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Mens Races

Lakewood HS

5,000 Meters 2A Boys12:20 PM
5,000 Meters 3A Boys1:00 PM
Womens Races

Lakewood HS

5,000 Meters 2A Girls11:00 AM
5,000 Meters 3A Girls11:40 AM
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District 1/2 2A, District 1 3A Championships  (coaches)

District 1/2 2A, District 1 3A

Cross Country Championships

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lakewood High School


The District 1/2 Cross Country Championship games / organizing committee

Jeff Sowards, Co-Meet Director, (Lakewood High School Cross Country Coach),

Matt Blair, Co-Meet Director, (Lakewood High School Athletic Director)


Meet Referee:  Matt Koenigs


Jury of Appeals:  Kevin Ryan, Sehome; Bruce McDowell, Cedarcrest; Randy Edens, Marysville-Getchell; Miles Mason, Shorewood.



All teams must register at by Monday, October 28, 2013, 6:00 pm. Coaches should register their top nine athletes, seven of which will run in the district race and two alternates. These two alternates will be your state alternates if your team qualifies for state unless you submit a change before the start of the first race of the meet.


Substitution of Runners

Substitution of a team member who is not on the nine-person roster must be made with the Meet Director when arriving at the meet site. This is extremely important for correct scoring. Use the entry change form in your packet. A school may change runners after a team has qualified in the District meet, provided the substitute meets WIAA requirements as a participant. Substitution of a team member must be made with the State Meet Manager on arrival at the meet site on Friday or via phone or email by Friday if not arriving until Saturday. This includes changes in alternates. No changes can be made in the pool of nine runners for each team on race day.


Course Preview

Teams may preview the course on Friday, November 1, 2013, from 2:30pm – 4:30pm only.  No exceptions.  Please RSVP with Matt Blair, Lakewood High School AD if you plan to preview the course.


Course Map

Course maps will be emailed to each school. It is therefore imperative that each school have their contact information updated on


District Qualifiers

2A Boys and Girls – All schools are allowed one team of seven runners, and two alternates

3A Boys and Girls - All schools are allowed one team of seven runners, and two alternates

State Qualifiers

District 1/2 2A Girls – 3 Teams/15 Individuals

District 1/2 2A Boys – 4 Teams/20 Individuals

3A Girls – 3 Teams/15 Individuals

3A Boys – 3 Teams/15 Individuals


Time Schedule

Race Time

2A Girls 11:00 AM

3A Girls 11:40 AM

2A Boys 12:20 PM

3A Boys 1:00 PM



Award Presentations

Awards for each race will be presented immediately following the completion of the 3A boys’ race.  There will be trophies for each winning team.  Each state qualifying individual will receive a ribbon.


Day of Race Information

Busses should park in the Lakewood High School loading/unloading lot.  This will be clearly marked off of 11th Ave.


Race Course

The District 1/2 Championship race course consists of two loops around the high school grounds.  The start line is north of the stadium on the junior varsity baseball field, and the finish line is on the track. The course will be clearly marked with flags, fencing, and white paint. The starting area is closed to all but competitors, coaches, officials and team managers. The finish area is closed to all but competitors and officials. Coaches and managers may meet with the runners in the spectator area after the runners exit the finish chute.


Team packets will contain bib numbers and two (2) timing chips for each athlete.  Each athlete must secure the proper chips to each shoe with the provided zip ties.  Athletes are responsible for making sure the chips are securely fastened.  As per NFHS rules, the chip will determine the official finish place.  Two video cameras will also record the finish.  Bib tags will be taken at the end of the chute as a redundant backup to the chip system. 


Runners should report to the starting area 15 minutes before their race.  At the starting area, all teams and individual runners must check in with the Clerk of the Course and meet Referee for uniform compliance.


The National Federation Track and Field Rules and Records and the WIAA Handbook shall be used. The Organizing Committee in conjunction with the Meet Referee will be responsible for the proper conduct of the meet.  The Meet Referee will make final decisions not specifically placed under the jurisdiction of other meet officials; and will be the first line for appeal of misapplication of the rules.  The Jury of Appeals will serve as the final board of appeals.


Use asthma atomizers (as per National Federation rule) A letter or note from a doctor must be presented to the meet director or designee before the race documenting the need of the athlete to use the atomizer/inhaler during competition to ensure his/her safety. Without a doctor's statement, the athlete may only use the atomizer/inhaler prior to and after competition.


