119.7Alex Hill22:11Scripps
120.7Faith Aeillo22:15Scripps
121.8Kelli Kozfkay22:16 PRMarysville
122.8Elizabeth Gonczar22:17Oxford
123.7Rebecca Sich22:27Imlay City
125.7Becca Hartwig22:46Waldon
126.7Amberly Haba22:48 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
127.7Lauren Dombrowski23:10Sashabaw
129.7Jennifer Baker23:21 PRL'Anse Creuse-East
130.7Madison Newsom23:28 PRImlay City
131.8Megan DeGeer23:31 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
132.8Vanessa Higgins23:34Scripps
133.8Megan Richter23:37Oxford
134.7Bethany George24:19 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
135.7Lauren Harrison24:25 PRKennedy (St Clair Sh...
136.7Caitlin Sivak24:33Sashabaw
137.7Justice Hemmi24:35 PRMarlette
138.8Gwen Killop29:37 PRArmada
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5,000 Meters Freshman  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Lauren Kaliszewski20:23Rochester
2.9Katlyn Pizzo20:39Clawson
3.9Amanda Lewis21:03Rochester
4.9Madison Payne21:57Rochester
5.9Leah Warren22:40Birmingham Seaholm
6.9Ashlyn Moran22:42Rochester Hills Ston...
7.9Megan Nichols22:45Auburn Hills Oakland...
8.9Julia Knepper22:46Romeo
9.9Bellina Gaskey22:47Lake Orion
10.9Quinn Pangborn22:49Grosse Pointe North
11.9Heather Czarnecki23:06Oxford
12.9Barra Rachel23:13Detroit Country Day
13.9Gabby Kurschat23:21Birmingham Seaholm
14.9Cate Troost23:41Grosse Pointe North
15.9Katie Beverlin23:49Rochester
16.9Cosette Lindsay23:51Auburn Hills Oakland...
17.9Lexi Wilhelmsen23:52Marlette
18.9Jackie Brandonisio23:55Birmingham Seaholm
19.9Madelyn Lang23:58Birmingham Seaholm
20.9Makenna Hill24:02Marysville
21.9Julie Gearig24:05Lake Orion
22.9Audrey Sylvia24:09Marysville
23.9Amanda Capaldi24:21Rochester
24.9Nora Teagan24:32Lake Orion
25.9Kara Blackburn24:37Rochester Hills Ston...
26.9Kate Irwin24:47Birmingham Seaholm
27.9Marisa Papadelis24:51Sterling Heights Ste...
28.9Elise Tisch24:51Sterling Heights Ste...
29.9Erinne Lubienski24:55Grosse Pointe North
30.9Isabel Kolanowski24:55Ferndale
31.9Grace Secontine24:57Birmingham Seaholm
32.9Naomi Amey24:57Romeo
33.9Alexandra Miller25:00 PRWarren Regina
34.9Abby Bernard25:05Birmingham Seaholm
35.9Jessica Nichols25:08Auburn Hills Oakland...
36.9Kendall Moran25:09Lake Orion
37.9Renee Miller25:10Marlette
38.9Lauren Brennecke25:11Lake Orion
39.9Julia Holman25:13Marlette
40.9Lilly Grochowski25:23Romeo
41.9Becca Goslow25:51Warren Mott
42.9Kennedy Plieth25:51Warren Mott
43.9Kayleigh Nelson25:54Birmingham Seaholm
44.9Mari Finstrom25:54Lake Orion
45.9Zoe Tulauskas26:00Birmingham Seaholm
46.9Claire Tibboles26:01Romeo
47.9Ashley Maxwell26:01Lake Orion
48.9Claudia Skrna26:02Lake Orion
49.9Sam Mulcahy26:23Lake Orion
50.9Olivia Gierman26:37Marlette
51.9Megan Stief26:40Warren Regina
52.9Gabby Louwers26:41Warren Regina
53.9Jasmine Zadroga26:42Utica Eisenhower
54.9Carrie Maro26:48Richmond
55.9Marissa Granett26:50Lake Orion
54.9Lyda McRoberts26:53Birmingham Seaholm
56.9Cheyenne Kucinski27:05Fraser
57.9Jenna Pekarek27:10Romeo
58.9Carrissa Wilcox27:19Richmond
59.9Kristina Kowalski27:24Grosse Pointe North
60.9Michelle Shen27:32Troy Athens
61.9Mary Kate Mullen27:51Birmingham Seaholm
62.9Alexis Boeskool27:51Utica Eisenhower
63.9Sheldon Bochenek27:54Detroit Country Day
64.9Sydney Parker27:54Detroit Country Day
65.9Grace Sexton27:57Grosse Pointe North
66.9Tess Collins27:58Birmingham Seaholm
67.9Sarah Weitecha27:59Grosse Pointe North
68.9Annabelle Hoover27:59Fraser
69.9Erika Hozeski28:09Rochester Hills Ston...
70.9Erin Hicks28:19Rochester Hills Ston...
71.9Claudia Johns28:39Armada
69.10Vivian Righter29:03Birmingham Seaholm
72.9Stephanie Sills29:07Birmingham Seaholm
73.9Shannon Smith29:30Grosse Pointe North
74.9Rosalie Anderson29:35Bloomfield Christian
75.9Grace Karrip29:36Lake Orion
76.9Kaitlyn Pudvay29:39Imlay City
77.9Ellie Gardey29:40Warren Regina
78.9Claire Kiefer30:05Birmingham Seaholm
79.9Olivia Francis30:08Grosse Pointe North
80.9Paige Whitten30:32Memphis
81.9Liz Setera30:42Rochester Hills Ston...
82.9Sabrina Maniaci30:43Warren Regina
83.9Hannah Gracin30:44Warren Regina
84.9Tatiana Ruperd30:45Rochester Hills Ston...
85.9Andrea Pearsall30:47Warren Regina
86.9Quinn Babcock30:47Detroit Country Day
87.9Valerie Matula31:49Grosse Pointe North
88.9Adriana Mirabelli31:54Marine City Cardinal...
89.9Kailee Rakes31:55Memphis
90.9Shelby Kerre31:55Rochester
91.9Julia O'Boyle31:55Lake Orion
92.9Trinity Brown32:04Warren Mott
93.9Lizzie Bouranis32:11Rochester Hills Ston...
94.9Danielle Anthes34:01Utica Eisenhower
95.9Clarissa Kam34:02Grosse Pointe North
96.9Maddie Stephens34:03Lake Orion
97.9Camille Burke35:45Grosse Pointe North
98.9Anastasia Ditrapani35:47Grosse Pointe North
99.9Christine Switzer36:01Birmingham Seaholm
100.9Christine PraetWarren Regina
101.9Savannah SloanMadison Heights Bish...
102.9Ellie WardMadison Heights Bish...
103.9Madison McPeakSt. Clair Shores Lak...
104.9Amanda RandallLake Orion
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5,000 Meters Sophomore  
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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Brianna Mozariwskyj20:35Utica Eisenhower
2.10Megan Greb20:58Romeo
3.10Hannah Long21:09Oxford
4.10Shelby Knoll21:31Warren Mott
5.10Reilly Squarcia21:33Oxford
6.10Mackenzie Gurne21:33Utica Eisenhower
7.10Cristiana Bruce21:43Oxford
8.10Alexis Kearney21:49Romeo
9.10Teresa Diehl21:55Warren Regina
10.10Lauren Valentini22:08Warren Regina
11.10Kenzie Weingartz22:29Marysville
12.10KaylaRose Robison22:37Clinton Township Chi...
13.10Reece Chambers22:42Rochester Hills Ston...
14.10Kelsey Capoferri22:49Warren Regina
15.10Olivia Metty22:49Utica Eisenhower
16.10Camylle Velazquez-...23:03Imlay City
17.10Keri Hryciuk23:08Grosse Pointe North
18.10Ally Swantek23:14Richmond
19.10Kaley Gooch23:21Birmingham Seaholm
20.10Toni Catalan23:23Madison Heights Bish...
21.10Emily Kowalczyk23:27Rochester
22.10Bridget Sabbagh23:49Birmingham Seaholm
23.10Rachi Willard23:53Rochester Hills Ston...