Jury of Appeals

Any problems that arise before or during the meet should be brought to the attention of the Meet Referee, The Referee’s decision may be appealed to the Jury of Appeals. The Jury of Appeals will be composed of experienced cross country officials and coaches. PROTEST FORMS WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM THE MEET REFEREE.



As per Brian Smith of the WIAA on 10/14/13:  “All seven team member's uniform shall be issued by the school, worn as intended by the manufacturer, be of the same color and design.”


Uniforms will be checked at the starting line by the starting line officials and the meet referee to be in compliance with this statement no later than 15 minutes before the start of each race.


As per the NFHS 2013 Rules Book for Track and Field and Cross Country, the penalty for wearing an illegal uniform is as follows:  “PENALTY: (Arts. 1, 2) For the wearing of an illegal uniform, when a violation is observed and noted by a meet official, the competitor shall be required to

make the uniform legal before becoming eligible for further competition, and shall be issued a warning that a subsequent violation shall result in a disqualification from the event. The referee shall be notified of the violation by the observing meet official, and the referee shall then notify or cause to be notified the head coach of the offending school of the competitor’s violation and warning.”


Numbers and timing chips

A competitor must wear a contestant number on the front of the uniform before being allowed to compete. Each competitor must also wear a timing chip on each shoe.  These chips are specifically assigned to that athlete.  Care should be taken not to mix these up.


Lane Assignments

A random draw for lanes will be made prior to the meet. Lanes will be wide enough to accommodate at least three (3) team members across the front row.


Timer on the Course

A clock will be stationed at the one (1) mile point during the meet.





Scoring Procedure

A runner will be scored for his/her individual and team place. Each runner must wear a number. At the end of the main finish chute, meet officials will remove the tear-off portion of the numbers in order of finish.


Finish Line

Coaches: Train runners to run through the finish line and into the chute. A multiple chute set up will be used.  Be sure you instruct your runners not to change chutes after crossing the finish line. 

Runners and coaches are to stay clear of the official timer at all times during the race. Each runner will be timed and copies of the complete meet results will be posted online at There will be two official video cameras placed at the finish for back up. No other video will be considered, and review of any videotape will be by the meet referee and games committee only.



The team score shall be determined by totaling the points scored by the first five (5) runners of each team to finish. If fewer than five (5) runners finish, no score shall be listed. Individual finishers will not be counted in team scoring. Ties will be broken as follows: Ties in team scoring shall be resolved by comparing the 6th place finishers from the teams that tie. The team with the best 6th place finisher shall prevail. If a team does not have a 6th place finisher, the team with the 6th place finisher will prevail. If only five (5) competitors finish of both teams that tie, the team scoring shall be resolved totaling the scores of the first four (4) finishers.



Unofficial results will be posted as soon as they are available. Printed results will be available at the end of the meet.



Toilets will be available in the stadium breezeway. Portable toilets will also be available at the starting line and near the west end of the stadium.



Commemorative t-shirts will be on sale from Northwest Designs.