24.10Rebecca Flynn24:02Grosse Pointe North
25.10Chloe Bigwood24:05Grosse Pointe North
26.10Hannah Roll24:09Troy Athens
27.10Audrey Kam24:13Grosse Pointe North
28.10Carmen Pripps24:14Troy Athens
29.10Maclane Paddock24:15Birmingham Seaholm
30.10Caroline Manning24:22Birmingham Seaholm
31.10Abby Forystek24:38Lake Orion
32.10Rachael Warren24:42Marysville
33.10Hannah Dullea24:45Richmond
34.10Jenna Bazil24:46Birmingham Seaholm
35.10Amanda Jacobs24:47Rochester Hills Ston...
36.10Melanie DeCook24:48Rochester Hills Ston...
37.10Claire Hoffman25:00Sterling Heights Ste...
38.10Kayla Goisdzinski25:15Rochester Hills Ston...
39.10Katie Kasnak25:21Troy Athens
40.10Jenna Peloso25:26Marine City Cardinal...
41.10Lauren Maksymiuk25:40Richmond
42.10Hannah Sampier25:41Marysville
43.10Rachel Pitts25:42Rochester
44.10Olivia Hoover25:44Grosse Pointe North
45.10Alyssa Lalko25:51Troy Athens
46.10Monica Van Berkum25:51Warren Regina
47.10Ericka Lathrop25:59Imlay City
48.10Alyssa Villarreal26:06Lake Orion
49.10Nadia Shoot26:14Ferndale
50.10Therese Jensen26:14Fraser
51.10Ailish Berlin26:18Warren Regina
52.10jordan Osterland26:27Richmond
53.10Natalie Gamalski26:42Warren Regina
55.10Mia Nielsen27:11Utica Eisenhower
56.10Allison Mordarski27:20Warren Regina
57.10Rachel Butler27:21Rochester Hills Ston...
58.10Nadia Goolsby27:27Grosse Pointe North
59.10Natasha Kechnie27:41Armada
60.10Annaliess Kielmann27:47Armada
61.10Mckayla Lewis28:05Lake Orion
62.10Maria Ciaravino28:18Grosse Pointe North
63.10Lillian Schmidt28:22Utica Eisenhower
64.10Leia Stephan28:43Rochester Hills Ston...
65.10Mary Marogi28:45Warren Mott
66.10Hannah Langsdorf28:55Rochester Hills Ston...
67.10Mikaelyn Walker28:58Armada
68.10Bailey Webb28:59Auburn Hills Oakland...
70.10Sarah Shaya29:05 SRBirmingham Seaholm
71.10Mairead Brown29:12 SRLake Orion
72.10Emily Sinak29:13Rochester Hills Ston...
73.10Caitlyn Parry29:14Lake Orion
75.10Alexis Dalton29:15Lake Orion
76.10Shayla Girten29:50Armada
77.10Meghan Mitchell29:52Grosse Pointe North
78.10Paula Prost30:07Rochester Hills Ston...
79.10LeAnn Pawlaczyk30:17Armada
80.10Stephaine Conflitti30:22Oxford
81.10Lia Paonessa30:37Marysville
82.10Marissa Dudek31:18Warren Regina
83.10Aubrey Gallacher31:19Rochester
84.10Cailee Grzebienik32:03 SRLake Orion
85.10Marisa Segovia32:16Grosse Pointe North
86.10Cloie Chidiac32:22Warren Regina
87.10Jenna Rastique32:26Utica Eisenhower
88.10Isabel Ivanescu32:57Birmingham Roeper
89.10Mallika Kanneganti34:10Grosse Pointe North
90.10Josie Olsen34:46 PRLake Orion
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5,000 Meters Junior  
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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Samantha Allmacher19:47Utica Eisenhower
2.11Jacqueline Bredenb...19:51Detroit Country Day
3.11Madeline Wesley20:53Clinton Township Chi...
4.11Allison Skelcy21:01Rochester
5.11Claire Nord21:03Troy Athens
6.11Colleen McCarthy21:09Utica Eisenhower
7.11Autumn Klein21:13Romeo
8.11Stephanie Latos21:17Warren Regina
9.11Danielle Carr21:45Lake Orion
10.11Madz Ham21:54Lake Orion
11.11Savannah Rembold21:57Rochester Hills Ston...
12.11Erin Womack22:00Lake Orion
13.11Sabrina Smith22:13Oxford
14.11Madison Zarkowski22:31Richmond
15.11Isabella Lucido22:45Auburn Hills Oakland...
16.11Ashleigh Czewski22:46Warren Regina
17.11Frances Angel22:54Rochester Hills Ston...
18.11McKenzie Hyde23:00Birmingham Seaholm
19.11Alexa Panourgias23:06Utica Eisenhower
20.11Jessica Taylor23:07Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
21.11Hannah Holliday23:10Romeo
22.11Taylor Siegle23:28Sterling Heights Par...
23.11Becca Wegner23:32Birmingham Seaholm
24.11Meghan Sylvia23:33Marysville
25.11Anna Burley23:40Sterling Heights
26.11Sadie Huggler23:44Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
27.11Samantha Costanzo23:48St. Clair Shores Lak...
28.11Megan Mulhinch23:50Birmingham Seaholm
29.11Caitlyn Maniaci23:57Utica Eisenhower
30.11Alyssa Olszewski23:59Clinton Township Chi...
31.11Marissa Camilleri24:18Clinton Township Chi...
32.11Maria Nehan24:22Sterling Heights
33.11Shelby Rosalik24:26Rochester Hills Ston...
34.11Riley Bussell24:27Lake Orion
35.11Julia Dutkiewicz24:29Detroit Country Day
36.11Kianna Thomas24:30Warren Regina
37.11Tessa Triest24:36Ferndale
38.11Alex Davis24:37Utica Eisenhower
39.11Tara Kursinsky24:38Lake Orion
40.11Daiana Tzenova24:46Sterling Heights
41.11Hannah Tas24:51Richmond
42.11Nicole Werthmann24:57Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
43.11Brittany Ziolkowski24:58Marysville
44.11Emily Esper25:13Utica Eisenhower
45.11Emily Rapp25:14Madison Heights Bish...
46.11Alix Labelle25:17Rochester Hills Ston...
47.11Jessica Korte25:19Utica Eisenhower
48.11Kylie Barber25:20Lake Orion
49.11Libby Mathias25:22Warren Regina
50.11Sami Sisson25:26Marlette
51.11Nicolette Granata25:37Birmingham Seaholm
52.11Caitlyn Skelcy25:47Rochester
53.11Lindsay Wood25:49Auburn Hills Oakland...
54.11Emary Hall26:00 SRRochester Hills Ston...
55.11Rebecca Bussa26:01Troy Athens
56.11Anne Race26:03Grosse Pointe North
57.11Caroline Pale26:07Troy Athens
58.11Eleni Haralampopou...26:13Roseville
59.11Alexandra Costanzo26:15St. Clair Shores Lak...
60.11Kathryn Finn26:17St. Clair Shores Lak...
61.11Kendra Grulke26:24Troy Athens
62.11Lynn Pytell26:28Fraser
63.11Nicole Gassman26:29 SRLake Orion
64.11Sam Pankey26:35Rochester Hills Ston...
65.11Morgan Lavender26:37Oxford
66.11Anna Mahalak26:38Warren Regina
67.11Karalee Jerse26:41Armada
68.11Emily Freeland26:50Rochester
69.11Amy Salter27:15Utica Eisenhower
70.11Ariana Aliasso27:19Lake Orion
71.11Molly Moreman27:20Lake Orion
72.11Mina Lee27:28Detroit Country Day
73.11Jenna Dinka27:34Detroit Country Day
74.11Katie Russo27:36Grosse Pointe North
75.11Emily Waldner27:39Grosse Pointe North
76.11Danielle Czajkowski27:39Clawson
77.11Mary Cech27:41Lake Orion
78.11Laurel Payne27:45Armada
79.11Samantha Buckert27:48Bloomfield Christian
80.11Lauren Nyquist27:48Grosse Pointe North
81.11Sydney Koh27:51Rochester Hills Ston...