Jeff Sowards,

Matt Blair,


My Team



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Mens Results

5,000 Meters 2A Boys  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Devon Grove15:55.23Lake Washington
2.12Christopher Fredlund16:02.66Squalicum
3.12Nick Gallaher16:05.59Squalicum
4.11Douglas Davis16:07.06Lakewood
5.12Logan Orndorf16:32.38Cedarcrest
6.11Kirby Overman16:36.48Sehome
7.12Brian Chmelik16:38.30 SRBellingham
8.12Mitchell Darrah16:40.14Lakewood
9.12Drew Cabales16:44.40Lakewood
10.10Dylan Holland16:45.09Anacortes
11.11Zak Roxborough16:51.70Anacortes
12.12Dillon Maggard16:54.56Lake Washington
13.10Riley Allsop16:57.99Sehome
14.10Colton Johnsen17:03.40Sehome
15.12Quinn Radbourne17:04.12Cedarcrest
16.10Eric Fykerud17:05.16Lake Washington
17.11Wyatt Mullen17:05.46Burlington-Edison
18.12Jonathan Gunderson17:05.89Cedarcrest
19.11Ben Stalheim17:06.13Sehome
20.11Alex Cooper17:06.71Lakewood
21.11Chais Sugden17:07.15Squalicum
22.12Noah Ringler17:09.52Sehome
23.11Dylan Tomberlin17:11.21Squalicum
24.12Jared Radtke17:12.40Squalicum
25.12Nathan LeTavec17:12.44Sehome
26.11Trevor Derie17:17.80Anacortes
27.12Preston Davis17:21.24Lakewood
28.12Simon Maguire17:31.04 SRBellingham
29.12Aaron Heidlage17:33.37Sultan
30.11Conor Lanning17:34.28Sammamish
31.9Ian Fay17:37.03Cedarcrest
32.10Sam Gillman17:37.55Bellingham
33.12Thomas Swineford17:38.52Lynden
34.12Peter Smith17:40.32Archbishop Murphy
35.12Colton Green17:40.68Cedarcrest
36.11Dillon Rinauro17:42.08Squalicum
37.11Zane Markosian17:43.49Sehome
38.11BJ Drye17:45.32Burlington-Edison
39.9James Parker17:46.27Anacortes
40.11Tate Johnson17:47.94Archbishop Murphy
41.12Connor Smith17:48.16Lakewood
42.11Kurt Lamon17:48.33Lake Washington
43.12Jamie Sayegh17:52.28Bellingham
44.11Ethan Lockhart17:55.82Lake Washington
45.12Gage Catherman18:03.55Cedarcrest
46.10Kyle McIntyre18:06.63Lake Washington
47.9Hunter Ashby18:09.05Burlington-Edison
48.11Jared Hanson18:19.24Anacortes
49.11Caleb Schwartz18:19.94Lake Washington
50.12Jake Ryan18:21.05Lakewood
51.12Jacob Stahl18:23.63Bellingham
52.12Riley Hansen18:33.57Granite Falls
53.9Cameron Hammontree18:37.91Cedarcrest
54.11Tristin Larsen18:39.13 SRGranite Falls
55.12Wyatt Laviqueune18:40.43Squalicum
56.12Aidan Glaze18:45.08Bellingham
57.10Ricky Mueller18:47.31Granite Falls
58.12Brandon Townsend18:48.74Sedro-Woolley
59.12Timmy Moser18:49.16Sedro-Woolley
60.9Grant Rienstra18:50.15Bellingham
61.12Jacob Anderson18:52.67Sedro-Woolley
62.11Samuel Byrne18:57.26Archbishop Murphy
63.10Quentin Salinas19:01.64Sedro-Woolley
64.9Luke Husband19:03.73Burlington-Edison
65.10Dante Gadbois19:04.78Granite Falls
66.9Jacob Heeringa19:08.68Lynden
67.12KC Spencer19:17.22Granite Falls
68.10Ryan Foggin19:21.79Anacortes
69.9Ezra Swenson19:25.05Sedro-Woolley
70.9McCrea Black19:26.31Sultan
71.12Jonathan Backous19:29.34Sammamish
72.10Sam Riccardi19:35.31Anacortes
73.11Josiah Norton19:35.42Burlington-Edison
74.11Gunnar Swenson19:41.87Archbishop Murphy
75.9Jacob Swenson19:42.19Sedro-Woolley
76.12Luke Clancy19:42.61Sammamish
77.9Dillon Steinenga19:45.17Archbishop Murphy
78.12Kristopher Swanson19:50.14Sedro-Woolley
79.10Dylan Elton19:56.79Burlington-Edison
80.11Chris Cervarich19:58.40Granite Falls
81.10Luke Van Hollebeke20:03.63Archbishop Murphy
82.12Devin Pierce20:05.70Granite Falls
83.12Tyler Stokes20:16.60Lynden