82.11Shayla Sanders27:55Rochester
83.11Olivia Orlando27:55Troy Athens
84.11Stacey Grosse27:56Troy Athens
85.11Breanna Dymm28:00Rochester Hills Ston...
86.11Allison Markaity28:00Rochester Hills Ston...
87.11Madison Pandzich28:00Clawson
88.11Amanda Gardner28:05Romeo
89.11Margo Czjakowski28:06Clawson
90.11Kathleen Hawkey28:12Warren Mott
91.11Olivia Smith28:12Warren Mott
92.11Sara Bey28:13Warren Mott
93.11Mary Peterson28:22Lake Orion
94.11Emily Bronikowski28:22Lake Orion
95.11Amber Crumm28:24Clinton Township Chi...
96.11Renee Fischer28:24Madison Heights Bish...
97.11Larissa Gamble28:28Romeo
98.11Andrea Bukowski28:28Warren Regina
99.11Kye Dozier28:48Roseville
100.11Margo Martinez28:48Grosse Pointe North
101.11Genna LaRocca28:56Utica Eisenhower
102.11Courtney Fox29:08Birmingham Roeper
103.11Abby Pickell29:23 SRUtica Eisenhower
104.11Taylor Kreger29:26Memphis
105.11Jenna Losensky29:30Lake Orion
106.11Amy Cardin29:32Rochester Hills Ston...
107.11Allison Tisch29:41Sterling Heights Ste...
108.11Kayla Campis29:42Armada
109.11Clare Sabelhaus29:42Armada
110.11Lindsay Lemanski29:51Memphis
111.11Sarah Barton29:51Troy Athens
112.11Megan Allen29:57Roseville
113.11Shelby Van Assche30:22Memphis
114.12Julia Renolds30:37Oxford
115.11Natalie Harris31:17Troy Athens
116.11Julia Anter31:41Grosse Pointe North
117.11Darby LaHaie31:42 SRArmada
118.11Kayla Kulon31:51Warren Regina
120.11Sarah Robinson32:26Marine City Cardinal...
121.11Clare Smydra32:48Rochester Hills Ston...
122.11Jennifer Donovan32:52Warren Mott
123.11Taylor Dante32:54Rochester Hills Ston...
124.11Sam Hicks32:56Grosse Pointe North
125.11Jesalyn Wimbury32:59Warren Cousino
126.11Shayna Meyers32:59Grosse Pointe North
127.11Alex Sehling33:00Armada
128.11Elise Fournier33:09Rochester Hills Ston...
129.11Sydney Culps33:26Utica Eisenhower
130.11Emily Poirier33:27Utica Eisenhower
131.11Alyssa Fraczek33:27Utica Eisenhower
132.11Lauren Eichberger33:31Rochester Hills Ston...
133.11Amber Williams34:14Grosse Pointe North
134.11Nicole Weaver34:15Utica Eisenhower
135.11Deanna Hanley34:24Grosse Pointe North
136.11Emily Surzyn34:38Grosse Pointe North
119.11Jordan Patterson34:52Warren Regina
137.11Ashley McLartyGrosse Pointe North
138.11Delaney BennettGrosse Pointe North
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5,000 Meters Senior  
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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Nicole Kowalchick20:17Rochester Hills Ston...
2.12Cassie Bloch20:26Warren Regina
3.12Natalie Cizmas20:49Clinton Township Chi...
4.12Jenny Ponkowski21:23Warren Regina
5.12Elizabeth Bloch21:23Warren Regina
6.12Alicia Arnold21:35Romeo
7.12Casey Malburg22:00Richmond
8.12Christina Ridella22:25Warren Regina
9.12Esther Yan22:28Troy Athens
10.12Casey Stribbell22:29Lake Orion
11.12Kristen Godwin22:38Oxford
12.11Kelly Harlan22:42Rochester
13.12Emily Herard22:47Detroit Country Day
14.12Michalla Veach23:01Utica Eisenhower
15.12Bridgette Louwers23:12Warren Regina
16.12Megan Manczyk23:19Warren Regina
17.12Megan White23:31Marysville
18.12Maddie Gafa23:44Grosse Pointe North
19.12Brooke Bennett23:48Marysville
20.12Nicole Thompson23:55Fraser
21.12Juliann Pardon24:01Imlay City
22.12Maddy Marquardt24:07Lake Orion
23.12Maria Corona24:40Warren Regina
24.12Hedy Yang24:57Detroit Country Day
25.12Kristen Lintz25:01Fraser
26.12Holly Arneil25:09Memphis
27.12Sydney Decaussin25:13Lake Orion
28.12Kallie Reiff25:26Imlay City
29.12Kayla Cesarek25:26Lake Orion
30.12Callie Belanger25:39Lake Orion
31.12Katherine Young25:43Detroit Country Day
32.12Brittany Groen25:48Armada
33.12Stevie Johnson25:56Marlette
34.12Lizzy Blake26:06Rochester Hills Ston...
35.12Deanna Flaim26:15Armada
36.12Anna Latorre26:22Richmond
37.12Kerry Colonnello26:27Warren Regina
38.12Danielle Chidiac26:31Warren Regina
39.12Julia Douglas26:36Troy Athens
40.12Charlotte Spehn26:44Rochester Hills Ston...
41.12Ali Stano26:44Birmingham Seaholm
42.12Lozjana Aziri26:58Lake Orion
43.12Arlyn Reed27:01Detroit Country Day
44.12Aida Sanchez27:10Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
45.12Yimeng Zhao27:12Rochester Hills Ston...
46.12Alex Bergquist27:25Lake Orion
47.12Marie Bourke27:28Grosse Pointe North
48.12Elyse Mazurkiewicz27:29Warren Cousino
49.12Nancy Kast27:29Troy Athens
50.12Grace Oneill27:37Troy Athens
51.12Jessica Thomas27:41Detroit Country Day
52.12Monika Michalik27:51Warren Regina
53.12Jenna Richardville28:00Rochester Hills Ston...
54.12Kristyn Bawol28:02Warren Mott
55.12Tori Mock28:05Marlette
56.11Emily Oakes28:05Utica Eisenhower
57.12Sierra Leonard28:20Utica Eisenhower
58.12Leya Gonzalez28:51Richmond
59.12Angela Shermetaro28:52Warren Cousino
60.12Sonja Berger29:05Fraser
61.12Molly Ferguson29:06Lake Orion
62.12Kelsey Hughes29:07Rochester Hills Ston...
63.12Rachel Lang29:16Warren Regina
64.12Megan Balfour29:58Warren Cousino
65.12Julia Sundberg29:59Macomb L'Anse Creuse...
66.12Sarah Ross30:00Sterling Heights
67.12Shelby Payok30:01Warren Mott
68.12Susan Zadorski30:43Warren Mott
69.12Marina Ruperd30:43Rochester Hills Ston...
70.12Marissa Andreou30:44Rochester Hills Ston...
71.12Emilie Hvass31:20Utica Eisenhower
72.12Theresa Azam31:49Rochester
73.12Colleen McQueeney32:28Ferndale
74.12Dayna Jones32:29Utica Eisenhower
75.12Carolyn Ridella32:35Warren Regina
76.12Rachel Walling33:12 SRArmada
77.12Mary Mills33:12Madison Heights Bish...
78.12Lexi Rushton33:13Madison Heights Bish...
79.12Veronica Day33:22Madison Heights Bish...
80.12Sarah Praschan33:22Warren Mott
81.12Mae Cagalingan33:50Warren Mott
82.12Lea Lasak34:21Sterling Heights
83.12Hannah Trethewey34:22Rochester Hills Ston...
84.12Kailey DiLorenzo34:38Rochester Hills Ston...
85.12Darian Roseman34:56Rochester Hills Ston...
86.12Emelia Nowak35:43Warren Regina
87.12Safra Harkness35:52Armada
88.12Justine Cucchi35:52Marine City Cardinal...
89.12Hailey Peloso35:58Marine City Cardinal...
90.12Jillian Green36:00Marine City Cardinal...
91.12Emily Scalf36:01Warren Cousino
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