84.10Max Gross20:17.81Burlington-Edison
85.11Mitchell Dennis20:19.92Archbishop Murphy
86.10Nicholas Sorgen20:21.64Sultan
87.11Aiden McCaig20:28.23Lynden
88.12Anthony Ricci21:53.82Lynden
89.10Caleb Sterk22:31.87Lynden
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5,000 Meters 3A Boys  
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  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11John Rodeheffer16:27.15Oak Harbor
2.11Omar Abdulla16:39.08Shorewood
3.12Keenan Stephens17:02.96Shorewood
4.12Keagan Smith17:05.14Glacier Peak
5.12Jack Pearce17:06.55Mountlake Terrace
6.12Peter Kidane17:06.83Mountlake Terrace
7.11Andrew Christianson17:15.22Shorewood
8.10Cameron Wagstaff17:23.71Marysville Getchell
9.11Dominic Giordano17:25.57Meadowdale
10.10Roberto Aguilera17:26.03Ferndale
11.12Wyatt Allemann17:26.07Mountlake Terrace
12.12Zach Smith17:27.86Glacier Peak
13.12Clayton Richardson17:28.42Oak Harbor
14.11Isaac Ripley17:30.17Glacier Peak
15.12Nathan Sparks17:31.06Mountlake Terrace
16.9Chris Gerbino17:36.02Shorewood
17.10Garren Arnold17:36.88Glacier Peak
18.10Sawyer Carter17:37.93Glacier Peak
19.10Spencer Coffee17:40.95Shorecrest
20.12Thomas Miller17:43.79Shorewood
21.11Sebastian Ceaser17:43.87Oak Harbor
22.10Michael Sandquist17:48.69Stanwood
23.12Nathan Wagner17:51.01 SROak Harbor
24.11James Horne17:51.43Glacier Peak
25.12Chris Baumgartner17:54.22Mountlake Terrace
26.12Chikodi Ezeokeke17:54.37Meadowdale
27.9Cameron Sanders17:57.35Shorewood
28.12Kevin Sandquist17:59.24Stanwood
29.11Nate McCaughan18:00.44Stanwood
30.11West Weinert18:05.50Stanwood
31.11Zachary Beetham18:06.15Shorewood
32.12Andrew Thomas18:11.60Glacier Peak
33.12Mark Officer18:14.53Shorecrest
34.10Logan Clark18:14.92Oak Harbor
35.11Chris Moen18:20.63Marysville-Pilchuck
36.11Josh Verzola18:26.10Meadowdale
37.9Nick Leidig18:30.27Mountlake Terrace
38.12Kaleb Palmby18:34.67Ferndale
39.10Isaac Olson18:35.77Stanwood
40.11Cooper James18:39.72Everett
41.9Evan Deiparine18:40.54Shorecrest
42.11Garrett Westover18:44.59Marysville Getchell
43.11David Gloyd18:45.49 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
44.11Conrad Bratz18:46.61Mountlake Terrace
45.10Isaac O'Connell18:51.87Everett
46.10Colt Beardsley18:52.89Everett
47.9Donovan Barnhart18:54.03Everett
48.11Naphtali Moulton18:54.56Shorecrest
49.10Josh Bevan18:56.73Marysville-Pilchuck
50.9Miguel Guzman19:00.74Oak Harbor
51.9Finn Tangeman19:02.47Shorecrest
52.12Max Fell19:02.81Meadowdale
53.9Seth Walton19:03.99Shorecrest
54.9Klaiten Kermoade19:08.25 SREverett
55.10Thomas Lindgren19:14.69Marysville Getchell
56.11Dakota Powers19:18.52Oak Harbor
57.10David Adams19:26.05Marysville-Pilchuck
58.12Wiley Wright19:26.31Ferndale
59.11Nick Uhrich19:28.41Stanwood
60.12Jonah Grier19:34.24Meadowdale
61.9Zach Sulak19:38.12Ferndale
62.10Sean Underhill19:39.39Everett
63.10Matthew Steiber19:46.16Ferndale
64.11Michael Dufour19:59.66Marysville-Pilchuck
65.11Wesley Cruse20:00.61Ferndale
66.12Josh Berry20:08.60Marysville-Pilchuck
67.9Edmund Havener20:15.55Everett
68.11Ryan Daurie20:16.94Marysville-Pilchuck
69.9Jacob Ramirez20:20.56Ferndale
70.11Kelly McCaffrey20:23.40Shorecrest
71.11Antonio Larson20:28.29Marysville Getchell
72.10Jason Isaksen20:29.24Stanwood
73.10Kyle Probst20:31.11Marysville Getchell
74.9Donovan Plunk20:54.49Meadowdale
75.10Brian Primm20:57.01Meadowdale
76.9Connor Stickels21:06.94Marysville Getchell
77.12Chris Shone21:09.25Marysville Getchell
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters 2A Girls  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Scores | Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12RaynJoy Norton18:15.27Burlington-Edison
2.9Ruby Watson18:37.71Sehome
3.11Emily Pittis18:42.20Sehome
4.9Ellie Rowan-Arnett19:03.71Sehome
5.11Katia Matora19:19.64Lake Washington
6.12Olivia Waterman19:26.85Cedarcrest
7.11Pascale De Sa E Si...19:35.82Sammamish
8.11Stephanie Schlimmer19:38.18Sedro-Woolley
9.11Jessa Clark19:41.96Sehome
10.11Leah Veldhuisen19:42.39Bellingham
11.12Amelia Anderson19:47.69 PRCedarcrest
12.9Madeline Prentiss19:48.91 PRBellingham
13.9Kristen Buckingham19:49.59Lake Washington
14.11Lindsey Dorney20:00.18Archbishop Murphy
15.10Aili Emory20:03.71Sehome
16.12Maya Norton20:07.65Bellingham
17.10Dana Ringler20:09.82Sehome
18.11Abby Walker20:09.97Bellingham
19.10Rebekah Oviatt20:11.30Sehome
20.12Katie Studebaker20:21.47Burlington-Edison
21.11Julia Latimer20:22.46Bellingham
22.12Ciera Gordon20:23.98Burlington-Edison
23.12Nicole Burbank20:25.86Bellingham
24.10Britney Albro20:26.38Lakewood
25.12Diana Carr20:30.16Cedarcrest
26.11Rachel Roberts20:41.75Sammamish
27.12Alisa Smith20:42.98Lakewood
28.9Grace Dzieciuch20:44.12Anacortes
29.11Darby Throndsen20:46.06 SRLakewood
30.12Meghan Templeton20:50.69Burlington-Edison
31.9Heather Rolph20:52.62Anacortes
32.11Olivia Capron20:53.19Burlington-Edison
33.9Madi Shinn20:55.62 SRCedarcrest
34.9Keely Hall21:08.16Lakewood
35.10Lilly Whitehead21:09.91Lakewood
36.9Courtney Tobin21:11.39 PRCedarcrest
37.12Sarah Rubin21:12.44Bellingham
38.9Bethany Clowers21:16.74 SRLake Washington
39.12Rachel Sowards21:18.67Lakewood
40.10Grace Sauter21:18.89 SRLynden
41.12Megan Brimley21:19.75Cedarcrest
42.9Kaylyn Barnes21:23.25Sedro-Woolley
43.12Chloe Burns21:28.95Lake Washington
44.11Anna Main21:44.65 PRSammamish
45.12Sara Newman21:47.29 SRLakewood
46.12Rachel Phipps21:57.63Squalicum
47.12Christina Lilleston21:59.70Squalicum
48.12Christina Sosa22:12.12Burlington-Edison
49.11Minta Demonte22:21.50Anacortes
50.11Sydney Arndorfer22:25.98Squalicum
51.9Whitney Hogge22:28.30Anacortes
52.10Hailey Linville22:34.93Squalicum
53.10Kiana Ward22:38.71 SRCedarcrest
54.12Frances Sauter22:39.45 SRLynden
55.10Teracita Shanes22:51.52Sedro-Woolley
56.12Justine Johnson22:53.86 SRSqualicum
57.12Kristin Smith23:02.46Squalicum
58.11Sydnee Rooks23:07.68Sedro-Woolley
59.11Alex Schulhauser23:09.95Lynden
60.10Emily Austin23:11.61 SRArchbishop Murphy
61.12Tarah Fekri23:19.65Lake Washington
62.9Sara Anderson23:20.18Lake Washington
63.9Gabrielle Aven23:35.68 PRSedro-Woolley
64.10Kacey Moore23:37.16 PRArchbishop Murphy
65.12Gemma Miller23:37.96 SRArchbishop Murphy
66.11Tara Knight23:49.99Squalicum
67.11Esmeralda Munoz23:52.63Sedro-Woolley
68.11Emily Huggins23:55.15Sedro-Woolley
69.10Stella Gillman23:59.88Anacortes
70.10Siri Hedreen24:01.64Lake Washington
71.9Taleah Phillips24:06.90Anacortes
72.9Fiona Frein24:21.78Anacortes
73.11Emily Rice25:04.17Granite Falls
74.11Gabriella Chavez25:14.96Granite Falls
75.12Cynthia Anker25:17.32Lynden
76.11Morgan Nims25:35.41Lynden
77.10Mckenzie Meyer25:37.84 PRGranite Falls
78.11Danika Miedema26:52.27Lynden
79.10Mandi Cook27:09.45 PRGranite Falls
80.10Kenna Todd27:20.32 PRGranite Falls
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5,000 Meters 3A Girls  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Katherine Gustafson18:59.21Mountlake Terrace
2.9Heidi Smith19:00.40 SRGlacier Peak
3.10Ella Schroth19:01.80 SRMountlake Terrace
4.9Sophia Nelson19:12.97Mountlake Terrace
5.11Jonalynn Horn19:14.41Oak Harbor
6.12Alexandra Laiblin19:27.68Oak Harbor
7.11Katherine Dittmann19:28.11Glacier Peak
8.11Gigi Vujovich19:29.80Shorecrest
9.10Katherine Walter19:38.86Mountlake Terrace
10.12Megan Davis19:44.65Glacier Peak
11.12Mikayla Ingram19:55.25Glacier Peak
12.11Emily Ransom19:56.15 PRShorewood
13.9Natalie Church20:04.18Glacier Peak
14.11Elise Froebe20:06.46 PRShorecrest
15.9Laura Rodeheffer20:14.49Oak Harbor
16.12Samantha Northrop20:20.70Glacier Peak
17.10Jillian Anderson20:29.73Ferndale
18.11Haley Longstreth20:30.99Glacier Peak
19.10Caylyn Rich20:44.35 SRStanwood
20.11Drew Williams20:48.03 SREverett
21.11Corina Pierce21:11.87Stanwood
22.11Marisa Sligh21:15.83Oak Harbor
23.11Jeriah Bankson21:19.77 PRStanwood
24.11Rebecca Walton21:27.90 SRShorecrest
25.10Jana Peterson21:39.70Ferndale
26.9Kaitlyn Chelberg21:40.41 PROak Harbor
27.12Sam Gibson21:41.73 SRMarysville Getchell
28.9Briannna Cumming21:59.51 PRStanwood
29.9Rowan Wells-Edwards22:01.11Everett
30.12Samantha Powell22:03.28Stanwood
31.12Kelsey Machado22:03.67Shorewood
32.9Taylor Roscoe22:05.84 SRMarysville Getchell
33.9Morgan Aho22:06.54 PRShorewood
34.10Suzanne Kaltenbach22:15.99Oak Harbor
35.12Hannah Fink22:18.05Marysville Getchell
36.11Maddie Dellinger22:23.22 SRMountlake Terrace
37.9Alegra Batara22:25.03 PRShorecrest
38.11Nicole Buell22:29.62Marysville Getchell
39.11Phoebe Crampton-Ha...22:37.84 SRShorewood
40.9Rachel Hansen22:38.75Shorewood
41.11Connie Castaneda22:41.54 SRShorewood
42.10Laura Tkacsik22:45.51Ferndale
43.9Carolynn Wicker22:51.75Oak Harbor
44.11Amanda Venables22:52.72 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
45.12Megan Fridge22:59.40 SRMeadowdale
46.12Sofia Sobotta23:03.81Stanwood
47.12Nora Alexander23:06.33Shorewood
48.9Vivian Monhollen23:21.56Stanwood
49.11Kathryn Vajda23:28.43Ferndale
50.12Mikaela Hernandez23:29.50Ferndale
51.9Kristen Gray23:33.91 SRMarysville Getchell
52.10Alexandria Chang23:34.82Meadowdale
53.11Amelia Ball23:37.07Meadowdale
54.10Natasha Flitz23:39.89 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
55.10Vivi Wu23:43.72Shorecrest
56.9Abigail Knowles23:44.05Shorecrest
57.10Bianca Dang23:49.12 SRShorecrest
58.11Kara Collins23:57.80Ferndale
59.9Emilie Mathiason24:09.85 SRMeadowdale
60.11Emily Kapus24:16.57 SREverett
61.9Katherine Chamblin24:36.51Ferndale
62.12Hyangsook Kwak24:39.37 PRMeadowdale
63.10Trinity Wolfington24:48.60 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
64.12Malia Dagdag24:56.74 PRMeadowdale
65.11Kayanna Andrews25:49.77 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
66.11Jennifer Christenson26:28.52 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
67.12Amber Farrell26:38.84Marysville Getchell
68.9Jackie Shaw26:40.57Meadowdale
69.10Della Willem26:43.36Marysville Getchell
70.9Vesta Baumgartner26:59.52Mountlake Terrace
71.9Lauren Edgar27:19.60 SRMarysville-Pilchuck
72.12Jamie Hollister27:26.08 PRMarysville-Pilchuck
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